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									AGM Council
Association of Police Authorities Ltd

Minutes of the AGM Council Meeting held on 14 July
The list of attendees is attached at Annex A.

Annual General Meeting session:

The Chief Executive opened the annual general meeting by asking voting members if they
had their Ballot papers. The agenda and timings for the day were then outlined.

The Chief Executive explained the procedures of AGM and the voting procedure.

1. Chair vote

The Chief Executive asked for candidates to be nominated for the position of the APA

    1.1. Rob Garnham, Gloucestershire Police Authority, was nominated by Diana Holl-
         Allen, West Midlands Police Authority, which was duly seconded.

    1.2. Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire Police Authority, was nominated by Bill
         Weightman, Merseyside Police Authority, and was duly seconded.

    1.3. In accordance with the constitution, as two candidates were standing for the position
         of Chairperson a secret ballot was held.
         Each candidate was invited to make a five minute statement to the AGM members
         while the other candidate left the room. Council members then voted.

    1.4. Results:
           28 votes for Mark Burns-Williamson
           34 votes for Rob Garnham
           62 votes collected - none spoiled

    1.5. Rob Garnham was officially announced as the Chairman of the APA for the next
         year and was invited to the podium to address members.

2. Deputy Chairs vote

In accordance with the articles of the APA an Independent Deputy Chair, must be elected, if
not Chairperson

    2.1. The Independent Group nominated Ann Barnes, Kent Police Authority as their sole
         candidate for the role; this was seconded and accepted by AGM members.

        Ann took to the stage and thanked members for their support.

    2.2. Mark Burns-Williamson was nominated for the second Deputy Chair role, by Bill
         Weightman, Merseyside Police Authority which was duly seconded. There were no
         other nominations and Mark Burns-Williamson was appointed unchallenged.

        Mark thanked members and took to the stage.

3. Constituent Group Representation on the APA Board
Constituent Group representatives to the Board were nominated and approved as:

   3.1. Labour: Paul Murphy, Greater Manchester Police Authority
        Liberal Democrats: Brian Greenslade, Devon & Cornwall Police Authority
        Independents: Paul Deneen, West Mercia Police Authority
        Conservative: Diana Holl-Allen, West Midlands Police Authority

4. Regional Representation on the APA Board

The regional nominations for APA Board representatives are as follows:

   4.1. South West Region – Brian Greenslade, Devon & Cornwall Police Authority
        North East Region – Peter Race, Cleveland Police Authority
        North West Region– Paul Murphy, Greater Manchester, Police Authority
        Eastern Region - Stuart Nagler, Hertfordshire Police Authority
        Non-Geographic – Simon Duckworth, City of London Police Authority
        South East Region – Peter Williams, Surrey Police Authority
        Wales – Delyth Humfryes, Dyfed-Powys Police Authority
        East Midlands Region – Barry Young, Leicestershire Police Authority
        NIPB – Sir Desmond Rea, Northern Ireland Policing Board
        MPA - Kit Malthouse, Metropolitan Police Authority
        Yorkshire & Humberside Region – Jane Kenyon, North Yorkshire Police Authority
        West Midlands Region – Paul Deneen, West Mercia Police Authority

5. President and Honorary Vice Presidents

   5.1. President:
        Baroness Henig of Lancaster was recommended as continuing in the role of
        President of the APA. AGM members agreed.

   5.2. Vice Presidents:
        The presented groups are entitled to nominate two representatives each as
        Honorary Vice Presidents. Nominations as agreed were:

            Labour: Lord Harris of Harringay, and David Hanson MP
            Liberal Democrats: Baroness Harris and David Heath MP
            Conservatives: None
            Independents.: None
            Wales: None

   5.3. Baroness Henig of Lancaster addressed members, thanked them for their support
        and emphasised that the year ahead would be tough and that closer relations with
        the House of Lords and House of Commons would be needed, it was agreed that
        the APA would coordinate support..

6. Audited Accounts

   6.1. The Chief Executive introduced and explained the audited accounts to members.
        The accounts were agreed with no questions.

7. Appointment of auditors

   7.1. The Chief Executive recommended to members that Saffery Champness are
        reappointed as the APA’s external auditors for 2010/11.


     The Annual General Meeting was concluded and the Council session was opened.

Council session:
1. Welcome and apologies

   1.1. The Chairman opened the Council session by thanking members for their votes and
        congratulating the Deputy Chairs on their positions.

         Apologies were noted

2. Minutes of the last meeting and the extraordinary meeting

   2.1. The minute of the Council meeting on the 7 April were agreed as a true record.

   2.2. The Minutes of the extraordinary meeting on the 29 June, held at the APA-ACPO
        The minutes were agreed with two comments to be amended:
          Adrian Collett’s, Hampshire Police Authority, comments at the meeting were his
          own thoughts and not that of the County
          Bill Weightman’s, Merseyside Police Authority, comments are missing and would
          be added

3. APA Council action log

   3.1. The Chief Executive presented the Council Action log and gave an update to
        proceedings of the various actions to members.

         Completed Actions were noted as:

             Details                                   Ownership   Deadline       Update
             Publication of APA Strategic Plan                                Completed -
             CEO to circulate final copy of the                               Circulated to
             ‘coffee table’ version of the Strategic                          police
             Plan to Council for comment before                               authorities
   3.5       publication.                                                     - to be revised
                                                         CEO        ASAP
07-04-10     Images within the Plan to be                                     in September
             reviewed to ensure that they reflect                             2010
             both APA and the work of police
             authorities rather then operational
             New Membership regulation and                                    Complete –
             Appointment of Councillor                                        Circulated in
             Members                                                          May via GEM
             The Chair of the APA to jointly sign        CEO        6 May     038
             a letter of endorsement with the LGA
             commending the guide to Council


   Concerns were raised regarding the issue of ACPO Funding and the Direct Elections
   Campaign Strategy. Members felt that the specific issue of ACPO funding had not been
   discussed despite its risk. It was felt that ACPO was taking on more responsibilities and
   would become less accountable with no APA Funding. Accountability of APCO needs to
   be addressed and their approach to the Policing Landscape challenged. Members raised
   the issue of alternative funding streams for ACPO and whether this would enable the APA
   to retain some influence and accountability on ACPO. Accountability arrangements and
   partnerships were perceived to be the main focus for the APA, producing good quality
   policy papers, showing the value of work undertaken by the APA.
    The APA had requested to see ACPO’s submission to the Home Office; members would
    be informed once the meeting had taken place. It was highlighted that the APA needs to
    engage with ACPO and work together in areas of agreement.

    It was suggested that an audit trail system is set up to enable monitoring of value for
    money from ACPO.

Action: APA to arrange meeting with ACPO to discuss funding options which will be brought
to the Council to vote.

Note: It was noted that the new member regulations are working

4. Report form the Board

    4.1. The chair gave an update regarding meetings which have taken place, including the
         discussion with the Home Sec and Policing Minister, which gave the impression of
         the role of independent members being strengthened. The outcome of the meeting is
         the result of the paper to be discussed at item 5.

    4.2. The chairman introduced the main headings discussed in the Policing Landscape
         paper submitted to the Home Office to AGM members – to be discussed.

The Council session paused to allow for two Strategic Briefings, minutes can be found
                                     at Annex B

5. Direct elections campaign strategy

    5.1. The Chair introduced the paper that was sent to the Home Office on the APA’s views
         on the Policing Landscape. The APA reminded Council members that the document
         had not been ratified by the APA Council and that they had retained the right to
         amend it if it was felt necessary.

    5.2. The current position of the APA Statement, presented to Council members, was
         agreed at the Extraordinary Council meeting (29 July).
                                                                         th               th
    5.3. The projected timeline was explained, two seminar dates are 4 August and 26
         August were announced to facilitate further discussions.
         The Chairman explained the strategy stressing that engagement was key – working
         with partners and House of Commons/ Lords needs a clear communications

         It was noted that the LGA meeting was cancelled on the LGA request


    Peter Williams raised concerns that the document did not express the importance of the
    Tripartite sufficiently well and does not address ACPO development and ambitions; he
    suggested that the APA needed to take a position on the lines that they are taking.

    The document was well received but it was suggested that greater involvement of all
    elements of the police authority family would ensure coherence –

    Words were suggested to be included from an independent group as:

‘The experience and ability of the APA staff is recognised and respected however we feel that
their work and effort would be enhanced with the strengths and knowledge of APACE and
PATs as we move forward. We would ask that these combined skills are utilised to the full in
the debate around the future structure of police accountability’
    The words were endorsed by the Council.

    The Council stated that general agreement of the paper was accepted.

Action: Council Endorse the suggested wording. Tight working is to be arranged with APACE
and PATs

    Member’s highlighted the key points to be included in the final response to the HO. The
    keys areas covering:
            ACPO’s role, accountability and scrutiny
            Statements about finance and senior appointments
            Feed in what Police Authorities already do and how they can contribute to the
            points. Highlight the Public expectations
            Strengthened and clear transitional arrangements

Action: Where appropriate under each heading of the document, use examples of good work
and suggestions of where we can add value.

    The APA need to be mindful of issues resulting in submitting the final document. The
    timescales do not allow for Council consultation after the draft legislation is released.

Action: The Council agreed a meeting on 1 September to coincide with the Board awayday.

    The Council felt that a media strategy was required for police authority use in local media
    campaigns. Police authorities need to engage the public and bring them into the debate
    on the policing landscape, stating views simply and clearly, not just highlighting the
    concerns but the value of police authority work and knowledge. This needs to be
    consistent across all police authorities in order to stand united.

    Some concerns were raised that a new PR campaign may be too little too late and that
    the focus should be on the response from the Home Office.

Action: Communicators network meeting 20 July – produce a Communications Strategy for
media engagement by 22 July.

    The key messages for the media and the public are:

            Highlighting the concerns police authorities have and stating that answers are
            being asked for, but not arguing against DEIs
            Explaining clearly what the APA stands for; how we are engaged with the Home
            Office, what our views are.

    Media engagement is urgent as there is local appetite for opposition to the Home Office
    It was also suggested for consideration that the HO should have referendum on DEI

            APA Strategy Group to continue to meet
             th              th
            4 August and 26 August Chief Executives and officers are to meet to discuss
            Council meeting for 1 September to coincide with the proposed Board meeting –
            single agenda item on the APA response to the Home Office paper.

Cat McIntyre was invited to present a letter from Home Office, received on 14/07/2010 on the
future of independent member appointments.
A joint position statement has been requested from the APA and LGA with the deadline of two
The current position is that appointments can still go ahead but with a ‘light touch’. Stating
that members are either re-nominated or, candidates previously short listed in the past 4
years be appointed. There was no guidance as to members in their 3 term being able to
stand for a 4 term. Please find a letter from Nick Herbert MP regarding the appointment of
Independent Members attached at Annex C
                   rd                               th
Action: Clarity to 3 term being able to stand for a 4 to be confirmed.

       The Chair then moved to agenda Item 9 as members were starting to leave

9. Review of Members’ Allowances ad Nolan Appointees

    9.1. The Chair thanked Peter Williams for his work on the review and invited him to
         address members.

    9.2. Peter explained that the review was to change the system in place but to align it and
         put in place proposals to clarify issues.

It was noted that the due to not having quorum no further agreements could be made by the
remaining voting members


    Members felt that the suggested expenses system is too rigid and that more flexibility was
    required in the area of hotel bookings and travel expenses.

    The Chairman highlighted the need to have in place a clear system that all members
    abide by, there was a danger that members’ expenses were scrutinised under freedom of
    information requests which could damage our reputation.

    The issue that should be on all members’ mind is the APA finances and that should be
    consider for all expenses. The main points for consideration are:

        fairness to members
        Public interest

    It was agreed that this should be discussed at the next CAG meeting and that Board
    should make a final decision on the policy

Action: Review of Members’ Allowances ad Nolan Appointees to be discussed at CAG 31
August 2010 and agreed at Board

              The Chair then returned to the general running of the agenda

6. Revised Budget

    6.1. This item was postponed for future discussion due to not having quorum to agree

7. Revised business plan

    7.1. The Business plan was noted by remaining members

8. Police improvement / inspections

    8.1. Mark Burns-Williams gave an update to the current position of police improvement
         and inspections, explaining that Value for Money was to take a ‘light touch’
         approach. Meeting again 15 July 2010
    8.2. Members suggested that the Audit Commission should be considered to take
         responsibility from HMIC, which raised some concerns as Audit Commission might
         have their own agenda. Mark noted to discuss at the next meeting.

    8.3. Issues were raised on whether there is a need for separate inspections of authorities
         considering HMIC are undertaking Working for the Public Inspection. Could these be

    8.4. Paul Deneen reported that NPIA have now agreed to fund two Leadership Courses
         which will cover 80 delegates (40 Members and 40 Officers). The dates for the
         courses are:
                    th       th
                  14 and 15 Oct
                    st     nd
                  21 and 22 Oct

    8.5. Suggestions to the final course programme can be put to Paul for consideration.

10. 2010 APA Conference – Update

    10.1.      Ann Barnes confirmed the venue for the APA Conference 2011 as being the
         Radisson Hotel at London Heathrow airport, for easy transport links

    10.2.       The Conference will cover the Policing and Social Responsibility Bill as a
         main session

    10.3.       50% of the sponsorship has already been confirmed.


Concerns that attending numbers may be hard to maximise due to the current regime of
funding cuts. It was noted that attending numbers should be monitored with the intent to
reduce the Conference to a one day event should numbers not meet requirements.

11. APA Draft Annual Report 2009/10

    11.1.       This item was postponed for future discussion due to not having quorum to
         agree action.

12. APA Meeting Dates 2011/12

    12.1.       The dates for future meetings 2011/12 were noted

13. Any other business

    13.1.       It was noted that timing of meeting needs to be addressed

    13.2.        It was suggested that the constitution of the APA be looked at to see if voting
         rights can be referred to the board, in cases if emergencies.


APA Secretariat
July 2010

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