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Essential Design Elements Of A Website


									Web design is performed with a set of skills and techniques that are used to design a
high quality and professional website. In order to master this set of skills, you must
pay attention to the following important points about websites.
  Easy and clean navigation: How the links navigate plays an essential role on the web
site. This determines the fluidity of the site. When the visitors come to your web site,
they read the content and look around to search for some more useful and exciting
pages. Thus, navigation has to be clean and really simple.
  Clean layout design: The layout of the web site design must be clean in order to
make it look catchier. The white space increments the influence. Concentrate on the
web site content. You can make use of ready-to-use Dreamweaver templates if you
like. Prefer to use fonts which are compatible with all browsers in order to avoid any
sort of unexpected things.
  Program by using the original CSS: Nowadays, the internet world is turning towards
pure CSS type websites as it provides reusability and accessibility. Moreover, it also
decreases the complete size of the files that are used in a website. Add to that, you
have greater control over your site.
  Required and optimal load time: It is your duty to decrease the loading time for the
website. You can do this by reducing scripts, flash and graphics which are responsible
for increasing the overall file size. Moreover, it is recommended to optimize the script
code and HTML. Make sure that the website does not contain unused and unwanted
scripts and tags. Another option to lower the loading time is to utilize the Server Side
Include (SSI) files whenever and wherever you can.
  Assure web site scalability: It is significant to ensure that the design and the code are
scalable. The technology goes on advancing and new configurations are manufactured.
Therefore, the web site must be compatible on all platforms and screen sizes.
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