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									Are you a long time sinus sufferer who just can’t seem to find relief with the over the
counter or prescribed medications? You aren’t alone. Many of the more than 30
million Americans suffering from sinusitis are not getting their needed relief either.
The long standing standard of antibiotics as treatment is now being reviewed as new
studies have shown that most cases are not actually solved by these. On the other hand,
sinusitis herbal remedies have begun to gain ground and have even caught the
attention of physicians. However, not all of them are as effective as they claim to be.
That’s what we’re here to help you with: finding effective sinusitis herbal remedies.
  What you want to look for are herbs that have natural abilities to drain mucus. Most
of the time, the sinus condition you have is due to trapped mucus. This can be caused
by allergies, viral infections, fungal infections, and, of course, bacterial infections.
The standard response of your body to these contaminants is to produce mucus; lots of
it to trap whatever it is that is attacking your body. However, in cases of sinusitis, your
nasal passages may become swollen, preventing the mucosal secretions from draining.
If the contaminant is not removed, at some point, the body starts to produce too much
  This is where your herbs come in. The body is already trying to get rid of the
allergen (the material that causes the allergy) or the infection; all you have to do is to
use an herb to help the process out. By clearing out the excess mucosal secretions, the
body can get rid of whatever is causing your problem naturally. Two herbs you can
start with are pepper and horseradish.
  Pepper can be used as a natural decongestant. If you have eaten spicy foods before,
you already know what I mean. The pepper almost works immediately, helping your
body open up the sinuses and drain the mucus better. If you get too liberal with your
pepper and get into trouble, drink some full cream milk to cancel the effects. You can
retry after the pain subsides.
  Horseradish is an herb that induces a warming effect in your body. This will help
increase your blood flow. The more blood that reaches the allergy-affected or infected
areas of your body, the more immune cells can help with the problem. This warming
effect also has a particular effect on mucus, making it thinner and more liquid,
allowing it to flow out of the body better.
  It has the added bonus of having the ability to stimulate your lymphatic cells which
also helps the inflammation you get from sinusitis. However, horseradish isn’t the
easiest food to take. It has an odd and even unpleasant odor and taste that may take
some getting used to.
  You can also try herbs that have positive effects on your body’s immune system.
Astragalus is a good example. Around 200mg twice a day is said to stimulate the
production of immune cells in your body. An increase in the number of immune cells
is always a good thing when you’re suffering from an infection. It also has similar
thinning effects like that of the horseradish and ginger. Again, it is best to consult your
doctor before trying any of these alternative solutions. Some actually promote the use
of natural herbs so you can get more help from them.
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cures. After many years of research he shares everything. For more information about
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