Extend the life of the building with tuckpointing by gyvwpgjmtx


									As a building gets older, no matter what type of building it is, it will go through some
inevitable changes. These changes can be both physical and chemical. This is
especially true with brick and mortar buildings. Physical changes mean when a
building settles down on its foundation or shifts a little. It will actually physically
move a little bit after some time. If it is a multistoried building the weight of the walls
will exert a downward pressure. If you were to go check the brick masonry work of an
old brick building you would find cracks and fissures, especially in the mortar that
separates them, and most likely it will need a tuckpointing job. It doesn’t take a
construction engineer to figure out that this is not a good thing.
  Chemical changes are generally weather related. As the brick wall gets exposed to
more and more weather changes, it is bound to go through some changes. This can be
from water or hot and cool weather exposure. We all know that heat and cold causes
expansion and contraction. Needless to say, after many years of this the mortar as well
as the brick will develop cracks. This is why it is important to do something like
tuckpointing to a brick wall. Tuckpointing is a process where the older cracked mortar
is removed and it is replaced with new mortar. The best way to do it is by taking out ?
inch of mortar and packing it with fresh mortar.
  The history of tuckpointing goes back around 200 years. Originally this was done
with clay or putty and sometimes mortar, to give the brick masonry work a better
finished look. In those days high quality bricks were not as readily available like
nowadays. That meant when you worked with bricks it could give the wall a slightly
uneven look. Tuckpointing took care of that problem. Even though this procedure has
mainly cosmetic origins, it is an important and integral part of keeping a brick wall
safe and sound. This is why it should be done if the need arises. Every building made
from bricks should be inspected once in a while and dealt with as soon as possible.
  Brick masonry as the name implies has to do with any work concerning bricks.
Bricks nowadays come in many different shapes and styles and not to mention quality.
Most bricks are made from combination of shale and clay and the quality of the brick
will depend on the mixture of the two. Bricks are of course the single most important
component of any building made from brick and mortar. When a brick wall is built it
is important to get the services of a highly skilled person specialized in brick masonry
work. This is not an area where you want to cut corners and save money.
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