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					The word 鈥淚 ncredible 鈥?expresses the beauty that cannot be matched and have
immense potential to captivate imagination and India 鈥搕 he land of diversity,
religion and languages. When these two words combine together it indicates that 鈥
淚 ncredible India 鈥?is a land with different culture, religions, colors, regions and
traditions. India is the only country which is brightly colored with landscapes,
majestic mountain ranges, golden beaches, magnificent historical architecture, rich
cultures and festivities.
  A tour to Incredible India cannot be complete without seeing the real heart and soul
image of the beautiful country. The cities like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Dalhousie, Jodhpur,
Udaipur, Dehradun, Dharamshala, Bangalore, Nainital, Shimla, Kochin, Manali,
Amritsar, Ranikhet, Mount Abu and Srinagar altogether shape the importance of
northern parts of the country. These cities have a lot to give to the tourists. Ranikhet is
famous for its majestic pine trees. These cities are rich with their spectacular
architecture, aesthetic beauty, beautiful temples, monasteries, natural beauty, forests,
waterfalls, simmering lakes, museums and forts, beautiful nature, ancient art, rich
traditions and religious teachings. The greatness of India has been in accepting the
best from all the new customs and styles.
  The cities located in Himalayan region are known for summer retreat. These places
are known for pleasant climate. Places like Dharamshala, shimla, Mussorie are
famous for scenic beauty and awesome environment. India is also famous for colorful
culture and eternal tradition. Tourists love to search the culture, traditions and history
of entire India.
  The diversity of land and culture also influences with the southern part of India. The
cities like Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam, Kanyakumari, Tirupati, Ooty, Mangalore,
Bangalore and Pondicherry are famous for architectural beauties that carry the
essence of Portuguese architecture. However, these cities are mainly a combination of
traditions and trends. Mysore is famous for colorful gardens, avenues and revered
temples. Ooty is a famous hill station. It is known as the Queen of hill station in South
  With the excellent opportunity of India Travel tourists experience the thrilling and
exciting adventures with the panoramic beauty of high mountain peaks and sceneries
of Himalayas. India is also preferred tourist destination among global adventure
enthusiasts. Some of the adventures include mountaineering, river rafting, trekking etc
in the Northern India. The fabulous beach of Goa also offers the luxurious holiday
spots in the southern part of India. To explore all attractions of India tours you can
select one of the suitable holiday packages and embark on the journey.
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