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					Gaggia is a 60-year-old company that is well-known for revolutionizing the coffee
equipment industry. It made significant strides in improving espresso machines,
including filing a patent for a steam-free espresso maker that pushed water through
coffee grounds, producing only a very tiny amount of steam. This new method of
making espresso also allowed for a nice layer of crema atop the espresso shot. The
Gaggia company originally manufactured machines strictly for businesses, but today,
there are many models of Gaggia espresso machines that can be used in the home,
which are compatible with ESE pods such as illy espresso pods.
 Two of Gaggia's most prominent products are the Gaggia Coffee Deluxe and the
Gaggia Classic Espresso machine. The Gaggia Coffee Deluxe is a premium machine
with an affordable price. It features a cup warmer that can hold five cups at one time,
and it is compatible with both ESE cartridges, such as illy espresso pods, and regular
coffee grounds. The Coffee Deluxe has an auto frother feature that will allow you to
easily include the perfect amount of milk to your beverage. What is most remarkable
about the auto frother is that you have the capability of controlling the ratio of milk to
air. In addition to making your favorite coffee-based drinks, the Coffee Deluxe also
has a hot water dispenser, so hot chocolate and tea may also be prepared with this
 If you have a little more money to spend on an espresso machine, the Gaggia Classic
Espresso machine has a stylish design and first-rate features. It is, like the Coffee
Deluxe, ESE compatible and also has a cup warmer. Its stainless steel design will look
great in your kitchen. If you need an espresso maker for your office, the Classic
Espresso can handle the job.
 Both the Gaggia Classic Espresso and the Gaggia Coffee Deluxe, along with a host
of other Gaggia products, may be purchased via many online retailers.