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					                            Power of 10 Campaign Fact Sheet
In 2003, the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) and the National Coalition for
Adult Immunization (NCAI) launched Power of 10, a first-ever consumer campaign about the
importance of receiving tetanus-diphtheria (Td) boosters every 10 years, as recommended by the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In 2004, the campaign continues, with NFID/NCAI partnering with the National Gardening
Association (NGA) to educate Americans on outdoor tetanus risks and encourage protection with
routine Td boosters. One of the key elements of this partnership is a national consumer survey
focusing on home, garden and yard activities and tetanus prevention. Release of the national
survey results coincides with National Garden Month in April.

Nationally renowned home improvement expert Bob Vila continues to serve as the consumer
spokesperson for the campaign. He will help carry messages about tetanus and diphtheria to the
public, specifically the tetanus risks associated with working around the home, garden or yard.

The Power of 10 public education campaign continues to focus on tetanus (and diphtheria)
prevention with the goal of improving adolescent and adult immunization rates against these two
diseases. According to the CDC, 53% of people in the United States aged 20 years and older are
not adequately protected against tetanus and diphtheria. NFID and NCAI have developed a
variety of initiatives to drive awareness and increase the dialogue between patients and health
care professionals about Td boosters:

      Television and radio public service announcements (PSAs) featuring Bob Vila will
       highlight the tetanus and diphtheria risks associated with working around the home,
       garden or yard, and continue to stress the importance of receiving a Td booster every 10

      A nationwide media effort will launch the 2004 campaign, with NFID President Susan
       Rehm, MD, and Bob Vila speaking with reporters in print and broadcast media around
       the country.

      A consumer education pamphlet will provide consumers with important information on
       the dangers of tetanus associated with working around the home, garden and yard. The
       pamphlet will also include a short quiz on the risk for tetanus exposure while gardening
       or doing yard work and inform the public about the disease and prevention measures.

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      Updated content on will include information on the tetanus risks
       associated with working around the home, garden or yard, as well as comprehensive
       background on tetanus and diphtheria for both consumers and professionals. The section
       will also feature the television and radio PSAs, the new consumer pamphlet and links to
       other resources.

Founded in 1973, NFID is a non-profit organization dedicated to public and professional
educational programs about and in support of research into the causes, treatment and prevention
of infectious diseases. NCAI is a network of more than 130 organizations dedicated to
promoting adult immunization primarily through educational and motivational activities. The
coalition was formed in 1988 to make the most efficient use of public and private resources to
achieve national goals in adult immunization.