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									Striking countryside, lively market towns, culture, adventure and history- Harrogate
District is a remarkable experience for everyone. Harrogate is a spa town in North
Yorkshire, England which is a popular tourist destination renowned for its spa waters.
The town became well-known as 鈥淭 he English Spa 鈥?after its waters was
discovered in the sixteenth century to contain iron, sulphur and common salt, making
it a popular health treatment. A wealth of celebrated attractions guarantees that
visitors will never run out of eye-catching sights and unforgettable memories to take
home with them.
  If you are looking for a true taste of Harrogate during your stay, you would be spoilt
for choices with the numerous selections of festivals, shows and events taking place
throughout the year. The Harrogate Spring and Summer Flower Show, The Masham
Sheep Fair, Harrogate International Festival and the Ripon Races are some activities
that will keep you and your family engrossed.
  If you are an outdoorsy person who loves adventure and exploring, visiting the
Brimham Rocks is a must. Created by the erosion by ice and water on sedimentary
rocks these bizarre shaped rocks and balancing boulders have become a popular
tourist attraction. These curious rock formations, found scattered over some 50 acres
have names such as Balancing Stones, Dancing Bear, Turtle, Druids Desk and Idol
Rock. This unique spot is ideal to enjoy a picnic with your family.
  For a unique experience of leisure, bag your personal toiletries and pay a visit to
Turkish Baths and Spa, and pamper yourself with the luxury treatments and feel the
stresses and pressures of life fade away. An exceptional health and relaxation
experience which you can enjoy with friends or on your own.
  Harrogate is a district which is prominent for its rich culture and history. For a
fascinating and enthralling day out at a historic attraction, visit Ripley Castle and
Gardens, the home of the Ingilby family for 700 years. Set in a beautiful location,
visitors can explore the beautiful gardens, deer park, bridges and waterfalls. Indulge
in the wonderful shops, tea rooms and other excellent facilities located in the grounds.
  Harrogate is home to magnificent landscapes which are perfect not only just to look
at but also for outdoor activities. Walking, cycling, fishing and wildlife watching are
some of these activities that are ideal for nature lovers. Nidderdale is just the
destination for bird watchers, with a variety of habitats from moorlands to woodlands.
  Harrogate hotels offer the best accommodation from standard rooms to luxurious
suites. Most hotels provide visitors with facilities such as spa treatment and gyms.
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to offer.

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