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									The Earth will definitely dance in Cebu on the 18th and 19th of this month of
September. On these dates in Family Park, Talamban, Cebu City, various local and
international groups concerned with the protection of the environment, will
congregate together. The event is simultaneous in 300 locations in 60 countries
worldwide, a truly global festival.
 In Cebu the theme is Sustainable Development and the New Age.
 Participants include organizations involved in peace initiative, human rights, poverty
alleviation, arts and culture, renewable energy, appropriate technology, eco-friendly
business, waste recycling, organic farming, habitat restoration, public consumer,
spiritual awareness, education, preventative health, alternative lifestyle, media
resources, etc.
 A smattering of these sodalities includes:
 Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Cebu Coalition for Food Security Cebu
Uniting for Sustainable Water Central Visayas Fisherfolk Development Center
Coastal Conservation Education Foundation (CCEF) Foundation for the Philippines
Environment Greenpeace Ocean Care Advocates Philippine Environmental
Governance Project National Ecotourism Development Council Visayas Climate
Action Network Cebu City Taskforce on Street Children Empathy Action Foundation
Peace and Conflict Journalism University of San Carlos, Philippines Business for
Social Progress Cebu Hillylands Reforestation Caravan Cebu Permaculture Initiatives
Olango Mangrove Planting. Balik-Baterya Program. Bugoy Bikers Cebu Art
Association Cebu Mountaineering Society Pusod Visual Arts Group Anthill Fabric
Gallery Asian Renewables Cebu Renewable Energy Group Eco Bicycle Courier San
Gimignano Wellness Farm Ananda Marga Wellness Center Baha 鈥檌 Faith Brahma
Kumaris 鈥?Raja Yoga Cebu Indian Hindu Temple Focolare Catholic Movement
Heavenly Taoist Temple Of Charity Krishna Consciousness Sikh Centre 鈥?more are

 At dawn, 5:30 am in the local time, on Sunday 19th September, an inter-faith
convocation will air this universal Prayer for Peace:
 "We are one global family, All colors, all races, One world united. We dance for
peace and the healing of our planet Earth. Peace for all nations, Peace for our
communities, And peace within ourselves. As we join all dance floors across the
world, Let us connect heart to heart. Through our diversity we recognize Unity,
Through our compassion we recognize Peace, Our love is the power to transform our
world. Let us send it out NOW!"

 Manuel L. Beronga

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