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Matters                                             August Issue

 Angels Gifts
The St Kilda Angels buys football memberships for disadvantaged sports fans who would otherwise not get to
see their heroes play in an AFL game.

The Angels are an all-age women’s support group which raises money for their beloved Saints.

This year the Angels gave Marriott Support Services two full adult memberships. The Executive Team chose two
die-hard Saint supporters, Billy and Steve, from Marriott Enviro Services, who are able to get to and from the
footy by their own means.

Neither could believe their luck when presented with their memberships that now allows them to attend the
games the Saints play in Melbourne. Their mates tell how both have not stopped smiling.
CEO’s Message
                                 At the end of the      required to be financially viable as well as providing
                                 financial year, it     support for those employees who have a disability.
                                 is pleasing to         Our commitment to doing this is shown by meeting
                                 report that Marriott   the various standards – Government and Business
                                 Support Services       standards.
                                 has improved its
                                                        During May, external auditors were at our Keys Road
                                 financial position
                                                        site to assess Marriott Industries and Marriott Enviro
                                 while continuing
                                                        Services against ISO Standards and the Federal
                                 to support people
                                                        Disability Standards. We continue to comply with
                                 with an intellectual
                                                        both these sets of standards. In addition, for the
                                 disability. This has
                                                        first time, we applied to be assessed for AS4801,
                                 been achieved
                                                        an accreditation for Occupational Health and Safety.
                                 in an economic
                                                        The auditors have commenced this assessment and
climate which has affected all businesses and we
                                                        we are hopeful of receiving this accreditation later
are optimistic that we can continue to improve in the
                                                        this year. This will place our businesses in a solid
coming year.
                                                        position for tendering for major contracts.
We are consolidating our activities to our major
                                                        Marriott Support Services is supporting the drive for
centres, Marriott House at Wheatley Road,
                                                        a proposed National Disability Insurance Scheme,
McKinnon and Head Office, Keys Road, Moorabbin.
                                                        which would be funded by all taxpayers through
Vocational Links clients, who currently attend
                                                        general revenue or through a Medicare-type levy.
services at Teton Court, Moorabbin are moving
                                                        Funding for essential care, support, therapy, aids,
to Keys Road and we are sourcing more suitable,
                                                        equipment and training for people with a disability,
rented accommodation, for our Community
                                                        would then be drawn from this pool of funds.
Connections clients. Employment Options, which
                                                        However, the scheme is unlikely to become a reality
assists people to move into open employment, has
                                                        unless there is broad-based community support, and
already moved to Keys Road.
                                                        people with a disability and their families are being
As noted in a previous publication of Marriott          asked to promote awareness and understanding
Matters, Marriott Support Services operates two         of the need for such a scheme in the general
wholly owned businesses – Marriott Industries (MI)      community. For more information contact
and Marriott Enviro Services (MES), which employ
people with a disability. These businesses are
                                                        I encourage you to support the drive for this scheme.

                           Marriott farewells an employee and friend
                           It was with great sadness that we learned about Tracy Kennedy’s passing on 21
                           July. She was a much loved Marriott Industries employee and friend. She will be
                           dearly missed by all of us here at Marriott.

2 Marriott Matters | August 2010
                                                     A first for McDonalds Southland
                                                     Former Marriott Industries employee, Jane Ireland
                                                     plucked up the courage to give open employment a
                                                     go and has become a new face at the McDonalds’
                                                     outlet at Southland.

                                                     Taking a job in the big world of open employment is
                                                     not always an easy thing to do but, with the support
                                                     of Employment Options Samantha, Jane turned a
                                                     brave face to her plan to try her hand at something

                                                     Instead of assembling pegs and headsets at Keys
                                                     Road, Jane is thriving in her new role amid the hustle
                                                     and bustle of busy Southland.

                                                     Jane passed a two-week trial with flying colours and
                                                     officially became a Macca’s employee in mid June.

                                                     Jane said she really loves her job, especially
                                                     meeting so very many different and friendly people
                                                     - customers and fellow workmates. Jane said she
Coles Southland has a new                            loves chatting with the regular customers at McCafe
Supervisor                                           and takes great pride in keeping that area clean and
Earlier this year Lyndon decided he would like to
explore what other work opportunities were out       Store owner Joe Aprile has never employed anyone
there for him. Lyndon worked with Samantha from      with a disability before and is delighted with Jane, as
Employment Options and in February started on        are the customers
a trial basis at Coles Southland. Daniel Craig and
the team at Coles have been fantastic,
said Samantha. Lyndon passed his trial
period with flying colours and is now a
Coles employee.

Lyndon continues to impress the team
at Coles resulting in a promotion in early
July. Lyndon is now a Supervisor and
works with new employees showing them
how to do the role he loves.

When asked what was the best thing
about working at Coles, Lyndon replied
the staff and the customers. Whilst
ensuring shelves are full and faced up
correctly is Lyndon primary role, he said
the most important thing is helping the
customer – “the customer always comes first”.

                                                                      August 2010 | Marriott Matters 3
More choice for people with a disability
SIX months into the new Individual Support Package           their needs. One young lady now has swimming
(ISP) funding model by the Department of Human               lessons. Another gentleman has chosen to use his
Services (DHS) and we thought it was a good time             funding to go out after work and on weekends. More
to reflect on the changes and what we have learnt.           and more people are considering these options,
                                                             especially those who are aging. Their choices are
We have learnt a great deal in the past few months
                                                             fully supported by both Marriott and their families.
and everyone who has a disability or who supports
an individual with a disability needs to be aware of         On the negative side, people still don’t seem to be
this new system and how it can support them both             aware of all the options available to them. If you
at home and in the community.                                have a disability you can access Individual Support
                                                             Package, even if you are working. ISP’s are based
The introduction of ISP means the funding is now
                                                             on the needs of person with the disability and their
attached to the individual with the disability rather than
                                                             carers. ISP’s are available for day services but are
the organisation. ISP’s provide people with a disability
                                                             also in place for respite for carers/ individuals and
with more choice. They can choose how to use their
                                                             accommodation. Respite packages include:
funding and which service provider they will use.
                                                              • community participation;
While ISP’s provide individuals with more choice,
most of our participants have chosen to stay with             • in home support; and
the Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm day services
                                                              • out of home support.
model. This option provides the individual with the
greatest amount of face to face support within a             If you are a carer you can get more information
group setting. These people enjoy coming to a                about respite support and /or support for carers
common site, having a place to put their bags,               by ringing The Department of Human Services
catch up with friends and organise their day. It also        (DHS) Intake and Response team on 1300 131
allows for friendships to be formed through common           079. We have a list of contacts at the back page
interests and social settings.                               of this newsletter. If you have concerns or require
                                                             clarification as to your entitlements, please do not
More choice means more decisions. We are finding
                                                             hesitate to ring DHS.
that, with encouragement, people are making good
choices based on their plans and their goals.                In conclusion, staff and families seem generally
                                                             happy with ISP’s. For many at Marriott their days are
A few have chosen to adapt to a more individualised
                                                             relatively unchanged however they have security in
approach. They are opting for fewer hours of
                                                             knowing that their funding can be used in a variety of
organisational support and using some of their
                                                             ways that will best support them over their lifetime.
funding for more one to one support. This means
                                                             They can choose to reduce or alter hours at Marriott
they may stay at home for longer periods but are
                                                             Community Services without the fear of losing their
doing something in the community that solely fits
                                                             DHS ISP funding

                                                                                     Table Tennis Table
                                                                                     Thank you to the Clissold’s
                                                                                     who kindly donated a table
                                                                                     tennis table to the Community
                                                                                     Connections group

4 Marriott Matters | August 2010
Six degrees of unity
AN exhibition celebrating the work of a group of artists    Everybody is a complex matrix of skills, abilities,
whose work expresses the message of the Marriott            talents, quirks, challenges and limitations – this
Community will be at the Kingston Art Centre in             exhibition is a snippet of the artistic talents we choose
October.                                                    to display and share.

The ‘Six degrees of Unity exhibition’ aims to show          Where: Kingston Art Centre, 979 Nepean Hwy,
through the works of the various exhibitors that            Moorabbin 3189
individuals working together can achieve great things
especially when it comes to caring for others.              When: Opening night Thursday 21 October

Throughout history, various authors have illustrated        Friday 22 October through to Monday 8 November
this point by quoting the words of an African sage,         Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am-5:30pm
who wisely declared that “it takes a village to raise a     and Saturday 12.30pm – 5.30pm, excluding Public
child”.                                                     Holidays.
Former US First lady Hillary Clinton drew on that same
quotation for the title of her autobiography. During an
address in Chicago in 1996, Mrs Clinton expanded on
those words and how important it was to contribute to
the life of a community.                                    From the Minister for Public
While her message was addressed to an audience
                                                            Transport June 2010
in the United States, its theme was just as relevant        Melbourne taxi passengers, especially those with
to those of us who live in Melbourne and what the           special needs, will soon benefit from more reliable
Marriott Community seeks to achieve in the work             and timely services with the release of 530 taxi
we do.                                                      licences including 330 wheelchair accessible taxis.
As Mrs Clinton noted about children and community           Public Transport Minister Martin Pakula said
involvement: “It takes a family, it takes teachers,         applications would be accepted from Monday for
it takes clergy, it takes business people, it takes         the new licence release.
community leaders, it takes those who protect our
health and safety, it takes all of us. Yes, it takes a      “People with special needs, those who use
village,” she said, giving emphasis to the sense of         wheelchairs and people who use taxis on the
community required for every individual to learn, grow,     weekends and during major events, complain of
experience and achieve to their fullest potential.          an insufficient number of taxis being available,” Mr
                                                            Pakula said.
We can all recall or imagine the sense of comfort,
acceptance and boundless potential a child so easily        “We have listened to Victorians and have responded
enjoys when they grow up in a loving supportive             to their calls for additional taxis and importantly,
environment and all our lives are richer for the positive   up to 330 of these licences will be for wheelchair
networks we now nurture.                                    accessible taxis.

The ‘The Six degrees of Unity exhibition‘ will attempt      This is a significant boost to the wheelchair
to map the immense intertwined community that               accessible fleet in Melbourne, and ensures that
is Marriott Support Services, which sustains its            people with mobility issues can access taxi services
participants and employees, challenges their                more easily.”
expectations and provides grounds for a joyful and
meaningful existence.

                                                                               August 2010 | Marriott Matters 5
New friends, new activities                                Respite
HAVING friends and a life beyond our workday               Everyone needs a break from time to time. Whilst
acquaintances is so important when seeking to              Marriott Support Services does not offer respite there
balance our work-life commitments.                         are many places that can assist in respite. Here are
                                                           a few:
But in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives it is not
often easy to make new friends and find interesting        Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centre -
pastimes.                                                  1800 052 222

The new Highett Community House offers busy people         provides information and support services for older
a range of stimulating interests and a chance to meet      people, people with disabilities and those who
others wanting something more to occupy their lives.       provide care and services.

For those interested in meeting new people and             Brotherhood of St Laurence Community Nexus
trying new things, you can learn to cook, take part in     (age carer respite) - 9782 1184
movement and strength training, become involved in
                                                           supports people with a disability and their carers
drama classes or occupy your hands with craft work.
                                                           to participate in Community Life and to plan for the
Lessons are also offered in how to acquire bargains or
sell goods online using Ebay. Camera buffs can also
learn how to manipulate digital images.                    Department of Human Services (DHS) Intake &
                                                           Response Team - 1300 131 079
The Community House is situated just minutes from
the Highett station and has a bus stop at the door         For accommodation and extended or emergency
making it easy for anyone to attend. The facilities are    respite visit under Intake and
amazing, with disability access, new computers, a          Response or call
kitchen and even a quiet room for those times when
you need to chill out.                                     The Intake and Response Service provides
                                                           information about support and services and can
Anyone is welcome. Classes start at $5.                    also provide assistance with planning and support
Bookings essential.                                        to people with disabilities, their families and carers in
                                                           their local area.
Highett Neighbourhood Community House
                                                           You could also try Carer Respite on 1800 059 059
2 Livingston Street, Highett 3190
                                                           For emergency respite try Carers Respite Centre
Phone 9555 6055
                                                           on 1800 052 222

Open Afternoon
The annual Keys Road Open afternoon for parents and carers of supported employees was held in May. Over
20 parents and carers made the time to come and meet with the Marriott Executive Team and the Marriott
Board over a light afternoon tea.

Parents had an opportunity to discuss any questions they might have, find out about the options that are
available for their son/daughter and make suggestions, giving the board and staff valuable and positive
feedback. The Open afternoon will be an annual event and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

6 Marriott Matters | August 2010
Making a special meal
Independent Living Skills recently launched the latest in their series of cookbooks which includes a DVD that
provides tips on growing vegetables.

The fifth in the series of large format books, ‘Lifestyle Easy Cook Book 5,’ contains step-by-step recipes, all
beautifully illustrated with colour photographs.

One real advantage is that the book is printed on easy wipe-clean pages to protect it from unexpected
spillages that daunt the best of cooks on occasions.

Lifestyle cookbooks are packed with inexpensive highly nutritious, fail-proof recipes with strong visual and
taste appeal. Recipes include microwave, vegetarian, soups, main meals, salads, vegetables and desserts.

Marriott House and The Lodge have the full range of these books. They are used almost daily. The cooks at
Community Services can’t wait to get their hands on the new edition.

The new book 5 encourages home vegetable growing and seeks to promote the use of fresh ingredients by
including them in the recipes.

The book has spurred Marriott Community Services into planting a vegetable patch at Marriott House.
Participants have been busy preparing soil beds and planting seedlings.

Those involved are anxiously counting the weeks until their first harvest and the pride they will take in having
grown their own meal.

Those interested in purchasing one of the cookbooks should log on to
The books offer a fantastic experience for children or anyone wanting to learn to cook.

                                                         Our very own Olivia Curtain is a participant in the Bar
                                                         None Employment Campaign. Olivia’s photograph
                                                         and story makes up part of this exhibition.

                                                         The exhibition opened in Geelong earlier this month
                                                         and will tour around Victoria over the coming months.

                                                                             August 2010 | Marriott Matters 7
                                                               A big night out
                                                               EVERYONE enjoys taking time out and letting their
                                                               hair down; especially Neil who told Marriott Matters
                                                               of the fun night he and his mates had on a Saturday
                                                               night that extended into the small hours of Sunday in
                                                               early June.

                                                               He writes: My music teacher, Tim, invited me and
                                                               my housemates to watch his band “Tim McMillan
                                                               Band” play at the Hi Fi Tonight Club in Swanston
                                                               Street in the CBD.

                                                               We arrived at 10.30pm, just before they started to
                                                               play. They were amazing, funny and played really
                                                               cool stuff. I loved ‘em. They cracked lots of jokes,
                                                               did crazy stuff and gave us one of their CD’s…They
                                                               were wild, they were loud and they rocked!

                                                               We could hardly hear anything when we left.

                                                               Afterwards, we went for a ‘MAC attack’ near
                                                               Flinders Street Station.

                                                               Our Saturday night out on 12 June this year ended
                                                               when we got home 2.45am on Sunday. What a fun
                                                               night out it was.

  Director Retirement
  Pam Rivers, a Committee Member/Director of Marriott Support Services for over 20 years, has retired from the
  Board as she has served the maximum number of terms as a Director permitted under the new Constitution.

  Pam has been a committed and hard working Director and an enthusiastic volunteer at Marriott House. The
  Board has acknowledged her outstanding service and commitment by making her a Life Member. Pam will
  continue her involvement with Marriott House and as a Director of The Allan T Marriott Foundation Board.

  The Board of Directors of Marriott Support Services and staff thank Pam for her work as a director.

Board Nominations
If you are interested in standing for election at the AGM in
November please forward your name and contact details
to marked for the attention of the
Nominations Committee as soon as possible and details                       Marriott Support Services
of the process will be sent out. Formal nominations must                    15a/56 Keys Road Moorabbin 3189
be received by September 30.                                                P: 9555 0777     F: 9555 0204
                                                                            ABN: 36 094 426 061

8 Marriott Matters | August 2010

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