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					Pam and Tim O'Friel are a couple that is very well aware of the agony infertility can
cause. As Pam O'Friel stated, they already went through six cycles of fertility
treatments and they can't go on like this any longer. In those sessions they put a lot of
emotion and hoped for the best, aside of the great number of medications and
injections they went through. It is just a process that requires nerves of steel and a lot
of support from your friends and relatives.
  They continued like this for two years without any success until finally, one day they
realized that it's all in vain and there are no more reasons to go on like this. Thus they
stopped the in vitro fertilization they were going through and decided that a better
path to follow is acupuncture. They really had high hopes for this and when his wife
finally got pregnant with Jayden after just a mere two months worth of acupuncture
sessions, everyone was in Heaven. Smiles, cheers, congratulation calls from friends
and relatives, it was just something unforgettable.
  Tim O'Friel stated that this is a miracle they are living and can't even find the words
to express his happiness. The doctor who made all of this possible is acupuncturist
Mike Kim. He explained in detail how acupuncture works and he said that by
inserting needles in specific parts of the body the flow of vital energy will increase
and that translates to a larger blood flow to the uterus and healthier eggs. To men,
acupuncture has the benefit of providing them a better sperm quality.
  He claimed that acupuncture harmonizes every process that might be happening in
your body so that your entire organism is ready to conceive. Another female, by the
name of Kristen Maturo confirmed that acupuncture helped her in a similar situation
and she credits it satisfied with the two twins she was able to conceive after a number
of sessions she attended. She stated that for her, it was all about the mind and body
connection that she knew it has to be balanced.
  There are also cases where acupuncture seems to yield no results. Such a patient is
Corey Rubin and her husband, who, after four years of acupuncture didn't see any
changes and they decided to give up on it.
  If you are wondering about the price of such a session, you should know it varies
from 50$ to 200$ which makes it a tad pricey, but given the possible results that might
occur you can't really think of money as being such an important matter.
  A scientific review undergone in 2008 by seven independent studies on acupuncture
proved that overall women who go through acupuncture sessions have 65% more
chances in developing a pregnancy than women who don't.
  Acupuncturists claim that the most important thing before attending such a session
for fertility help is to get checked out by your local OB-GYN and then check if the
acupuncturist you chose is specialized in fertility and that he has a license for that
  To learn more about infertility, view our complete line of fertility books To see a
practitioner, visit the clinic for acupuncture fertility NY specialists.

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