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Extracurricular Activities- Increase Your Chances_


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									Well, you show great academic results and you are also involved in some creative
extracurricular activity. Thus, you are sure this will make you the best applicant to any
college. Is it so? In fact, many students reveal extraordinary academic achievements
and participate in various extracurricular activities. What can you do to gain some
extra winning points to your application? You can do it with the help of your
extracurricular activities.
 1.Join. You should choose only those activities which are interesting for you, where
you can succeed. Besides, this activity must be helpful for your useful skills
development or for improvement of some spheres of life. For example, you should not
join a club of Twilight Saga lovers; it has nothing to do with your future study at
college. However, being involved in some activities like student newspaper or some
scientific club will be a good addition to your academic achievements.
 2.Membership. You must be an active member of the club or activity you choose.
You should be responsible and reliable. If you are in charge of some process, try your
best to make everything perfectly. Even if you need to distribute some tickets, you
should accomplish this task using all your analytic skills and imagination. Try to
improve the most ordinary process. Be creative.
 3.Leadership. However, it is not enough to be an industrious member, to become the
best of applicants. You must be able to reveal your 鈥減 romotion 鈥?within the club,
association, etc. Introduce new ideas, implement new projects, and prove that you can
be a god administrator, manager and leader.
 Thus, now you know what you need to do to improve your application form. You
still have time. As they say, 鈥淛 ust do it!鈥?
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