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CV-Professor Daniel Sem by welcomegong


									                                            Professor Daniel Sem

Department of Chemistry
Marquette University
Chemistry Department
Wehr Chemistry Building
PO Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
Phone: 414 288-7859

Research Interests
    Biophysical characterization of the factors responsible for specificity in ligand-protein
      interactions, addressed in a proteome-wide manner.
    Applications include understanding and minimizing the toxic side effects of drugs as
      well as environmental toxins such as endocrine disruptors.
    Biophysical methods employed include enzymology, NMR (nuclear magnetic
      resonance) spectroscopy, fluorescence and chemo/bioinformatics.

   B.S. degree, UW-Milwaukee, 1986
   Ph.D. degree, UW-Madison , 1990.

Representative Publications

   Pellechia, M., Huang, X., Meininger, D. and Sem, D.S. (2003) NMR-based drug design:
   applications to very large proteins. In "BioNMR in drug discovery" Zerbe O. Ed.

   Kho, R, Baker, BL, Newman, JV, Jack, RM, Sem, DS, Villar, HO and Hansen, MR (2003)
   A Path from Primary Protein Sequence to Ligand Recognition Proteins: Structure,
   Function, and Genetics 50, 589-599.

   Pellecchia, M., Sem, D.S. and Wuthrich, K. (2002) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Drug
   Discovery. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. 1, 211-219.

   Plesniak, L, Horiuchi, Y, Sem, DS, Meininger, D, Stiles, L, Shaffer, J, Jennings, PA and
   Adams, JA (2002) Probing the Nucleotide Binding Domain of the Osmoregulator EnvZ
   Using Fluorescent Nucleotide Derivatives Biochemistry 41, 13876-13882.

Pellecchia, M., Meininger, D., Dong, Q, Chang, E, Jack, R and Sem, D.S. (2002) NMR-
based Structural Characterization of Large Protein-Ligand Complexes J Biom. NMR 22,

Sem, D.S. and Pellecchia, M. (2001) NMR in the Acceleration of Drug Discovery. Current
Opinion in Drug Discovery and Development 4, 479.

Pellecchia, M, Meininger, D., Shen, A.L., Jack, R., Kasper, C.B. and Sem, D.S. (2001)
SEA-TROSY (Solvent Exposed Amides with TROSY): A Method to Resolve the Problem
of Spectral Overlap in Very Large Proteins. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 123, 4633.

Jack, R., Sem, D.S., Yu, L. (2001) Real-time Structure-Based Drug Development. Genetic
and Engineering News. 21, 34.

Sem, D.S., Yu, L., Coutts, S.M. and Jack, R. (2001) Object-oriented Approach to Drug
Design Enabled by NMR SOLVE: First Real-Time Structural Tool for Characterizing
Protein-Ligand Interactions. J. Cellular Biochemistry. Suppl. 37, 99-105.

Shen, A.L., Sem, D.S. and Kasper, C.B. (1999) Mechanistic Studies on the Reductive Half
Reaction of NADPH Cytochrome P450 Oxidoreductase. J. Biol. Chem. 274, 5391.

Sem, D.S., McNeeley, P. and Linnik, M. (1999) Antibody Affinities and Relative Titers in
Polyclonal Populations Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 372, 62.

Sem, D.S. and McNeeley, P. (1998) Steady State Enzyme Kinetic Fluorescence
Polarization Assay Applied to Calpain II. FEBS Letters 443, 17.

Sem, D.S., Baker, B.L., Victoria, E.J., Jones, D.S., Marquis, D., Yu, L., Parks, J., and
Coutts, S.M. (1998) Structural Characterization and Optimization of Antibody-Selected
Phage Library Mimotopes of an Antigen Associated with Autoimmune Recurrent
Thrombosis. Biochemistry 37, 16081.

Holmbeck, S.M.A., Foster, M.P., Casimiro, D.R., Sem, D.S., Dyson, H.J. and Wright, P.E.
(1998) High Resolution Solution Structure of the Retinoid X Receptor DNA Binding
Domain J. Mol. Biol. 281, 271.

Sem, D.S., Casimiro, D.R., Kliewer, S.A., Provencal, J., Evans, R.M. and Wright, P.E.
(1997) NMR Spectroscopic Studies of the DNA-Binding Domain of the Monomer-binding
Nuclear Orphan Receptor, Human Estrogen Related Receptor-2. J. Biol. Chem. 272,


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