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      04.12.09   9.15am      Whole School Advent Mass in Church
                                                                    ST JOHN
Sun   06.12.09
                             Youth Club Christmas Party
                             Romania Group at Extravaganza
Tue   08.12.09   6.30pm      KS1 Nativity in School (ticket only)
Wed   09.12.09   8.00pm      PPC Christmas Social
Thu   10.12.09   6.30pm      KS1 Nativity in School (ticket only
Sat   12.12.09   7.30pm      St John Bosco Christmas Party
Mon   14.12.09   1.45pm      KS2 Carols in Church
Tue   15.12.09   6.30pm      KS2 Carols in Church
Thu   17.12.09   7.30 pm     St John Bosco Penitential Service
Fri   18.12.09   9.15am      End of term whole School Mass
Sun   20.12.09   11.00am     Mulled wine & mince pies after
                             Sunday Mass in the Parish Centre
Mon   21.12.09   7.00pm      Facing Christmas Ecumenical Service

Thu 24.12..09     5.00pm     Children’s Christmas Mass
CHRISTMAS EVE    11.30pm     Carol Service and Midnight Mass

Fri   25.12.09    8.00am     Dawn Mass
CHRISTMAS DAY    10.00am     Christmas Day Mass
Sat   26.12.09   6.30pm      Mass, Feast of The Holy Family
                             & rededication of Altar Servers
Sun   27.12.09   10.00am     Mass, Feast of The Holy Family
                           & rededication of Altar Servers
                     ADVENT                              The Second Week of Advent
Many people rush through Advent, by expending a          Father in heaven,
great deal of time and energy preparing for              set our hearts ablaze to follow in the steps
                                                         of John the Baptist.
Christmas, with little thought to the true meaning.      May we bring light and love to all we
                                                         meet, that the darkness of sin and fear
                                                         may be overcome.
Let us embrace these precious weeks of Advent, and
                                                         In Christ's name we ask this. Amen.
use them to examine our own faith, make time for
regular prayer, reflect on the Gospels we hear at
Mass each Sunday, and call to mind and repent our
sins. Let us all place our trust in our faith as we
journey through Advent and anticipate the
celebrations of Christmas.                               The Third Week of Advent
                                                         As we draw near to you, Lord God,
As we begin this season of Advent, let us prepare        keep us aware of your presence in all we
                                                         do. Come with power to enlighten us by
for the arrival of the Lord, into the world, through
                                                         your grace, that we may live in praise
the birth of his Son Jesus Christ. Advent is a time to   and peace all our days.
celebrate light in the midst of darkness.                We ask this through Christ our Lord.
So don't let this Advent pass you by in a blurred
rush, let us focus on the true meaning. Let us
confess, wait, and pray.

                                                         The Fourth Week of Advent
                                                         Lord Jesus, we approach that holy
                                                         moment when Your coming as man is
                                                         renewed in our hearts.
                                                         Give us peace and allow us to celebrate Your
                                                         presence with joy, that we may some day
   waiting in joy when He comes.                         share Your glory.
                                                         We ask this of You, who live and reign
                                                         with the Father and the Holy Spirit, as
                                                         One God, now and forever. Amen

        Light in the darkness
          Advent                  Prayers                 ADVENT 2009 at
Prayer while lighting the Advent candle:
A family prayer for Advent to say while lighting
                                                          St John Bosco:
the Advent candle:
O God,
                                                   •   Follow our Advent calendar
we remember the promise of your Son.
As the light from this candle,                     •   Say Advent prayers each week
will brightening our way
and guiding us by his truth.
May Christ our Saviour bring life                  •   Join us at the St John Bosco
into the darkness of our world,
and to us, as we wait for his coming.                  Christmas Social on Saturday
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen
                                                   •   Attend our adult Advent
                                                       Penitential Service on 17.12.09
                                                   •   Join us for our special “Facing
                                                       Christmas” ecumenical service
                                                       on Monday 21.12.09
The First Week of Advent                           •   Attend the Children’s Christmas
Heavenly Father,
as we begin this Advent,                               mass or our Carol
give light to our eyes and peace to
our hearts.                                            Service and Midnight
May the Lord find us watching and
waiting in joy when He comes.                          Mass on Christmas
We ask this in Jesus' name.
Amen                                                   Eve or either of our
                                                       Christmas Day
                                                 ADVENT 2009 CALENDAR
     Sunday                 Monday                Tuesday              Wednesday              Thursday              Friday             Saturday

 29      1st Sunday         30   St Andrew       1                       2What does the        3
                                                                                              St Francis            4                           5
       in Advent                                                       holly in a Christmas Xavier
                            Make an Advent        Listen to the Advent                                               Listen to the Advent       Contact someone
   We light the first                                                  wreath
                            promise & write it      message at the                              Pray for all           message at the           you haven’t seen
 candle on our Advent                                                  symbolise ?
                                 down.                School Mass                            missionaries today      School Advent Mass         for a long time.

6      2nd Sunday           7 St Ambrose 8The Immaculate 9                                     10                   11                      12Try to call to mind
       in Advent            Make a quiet time Conception                         Give          Save             a   Spend time with your
                                                                                                                                         your sins in preparation
Light a candle after                                                         someone a                                                   for the parish
                                to pray        Pray for all                                    coin to                     family
Mass and                                                                       little of                                                 penitential
                                              Mothers                                          put in
pray for                                                                      your time                                                  service next
                                              today                                            the collection
your family                                                                                                                              week
13 3rd Sunday               14                   15                      16                                                                 19
                                 St John of                               Say a special         17                   18
           in Advent the Cross                                        prayer today for
                                                                                        Attend the parish                                           Pray for all
                                                 Look at your Advent
    Light a candle after                                             peace throughout
                             Spend time with      promise ~ how are                     penitential service Attend the end of term
    Mass and pray for                                                    the world                               School Mass                    expectant mothers
                               your family           you doing ?                              tonight
        your friends

20 4th Sunday in 21 Look at the                  22   Give your help      23 God is near, 24 Attend one 25                “Unto us a        26     Say a prayer for
  Advent Light a stars and thank                 to someone who          spend a few quiet of our special           Child is                all Altar Servers
candle and pray for all
                            God                  needs it                moments with him Masses today              born”.
    those travelling this
                            for them.                                         today.

27 The Holy                 28                        29                  30     SS Basil &    31 Think about the 1    Mary                 2     Remember all
Family                                                                         Gregory         wonder of the         Mother of God          that has happened
                               Spend a few           Help recycle your
                                                                                               Christmas Star                               this season of
Visit the Crib and give        moments in                 rubbish        Look forward to the                         Say a prayer to        Advent and Christmas,
   thanks to Jesus              reflection                               New Year with hope                          Mary, mother of        give thanks and rejoice !

3Epiphany-                          2            3                       4                     5
                                                             Almighty God , you are the Light of the world.         6                       7
Follow in the footsteps                       May the radiance of Your Light illumine our hearts and brighten our home
of the Wise Men and                                                 with the spirit of faith and love.
come to worship Jesus                            Let the Light of Your Presence guide us, for in Your Light we see light.
                                        Bless us also with Your Spirit, that happiness and peace may ever abide in us all.