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					                                               About Bull Moose Tube

In February of 1962, Don Beattie, a mechanical                                                                giving Bull Moose a greater North American presence.
engineer, founded Bull Moose Tube Company. The                                                                The next expansion came in March of 1990 when Bull
company began with one tube mill and was originally                                                           Moose Tube acquired its structural division in Elkhart,
located on 1822 Cherry Street in Wellston, Missouri, a                                                        Indiana. The former Bock Industries, Inc. plant
suburb of St. Louis. In 1964, Bull Moose Tube entered                                                         substantially increased the company's production
into an agreement with the City of Gerald to build a                                                          capacity, as well as added a new product, structural
facility and moved the manufacturing facility there. Six                                                      tubing. This opened a new market also of international
mills were added over the next ten years.                                                                     sales for Bull Moose. This expansion gave Bull Moose
                                                                                                              Tube one of the largest size ranges of products in the
                                                                                                              industry. ½" square through 12" square, and made
                                                                                                              Bull Moose Tube one of the largest and most
                                                                                                              dominant tubing manufacturers in North America. This
                                                                                                              acquisition also fit with Caparo's strategy of expansion
                                                                                                              within the metals industry in North America.

                                                                                                              In 1998, Bull Moose Tube acquired Warren Tube and
                                                                                                              moved the facility to Masury, OH. Also in 1998, a
                                                                                                              structural mill was added to the Trenton facility,
                                                                                                              providing a regional source for quality Structural
                                                                                                              products in the southeast. The facility was expanded
For the first six years of the company, Bull Moose                                                            again in 2005 to accommodate increased demand.
Tube was privately owned. In 1968, Granite City Steel
Company of Granite City, Illinois acquired Bull Moose                                                         Bull Moose Tube continues to grow today. In 2005,
Tube Company. In 1972 National Steel Corporation                                                              the company realized its long-term strategy of
acquired Granite City Steel. Following the                                                                    Westward expansion with the opening of a new
reorganization of National Steel Corporation into                                                             127,000 square foot facility in Casa Grande, Arizona.
National Intergroup in early 1983, Bull Moose became
a wholly owned subsidiary of National Intergroup. Also                                                        Through over four decades of continuous growth, Bull
in 1983, the Chicago Heights facility was acquired and                                                        Moose Tube has become a major player in every
a new plant was opened in Trenton, Georgia.                                                                   market it has pursued. Our goal is to grow even
                                                                                                              faster, and become a global supplier for vast array of
In early 1988, Bull Moose moved its corporate                                                                 tubular products.
headquarters to Chesterfield, Missouri, renting 10,000
square feet of office space. By 1991, Bull Moose felt
comfortable enough with Chesterfield as it's corporate
headquarters to purchase the entire office building.

In late 1989, Bull Moose Tube took over the
management of Barton Tubes in Burlington, Ontario,

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All information contained herein is accurate as known at the time of publication. Bull Moose Tube reserves the right to change product specifications without notice and without incurring obligation.