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					                       Rubric/Scoring Guide for Campaign Tasks

Campaign Task             1                          2                         3                         4
Candidate       Either did not            Researches                 Researches candidate      Researches candidate
                research candidate,       candidate, but             with historical           with great historical
                or research is            accuracy lacks detail.     accuracy. Discusses       accuracy. Discusses
                inaccurate. Issues are    Discusses issues with      issues identified with    issues that are
                not those identified      little detail. Speech      candidate in general      realistic to the
                with the candidate.       lasts 1 to 1 ½             detail. Speech lasts 1    candidate in specific
                Speech lasts less than    minutes.                   ½ to 2 minutes.           details. Speech lasts
                1 minute.                                                                      2-3 minutes.
Campaign        Does not make other       Makes an effort to         Keeps a general           Keeps a written
                group members             make others                written record on         report on every
Manager         accountable. Keeps        accountable, but           who is doing what in      group member and
                no written record.        written record is          the group. Makes a        describes their job
                Helps other group         lacking. Makes a           contribution to most      performance in
                members very little       contribution to two        group members.            detail. Makes at least
                or not at all.            group members.                                       one contribution to
                                                                                               all others in the
Campaign        Creates a campaign        Creates a campaign         Creates a campaign        Creates a campaign
                poster with no            poster with 1              poster with 2             poster with several
Artist          graphics. Little          graphic. Information       graphics and general      graphics on it and
                detailed information.     lacks details, and         information that is       specific information
                If it draws attention,    does not come to the       brief and to the point,   that is brief and to
                it is not because it is   point. Does not draw       and the information       the point without
                “good.” Very sloppy.      much attention.            is accurate. The          losing clarity. Is
                                          Sloppiness is a            poster is attention       colorful and attention
                                          problem.                   getting. Poster is        getting. Is VERY
                                                                     neat.                     neat.
Slogan          No slogan or slogan       Attempts to create a       Creates a slogan that     Creates a slogan that
                has nothing to            slogan, but slogan         gets the main point       is catchy and easy to
Writer/Song     identify candidate.       does little to catch       across of why             remember. Slogan
Composer        Song does not             the attention.             someone should vote       conveys a positive
                identify a candidate      Candidate involved         for their candidate.      image of the
                or an issue. Song         is unclear, song last      Writes a song that        candidate (1824) or
                lasts less than 30        30 to 40 seconds.          lasts 40 to 45            makes the opponent
                seconds.                                             seconds.                  look bad (1828).
                                                                                               Writes a song that
                                                                                               rhymes and is
                                                                                               catchy. Gets the
                                                                                               point across very
                                                                                               well. Song last 45
                                                                                               seconds to 1 ½
Commercial      Performs a commercial     Creates a script that      Creates a script that     Creates a script last
                of 20 seconds or less.    lasts 20-30 seconds.       last 30 to 45 seconds.    takes 45-60 seconds
Writer          Script has little to do   Advertising                Commercial looks          to perform.
                with performance or is
                                          techniques are             like one on modern        Commercial uses
                very poorly written.
                Basically just says       lacking. Commercial        TV when performed.        advertising
                “vote for me” without     mainly consists of         Deals with issues of      techniques that will
                giving any valid reason   “’dissing” other           the 1820’s, but is not    clearly help to draw
                of WHY anyone             candidates with little     taped.                    votes for the
                should. Deals with none   or no regard for the                                 candidate and deals
                of the issues of the      issues. It is not taped,                             with issues of the
                1820’s. Commercial not    and probably should                                  1820’s. Very
                tapes, and we feel
                                          not be.                                              interesting to watch.
                thankful for it.
                                                                                               Commercial is taped
                                                                                               for playback.