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									Poverty and welfare in Ireland c.1833-1948
26-27 June 2009, Institute of Irish Studies, Queen’s University Belfast

Organisers: Peter Gray and Olwen Purdue, QUB

Friday 26 June

0930       Registration/Coffee                                                    IIS Foyer

1000       Introduction:                                                          IIS Sem Rm 1
           David Hayton (Head of School)
1005       Plenary 1: Chair: Peter Gray (QUB)                                     IIS Sem Rm 1
           Peter Higginbotham ‘The Workhouses of Ireland’

1050       Session 1: Chair: Andrew Holmes (QUB)                                  IIS Sem Rm 1
           Richard Davis (U Tasmania) ‘William Smith O’Brien, Poor Laws and
           Vandiemonian convicts’
           Ciarán Reilly (NUIM): ‘Clearing the estates to fill the workhouse:
           land agents and the Poor Law Unions in King’s County in the 1840s’
           Ashley Amidon (U Hull) ‘Humanitarian crisis response in Ireland
           1845-1850: Public vs. private sector involvement’
           Caroline Skehill (QUB) ‘The origins of child welfare within the Poor

1230       Lunch break
           Light lunches are available from Clements in QUB Student’s Union or
           Café Krem in Peter Froggett Centre
1345       RHS Symposium (1) Chair: Sean Connolly (QUB)                           IIS Sem Rm 1
           Niall Ó Ciosain (NUIG): ‘The Poor Inquiry: a consensus theory of
           Peter Gray (QUB): ‘Irish social thought and the relief of poverty,

1505       Coffee                                                                 IIS Foyer
1520       RHS Symposium (2) - Chair: Mary O’Dowd (QUB)                           IIS Sem Rm 1
           Anna Clark (U Minnesota): ‘Orphans and the British State: The Case
           of 19th-Century Ireland’
           Virginia Crossman (Oxford Brookes), ‘The Irish Poor Law revisited:
           Reassessing Poor Relief in Post-Famine Ireland’
           Greta Jones (UUJ) and Catherine Cox (UCD), ‘Doctors and
           Dispensaries: The Doctor and the Poor Law in Ireland c.1860-1910’
1800       Wine Reception in Clifton House                                        Clifton House (N.
           Address by Jonathan Bardon: ‘The Old Poor House and Belfast            Queen St)
           Charitable Society’
2000       Conference Dinner                                                      Nick’s Warehouse,
                                                                                  Hill St.
Saturday 27 June

0930      Session 2: ESRC Project Panel, ‘Welfare Regimes under the       IIS Sem Rm 1
          Irish Poor Law, 1850-1922’ Chair: Virginia Crossman (OBU)
          Georgina Laragy (Oxford Brookes): Eastern Ireland
          Olwen Purdue (QUB): Ulster
          Sean Lucey (Oxford Brookes): Western Ireland

1115      Coffee                                                          IIS Foyer
1130      Plenary 2: Chair: Liam Kennedy (QUB)                            IIS Sem Rm 1
          Larry Geary (UCC): ‘The medical profession, health care and
          the poor law in nineteenth-century Ireland’
1230      Lunch                                                           IIS Foyer
          Sandwich lunch available
1330      Session 3: Chair: Marie Coleman (QUB)                           IIS Sem Rm 1
          Ann Daly ‘The Dublin Medical Press response to the Medical
          Charities Debate’
          Sean Beattie (UUM): ‘Female cultural philanthropy: Alice
          Hart and Donegal Industry’
          Inga Brandes (U Trier): ‘Destitution, decency, deservingness:
          Continuity and change within the Poor Law and Social
          Welfare System in Ireland, 1880s-1930s’

1510      Coffee                                                          IIS Foyer

1530      Session 4: Chair: Olwen Purdue (QUB)                            IIS Sem Rm 1
          Patricia Marsh (QUB) ‘“An enormous amount of distress
          among the poor”: Aid for the poor during the Influenza
          pandemic of 1918-19’
          Leanne McCormick (UUJ) 'Bad, pregnant or missed the
          train: the role of the Belfast Salvation Army home in
          women's welfare, 1905-50'
          Peter Martin (QUB): ‘Medical Benefit in Northern Ireland

1650      Concluding remarks:                                             IIS Sem Rm 1
          Virginia Crossman (Oxford Brookes)
          Peter Gray (QUB)
1700      CLOSE

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Irish Poor Law and Welfare History Resources online
   Peter Higginbotham’s Workhouse history site has an Irish workhouses section:

   Many of the official publications relating to the Irish poor law system are available online at:

   Poor Law records at PRONI:

   Poor Law records at National Archives of Ireland:

   Health and Medicine in Northern Ireland, 1921-72 (Peter Martin):

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