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					Tallinn is the capital and the largest city of Estonia, located on the shores of the Baltic
Sea. The medieval architecture, the plethora of activities, crazy nightlife and even
crazier ambience; all this make the city the perfect place for a perfect Tallinn stag do .
Tallinn is a cold place. The best time of the year to visit this city is the summer time,
that is, July when the temperature averages16oC. Attractions and sightseeing The city
has a very, very ancient heritage. There are loads of castles, courtyards, public squares,
and many such medieval architectural wonders dating to the 15th Century. Sight
worth visiting are the Neitsitorn tower, which was a prison for prostitutes and Kadriog
in which is situated the summer palace. Surrounding the square are many cafés and
bars which give ample view of the city and have great ambience. Stag daytime
activities Action Quad biking, ATV safari, outdoor and indoor go karting are some of
the land adventure sports and all the favourites. Water adventure sports available are
canoeing and power boat dash. The water is going to be a spine chilling 16oC. Are
your hands itching to try an AK 47 or a Magnum? Here is your golden opportunity to
blast targets with just those. Military academies with obstacle courses add to the thrill.
Another exciting shooting sport here is the sniper shooting. Feel like a trained special
agent under secret mission. Other shooting sport available is the regular pigeon
shooting and paintballing. Want to feel the gush of the wind and the adrenalin
pumping? Try hovercrafting, zorbing where you are fitted into a GIANT globe of
transparent sphere and rolled down from a hill, parachute jumping and acrobatic flight
where the pilot takes you on a flight with great views and massive acrobatics.
Nightlife in Tallinn Tallinn stag nights are awesome with really cheap booze and
excellent ambience. There are different kinds of bars and suit the one that you find
comfortable. Tallinn is rich in Irish pubs, which you can make out by the name. Most
of the bars are themed. Some are non-themed too. The old town is the part where the
bars are densely located. Take a guided tour around the different kinds of bars from
traditional communist to hipper ultra modern clubs to experience the diversity in the
bar and club culture and its evolution in Tallinn. The bars and are open until 4 am in
the morning. Pub crawls are a must do to taste the local brews. Some packaged tour
give you free second round during the crawl. Strip clubs are strewn all over the cities
and are separate for men and women. The VIP clubs and casino should definitely be
visited to try your hand at gambling. Have a great time with your friends and celebrate
the happiness that is yet to come with the wedding.

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