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                                                                                                     Everything you always wanted to know
                                                                                                     about supervision

          Know and grow                                                                                 A newly-promoted supervisor is confident
                                                                                                     that she is up to the job, although she admits
                                                                                                     that she could probably use some advice
                                                                                                     on how to motivate her staff. However, an
                                                                                                     unseen interlocutor and her own early en-
                                                                                                     counters soon disillusion her and she is sent
                                                                                                     along to some more experienced individuals
                                                                                                     to learn a number of essential skills. These
                                                                                                     are: getting organised, delegating, communi-
                                                                                                     cating effectively and exercising discipline. In
                                                                                                     the process she learns about applying these
Compiled by JANINE DE VILLIERS                      who seeks to advance in the business
                                                                                                     techniques and realises that although one
                                                    world. This series of thirteen programmes
Publications and Promotions                                                                          cannot motivate others, this motivation can
                                                    is intended to teach a number of specific

                                                                                                     grow out of her approach to her own job.
     n the spirit of Worker’s Day, celebrated       skills that will stand the young adult in good
     on 1 May, during which the spotlight fell      stead when setting out on a business career.
                                                                                                     Managing people through change /
     on workers, empowerment, employment            It illustrates both the sending and receiving
                                                                                                     producer and director, Dan Jackson.
and business, video material on this subject        of messages in a variety of situations and
                                                                                                        When a new system is introduced, the re-
is showcased. Business environments have a          provides information on how the individual
                                                                                                     sultant changes frequently upset established
unique dynamic determined by the nature of          can check and modify his or her natural
                                                                                                     routines and many people resent these up-
the work to be done and the employees, su-          communicative behaviour. The programmes
                                                                                                     heavals. It is the task of the manager to lead
pervisors and managers involved. Teamwork           follow the progress of Mark Rogerson, a
                                                                                                     employees through the emotional impact
by individuals from different backgrounds,          young man just out of the army, who now
                                                                                                     of such changes. This programme discusses
with different skills and different personalities   has to start thinking about his future. As he
                                                                                                     the various stages in adapting to change as
could present a managerial nightmare if not         applies for and gets a job as trainee supervi-
                                                                                                     defined in the transition curve developed
steered in the right direction applying effec-      sor, a number of brief sketches present him
tive managerial skills.                                                                              by Cynthia D Scott and Dennis T Jaffe. The
                                                    in typical work situations. In each case the
   Management is just one facet of running a                                                         script follows the efforts of a manager of a
                                                    objective to be achieved is defined, the
successful business with satisfied employees,                                                         company to introduce a system imposed
                                                    circumstances are analysed and the correct
as well as many other factors that make up                                                           by head office as painlessly as possible and
                                                    medium of communication is determined.
the dynamics of the work place. The Central                                                          shows how she handles the phases of denial,
                                                     Hindernisse in kommunikasie.                   resistance, exploration and renewed com-
Video Collection houses an extensive col-            Onderhoudvoering / produksieleier, Piet
lection in this field ranging from setting up a                                                       mitment as manifested by her staff. In the
                                                           Marais; regisseur, Jannie Botes.          process it discusses effective strategies for
new business, management and leadership
                                                     The right choice / producer, Bob               dealing with problems.
skills, communication to conflict manage-                   Mercer; director, Alan Ramsay.
ment and even material on the approach to                                                             Assertiveness: a leadership skill /
                                                                                                          director, Rhona Smythe.
HIV/AIDS in the workplace.                          Management skills
                                                                                                      Business as usual? / producer, Alan
Communication and interviews                        Employee assistance: a management                     Ramsay and Gill O’Neill; director, Alan
                                                    intervention program / director, Jim                  Ramsay.
Communication: the message is the                   Tartan.
thing / producer, Wynand van Vuuren;                                                                  The empowered manager / producer
                                                       Substance abuse or personal problems               and director, Dan Jackson.
director, Alan J Melville.                          of a valued worker can affect not only the
  Communication has been defined as                                                                    The middle manager as innovator /
                                                    productivity of the individual, but also the
the sharing of information to achieve an                                                                  producer, Paul Solman; director, Ashton
                                                    morale of the entire workplace. In addition           Peery.
objective and the development of basic              such employees cost business and industry
                    communication skills is
                     necessary for anyone
                                                    billions of dollars every year. These days it    Handling of conflict
                                                    is accepted that management has a duty to        Decision exercises: dealing with
                                                    intervene, but few management tasks are          difficult situations / director, Mark
                                                    as difficult as confronting an employee with      Chodzko.
                                                    such issues. This video explains that there is      This programme presents twelve
                                                    a right way and a wrong way of going about       dramatised supervisor-employee situations
                                                    this and presents a four-step intervention       in which the supervisor is asked to take
                                                    plan that allows managers and supervisors        difficult decisions concerning an employee’s
                                                    to take actions that are responsible and ef-     performance or behaviour. The situations
                                                    fective. It emphasises that one must seek a      themselves are fairly common and can occur
                                                    business solution to a business problem and      in almost any setting. They range from ac-
                                                    that it is essential that the worker be faced    cusations of sex and colour discrimination
                                                    with the facts as they influence his or her job   to sexual harassment, habitual late com-
                                                    performance only.                                ing, a refusal to accept new methods and

                                                              Cape Libr., May/June 2006
                                                                                  DOCUMENTARY FOCUS

substance abuse. After each vignette there            The quality factor / producer, Dale                 It's not easy / producer, John Riber;
is an opportunity to stop the video machine            Hartleben; director, Ian Morrison.                   director, Faustin J Misanvu.
in order to discuss the issues involved. The          The happy accident / producers, Bob
programme itself provides no answers, but              Mercer and Alan Ramsay; directors, Mel             Other
there is a leader’s guide in which possible            Smith and Alan Ramsay.                             Armed robbery - prepare to survive /
options are discussed and evaluated.                                                                      producers, Kelly Hart and Mike Harmon;
                                                     HIV/AIDS                                             director, Dan Sandler.
 Fokus op arbeidsverhoudinge /
     regisseur, Piet Marais.                         Auntie Merle’s recipe for HIV/AIDS                      Any business, regardless of size, can be-
                                                     in the workplace / director, Akiedah                 come the target of an armed robbery. One
 Konflikhantering / regisseur, Willie
     Esterhuizen.                                    Mohamed.                                             wrong move can mean injury or death for
                                                        This HIV/AIDS educational video, originally       an employee or a customer. The emphasis
Entrepreneurs                                        made for the City of Cape Town, features             of this programme is on personal safety, with
Starting your own business                           comedian Marc Lottering as Auntie Merle              preparedness and prevention being the keys
   This is an eight-part series designed to          Abrahams, who sets off from her home                 to survival. It starts by explaining how to set
help prospective black entrepeneurs set up           in Belgravia Road, Lansdowne, to deliver             up a business to avoid robberies in the first
their own businesses. Each segment is about          some of her lemon meringue pies. Her first            place, with measures ranging from training
five minutes long and though they do not              customer is the owner of a sex shop and              employees to be alert to installing a secure
have individual titles, they tend to deal with       Auntie Merle is distinctly ill at ease in this en-   cashier’s area. This is followed by a discus-
separate subjects. The details are presented         vironment, though one of Lottering’s other           sion of how to behave should a robbery
by someone who, having once failed with              creations, the cool Travis, obviously has been       occur, with an emphasis on cooperation and
a fresh produce shop, is now determined              there before. At Riviera Fashions, Auntie            staying calm. Finally it demonstrates how to
to succeed as a furniture manufacturer. He           Merle wanders into a training course, where          respond in extreme situations and gives ad-
guides the viewer through various stages,            an AIDS coordinator talks to members of              vice on steps to take immediately afterwards,
including determining the viability of the           the work force and informs them about the            notably providing the police with detailed
project, establishing his financial require-          Peer Education Programme, which is also in           information.
ments, approaching the bank for a loan, the          use by the City of Cape Town. The workers               The whole community could benefit from
buying of an existing business or franchise,         learn how this operates in practice and are          the above-mentioned viewing material. As
effective marketing, administrative work             also addressed by beauty queen Nazley                some of the titles contain information on
and bookkeeping, and drawing up a balance            Ebrahim (once again Marc Lottering) who              job interviews and communication, even
sheet. Throughout there is an emphasis on            is HIV-positive and shares her experiences,          the unemployed and young adults embark-
proper planning and research. The pro-               both with this group and with others on the          ing on their careers could benefit from this,
gramme is also available in Xhosa.                   shop floor.                                           or be inspired to start an own business
                                                                                                          from home. Librarians could, by bringing
 How to succeed in a home business /
     producer, Harold Klein; director, Joe
                                                     HIV/AIDS in the workplace and the                    this information to their borrowers, be the
     Wiecha.                                         law. Module A                                        inspiration for a better quality of life and job
                                                        While in the past people who had AIDS             satisfaction to a number of the members in
 Starting and running your own business
                                                     or were diagnosed as being HIV-positive              the community they serve.
     in South Africa.
                                                     were sometimes discriminated against in the
                                                                                                          Note: Reviews by Freddy Ogterop, Film/Video/
Customer service                                     workplace, the South African Bill of Rights          DVD Selector of the Western Cape Provincial
                                                     now enshrines the basic concept of equality          Library Service.
Service excellence [South Africa]
                                                     before the law. Both the Employment Equity
   This local production focuses on the
                                                     Act and the Labour Relations Act ensure                                                       2 00 6
subject of service excellence, usually referred
                                                     that this right can be legally enforced, stating
to as customer service. It argues that
                                                     that no individual may be unfairly discrimi-
sometimes we function as our competitor’s
                                                     nated against because of sexual orientation
most effective advertising campaign, merely
                                                     or disability. This programme sets out to
because the service we provide does not
                                                     explain what one’s rights are under the
come up to scratch. The video uses a series
                                                     law. These include the right to refuse an
of brief sketches to illustrate both cor-
                                                     HIV/AIDS test as part of a condition of
rect and incorrect ways of handling one’s
                                                     employment, the right of the individual to
customers. These are linked by an on-screen
                                                     confidentiality should he or she
presenter, who groups them under the head-
                                                     have AIDS or be HIV-positive,
ings of ‘reliability’, ‘responsiveness’, ‘empathy’
                                                     and the right to protection should
and ‘competence’. Together with some
                                                     others refuse to work with him
sub-headings they make up the jigsaw puzzle
                                                     or her. The details are presented
of service excellence that should ensure that
                                                     by an on-screen narrator, while
the customer will become a life-long client
                                                     re-enactments of typical situations
rather than a one-time one.
                                                     further embellish the facts. A sequel
 A passion for customers / producer                 HIV/AIDS in the workplace and the
     and director, Julian Krainin.
                                                     law, Module B deals with how a firm
 The people factor / producer, Dale                 should go about obtaining a company
     Hartleben; director, Ian Morrison.
                                                     AIDS policy.

                                                                Kaapse Bibl., Mei/Junie 2006

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