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									Dubai offers finest electronics and household appliances at affordable rates. Many
retailers in Dubai trade in electronic goods such as phones, computers, TV and video,
audio, imagining, and gaming devices. Various consumer electronic retailers remain
focused to post steady growth to the revenue system. It is assumed that the sales will
increase to 32 percent by 2014.
  Dubai’s electronic sector attains a boost owing to the annual shopping festivals such
as Consumer Electronic Expo, Dubai Shopping Festival, GITEX Shopper and other
trade fairs etc. In fact Asian, European and African consumer electronics opt for UAE
as their preferred testing ground for latest marketing initiatives and product launches.
Dubai has a well developed sourcing network, strong chain of wholesalers, retailers
and extensive logistics facilities. This has facilitated UAE in retaining is strong
foothold in the Gulf market as the largest consumer electronics market.
  Shopping in Dubai is fun. One can enjoy budgeted shopping as the cost of electronic
goods here are cheaper than other parts of the world. The electronic distributors in
Dubai easily cater to a potential market of two billion consumers as it is located in the
crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. The sale of mobile phones, cameras,
camcorders and other electronic gadgets of reputed brands such as Canon, Nikon etc
are on the peak. The market is flooded with various canon products in Dubai such as
Digital SLR Camera, HD Camcorder, digital compact cameras each with different
pixels, digital zooms, optical zoom etc. Available in attractive shades, these are known
for elegant designs and finish. The portable array is easy to handle and is widely
preferred by technoholics. Besides, brand Nikon in Dubai encompasses- Digital SLR
cameras and Digital Compact Cameras. These bear a unique luster and are very
attractive in looks. Such exclusive brands are best in performance and offer value for

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