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									        Volume 1, No. 1
        WINTER 2005
                                                   ARTS                                               Jervis Bay & Basin                                            +
                                                                                                       (hence the fee to appear on the program).The
                                                                                                       rest of the funding to cover the organisation,
                                                                                                       publicity, opening and closing days, group and
                                                                                                       children’s events we have to raise ourselves.
                                                                                                           So when you fill in your Expression of
It’s closer than you think.                                                                            Interest form we ask you to think beyond your
                                                                                                       own exhibition or event to what you could do
Jervis Bay & Basin’s See Change Winter Arts           To ensure the success of See Change              to help the festival organisation as a whole.
Festival is a very exciting and long awaited       06 and the survival of subsequent festivals             To obtain the package for prospective small
two weeks of 40 events culminating in the          we need a different kind of organisational          group or solo exhibitors
June long weekend. Up to 15,000 people visit       structure. A single paid Festival Co-ordinator is   • log on to
the festival. The amount of talent on display      not a realistic option (unless there’s a surprise   • pick up from Laura’s Garden Cafe Sanctuary
is astounding. The opportunities are there         contender waiting in the wings). Instead as we          Point or Mosh Board Store Vincentia
for visual artists to raise profiles and make       go to press the committee is trying to come         • ring secretary Trish Broome 4441 8894 to
sales and for musicians, writers, playwrights,     up with a viable structure by dividing the              have the package mailed to you.
performers etc to be heard and paid also.          organisational workload into a greater number       • come to a meeting
   From the outside it looks like a lot of fun,    of smaller jobs – both paid and voluntary                See Change meetings 3rd Thurs
but from the organisational side it is a huge      positions.                                                in month 10am Lady Denman
ask and a huge task. Jervis Bay and Basin Arts        Fund-raising and attracting advertising for                       schoolroom
needs your help.                                   our program are two important aspects of
   The organisers of See Change aren’t highly      See Change.
paid events professionals – they’re volunteers        See Change Festival costs approximately
with jobs, families, commitments or arts           $40,000 to run and only attracts minimal grants      DEADLINE FOR NEXT ISSUE
practices like everyone else. They are however     funding ($7000 in 2004, even less in 2006). We       We welcome contributions from
committed to raising the profile of the arts in     decided after 2002 not to go down the path of        people who are not members of
the Jervis Bay & Basin region. When it is left     seeking large grants as the acquittal of same can    Jervis Bay & Basin Arts.
to a very small number of people (as was the       take up to a year of frustrating, heartbreaking
case in See Change 04) it is not surprising that   work by one or two poor volunteers. So we            If you have an event, exhibition or
there is a high degree of burnout.                 have to make sure most events are self-funding       performance you would like to
                                                                                                        publicise, please submit by
                                                                                                        9 September 2005.

                          SEE CHANGE                                                                    Arts dates for October to the end
                                                                                                        of December will be published in
                       PROGRAM LAUNCH                                                                   the next issue.
                                                                                                        Please email contributions as
      August 18 at 10am at Lady Denman classroom.                                                       text files to Colleen Duncan,
                   Find out what’s happening.                                                  or
                     Bring your good ideas.                                                             mail hard copy to PO Box 141,
                                                                                                        Bomaderry, 2541.
     Submit your small exhibition Expression of Interest form
                          and deposit.                                                                  Photos should be supplied as
                                                                                                        300dpi digital files or photo prints
                              Be part of our festival.                                                  to be scanned.

                                                                                                                                   winter 2005 1
On the edge                                                                                               the buzz
The winter exhibition of JB&B ARTS. Lady Denman Exhibition Space

A     varied and vibrant exhibition – 40 artists
      showing over 80 works.
                                                                                                          W       elcome to our new venture – a
                                                                                                                  newsletter (professionally produced
                                                                                                          by Colleen Duncan) combining the arts
    The theme generated paintings ranging                                                                 news of Jervis Bay & Basin Arts with that of
from the really offbeat (John Brown and                                                                   the rest of the Shoalhaven.
Margaret Henderson) through the didactic                                                                      We have long experienced an increasing
(Marco McCue), the splendidly abstract (Bob                                                               difficulty in getting arts events well publicised
                                                                                                          in the local print media and with the sad
Dixon) to the calmly traditional (Wanda
                                                                                                          demise of Arts Shoalhaven’s wonderful
Melville). Landscape was well represented
                                                                                                          newsletter there has been a big gap in
with many different approaches from John
                                                                                                          communication within the arts community.
Hatton’s heavily impasto-ed desert works to                                                               So It seems fitting that Jervis Bay & Basin
John Edwards’ spare Chinese ink and wash ‘Mt                                                              Arts as the only surviving community
Kaputa’.                                                                                                  organisation covering all the arts should
    Digital prints on canvas (Scott Sheehan and      strong ceramic forms. Kylie Douglass showed          take up the slack.
Clayton Campion) were the new thing while            her truly original carved cuttlefish (above)              All ex Arts Shoalhaven members are
Richard Morecroft’s intriguing works in enamel       while Denise Stevens’ weaving and basketry-          receiving this issue free, but if you want to
on both sides of glass exhibited a new tension.      technique sculptures created a great deal of         continue you need to join Jervis Bay & Basin
Printmaking was well represented by Machteld                                                              Arts – membership form enclosed. Because
                                                     interest. Cheryl Cross again delighted with her
Hali, Helen Nugent and Kim Hatton.                                                                        of our bi-annual See Change Festival we
                                                     recycled beach-comber assemblages.
    Some great sculpture – welded metal being                                                             operate on a two-year cycle and therefore
                                                         Congratulations to the artists and many
a favourite (Cliff Samson and Brad Lewington)                                                             ask you to pay membership up until March
                                                     thanks to the group of volunteers who made
and Ofer Engel represented by his usual                                                                   2007. This entitles you to participate in all
                                                     it all happen.                                       our exhibitions and other events over that
                                                                                                          two-year period, to be eligible to take part
                                                                                                          in See Change 06 and it covers you (and
See Change 06 silent auction                                                                              us) for public liability.
                                                                                                              The newsletter will contain a quarterly
AT JB KIOSK AND HUSKISSON PICTURE FRAMERS                                                                 arts calendar , What’s On at the Arts
CHAMPAGNE LAUNCH THURS OCT 27 ENDS NOV 30, 5–7PM                                                          Centre, an old favourite ‘Bobchat’ and lots
                                                                                                          more. We want to promote your writing,
See Change Festival costs approx $40,000 to run. We receive very little in grants                         performance, music, video and film events
and so most of this money has to be raised. There will be a series of fundraisers                         as well as the visual arts. We’re looking for
in 2005/ 2006 of which the Silent Auction is one.                                                         contributions from members of our vibrant
                                                                                                          arts community who want to reach a large
   Our festival attracts about 15,000 people to the Bay and Basin area, creates a climate where
                                                                                                          audience of arts-inclined people.
individual artists can gain a high profile and gives artists a better than usual chance of selling their
work. We are hoping that artists will be generous in donating a small but saleable piece of work          All the best
to our silent auction.                                                                                    Suzanne Chick
   Each artist should indicate a price. $300 and under would be a good range. A reserve price
for each will be set by the organisers ensuring that nothing goes at too low a value.                     president
   The work will be well displayed in the Kiosk or Huskisson Picture Framers. There will be a             Jervis Bay & Basin Arts
coloured catalogue of all the work in both venues and viewers will be encouraged to see it all.
Bidders will place written tenders in the bid boxes in either location and at the end of the auc-
tion period the highest tenderers will get the works.
   Both venues are charging a reduced commission of 10% to help cover their costs.
   Artists may ask for a percentage of their sale to cover their costs or they may choose to
                                                                                                                    A Plea from
completely donate a work.                                                                                          our Treasurer
   There will be a people’s choice prize (yet to be decided) for the most popular art work with
viewers.                                                                                                  When you are making out cheques to Jervis
   Please email Suzanne Chick at if you are prepared to donate a           Bay & Basin Arts could you please use the
work and details will be forwarded to you or look on the website                 full title, not any collection of initials. Either
and respond that way.                                                                                     an ‘and’ or ‘&’ are OK. Also cheques written
                                                                                                          in felt tip are not acceptable.
           ON THE EDGE – PEOPLE’S CHOICE                                                                      She has a hard voluntary job without
                                                                                                          having to oversee the rewriting of cheques
                Favourite artwork: Pat Campion’s Midnight Blooms.                                         so please be kind to Christine Rigg
                  Winner of $50 voucher at JB Kiosk : Sue Boyd

2 arts – Jervis Bay & Basin +
                   coming exhibitions
                                                                                                                         SHOALHAVEN CITY
                                                                                                                         ARTS CENTRE
                                                                                                                         1–27 July
                                                                                                                         C Scapes. Shoalhaven Photographic Club
                                                                                                                         Members of the Shoalhaven Photographic
                                                                                                                         Club celebrate the beauty and diversity of
                                                                                                                         our city, coast and country environment.
                                                                                                                         Launch Fri 1 July 5–7 pm
                                                                                                                         1–13 July Access Gallery
                                                                                                                         The Narrative Within.
                                                                                                                         Martina Penning & Ofer Engel
                                                                                                                         Look beyond the beautiful surfaces of texture
                                                                                                                         and colour and find the challenging and
                                                                                                                         honest narrative within Penning’s work.
                                                                                                                         Engel’s ceramics are hand formed pieces
                                                                                                                         reflecting his current environment of Jervis
                                                                                                                         Bay and memories of his childhood in Israel.
                                                                                                                         Launch Fri 1 July 5–7 pm
                                                                                                                         1–13 July Foyer Gallery
                 John Brown –                                        Scott Sheehan is                                    Tree on a Hill. Nicole Ison
                                                                                                                         Handmade ceramic mosaics, jewellery and
                 Central Eclipse                                     Out There Some Where                                paintings, experimenting with clay & oil paint.
                 Shoalhaven City Art Centre                                                                              Launch Fri 1 July 5–7 pm
                                                                     Exhibition at Jervis Bay Kiosk
                 12 Berry Street, Nowra                              Owen St Huskisson                                   15–28 July Foyer Gallery
                 14 October – 9 November                                                                                 Alchemical Analogies 11. Zoe Veness
                                                                     29 September–27 October
                 Launch 15 October 12–2pm                                                                                Alchemy in contemporary jewellery describes
                                                                     Opening Thursday night 29 Sep-                      the transformation of non-precious, everyday
                 The aim of this exhibition is to show how I felt    tember 6–8.30pm                                     material such as paper into objects of desire.
                 when confronted with the powerful spiritual                                                             Launch 16 July 12–2pm
                 force of KATA TJUTA, ULURU and surround-            This exhibition of artworks and short films
                                                                     shows the BLUE waters of Jervis Bay, the RED        15 July–3 August
                 ing areas. “Central Eclipse” is a personal explo-
                                                                     dirt of Australia and the WHITE snow of Hok-        Operation Art 2005
                 ration of a journey past and present.
                                                                     kaido Japan.                                        Exciting and inspiring touring exhibition of works
                 Tel: 4441 6883. Email:                                                         chosen from a project to encourage students
                                                                     I like to surround myself with art. People who      from Kindergarten to Year 10 in all NSW schools
                                                                     create art inspire me. My artwork is diverse        to create artworks for children in hospital.
                                                                     ranging from graphic design, enhanced pho-          Launch 16 July 12–2 pm
                                                                     tography, painting and installations to short       22 July–3 August
                                                                     films and documentaries.
                                                                                                                         Peace Prayer Project. Hui-Chu Ying
                                                                     To me being an artist means I can express           The artist invites the community to participate
                                                                     myself by creating something out of just a          in this “Peace Prayer” project. Participants can
Megan Mulligan

                                                                     simple thought or a dream. To bring it to life is   print a prayer with rubber stamps, then have the
                                                                     a powerful gift to have.                            opportunity to replace one of the artist’s prints
                                                                                                                         on the wall with the print and take one piece of
                                                                     Art is my life.                                     the artist’s “Peace Prayer” home.
                                                                                                                         Launch 16 July 12–2 pm
                                                                                                                         6–24 August
                 Megan Mulligan                                      Glenda Borchard,                                    SAS 40th Annual Open Art Exhibition
                 From Outside                                        Paula Sarlemyn and                                  Special 40th anniversary exhibition event featur-
                                                                                                                         ing members of the Shoalhaven Art Society and
                 Weekends 30 September to 3 October and              Judy van der Have                                   artists from all over Australia.
                 7 October to 10 October inclusive                                                                       Launch Fri 5 August 6.30. Admission $8
                 Megan Mulligan’s long awaited solo show at          A Silos Estate Art Exibition                        includes catalogue & refreshments
                 Precinct Galleries, Berry                           To 31 July                                          2–28 September
                 Mixed media including fabrics, plant materials,                                                         Meroogal Women’s Art Prize
                 stitching.                                                                                              Theme is Patterns, stitches & threads at
                 Opening 6pm 1 October. All welcome.                                                                     Meroogal.
                                                                                                                         Launch Sat 3 Sept 12–2pm

                                                                                                                                                       winter 2005 3
  bo bchiat
         xon               D
   with Bob
 If you were to ask any long-term library worker at Nowra, they
 would vouch for the fact that I have haunted the place for the past
 30 years. ‘The cat with the striped shirt, beret and long black tail?
 Yeah, he’s a fixture around here.’ As an unrepentant fiction reader,
 I have trawled those shelves with the efficiency of a Japanese long
 line fishing boat. Some illuminatory truths have been revealed to
 me tucked away in novels and biographies. Often a reader will walk
 out to Berry Street with a stack of books like an armful of firewood,
 not knowing that the innocent looking pile contains a virtual stick of
 dynamite. This is the joy of the library afficianado.
     I recently had such an experience with a novel by James Dickey,
 To the White Sea. Having read his spine chilling hillbilly murder story
 Deliverance and being familiar with his poetry from the sixties, I piled
 this book onto the woodheap with no undue expectations. When I
 got around to reading it, I was launched on a white knuckle journey
 that I think will stay with me all my life.
     The novel’s narrator is Muldrew, a rear gunner on an American
 bomber flying missions over Japan towards the end of the war.
 As a child, his parents separated and his father took him to live a        Top, Harry Pierce, above, Nicci Bedson.
 reclusive life in the wilds of Alaska where he studied the behaviour
 of the wildlife and learned to hunt in the frozen landscape. Survival
 skills he learned there would be crucial to his wartime experience.
 As a crewman on his bomber, he carries a survival pack and ethic
                                                                            Art sparks shine
 in the event of having to bail out over enemy territory. The crew          During June, the Jervis Bay Kiosk, Huskisson held an exhibition entitled
 is assigned to the fire bombing of Tokyo and the bomber is shot             Inner Circles featuring works by teenage artists from the Jervis Bay and
 down. Muldrew, the only survivor, parachutes into the inferno of the       Basin region. A successful launch was held on 2 June with pyschologist
 devastated city, which Dickey describes in horror. If discovered he        and author Paul Smith officiating at the opening ceremonies.
 faces certain death.                                                       Students exhibiting attend ArtzSpark creative art classes, a successful
     In planning for this eventuality he has formulated a plan to           art enrichment program for children and teens, founded five years ago
 attempt to traverse the main island of Honshu and cross the strait         by Huskisson-based visual artist and singer/songwriter Tracy Verdugo.
 to Hokkaido, ‘the white sea’.There he believes the skills he learned in       Students are encouraged from a young age to recognise the personal
 Alaska will help him survive until the approaching end of the war.         strengths and talents which make them unique, and translate these
     After some horrific encounters in the burning city, he sets out         discoveries into their artwork.The focus of the classes is on the process
 across the hostile countryside, a hunted animal. He must apply his         of creating rather than on results driven outcome.
 observations of the predators and the prey, the snow wolf and hare            Children enrolled in ArtzSpark classes are encouraged to be original
 of his childhood. What follows is a page turning, nail-biting tale of a    thinkers and self-confident, compassionate human beings. Classes are
 stranger in a strange land, where he engages in many exotic events.        currently held in Huskisson and will be commencing in Nowra and
 There is a spiritual element as well as an acknowledgement of the          Milton in Term 3.
 necessity of ruthlessness in wartime to this story. The reader will           Enquiries for enrolment, phone Tracy Verdugo 024441 7603.
 probably come to the disturbing conclusion, as I did, that Muldrew
 is a murderous psychopath. In fact it is a textbook account of such
 a personality, formed in the Alaskan wilderness. He is devoid of
 human empathy.                                                                               Unfolding recovery
     His encounter with an old blind farmer, a brilliant swordsman, and
 his wife, is written with such suspense and clarity and raw human              A recent exhibition at the City Arts Centre was the
 spirit that I consider the writing to be as good as any I have read.         Schizophrenia Awareness competition, a community art
     This book is not for the faint hearted on any level, worldly or           competition to reflect on mental illness and recovery
 other-worldly. The nuances of this story have crawled under my skin
 and hide there unblinking like an Alaskan snow hare.The atmospheric                  Winner was Richard Morecroft and among
 of the Asian countryside is brilliantly evoked by the author. It came
                                                                                   the runners-up were Scott Sheehan, John Brown
 as a surprise to me when, on contemplating this book, I realised I
                                                                                           and Ofer Engel. (see opp. page)
 actually know a person very much like Muldrew. Scary.

4 arts – Jervis Bay & Basin +
        arts seen

Scott Sheehan receives his award at the Schizophrenia Awareness art exhibition.   Ofer Engel, pictured with Trish Broome was another award winner.

Kate Stephens, Graham Brennan and Alison Metcalfe at On the Edge.                 Sisters Kristin and Gina Chick at the opening of the On the Edge exhibition.

Richard Morecroft, Suzanne Chick and Alison MacKay at the opening of              Bob Dixon, Vince and Cheryl Westenberg enjoy the launch of Anna Glynn’s
Suzanne’s Patch of Blue exhibition at Bungendore.                                 Strange Memories exhibition at the City Arts Centre.

Machteld Hali, Tracey Glenn and Allan Baptist at the launch of Machteld’s         Glenda Borchard discusses her work with an art lover at the recent exhibition
recent exhibition at the City Arts Centre.                                        at the City Arts Centre.

                                                                                                                                             winter 2005 5
                                                                                                          Shoalhaven Family Local &
                                                                                                          Cultural History Fair
                                                                                                          2005 will see the second Shoalhaven Fair
                                                                                                          at the Nowra School of Arts held over two
                                                                                                          days on Friday July 15 and Saturday July 16,
Shoalhaven Film                                                                                           admission is free.
                                                                                                              There will be displays and a variety
Festival 2005                                                                                             of speakers will be giving a series of
27–29 October
                                                                                                              Speakers on day one include Keith
Screening at Lady Denman                                                                                  Campbell on the Early Days of the Berry
Heritage Complex, Huskisson                                                                               Estate, along with author James Donohoe on
Master creator Stan Chobanoff, or ‘Cosmic’ to
                                                     Creative Friends Group                               the Paracensus of early Australia with marines,
his friends, has embarked upon the 2nd annual        Congratulations to Fiona Morehouse of                convicts, soldiers, ship’s captains, some sailors,
Shoalhaven Film Festival.This is a great opportu-    Vincentia for winning ‘Kata Tjuta’ a striking        migrants, some visitors, officially recorded
nity to encourage local filmmakers of all ages to                                                          Aborigines, exiles and orphans.
                                                     painting by artist John Brown of Woollamia.
shoot films and have them screened in our local                                                                On Saturday July 16, historian and author
area. Selected finalists will be screened in three    ‘Kata Tjuta’ is the first in a series of paintings
                                                     by John who was inspired during a recent trip        Cathy Dunn will present South Coast
categories over three nights of the Film Festival.
                                                     to the Red Centre. John is having an exhibition      Aboriginals (Yuin, Wadi Wadi and Budawang),
FILM CATEGORIES                                                                                           World War 1 Aboriginals, Aboriginal family
                                                     titled Central Eclipse at Shoalhaven Arts Centre
1. Experimental films screening                       in October.                                          history, art and culture resources.
Thursday, 27 October – 8.30pm                                                                                 Gould Genealogy will have an extensive
                                                         John kindly donated the painting to South
2. Documentary screening                             East Community College to raffle and raise            display of genealogy products for sale and
Friday, 28 October – 6.30pm                                                                               demonstrations over the two days. Cathy
                                                     funds for The Creative Friends Group to
3. Short film screening                               enable them to purchase art materials and            Dunn’s expo display will feature South Coast
Saturday, 29 October – 6.30pm                        cover fees to display their art. The Group of        Family History records and resources, Women
Saturday night 29 October:                           10 physically and intellectually disabled adults     convicts 1788 – 1805, demonstrations on
Awards will be presented for                         attend an ongoing course subsidised by the           Brothers Keepers and South Coast Heritage
• Best Experimental film                              College each term to learn communication             Tourism.
• Best Documentary and                               skills, art, dance and drama.                            There will also be display by various
                                                         John Brown spent three years teaching the        family history and historical groups from the
• Best short film.
                                                     group art skills in the mid 1990s and recently       Shoalhaven region. Enquiries Wayne Vost
Conditions of Entry and Guidelines:
                                                     Rachel Douglass and Satyo Sullivan have     Ph: 4421 6055
1. Entry fee of AUD$15 per film entered:
                                                     continued their tuition.
    more than one film may be entered.
                                                         The Creative Friends Group achieved
2. Send us one (1) VHS copy (PAL) of your
                                                     recognition during the See Change Festival
    Short Film, clearly labeled.
                                                     last year when they had their first public
3. Entry forms must be completed and signed,         exhibition alongside local talented artists at
    and entry fee paid in full.
                                                     John’s Woollamia studio.
4. Short Films must be no longer than 10 min-            A heartfelt thank-you to John Brown
    utes (including titles and credits).             for donating the beautiful painting and also
5. Films should be originals and not include any     to Trevor Gunst from Gunst Framing at
    copyrighted or previously used material.         Bomaderry for donating the framing.
6. If you are using music, remember you need             As ongoing funds are needed for the group
    to have copyright permission.                    to continue, anyone interested in donating
The Shoalhaven Film Festival organisers will         goods to raffle or in sponsoring these special
select the ‘finalist’ films for judging and public     people, please contact Marie Ryan at South
screening on 27, 28 & 29 October 2005.               East Community College on 4423 0351.
Entries close 5pm Wednesday 5 October 2005 
Send your entries to: PO Box 117,
Huskisson NSW 2540, Australia

Unhinged 2005 – a short play festival to be held at Illawarra Performing Arts Centre from 10–13
August.The aim of the festival is to promote collaboration between artists to produce new works
                                                                                                                   Stars of the
of theatre in a supportive and professional environment.                                                       Eisteddfod Awards
Unhinged 2005 is calling for submissions from new or existing companies of plays under 10 minutes            Shoalhaven Arts Board Award (for artist
in length. It is a perfect opportunity to get a creative team together (writer/actors/director) to              under 24) – Amy Evison (dancer,
produce a production for the festival. Other than the play’s time restriction, the festival has another            Yr 11 Nowra high school)
major requirement.Your team must use the festival’s unique set piece in your production, this year
a door.The door can be used in any way, the more creative the better!                                           Rotary Club $500 scholarship –
                                                                                                                Melanie Mansell (pictured above)
Contact the festival coordinator

6 arts – Jervis Bay & Basin +
JERVIS BAY & BASIN ARTS INC                                        Poets on Wheels rolls in
COMMITTEE                                                          Nowra will play host to a Poets on Wheels visit organised by the Poets
                                                                   Union. With the emphasis on original contemporary poetry, the visit will
president:       Suzanne Chick    4441 5551                        consist of two consecutive events –
                           9 September. 6.00pm for 6.30pm- 9.00pm
vice president   Pam Crohan       4443 9888                        Friday night poetry readings and performances by practising poets
                                followed by competitive poetry readings and performances of their own
                                                                   original work by members of the audience (adults and senior students)
secretary        Trish Broome     4441 8894
                                                                   for a prize of $40 and certificates.Venue: Nowra City Library, upstairs in
                           the main room. Nibblies and tea, coffee provided
treasurer        Christine Rigg   4443 7665                        Entry fee: $2 pp Bookings for readings: Irene Wilkie: 02 4421 8267 or
                           Elaine 02 4423 6536
web              Scott Sheehan    0413718 111                      10 September. 9.45 am–11.45am
                                 Adult and senior student (yrs 10–12) poetry workshop. Venue: Nowra
publicity        Caro Coffey      4441 7356                        City Library downstairs in the meeting room. Bring ten copies of one,
                           maybe two of participant’s own original poetry plus pen and paper.
special projects Jenny Robertson         Entry: $5. Bookings: Irene Wilkie: 02 4421 8267, Elaine 02 4423 6536
                 Cheryl Cross        Remember that contemporary poetry does not have to rhyme.
committee        Trish Helps
                                                                                                                       The Shoalhaven
                                                                                                                       Photography Club’s
JERVIS BAY & BASIN ARTS INC MEETINGS                                                                                   Photo of the Month
3rd Thurs of month    Lady Denman schoolroom                                                                           award was won by a
9am -10am             committee meeting                                                                                new member, Shane
                                                                                                                       Treacy, for his black and
10am -12 noon         general meeting +                                                                                white photo,”Oil Well.”
                      See Change (all welcome)                                                                         For further information
New See Change Email Address                                                                                           contact President
                                                                                                                       4465 2126,                                                                                       Secretary 4422 4912,
                                                                                                                       4422 8196

                                                                                                                        winter 2005 7
         arts dates                                                                                                            2–5 AND 9–12 SEPTEMBER inclusive (weekends). David
                                                                                                                               Edmonds ceramics – Precinct Galleries. Flying Pig Precinct
                                                                                                                               Berry. 4464 3402.
                                                                  27 JULY. Talking about: Crime Fiction. Dame Ngaio Marsh.     3 & 4 SEPTEMBER. Printmaking workshop – Collograph
                                                                  Shoalhaven Library, 12.30pm and 6.30pm. 4429 3705.           Printing $250. Lunch and materials included. Antpress Stu-
TO 13 JULY. Jan Senbergs. Works on Paper. A Bundanon
                                                                  30 JULY–18 AUGUST. Exhibition of works by Margaret           dio, Mollymook. 4455 7003.
Trust exhibition. Shoalhaven City Arts Centre. 4422 0648.
                                                                  Smith.Laura’s Garden Café, Sanctuary Point. 4441 8248.       5 SEPTEMBER–2 OCTOBER. Finding Home – suitcase
1–13 JULY.The Narrative Within – works by Martina Pen-
                                                                  30 JULY. Kangaroo Valley Winter Dance, Art Show and          exhibition of small woven tapestries from all over the
ning and Ofer Engel. 4422 0648.
                                                                  Auction. Community Hall Main Rd Kangaroo Valley. 7pm         world and posted as postcards. Lady Denman Heritage
1–13 JULY.Tree on a Hill. Exhibition of handmade ceramic          till midnight. $20. Ph: 4465 2400.
mosaics, jewellery & paintings by Nicole Ison. 4422 0648.                                                                      Complex, Huskisson. 4441 5675.
                                                                  31 JULY. Sydney Conservatorium Opera Studies Students
TO 25 JULY. Echoes of Airshow – photographs from the Air                                                                       5 SEPTEMBER. Spring exhibition – Millhouse Artists. Mill-
                                                                  – Music Shoalhaven. Nowra School of Arts. Advance
Show competition. Australia’s Museum of Flight. 4424 1920.        bookings not required. 4422 1978 or 4421 3089.               house Gallery, Cultural Centre, Milton. 4456 1014.
TO 31 JULY. Local artists Glenda Borchard, Paula Sarlemyn         31 JULY. Mudfest 2005. Ulladulla Arcadia Twin Cinema         8 SEPTEMBER. From Biscuits to Blouses: Garibaldi and the
and Judy vander Have. Silos Winery. 4448 6082.                    Boree Street. Short Film Festival. 4456 1017.                British – ADFAS lecture. Berry School of Arts. 7.30pm.
1–10 JULY. ESCAPE ARTS FEST (FORMERLY                             AUGUST                                                       4465 1225.
TABULA RASA) VARIOUS VENUES                                       3 AUGUST–7 SEPTEMBER. Drawing on the Right Side of           9 SEPTEMBER. Poets on Wheels in Nowra – The Poets                                            the Brain for Beginners. South East Community College.       Union. Poetry readings and performances by practising
1–29 JULY. Different Strokes – Paintings and ceramics by          4423 0351, Email:                      poets followed by competitive poetry readings and perfor-
Linda Brown, Robert Thompson, Karen Alibone. Osborne              5–31 AUGUST. Shoalhaven Art Society 40th Annual Art          mances. Nowra City Library. 4421 8267 or 4423 6536
Gallery. 4422 8488.                                               Prize exhibition. Shoalhaven City Arts Centre. 4422 0648     9–11 SEPTEMBER. Shoalhaven Jazz Festival – New Wol-
2–3 JULY. Berry Spinners & Weavers – Fibre to Fashion.            5–7 AUGUST. Travelling Film Festival 2005. Huskisson Pic-    verine Orchestra, Bob Barnard, Janet Seidel and Hacienda
Berry Court House. 4465 1601.                                     tures. 4441 6343.                                            Swing Band. Berry Tourism, Sport and Recreation Centre.
2–24 JULY. Recent Paintings by Richard Collins. Bower-            6 AUGUST. The Flood – Country/Blues/Roots band. Mil-         4464 2329.
House Gallery. 4455 7003.                        ton Theatre. 8pm. 4455 3056.
3 JULY. Bay and Basin Music Concert – Conservatorium                                                                           10 SEPTEMBER. Workshop, Poets on Wheels in Nowra
                                                                  7 AUGUST. Bay and Basin Music Concert – Sydneyensis          – The Poets Union. Adult and senior student (yrs 10-12)
String Quartet. St Georges Basin Community Centre,                Opera Ensemble. St Georges Basin Community Centre.
4441 5780.                                                                                     Nowra City Library meeting room. 9.45am–11.45am. En-
                                                                  4441 5780.                   try fee: $5. 4421 8267 or 4423 6536.
6–7 JULY. Creative art workshop for primary age children,         11 AUGUST. Late Ottoman Opulence – ADFAS Lecture.
Riversdale. 4423 5999.                                                                                     10–30 SEPTEMBER. Exhibition of works by Linda Adams &
                                                                  Berry School of Arts, 7.30pm. 4465 1225.
9–29 JULY. Moonah Blues, mixed media and photography                                                                           Rae Roxby. Laura’s Garden Café, Sanctuary Pt 4443 3663.
                                                                  19, 20, 26 & 27 AUGUST, 2 & 3 SEPTEMBER. Old Time
exhibition by Pam Crohnan and Karin Smith. 4443 9888.             Music Hall. Nowra Players dinner show production. School     11 SEPTEMBER. Bay and Basin Music Concert – Ona
9 JULY TO 30 AUGUST. Beacons by the Sea – stories of              of Arts, Nowra, 6.30pm. Bookings 4422 1979.                  Boyd-Frazier and Friends. St Georges Basin Community
Australian Lighthouses (National Archives). Lady Denman           20 AUGUST–9 SEPTEMBER. Exhibition of paintings and           Centre. 2pm. 4441 5780.
Heritage Complex, 4441 5675.                sculpture by Rona Walker. Laura’s Garden Café, Sanctuary     11 SEPTEMBER. Songs of Praise Concert. St Michaels Par-
9 JULY. Masterpieces of Sacred Choral Music. The Lydian           Point. 4441 5938.                                            ish Hall, .Variety of Choirs. 2–4pm. 4423 1712.
Singers and Canberra Choral Society concert. School of            20 AUGUST–25 SEPTEMBER. Recent paintings by Regina
Arts, Nowra. 4423 2271.                                                                                                        13 SEPTEMBER. Nowra Players Youth Drama Awards.
                                                                  Noakes, Graemme Drendel, Bogdan Fialkowski. Galeria          Tickets at the door.
12 JULY. Jan Senbergs – Artist’s Floor Talk. Bundanon artist in   Aniela, 261a Mount Scanzi Rd Kangaroo V. 4465 1494.
residence. 6pm. Shoalhaven City Arts Centre. 4423 5999.                                                                        24 SEPTEMBER. The Apollo Trio – Music Shoalhaven.
                                                                  20 AUGUST. Villa Music 2005 – Michael Brimer Piano
12 JULY. Helen Beresford – Artist’s Dinner Talk. Bundanon                                                                      7.30pm. Nowra School of Arts. Advance bookings not
                                                                  Recital. Villa Strachanus 427 Tourist Rd Bellawongarah via
artist in residence. Eurasia Blue, Nowra. 7pm for 7.30pm.         Berry. 2.30pm. 9460 2796 (BH).                               required. 4422 1978 or 4421 3089.
Bookings and prepayment essential $45. Ph: 4423 5999.             21 AUGUST. Villa Music 2005 – Tank Stream Quartet.           24 SEPTEMBER–16 OCTOBER. Tony Ameneiro – Prints
14 JULY. The Maya Heritage. An ADFAS lecture. Berry               Villa Strachanus 427 Tourist Rd Bellawongarah via Berry.     and Drawings. BowerHouse Gallery, Milton. 4455 7003.
School of Arts. 7.30pm.4465 1225.                                 2.30pm. 9460 2796 (BH).                                      24 SEPTEMBER. Jervis Bay & District Garden Club Open
15 JULY. The Arts and Crafts of Mexico – ADFAS study              24–25 August. Berry Public School 14th Annual Food &         Weekend. 4443 4926.
day. 4465 1225.                  Wine Fair. School of Arts, Berry. Samples from local res-    29 SEPTEMBER–27 OCTOBER. Out There Some Where.
15–16 JULY. Shoalhaven Family Local & Cultural History            taurants and wineries. 4423 1866.                            Exhibition of works by Scott Sheehan. Jervis Bay Kiosk,
Fair. Nowra School of Arts.                 28 AUGUST. Jazz@Riversdale. 12.30–4.30pm. Entry free.        0413718111.
15 JULY–3 AUGUST. Operation Art – touring exhibition              Ph: 4423 5999.
                                                                                                                               30 SEPTEMBER. Creative art workshops for primary age
of works chosen from a project to encourage students.             SEPTEMBER
Shoalhaven City Arts Centre. 4422 0648.                                                                                        children, Riversdale $35. 4423 5999.
                                                                  2 & 3 SEPTEMBER. Old Time Music Hall. Nowra Play-
15–28 JULY. Alchemical Analogies II – Zoe Veness. Shoal-                                                                       30 SEPTEMBER–3 OCTOBER & 7–10 OCTOBER
                                                                  ers production. School of Arts, Nowra, 6.30pm. Bookings
haven City Arts Centre.Tuesday–Sunday. 4422 0648.                 4422 1979.                                                   (weekend). From Outside – Works by Megan Mulligan.
16 & 17 JULY. Printmaking workshop – Beginner’s Etching                                                                        Mixed media incl fabrics, plant materials, stitching. Flying Pig
                                                                  2–28 SEPTEMBER. Patterns, stitches & threads at Meroo-
$300. Antpress Studio, Mollymook. 4455 7003.                      gal. Meroogal Women’s Art Prize exhibition. Shoalhaven       Precinct Berry. 4464 3402.
17 JULY. Daytime Music on the Ferry – Christmas in July.          City Arts Centre, 12 Berry Street, Nowra. 4422 0648.         30 SEPTEMBER–12 OCTOBER. Creative Moments – ex-
Lady Denman Heritage Complex, 4441 5675.                          2–30 SEPTEMBER. Bherwerre Osborne – Recent Paint-            hibition by Nowra Woodturners, Potters, Spinners and
22 JULY–3 AUGUST. Peace Prayer project by Hui –Chu                ings and pottery by Bob & Lynne Dixon. Osborne Gallery,      Weavers. Shoalhaven City Arts Centre, 12 Berry Street,
Ying. Shoalhaven City Arts Centre. 4422 0648.                     Nowra. 44228488. Email:                Nowra. 4422 0648.

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