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Summer ‘06
                         ADAMS’ LEADING EDGE
                “News and Offers from Europe’s Premier General Aviation Parts and Accessories Source”
Inside this Issue;
                                  ExxonMobil                                              Starter
               Avionics                                    New Line-Up
                                  Supports                                                Prices
               Upgrades                                    from Telex
                                  IAOPA Europe                                            Slip Down
                                                                                ‘plane speaking people.

 Having bought out The Flying Shop                                                    While     some      Flight    Training
 back in January, Adams Aviation are                                                  Organisations have opted to obtain
 now better placed than ever to offer                                                 these items for their students in
 you a single source for all General                                                  tailored packages as a way of adding
 Aviation requirements, from permit to                                                value, others are offering them
 corporate.                                                                           “piece-meal” to their customers to
                                                                                      enhance their own bottom line. A
 Along with the widest range of aircraft
                                                                                      couple of AOC organisations are
 parts directly distributed by a
                                                                                      simply passing on to their crews the
 European company, Adams can now
                                                                                      benefits of buying, at trade prices.
 offer heaps of pilots accessories too.            Widening the Adams Range
 This range extends from such small                                                   So if you find yourself wishing to add
 items as packs of chinagraph pencils,      guides, right up to such luxury items     an extra benefit to your staff or
 through such practical necessities as      such as Ray Ban sunglasses and            students, or another income-stream
                                            Citizen pilots’ watches.                  for your own organisation, use our
 “ .... add extra benefits for your staff
                                            Needless to say, Adams are doing          catalogue as a sales aid, and visit
               or students”
                                            their best to offer the sort of , and remember;
 kneeboards, charts and books, to           competitive trade prices to our trade     those prices are retail. You WILL get
 professional requirements such as          customers, that enable you to offer       better prices!
 uniform items, bags and IFR flight         this range competitively.

        HEDGE                                  LIBRARY                                 PLUG-IN-A-BOX
      YOUR BETS                             IMPROVEMENTS                              In a dramatic effort to spread the
                                                                                      word about their PMA approved
 Protection against fluctuation in the      Over the past few months, ATP have        Spark Plugs, Unison are now
 exchange rate is a growing concern         been working hard on new products         including two FREE AUTOLITE
 for many of our customers,                 to help maintenance organisations.        SPARK PLUGS with magnetos and
 particularly airframe and equipment                                                  harnesses.
                                            Navigator V (release 6) has seen
 manufacturers, who often have to
                                            many improvements, making it far           “ ... FREE .... SPARK PLUGS ... ”
 sell at fixed US$ prices to remain
                                            and away the best regulatory library
 competitive.                                                                         For more information call and speak
                                            on the market.
 When you buy from Adams you have                                                     to Mike or - of course - visit us at
                                            “ ... the best regulatory library ... ”   AeroExpo or Farnborough.
 a hedge against US$ fluctuation
 built-in, automatically, as, whether       For those using Cessview, which you
 you buy from us in US$, Euros or           may find awkward, ATP have
 Pounds Sterling our sale prices are        developed their own Cessna
 adjusted daily to match the source         libraries. These use the same
 currency for that part.                    system as other ATP libraries,
  “ ... prices are adjusted daily ... ”     presenting the information in PDF
                                            format. At present they are available
 So remember, you don’t need to             for the Cessna 172, 208 and 425.
 source in the US to keep up with the
 low dollar, just call us for a “globally   If you have any queries about ATP
 competitive” price today.                  please contact Richard Turner.

NEWS IN BRIEF                               Our Aim:- To be the Preferred Supplier of Gene

Your Aviation Needs You!                    AVIONICS UPGRADES
                                            As Europe’s trade supplier of            database and software upgrade to
In these days of re-aligning priorities
                                            Avionics and associated equipment,       include this feature.
and single-market re-structuring,
                                            we have been able to bring many
European        General      Aviation
                                            new benefits to the General and
Companies get the best deal when
                                            Business Aviation market over the
vocal with their regulators.
                                            last few months.
With this in mind, Adams are proud          Honeywell Bendix King Skyforce
supporters of BBGA, AOPA, AEA               have simplified the database
and EASO, and we suggest that you                                                              The Filser TRT800A
                                            options on their ETSO Skymap IIIC
join in too.                                at the same time as we’ve intro-         Filser’s TRT800A, a mode S
                                            duced a comprehensive multi-layer        receiver that is a pin-for-pin
Contact Stephen or Steve for further
                                            price structure that helps you to save   replacement for the KT76A, will be
                                            money.                                   shipped later this summer at trade
                                            Artex’s ME406 ELT has brought the        discounted price.
Cap-Brim Light
                                            install-type 406 MHz beacon to the       And - of course - Adams continues to
                                            level of affordability demanded by       offer a simply huge range of circuit
Tempest’s new CATS EYE - an ultra-
                                            the General Aviation operator.           breakers, electrical cable, cable-ties,
light, ultra-bright torch that clips to a
                                                                                     antennas, spare parts, and all the
baseball cap brim or the brim of a          “ .... to put new avionics in or keep    other bits and bobs you need to put
uniform cap - is now available                        old avionics flying”           new avionics in or to keep old
through Adams.
                                            Garmin have upgraded the GNS 430         avionics flying!
Ideal as a safety aid for your staff -      and 530 so that new units are            Details on all these products
whether flying or maintenance - or as       shipped with terrain info. Units         available from Robin Walsh.
something extra to offer your               already in the field can get a simple

Invoice In-Case
                                            EXXONMOBIL SUPPORTS IAOPA
Are you among those open-account
customers taking advantage of our           To further demonstrate its strong        lubrication experts at selected
flexible invoicing system?                  commitment to General Aviation in        IAOPA seminars and meetings.”
                                            Europe,     ExxonMobil       Aviation
If so, you’ll now be receiving them by      Lubricants has agreed to support             “ .... a proprietary additive
fax, email, as a bunch posted               various IAOPA activities in Europe           package to control wear ...”
monthly or however it was that you          and to provide lubrication-related       ExxonMobil, which is best known in
asked for them.                             information useful to pilots who are     Europe for its Esso brand of
                                            AOPA members.                            petroleum products, introduced
If this appeals to you and it’s not
happening for you yet, just call and                                                 Exxon Aviation Oil Elite 20W-50 to
ask for Neil Marshall the Finance                                                    the European market in 2003, after
Director, or his colleague Sam                                                       successfully launching it in the U.S.
Simkins.                                                                             in 2000. Exxon Elite is the first
                                                                                     new aviation oil formulation for
                                                                                     piston-engine aircraft to appear on
Nato Coding                                                                          the market in more than a decade. It
                                                    Analysis shows less wear         was formulated with a proprietary
Some of DMS’s Red Flash power
                                                                                     additive package to control wear and
units are now NATO codified and             “We welcome ExxonMobil Aviation          is especially suitable for recreational
accepted for use by the military. This      Lubricants’     keen    interest   in    aircraft that typically sit on the
gives us a good indication of the           supporting our efforts and for           ground for days between uses and
tough standards to which they’re            offering to provide expertise on the     are thus susceptible to build-up of
built.                                      critical issues of piston aircraft       rust and corrosion.
                                            maintenance and lubrication,” says
See pages 66 and 67 of Aviators             Martin Robinson, vice chairman of        ExxonMobil’s products for General
catalogue Issue 8 for more                  IAOPA (Europe). “Our members will        Aviation are available from Adams
information.                                often find advice from ExxonMobil in     Aviation’s multi-lingual aircraft parts
                                            our monthly e-newsletter and will        sales team, at excellent trade-
                                            have an opportunity to meet and ask      discounted prices.
                                            questions of the company’s aviation
eral and Business Aviation Parts & Accessories                                               NEWS IN BRIEF
    A NEW LINE-UP FROM TELEX                                                                 Superior Choose Tempest
    Telex Communications have revised                Warranty: 3 Years
                                                                                             Superior have selected the Tempest
    their line up of headsets to include             Echelon 25XT                            brand oil filter for their MIllennium
    new units specifically designed for              Noise Reduction: 25dB                   and XP360 engines.
    the demanding pilot.                             Weight: 13.8oz (391g)
    Stratus 50 Digital                               Cell Phone/MP3 Adapter: Dual-action
                                                     Warranty: 5 Years                       Return to Sender
    Noise Reduction: 50dB - ANR
    Weight: 18.5oz (524g)                            Echelon 20
    Power: 4 x AA batteries                          Noise Reduction: 20dB                   On the rare occasion that you have a
    Power Management: Smart auto shut off            Weight: 14.2oz (403g)                   fault with an item from us, or have
    Cell Phone/MP3 Adapter: Dual-action              Warranty: 3 Years                       ordered incorrectly, can we ask that
    Comfort Feature: ComfortCam                                                              you include with the item a reference
    Warranty: 5 Years                                Airman ANR 500
                                                                                             to the paperwork under which it was
                                                     Noise Reduction: 15dB
    Stratus 30XT                                     Power: 9V battery
                                                                                             supplied, an idea of what the
    Noise Reduction: 30dB - ANR                      Weight: 7oz (198g)                      problem is and a hint at what you’d
    Weight: 18.5oz (524g)                            Warranty: 3 Years                       like done about it.
    Power: 2 X AA batteries/rechargeable
    Power Management: Smart auto shut                Airman 750
    off, built-in batt recharger, Panel power        Weight: 3.2oz (91g)                     So, Your Oats?
    Cell Phone/MP3 Adapter: Dual-action              Warranty: 3 Years
    Comfort Feature: ComfortCam
                                                     Airman 850 ANR                          Have you complied with JAR OPS
    Warranty: 5 Years                                                                        and     fitted   an   Outside  Air
                                                     Noise Reduction: 12dB - ANR
    Stratus 30                                       Weight: 4oz (113g)                      Temperature gauge to any aircraft
    Noise Reduction: 30dB - ANR                      Power: Via. Mic. bias                   that do Public Transport work?
    Weight: 18oz (510g)                              Warranty: 3 Years
    Power: 2 x AA batteries                                                                  If not, don’t fret, Adams can help you
                                                     Needless to say we have trade           from stock at just $107.70.
    Power Management:Smart auto shut off
                                                     discounts ready for you, with further
    Cell Phone/MP3 Adapter: Dual-action
    Comfort Feature: ComfortCam                      discounts for quantity on some units.
                                                                                             GA Rockets

    STARTER PRICES SLIP DOWN                                                                 The General Aviation Manufacturers
                                                                                             Association (GAMA) reports that its
    We are pleased to announce a                     number of teeth on the starter ring     members recorded the highest first
    significant price reduction in the               gear - 149 teeth and the 149L is what   quarter dollar billing since records
    revolutionary NL series of Sky-Tec               you need. 122 Teeth? Then it’s the      began, totalling $4 billion.
    starters.                                        122NL. The 149NLR is a reverse
                                                     turning version available for counter   So don’t listen to any gloom, there is
                                                     rotating engines on twins.              a future in G.A. and - as long as we
                                                     These starters are approved for use     all work at it - that future’s bright!
                                                     by, and are fitted to, a number of
                                                     Lycoming factory engines.               Shine-Time!
    Is this the solution to your starter problems?   Full instructions and an STC come in
                                                     every box. The “NL” series turns        Adams are now stocking SHINE-
    We have increased our commitment                 over approx. 50 percent faster than     MASTER, and at very competitive
    to Sky-Tec, and now as official                  the original Prestolite starters, and   prices too!
    distributors, we can increase your               weighs in at 9.4 Lbs, just about half
    margins; 1 = $490.00, 2-4 = $440.00              way between the old “heavyweight”
    and 5+ = $400.00.                                                                        p-Pick up a p-Piper p-Pump
                                                     and the new “lightweight”.
    The Sky-Tec “NL” series has “dual                   “ ... increase your margins ...”     We are now stocking the CA35328-
    voltage” winding that are “jump
                                                                                             800E electric auxiliary fuel pump
    switchable” and, by virtue of its                All are new outright sales so there’s
                                                                                             (Piper Part No. 481-666) as used on
    departure from the traditional starter           no hassle about core deposit and
                                                                                             Cherokees, Warriors etc.
    design, dispenses with the “Bendix”              handling charges or shipping back
    drive.                                           your old unit. They are covered by      Next time you need one, give us a
                                                     the manufacturers’ “two year from       call.
    This enables just 3 basic models to
                                                     date of fit” warranty.
    cover the vast majority of Lycoming
    Engines. No worries about which                  This means you can carry less stock
    voltage, just wire it up for the voltage         on your shelf but cover more
    of your aircraft. All you have to                applications. If you have application
    concern yourself with is the                     queries, just ask Pat or Mike.
                                                IT’S SHOW TIME!!
                                                This year we have a new opportunity to meet up with

courtesy of Adams Aviation
                                                you - our all-important trade customers - at this exciting
                                                new AeroExpo in High Wycombe. We’re so sure you
                                                should come we’ve even attached your very own
                                                invitation - entitling you to FREE ENTRY if presented at
                                                the gate!
                                                        “ .... entitling you to FREE ENTRY ...”
                                                At the AeroExpo we’ll have examples of how we can
                                                save you money on regular maintenance items, on
                                                simple low-cost solutions to regulatory requirements
                                                and mandatory upgrades and - perhaps most
                                                importantly of all - how you can offer more to your
                                                All of this information will also be at our Farnborough
                                                stand (Hall 1, B12) but - of course - there are no free
                                                tickets for that!

                                                JAZZING UP ENGINES!
                                                If you have an engine that really deserves a special
                                                touch, try fitting a super-shiny stainless steel rocker
                                                cover (for parallel-head Lycomings only). Even the
                                                most demanding end-user could only be delighted at
                                                such a fancy finish.

                                                                 Look at the gleam on that!

                                                This is just one of the many new products approved
                                                and released by ECI over the last few months.
                                                Also among these new items is a 90 degree angled
                                                adaptor kit for spin-on oil filters.
                                                    “ .... OEM or PMA engine part or accessory ...”
                                                At the same time Superior, prime aviation piston-
                                                engine PMA'ers, have just been taken over by Theilert
                                                of Germany. This has provided a useful re-focusing for
                                                that manufacturer and brought new resources to their
                                                customer service.
                                                For details of these - or any other engine OEM or PMA
                                                part or accessory - call Mike or Pat

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