Factors Affecting The Race Horse Performance During The Melbourne Cup Betting by gyvwpgjmtx


									The researchers have remained keenly interested in determining the performance of
the horse, while training or racing on the course, against a set of parameters. Using the
methods of statistical analysis and the modern instruments capable of measuring the
horse performance, they establish the most important parameters which affect the
horse 鈥檚 performance in key races, like the Melbourne Cup. One of the key
non-scientific community which values their research reports is that of the
professional punters who do Melbourne Cup betting.
  These research reports are based on quantified data and provide very deep and
minute information to the bettors regarding the relevance of various factors for a
particular horse or for all the horses in general. Some of the concrete findings of many
such reports are:
  1. The most important factor which affected the performance of the horse was the
distance run. Some of the horses are able to run longer distances better than the others
while some are better at shorter distances. Using this information, the choice can be
made for placing the wagers on horses for different lengths of races. To place the
Melbourne cup bets, this information comes handy for the punters to rule out some of
the horses from their considerations, focussing on some of them.
  2. Race tracks: For those interested in Melbourne Cup betting, the reports of the
researchers also provide the data on how the different tracks affect the horse
performance. It is not necessary that the horse which has emerged victorious on one
surface will emerge victorious on Flemington race course as well. It has been
established by a number of reports that the faster racing tracks are able to get faster
finishing times for the horses than the muddy surfaces. Though you would say it is a
matter of common sense, this factor might get overlooked by the new punters taking a
shot at the Melbourne Cup betting.
  3. Horse Age: The factor of horse age is another crucial determinant of the finishing
times of the horses. The younger ones are energetic but due to comparatively lesser
physical strength, they might be left behind by the race horses of a maturer age.
  4. Seasonal influences: Another astonishing finding for the punters 鈥?analysis is
that the horses tend to run faster in the summers season whereas they slow down
considerably during the fall season. This means that during the Melbourne cup betting
season, the horses might be running at less than their fastest speeds.
  5. No of competing horses: The horses also have a psychology and the more
competitors they see running with them, the more distorted will be their attention,
resulting in slower finishes.
  6. Position from the rail: The starting position of the horse from the rail is also an
important consideration for placing the Melbourne Cup bet. It has been found that this
factor also influences the finishing times. The more away these are from the rail, the
more is the finishing time.
  Therefore, the Melbourne Cup betting decisions of the punters are best guided by the
adequate research back up.

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