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									If you are the type that likes to stay active, then vacations are no exception. Some,
when going on vacation, prefer to do active adventuring and exploring as opposed to
lounging around lazily by a pool or the beach. Filling out a USA Passport application
grants you access to the following locations, and as you will soon see, it's definitely
worth it.

 Some call it paddling while others refer to it as kayaking, but no matter what you
call it, this sport is a great part of an active, exercise-filled vacation experience.
Traveling by kayak provides the opportunity to see areas of nature not accessible on
foot while providing a rejuvenating form of exercise. For a family kayaking vacation,
you might want to visit a river or stream the slowly meanders through the wilderness
but the experienced kayaker might want to try some whitewater kayaking for a great
challenge and experience. The whitewater experience should be left to the older, more
experienced as it can be dangerous. Open water lovers might want to try ocean or sea
kayaking which can also be done on large lakes.

  There are tons of beautiful places to which you can take your family on a kayaking
trip. One of these places is Fiji. Fiji is world-renowned for its incredibly beautiful
water as well as its large chain of islands, which make for the perfect adventure.
These unpopulated and undeveloped islands are just right for those looking to really

 Cambodia is the desired destination of many kayakers. The Mekong River, fed by
jungle streams, is surrounded by the beauty of rainforests and provides an exciting
kayaking experience. Known for its famous freshwater dolphin, you and your family
will also be treated with the opportunity to view exotic water life.

 Belize is another international location frequently visited by those wanting to
incorporate kayaking into their vacation experience. The Belize rainforests encompass
beautiful waterways providing an experience with many exotic birds, plants and
animals. The Mayan ruins create an opportunity for the traveler to inject some ancient
history into this active vacation. Reefs and caves populate the Belize waters and
create many breathtaking sights and experiences. Ocean kayaking in this part of the
world may also land you an opportunity to view the world's largest fish, the wale

 It's very important to remember that international travel always requires a passport
for your entire family. Online websites have made this experience a breeze whether
your need is for your first passport of if you possess a damaged USA passport. What
used to take a lot of time and trouble has now become as easy as sitting down at your
home computer and searching the internet of an online passport agency.

 Many active vacations incorporate kayaking as a great way to experience nature
while getting a good dose of exercise. With so many beautiful locations around the
world, be sure to get your U S passport application filled out to put the world at your
doorstep. Remember, if your passport is expired or if your have a damaged passport,
an online passport agency is as close as your home computer and ready to help.

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