Egg Donation - A deeper insight by gyvwpgjmtx


									Whether it is your biological clock that has ticked away or a condition you have lived
with since birth, opting for Egg Donation opens doors to a motherhood just as sacred
as the one conferred by nature.
  Here at Genesis, we firmly believe in educating people about infertility while
providing a solution for the same. Infertility is not a war with yourself, it is a
condition wherein you are unable to conceive a child after a year 鈥檚 worth of
attempt. The solution at hand is availing of either egg donation or sperm donation
depending on your situation.
  The advantage egg donation has over the process of surrogate conception is that
probability of the arousal of a donor 鈥檚 maternal feelings being almost negligible.
  Here at Genesis, we subtly introduce you to the miracle that is 鈥榯 he course of egg
donation 鈥?i.e. Assisted Reproductive Technology. You borrow another woman 鈥檚
eggs for the process of vitro fertilization. The recipient retains the biological aspect of
motherhood if not the genetic.
  The average age of women who volunteer to donate their eggs is 25. They undergo
various screening processes before they are deemed fit for egg donation. They are
tested for their fertility potential, HIV 1 & 2, Hepatitis, B & C, VDRL, CMV,
Chlamydia etc. Even though the role of the egg donor is just about limited to
providing her eggs, our staff extends a complete personalized support at both ends.
  The egg donation process at Genesis is both organized and personalized while being
at par with the latest technologies. We value the process and deeply appreciate the
spirit of these people who don 鈥檛 give in to their circumstances. Our services
reflect the belief that donation is not a mere transactional occurrence but a gift of life
that is bestowed upon the ones deprived by a humble savior.

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