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					When you are working as an independent solicitor, you need to deal with numerous
issues apart from your core area of expertise. You obviously need to deal with
complex litigation issues and think of ways to deal with the opposition 鈥檚 lawyers
who leave no stone unturned to get the upper hand. Also you need to take into account
the issues that involve your own clients. At times it may be difficult to handle your
own clients, explaining the legal details to them, and informing them about the legal
expenses involved. If you are working in a law firm, you will be required to report to
your management about the progress of a case and the expenses incurred. It can also
be difficult to provide an instant snapshot report about the status of a case.
  All these issues can be managed with the help of legal management software that
helps to increase productivity and also maintain quality. The software is designed to
handle multiple tasks right from document management and assembly to centralized
case and matter information, from content management to calendaring and
time-billing. Such software assists in the creation of progress reports, executive
summaries and Gantt charts. These are necessary and provide the client with up to
date electronic information on the case status and progress.
  The assessment also includes a detailed account of the final costs incurred in
comparison to the budgeted costs and also an idea of task completion. The use of legal
management software coupled with legal accounting software can lead to the efficacy
of project planning and implementation thereby ensuring greater accountability and
transparency in the legal procedure.
  When you are looking to buy legal management software, it is necessary to keep a
track of certain factors. It is important to determine the search functionality of the
software. A law firm has scores of documents to track down, much more in
comparison to any other business. Therefore it is necessary to ensure the proper
management of records. You need to choose software that is quick and effective while
searching for documents. It needs to be equipped with 鈥榮 earch modifiers 鈥?so
that it can yield relevant results.
  Proper record management also includes that the documents are organised in a
manner that they can be presented in a court of law. It is necessary to ensure the fact
that the software that you choose has digital signature functionality. It should also be
equipped with a time functionality process so that you can be reminded of important
dates and events especially when it comes to issues such as a date for a hearing or
even the renewal of important contracts.
  Obviously the cost factor also needs to be taken into account. You cannot afford to
spend an exorbitant sum on legal management software when you have additional
expenses to take care of. Therefore you need to examine the cost aspect as well and
make the final investment only after you have determined the viability of the software
for your business.