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									Brief CV

Name:                    ALBERTO SABATE
Date of birth:           13 February 1973
Nationality:             Spaniard
Address:                 Juan Miro, 21
                         08329 Teia (Barcelona, SPAIN)
Phone:                   + 48 504 238 070
Languages:               English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Polish
Degree:                  Bachelor in Business Administration (1991 – 1995)
Post-degree:             Master in Business & Technology (1999 - 2000)

Sumary: Alberto Sabate has over 10 years professional experience across a wide spectrum
of industries. As a consultant, he has implemented SAP tools to support sales cycles,
reporting and planning scenarios within a few multinational companies across several
European countries. Completing a remarkable “hands-on” career in SAP that has covered
functional and technical skills (including ABAP), he has also acted as a manager allocating
resources and delivering projects on time and on budget. Alberto Sabate is a certified
consultant in SD (1998), BW (2000) and CRM (2001). Previous to contractor work Alberto
was an employed consultant at IBM Global services for 2 years and later a Manager within
Andersen (Bearingpoint today) for a year. Below are some of the most relevant projects
where he took part either as a functional consultant or as a project manager.

                 Total           as SAP          within R/3       within          within
                               consultant                         BI/BW           BPS/IP
(in years)
                   12              10                4              6               4

 num. full       R/3 (SD)       SAP CRM            BI/BW            BPS             IP
  cycles            3              2                 5               3               2

                 Beverages     Pharm        FMCG     Industrial     Electronics     Other
Projects by                      a
 industry           3             2          5             2               2          5
Detailed SAP projects

Tool:        BW 3.5 & BPS
Date:        from Feb 2008 (4 months)
Location:    Sonderbog, Denmark
Role:        Lead Consultant. The project included a web based interface to simulate
             order profitability including payment terms, interest rates, yearly rabates,
             etc. A margin controlling cockpit was also created to display missed revenue
             due to low enforcement of surcharges or excess discounts.

Tool:        BI7 & IP
Date:        from March 2007 (11 months)
Location:    Prague, Czech & Sofia, Bulgaria
Role:        Lead Consultant. As a BPS consultant I developed several planning
             applications using both BW-BPS and Integrated Planning. The large scale
             implementation included hundreds of users across 14 European countries.
             The tools I took in charge were OPEX planning, Cost Center planning and a
             Plant Maintenance Budgeting tool. The scope of my responsibilities included
             requirement gathering, customizing, ABAP development and user training.

Tool:        BI 7
Date:        from July 2006 (8 months)
Location:    Mulhouse, France
Role:        BI Project Manager. Design Datawarehouse architecture delivering a
             datawarehouse solution covering sales, stocks, purchases and financial data.
             The project scope also included a COPA planning application using planning
             folders. Beside the most common BW/BPS functionalities the project included
             the set up of a pre-calculation server to email daily reports to partners
             outside the organization. BI 7.0 evaluation leader including transformation
             rules and Integrated planning interfaces. (130 users)

Tool:        BW 3.1 – CRM 4.0
Date:        from March 2006 (4 months)
Location:    Nordborg, Denmark
Role:        Lead CRM/BW consultant. Extraction, datamodelling and delivery of an
             analytical application using customer and sales data coming from a SAP CRM
             system. Basic enhancement of datasources with exits and start routines.

Tool:        BW BPS 3.5 – SEM BCS 4.0
Date:        from June 2005 (9 months)
Location:    London, UK
Role:        Lead Consultant. Alberto set up an integrated financial planning tool
             covering P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash-flow and working capital planning.
             Budgeting and forecasting processes supported over 20 subsidiaries running
             SAP systems with 60 financial controllers (users) involved. A web based
             interface was also develop to support the same budgeting cycles for
             subsidiaries not running SAP, adding to the SEM landscape some 40
             subsidiaries and 180 users. Realtime actuals were also collected from BW
             into BCS (new functionality). In BCS the project included the validation of
             submited consolidadted statements, the interunit trade elimination and
             consolidation of investments using both the purchase method and the equity
             method. (300 users)

Tool:        BW 3.1 – SEM 3.5
Date:        from March 2005 (2 months)
Location:    Ludwigshafen, Germany
Role:        SEM-BPS project using planning folders as user Interface. Planning of Payroll
             and general expenses. Cost allocations to Cost Centers, Internal Orders and
             WBS Elements. The financial planning process included budgeting and
            forecasting phases. Planned data (primary and secondary costs) was sent
            back to R/3 for online reporting and running CO cycles. (60 users)

Tool:       SEM-BPS 3.0B
Date:       Jan. 2005 (2 months)
Location:   Frankfurt, Germany
Role:       Develop a web based solution for a Procurement Savings Management
            System. With an international base of close to forty planners, the project
            included the planning of procurement costs for direct and indirect materials.
            Data slices were used to allow multi version planning as well as rolling

Tool:       BW 3.1 – SEM 3.5
Date:       from Feb. 2004 (11 months)
Location:   Vienna, Austria
Role:       Lead SEM-BPS consultant within a Planning Product Portfolio project. The
            project included profitability analysis based on investment and Revenue
            forecasts to guide the product Portfolio planning phase. Relationship
            characteristics and BPS hierarchies where used as well as numerous FOX
            Formulas and user exits. Web based application containing over 10
            planning/Multi planning areas.

Tool:       CRM 4.0 – BW 3.1
Date:       Feb 2004 (1 month)
Location:   Moscow, Russia
Role:       Definition of processes and blueprint of a CRM implementation supported
            with BW as the reporting system. Jointly with the end customer business
            leaders and resources from SAP Germany, the project scope included putting
            in place a sales automation system to enable direct order processing from
            over 150 sales points. My involvement was limited to guidance on the
            functionalities available on CRM 4.0 and BW 3.1. No implementation took
            place, at that point.

Tool:       BW 3.0B – SEM 3.1B
Date:       from April 2003 (11 months)
Location:   Einkhauzen, The Netherlands. Barcelona, Spain. Oxnard, US
Role:       Lead BW/SEM consultant within a Global BW project were Infocubes and
            ODS objects covering Financial and Logistics areas were put in place to
            collect data from around 20 different companies. Intensive use of Business
            content provided by SAP and self develop data models. The project included
            integration with R/3 DataSources, flat files and Oracle Databases with DB
            Connect. Project included setting up planning functionalities (SEM-BPS) for
            general costs budgeting in 12 subsidiaries and 50 users were trained.
            Additionally, the design also included real time information access by means
            of remote cubes. Return tables, user exit variables, complex authorisation
            profiles and BAPIs were also implemented. All reporting and planning was
            web based. A 4 wall management cockpit (SEM-CPM) with 50 frames was
            also designed to access key reporting data.

Tool:       SAP CRM 3.0 – SAP BW 3.1 Content
Date:       March. 2003
Location:   Asturias, Spain
Role:       Within the implementation of a call centre project with marketing
            functionalities based on SAP CRM, I was responsible for the communication of
            this solution with SAP BW. I.e. target groups for outbound calls queues were
            created in BW by means of queries and transferred to CRM. Call centre
            statistics coming from the CTI were analysed in BW in order to monitor
            service quality.

Tool:       SAP BW 3.0B
Date:       from July.2002 - 5 months
Location:   Murcia, Spain
Role:       Installation of a BW system with release 3.0B and IGS server. Deployment of
            business content infocubes 0SD_C03 (SD) updated by means of the extractor
            cockpit and 0COPA_C01 (CO). Set up of reporting capabilities with the use of
            the web application designer supporting web browsers, palm devices and wap
            enabled mobile phones.

Tool:       R/3 SD module
Date:       from Jan. 2001 - 4 months
Location:   Antwerp, Belgium
Role:       Training consultant in release 4.6. Responsible for the training of 40 key
            users from 3 continents and 13 countries. The role included the development
            of training material covering SD and MM functionalities.

Tool:       SEM 3.0 and BW 2.1C
Date:       from May 2001 – June 2002
Location:   Madrid, Spain
Role:       As a Manager at a European SAP Competence Center, Alberto has worked in
            several BW, SEM and CRM projects managing resources and pre-sales work.

Tool:       R3 SD module and BW 3.0 B
Date:       Apr. 2000 – Dec. 2000
Location:   Saint Petersburg, Russia
Role:       Business process definition, SD customisation, key-users training and post
            go-live support. Order processing, batch management, pricing, deliveries,
            transportation, billing, LIS reporting and reports with ABAP. Set up a solution
            to monitor the top 100 KPI’s of a multinational company extracting data from
            R/3 and lotus notes. Information access was done through a Balanced
            Scorecard. The areas covered included sales, purchasing, production,
            logistics, claims and internal services. On the R/3 side, many datasources
            were extended by means of user exits. On the BW side, the project required
            extensive use of user exits to proper calculate variables at query time.
            Complex personalized roles (authorisations) and publication of reports on the
            company’s Intranet was also part of the project.

Tool:       R3 SD module
Date:       March 2000
Location:   Madrid, Spain
Role:       R/3 system upgrade from 4.0 to 4.5. Business process analysis. Identification
            of new useful functionalities, improvement of processes, etc.

Tool:       R3 SD module
Date:       March 2000
Location:   Murcia, Spain
Role:       Data Migration. Identification of relevant master data from legacy systems.
            Creation of Batch inputs and direct inputs for orders, customers and product
            master upload into an R/3 system.

Tool:       R3 SD module
Date:       Oct. 1998 – Dec. 1999
Location:   Barcelona, Spain
Role:       SD Consultant. The project included Data migration, Order processing with a
            highly complex pricing and bonus systems, deliveries, invoicing, reporting with
            the SIS. Also set up transportation functionalities and batch management. All
            business processes, from order to cash were implemented, obtaining a high
            degree of exposure with modules like FI-AR and CO-PA.

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