Factors to consider while selecting a cricket bat

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					When you 鈥檙 e planning to buy cricket equipment, first item that comes to mind Is
Cricket bat. Size: While buying a cricket bat you have to give due importance to its
size. You should choose a design based on the size of your body. If you buy a cricket
bat that is too small or big, it will very difficult to control. The wrong size bat will
limit power and stroke of the player.The best way to buy a cricket bat is by leaning the
bat against your front leg. Top part of the bat should come no further than your groin.
Once you have noted down the measurements of the bat, you can get a cheaper deal
online. A general guide as to what size should a adult player use for playing cricket:
Height 4 鈥?1" to 5 鈥?" - Bat Size 5 Height 5 鈥?" to 5 鈥? - Bat Size 6 Height 5 鈥?"
to 5 鈥?" - Harrow Bat Height 5 鈥?" to 5 鈥?" - Academy Bat Height 5 鈥?" and
above - Full Size Handles: Another important factor to consider when buying cricket
bats is the type of handle it has. You can choose between oval and round handles.
Oval shaped handles are stronger. They can absorb the shock created when you hit the
ball. If you hold your bat with your bottom hand, go in for round handles. This will
allow you to put more lift on the ball. Weight: Another thing to be considered while
buying cricket bats is weight. Heavier cricket bats will deliver more power, while
lighter cricket bats will enable you to swing faster. This will increase chances of
striking the ball with the middle of the bat. Opening batsmen should use a bat that
weighs between 2lbs 7 ozs to 2 lbs 9 ozs. A light bat aids reaction time to new ball. If
a batsmen is going for batting in 3rd of 4th position the weight of the bat should be in
the range between 2 lbs 8 ozs - 2lbs 9 ozs. If a batsmen is between 5 to 10th order,
weight of the bat can be somewhere between 2 lbs 10 ozs and above. Sweet spot:
Sweet spot is the area where largest amount of power is generated in the bat. The area
is the greatest reward for the shot is achieved. For normal sweet spot approximately
4" to 12 鈥欌€?from toe. This is suitable for player with full range of shots. Low
sweet should be approximately 3 鈥欌€?to 11" from toe. This is suitable for player
that favors the drive and aggressive in nature. High sweet spot is suitable for opening
batsmen who plays off back foot. Maintenance of cricket bat If you want your bat to
last long do follow certain points: Oil your bat at regular intervals   Inspect your bat
for damage and repair promptly. In off season, keep you bat away from heat. By
remembering all these points you can choose a proper bat based on your needs.
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