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           MEDAL AUCTION B42
       19             NOVEMBER 2008
              TO BE HELD 6 PM AT OUR PREMISES -

                   BIDDING PROCEDURE
1  The Auctioneer's decision is final. No bids will be accepted after 12 noon on the
   day of the auction.
2. Please ensure that you quote the correct lot number and recipient’s name when
   bidding by post. Mistakes will not be corrected after the sale.
3. This is a live auction and bids may be submitted in writing by fax, letter or e-mail,
   for those who cannot attend in person. Telephone bids will be accepted provided
   you have signed and returned the indemnity.
4 All items will be sold to the highest bidder.
5. Reserves have been fixed by the seller but should a reserve, in the opinion of a
   possible buyer be too high, I will be pleased to submit a reasonable offer to the
   seller, should the lot otherwise be unsold.
6. Lots have been carefully graded. Should anyone not be satisfied with the grading,
   such an item may be returned to us within 7 days of receipt thereof. Your payment
   will be refunded immediately after the goods have been received. Mistakes made by
   bidding on the wrong lot or overbidding are not refundable.
7. Due to the high incidence of theft in the Post Office, all items will be dispatched by
   insured mail or by courier, at the buyer's expense.
8. All transactions are treated in strictest confidence. The names of buyers or sellers
   will not be disclosed.
9. Agents acting on behalf of other parties will be held responsible for all items bid on.
10. Payments will only be accepted by the following method:- a) Credit card, b)
Internet bank transfer c) Cheque payments are subject to a 10 day clearing period
before goods will be despatched d) International Bank transfer (all bank charges must
be paid by purchaser)
Please note that there is a 15% buyer’s premium and V.A.T. is
          chargeable on the buyer's premium only.
GALLANTRY GROUP                3          ITALIAN MEDALS                 23
KOREAN GROUP                   3          RHODESIAN MEDALS               24
DECORATIONS                    4          UNITED STATES OF AMERICA       24
IMPERIAL SERVICE               4          BRITISH MEDALS                 24
SINGLE CAMPAIGN MEDALS         4          LESOTHO MEDALS                 24
SAGS 1877-8-9 BAR 1879         4          MALAWIAN                       24
ZULU WAR                       4          ZAMBIAN MEDAL                  24
CAPE OF GOOD HOPE              4          JUBILEE MEDAL                  24
QSA'S                        4-7          SAP & SA RAILWAY POLICE        24
CAPE COPPER COMPANY           7           MINIATURE MEDALS               24
QSA AND KSA MEDALS            7           MINIATURE GROUPS               25
PRE BOER WAR GROUPS           7           UNIFORMS                       25

ANGLO BOER WAR PRISONER        8          BEER MUGS                      26
WW I TRIO / FAMILY GROUP        9         PLAQUES                        26
PRE WW I GROUPS              9 - 11       SADF HEADGEAR                  26
WW I MEDALS                11 - 12        STABLE BELTS                   26
WW I GROUPS                 12 - 15       FLAGS                           2
WW I PILOTS GROUPS             15         HUT TAX TOKEN                  27
WW II MEDALS                   15         CHIEF GORGET                   27
WW II GROUPS                16 - 19       BRITISH BADGES               27 - 28
WW II MEMORIAL PLAQUES       19-20        RHODESIAN BADGES               28
ZAR MISCELLANEOUS              20         RHODESIAN CLOTH BADGES       28 - 29
MEDALLIONS                     21         RHODESIAN ARM BADGES           29
TRENCH ART                     21         RHODESIAN MISCELLANEOUS        29
LAPEL PICTURE BUTTONS       21 - 22       RHODESIAN HEADGEAR             29
BORDER WAR                     22         CIVIL AVIATION BADGES         29-32
ITALIAN POW ARTEFACT           22         SOUTH AFRICAN BADGES          32-34
CORONATION AND JUBILEE         22         SOUTH WEST AFRICA              34
ROYAL HUMANE SOCIETY          22          MISCELLANEOUS                  34
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE         22          ZULU WAR MISCELLANEOUS       34 - 35

TERRITORIAL FORCE             22          BOOKS                        34 - 38
LONG SERVICE AND GOOD         22          RHODESIAN BOOKS                38
CENTENARY MEDALS              23          BRAND NEW BOOKS                38
SHOOTING MEDALS               23          MANUALS                        39
AMERICAN MEDALS               23          PRISONERS OF WAR MAGAZINES     39
ABYSSINIA                     23          SPECIAL FORCES POSTERS         40
BELGIAN                       23
CHINESE                       23

LOT #   DESCRIPTION                                                                        PRICE

A001    Four: 15324 Pte M.T. Ascough RAMC                                            EF+   18500
        Military Cross GVR unnamed as issued
        QSA Bars: CC; OFS; Tvl
        War and Victory Medals Major M.T. Ascough
        Photocopy of MIC shows that he entered France 22/2/17, thus he is not
        entitled to a star. There are photocopies of his Short Service attestation
        papers. Citation for his MC reads as follows LG 23 April 1918
        "Capt Matthew Thomas Ascough RAMC for Conspicuous Gallantry and
        devotion to duty in dressing wounded in the open for forty eight hours
        without sleep or rest under heavy shell fire after his shelter had been
        rendered untenable by four direct hits.

K002    Group of Nine: 241686 L.W. Parsonson                                               12000
        1939/45 Star; Africa Star 8th Army Bar; Italy Star; unnamed
        War Medal; Africa Service Medal : South African Korea Medal -
        properly impressed .
        USA Air Medal
        UN Korea Medal; Korea Korea Medal - unnamed.
        Lt L.W. Parsonson was killed in action as a pilot during the Korea War.
        Photocopies of his record of service show he attested in the Rand Lt
        Infantry 19/6/1940. He transferred to the SAAF 19/5/43. He served in 21
        Squadron. Transferred to Permanent Force 1 May 1946. Volunteered for
        Service in Korea 30 April 1951. He was flying a mustang when he was
        hit by AA fire while in a dive attack and he never recovered. He was one
        of 34 pilots who were killed in action in Korea.
        Citation for Air medal:
        First Lieutenant Laurence W. PARSONSON did distinguish himself by
        meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flights against the
        North Korean invaders. By successfully completing numerous combat
        missions in F-51 type aircraft between 27 October, 1951 and 17
        November, 1951, he greatly enhanced the efforts of the United Nations
        Forces. First Lieutenant PARSONSON flying at extremely low altitudes
        did strafe, rocket and bomb enemy, artillery, armament, other war
        material. During these flights he was in constant danger from enemy
        aircraft, ground fire and artillery. But his display of aeronautical skill
        and intrepid aggressiveness, First Lieutenant PARSONSON proved to be
        a credit to himself and the United States Air Force. His actions are in
        keeping with the high tradition of the South African Air Force."
        With a copied photograph of him in uniform and 25 Pages of photocopies
        from his file.

K003    A 2 Squadron Silver lapel badge                                                      300

X004    Companion, The Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire (CIE) (3rd          EF   7500
        Class) Neck badge
X005    Member, The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) (Civil)       EF    900
        1st type - Shoulder badge in slightly damaged case of issue. The family
        claimed that Mrs Ethel Mary Fynn was the recipient and that she was
        recognized for services to South African troops going overseas (Gazetted
        15 October 1920) Sold with copies of extracts from Burke's Peerage.
X006    Member, The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) (Civil)       EF    850
        2nd type Breast Badge
K007    MBE 2nd type Mint in case of issue                                               800
K008    OBE 1st type Hall marked on Reverse Mint in case of issue                        900

M009    Imperial Service Order to Walter J Lane (George V)                         EF   1500
M010    Imperial Service Medal to Sidney G Bass (George V)                         EF    150
M011    Imperial Service Medal to David Willis (Elizabeth II)                      EF    150

A012    South Africa 1853 L. Pyne Staker. Confirmed on roll Leonard Pyne           EF   6100
        HMS Styx. It was on this ship that the Chief Seyolo was taken as a
        prisoner to Cape Town towards the end of November 1852
A013    Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-58 Bar Lucknow John Webster 2nd BN Rifle          EF   5400
A014    Afghanistan 1878-79-80 Medal Bar Ahmed Khel 15R/1362 Pte J.                EF   3900
        Parkinson 59th Foot

        SAGS 1877-8-9 BAR 1879
X014A   Tpr G. Jones 1st Cape Yeory                                                VF   5500

        ZULU WAR
P014B   Zulu War Military Water bottle. Beautifully made of wood. The cork is           2000

K015    Cape of Good Hope General Service Medal Bar Bechuanaland Pte G.            EF   2500
        Rodel Dispatch Rider

A016    No bar: Pte H Sivell Jagersfontein T.G.                                    EF   1600
A017    No bar: Pte T Sivell Jagersfontein T.G.                                    EF   1600
X018    No bar: L. Bryce P.O.L 1st Cl H.M.S. Monarch Petty Officer 1st Class       EF   1850
X019    No bar: W. Tiller Sto (serif-type font) H.M.S. Naiad                       EF   1550
X020    No bar: J. Swan Lg. Sto 1st Cl. H.M.S. Powerful                            EF   1750
X021    No bar: Mr. W.H. Cross A.S.C.                                              EF    900
X022    No Bar 4294 Tpr H. Kipps 2nd Dragoon Gds                                   VF   1100
X023    No bar: Clerk F.W. Cooper No unit is given on medal, but in 1903 a         EF    950
        Clerk F.W. Cooper was employed in the Transvaal Education
        Department. Sold with copy of 1904 Transvaal Civil Service list.

X024   No bar: R.W Harrison                                                      EF     950
       An unknown civilian recipient: worthy of further research.
X025   No bar: 137033 Ch. Car. Mte P.W. Halley Chief Carpenter's Mate H.M.S.     EF    1600
       Tartar. The medal is a 1st reverse QSA with number and rank given
       before the name and engraved in a style similar to SAGS Medals. Medal
       is not renamed
X026   No bar: T Welsh C.G.R.                                                    EF    1000
       Thomas Edward Welsh was first appointed to the CGR on 26th August
       1884, being confirmed on the permanent establishment 10 years later and
       as District Locomotive Foreman at Burghersdorp (with an annual salary
       of 305) on 1 November 1897. Awarded for: "Working of trains etc.
       within the theatre of war and services which assisted in the success of
M027   No bar: 209 Serjt T. Kennedy Dordrecht D.V.G.                             F      900
M028   No bar: Pte D. Dewar Newcastle T.G                                        EF    1000
M029   No bar: 28938 Pte T. Jones Rand Rifles                                    EF     900
K030   No bar: No 5 Sergt J. Grossman Koffyfontein Defence Force - confirmed     EF    6000
A031   One bar: Tvl                                                              EF    3100
       7112 Pte T. Ritchie Gordon Highrs M.I.
       Confirmed on Boer War casualty roll. Slightly wounded Bonnefoi
K032   One bar: Defence of Kimberley                                             EF    3000
       Lt J.R. Booth; Kimberley Town Guard
       He was a member of H Company No II Division of the Kimberley Town.
       There is a copy of a Group Photo of H Company from the book "The
       Siege of Kimberley" - edge knock otherwise
X033   One bar: CC                                                               VF+   1100
       1186 Pte P.E.J. Turner Cape Town Highrs
X034   One bar: CC                                                               VF+   1300
       141 Tpr W Battiss Brabant's Horse
X035   One bar: CC                                                               VF+   1000
       128 Pte J. Belford C.M.S.C - originally formed in Cape Town in 1893
X036   One bar: CC                                                               VF+   2700
       Tpr J. Fisher Nesbitt's Horse - severely wounded near Brandfort, 3 May
X037   One bar: CC                                                               VF    1800
       78 Pte J. Fennell Transkei M.R.
X038   One bar: CC                                                               EF    1400
       1329 Pte J.S. Manning Cape Rly Shptrs
       Tylden refers to this small unit as Scott's Cape Railway Sharpshooters
X039   One bar: OFS                                                              VF+   1200
       Mr W.G. Bolton Imp. Mil. Rly. Mr Bolton was employed as a Ganger.
       Sold with copy of QSA roll
X040   One bar: CC                                                               EF    1100
       86 Tpr W. Reid W.Prov. M.R.
X041   Two bars: Tvl; SA01                                                       VF+   1050
       E. Messenger C.G.R.
X042   Two bars: Tvl; CC                                                         EF    1450
       325 Tpr J.P. Johnston Imp Lt Horse

X043   Two bars: CC; OFS                                                            VF+   1450
       3873 Pte T. Acton S. Lanc. Regt
S044   Two bars: CC, SA01                                                           VF+   2200
       A.E. Hardy A.B. HMS Beagle
X045   Two bars: Tugela Heights , Relief of Ladysmirh                               VF    1400
       Br. D. Shopland Natal Vol. Amb. C
       Sold with copy of medal roll. Edge knicks
X046   Three bars: CC; OFS; TVL                                                     VF-   1100
       438 Pte H.E. Taylor Rly. Pnr. Regt - several edge bruises
X047   Three bars: CC; OFS; Tvl                                                     VF    1100
       1976 3rd Cl Tpr G.M. Suttie S.A.C
X048   Three bars: CC; Tugela Heights ; Relief of Ladysmirh                         VF+   1400
       299 Serjt J. Streeter SA Lt Horse
X049   Three bars: OFS; SA01; SA02                                                  VF+   1600
       102 Tpr B Bolton Harrismith Vol. L.H.
       Sold with copy of medal roll
X050   Three bars: Relief of Kimberley; Paardeberg, Driefontein                     VF    2000
       2197 Tpr R. Wood Roberts Horse
       Sold with copy of medal roll. Rim nicks. Please note that on the medal
       Roll he is shown as discharged on the 1/9/00 well after Sannah's Post.
       However I cannot prove he was there.
X051   Four bars: CC; Tugela Heights ; Relief of Ladysmith; Tvl                     VF+   1400
       784 Tpr E.C. Emmett Bethune's M.I. - rim nicks
X052   Four bars: Tugela Heights; Relief of Ladysmith; Tvl; LNek                    VF+   1700
       561 Pte G. Lewis Impl. Lt. Infy
X053   Four bars: CC; Tugela Heights; Relief of Ladysmith; Tvl                      EF    1700
       68774 Cpl Cr. Mr. J. Coatsworth 78th Bty R.F.A.
       Unusual rank: Corporal Collar Maker. Sold with copy of QSA roll
X054   Four bars: Tugela Heights; Relief of Ladysmith; Tvl: LNek                          2000
       278 Tpr T.W. Gaudie Bethune's M.I. - Sold with copy of medal roll
X055   Four bars: OFS; Tvl; SA01; SA02                                              EF    1400
       2769 Pte J.C. McKittrick Rly. Pnr. Regt
S056   Four bars: Relief of Mafeking, Defence of Kimberley, OFS; Tvl                EF    4000
       Serjt R. Hardy, Damant's Horse - Confirmed on Roll
M057   Five bars: Cape Col; OFS; TVL; SA01; SA02                                    EF    1400
       Confirmed to D. Gisby C.I.V.
M058   Five bars: Cape Col; OFS; Tvl; SA01; SA02                                    EF    1200
       8925 Pvt G. Wraith North D. Fus.
X059   Five bars: CC; OFS; Tvl; SA01; SA02                                          VF    1450
       Tpr A.H. Murfitt Damant's Horse - confirmed on Roll
K060   Five bars: Relief of Kimberley; Paardeberg; Driefontein; Johannesburg;       EF+   5500
       Diamond Hill to Capt S.E. St Leger 1 RL Irish Regt. Author of the book
       Mounted Infantry at War. Engraved for Officers. Bars confirmed by
       W.W. Scott. Commissioned in 18th (Royal Irish) Regt in 1890. When the
       second South African War broke out in 1899 it was realized that the
       Republicans would have a great advantage in mobility over the British
       Infantry. Lt Col E.A.H. Anderson was therefore instructed to raise the 1st
       Mounted Infantry Regt. St Leger was drafted into it and was made
       Captain of one of the Companies. St Leger and his unit took part in the
       Cavalry change at Klip Drift, in the Relief of Kimberley the occupation of
        Bloemfontein, the battles of Sand River and Doornkop and the march on
        Pretoria in June 1900. He particularly distinguished himself in the British
        defeat at Sannah's Post on 31 March 1900 when he rescued a wounded
        Corporal of the Life Guards under heavy enemy fire during the
        withdrawal. The action is told in detail in Campaigns and History of the
        Royal Irish Regt on pages 361, 362 and 363. Capt St Leger joined the
        Royal Irish Regt as they proceeded to France with the B.E.F. He was cut
        off by the advancing Germans and managed to escape to the Belgian lines
        with eight other ranks. St Leger was awarded the DSO 1916 and the
        CMG in 1919 and CVO in 1921. A copy of the reprint The Mounted
        Infantry at War accompanies the lot.
X061    Six bars: CC; OFS; Tugela Heights , Relief of Ladysmith; LNek                 EF     2400
        544 Tpr C.H. Dowell Bethune's M.I.
        Charles Dowell was reported as "Missing/Released" at Utrecht on 12
        September 1900. He was discharged from BMI on 13 November 1900
        and re-attested in the Prince of Wales Light Horse with the rank of
        Sergeant. On 13 April 1901 he was taken prisoner by the Boers at
        Witkopjes, but subsequently released.

Y061A   Cape Copper Company's Medal for the Defence of O'Okiep - bronze               VF    19950
        officially named D. Magerman confirmed on roll as having taken part in
        the Defence of O'Okiep

X062    Pair: QSA 3 bars: CC; OFS; Tvl                                                EF     2200
        2546 Gnr A. Bale 14th Coy W.D., R.G.A.
        KSA 2 bars: SA01; SA02
        2546 Gnr A. Bale R.G.A. - sold with copy of QSA Roll
X063    Pair: QSA bar: CC 1472 Corpl M. Ross D. of E. Own V.R.                        EF     2300
        KSA 2 bars: SA01; SA02 1472 Corpl M. Ross D.E.O.V.R.S. - both
        medals confirmed
X064    Pair: QSA Bar: CC 270 Corpl S.J. Eastes Brabants Horse                        EF     2300
        KSA 2 Bars: SA01; SA02 148 Cpl S.J. Eastes Midland M.R.
X065    Pair: QSA Bar: D of L 96046 Gnr H. Snosshill 42nd Bty R.F.A                   VF-    3200
        KSA 2 Bars: SA01; SA02 96046 Gnr H. Snosshill RFA. The 42nd
        Battery were stationed at Ladysmith when war broke out but seemingly
        missed the action at Elandslaagte. QSA with first type reverse and ghost

M066    Pair: British Crimea, Turkish Crimea                                          EF     3000
        802 P. McLoughlin 89th Regiment - Regimentally impressed

K067    Korpl C.A. Pienaar - Form "B" shows he was Hoof Koporaal in                   EF     2200
        Kommandant Prinsloo's Kommando.          Fought at Twee Rivier;
        Magersfontein. Taken POW at Paardeberg
K068    Burger D.J. Duvenage Form "B" shows Diederik Johannes Duvenhage               EF     1800
        was in the Potchefstroom KDO. He was taken POW with General Cronje
       at Paardeberg. He faught at Roodewal, Magersfontein and Modderspruit
       - approved 1921
K069   Burger J.A. Griesel Form "B" shows that this medal was applied for by       EF    2000
       his widow. Johannes Adolf Griesel served with General Kemp KDO. He
       was wounded and became an invalide due to his wounds. He received a
       pension reference No L22/15096/2270. Important note: No wound
       certificate was applied for

X070   Burger P.J. Raats :- There were only a few well-defined engagements         VF    2200
       between Boer and Brit during the Siege of Mafeking. The last of these
       was on 12 May 1900 (5 days before the Relief) when Commandant Sarel
       Eloff made a surprise attack to finally take the town. His motley
       Commando, that contained a large percentage of foreign volunteers,
       penetrated the outer defences of the town and took the fort that was used
       by Colonel Hore as headquarters. However, the Boer backup force
       promised by Gen. Snyman, did not turn up. About half of the men
       managed to get back to the Boer lines, but Eloff and more than 100
       officers and men (including Pieter Raats) had to surrender. That night
       Eloff, who cut a dashing figure and was a grandson of President Kruger,
       had dinner with Baden-Powell. The POW Register for the incident lists
       interesting names, e.g. Capt Victor Albert Du Framond (French Army), Lt
       Carlo Bruno (Italian Navy), Lt Friedrich Reichard (Germany) and
       Burghers Antonio Francisco (Oporto, Portugal) Alfred Giradet (Berne,
       Switzerland), Barend Gyswyt (Leeuwaarden, Holland) and Maurice Le
       Gall (Paris, France). All the POW's were sent to St Helena. Sold with
       copy of Form "B" and POW register for the incident.

X071   Handkerchief - fine white linen, 260 x 260 mm                               VF+    700
       Enclosed in chocolate tin New Year "South Africa 1900" (Vic)
       Handkerchief has hand embroidered edging, in excellent condition. A
       few brown marks.
Y072   12 Heads carved from cork bottle stoppers made by a Boer POW? One                   50
       with date 1900 on base
P073   Original photo of General Louis Botha. The other officers in the photo             185
       have been cut off. Photo has been mounted on a piece of cardboard and
       was folded twice before being mounted
P074   Large Print of General Piet Cronje with the Long Tom Canon at the Siege           1200
       of Mafeking. Print mounted on board and beautifully framed
P075   Lot of 2: Distressed Program Pretoria 1900 - A music recital of Piano;             150
       violin - songs followed by dancing. No place, no date or time listed.
       Invitation to a dinner to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the
       surrender of Johannesburg to the British Forces - as new condition
P076   Pigskin Pommel wallet of the Boer War period                                EF    1100
P077   Victoria chocolate tin                                                      VF     330
P078   Army book 153 should have been used by an officer for sending                      400
       dispatches. Used by an unknown officer for making notes.

K079   Pvt E.R.B. Bays Grff Reinet Cdo                                             EF      700
       1914/15 Star
       War Medal 2 Lt E. Bruce-Bays
       Bilingual Victory Medal Pte E Bruce-Bays 11th SAI
       Photocopies of record of Service show that his 1914/15 Star is confirmed.
       Appointed Temp. 2 Lt 21/9/1918.
       Served in East Africa from 21/12/16 to 28/2/17. Declared temporarily
       Medical unfit. - SEE LOT K084 UNDER PRE WWI GROUPS

Y080   Pair: Pte C. Stewart Cape Town Highlanders                                  VF -   2000
       Member of the Contingent to the Coronation of George V                      EF
       QSA Medal 1 clasp Cape Colony 388 - Pte C. Stewart Cape Town Highrs
       (officially impressed)
       King George V Coronation Medal 1911 (unnamed as issued)
       The rarity of the 1911 Coronation medals awarded to members of the
       Colonial Defence Forces of South Africa for the Commemoration of the
       Coronation King George V respectively is not realized, a total of 361
       were awarded to soldiers from the SA Colonies who attended 1911
       Coronation. "The History of the Cape Town Highlanders 1885-1970" by
       Neil Orpen records on page 70 that Private C. Stewart along with Sgt A
       Cloudsley, and Pte's C. Lawrie, M Sinclair, T. Johnson and J Sanders had
       been selected to represent the Cape Town Highlanders at the Coronation
       of 1911. Coronation medal confirmed as number 388 on Mac Bisset's
M081   Pair: Pte R. Briscoe Kimberley Town Guard                                   EF     5500
       QSA Bar Defence of Kimberley
       Kimberley Star "a" Hallmark top Ribbon suspender missing
U082   Group of Three: 1049 Pte A. Pletschke Kaffrn Rifles                         EF     8000
       QSA Bars CC; Wepener; Tvl
       War and Africa Service Medals 137416 G.A. Pletschke
       South African Veterans' Badge 1899-1902 Metal and Enamel buttonhole
       SA War Veterans' Association cloth Path 1899-1902
       Photocopies of Service Record for WW I show that he is only entitled to
       these medals. He attested in the 1st Reserve Brigade 17/6/40. Discharged
       25/2/44. Engagement terminated having passed the age limit for active
       service. Medals mounted for wear
A083   Group of Three: 1668 Corp J. Westcott 2/D of Corn L.I.                      VF     7300
       Egypt Medal bar: The Nile 1884-5
       Indian General Serivce 1854 Bar Burma 1889-92
       1668 Serjt J. Westcott 1st BN DCLI
       Khedives Star 1884-6 unnamed as issued
K084   Group of Five: Pte J.T. Bays Grahamstown T.G.                               EF     2300
       QSA No bar
       1914/15 Star Capt J. Bruce-Bays SAMC
       War and Victory Medals Capt J. Bruce-Bays
       GVR Jubilee Medal unnamed. Confirmed on Roll Mayor (of East

       Mounted for wear. Photo of him from South African Who's Who 1915
K085   Group of Three: J.A. Le Poer Power                                             EF   19500
       Assistant Superintendent JA Le Poer Power, SA Prison Service, Natal
       Queens South Africa Medal: Clasps: Natal: Gaoler J.A.P Le Poer Natal
       Natal Rebellion Medal: Clasp 1906; Gaoler J.A.P. Le Poer Natal Police
       Colonial Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Edw VII, Natal
       reverse) 1:C: Sgt J.A. Le Poer-Power N.P.
       Note the naming variations across the respective medals
       Originally from Ireland, Le Poer Power joined the Natal Police in 1890.
       The Natal civil list for 1902 shows him as an officer for the sale of
       ammunition, in Richmond, Natal (with his date of appointment indicated
       (erroneously) as 1898). As a gaoler Le Poer Power served in Richmond,
       Newcastle, Pietermaritzburg and Stander. After a Natal Police regimental
       parade of 302 officers and men on the Market Square, Pietermaritzburg in
       November 1909; 28 members of the Natal Police (including Le Poer
       Power) were presented with their Natal long service medals by His
       Excellency the Governor of Natal, Sir Mathew Nathan. The Public
       service list of 1920 shows Le Poer Power as an Assistant superintendent
       of the Johannesburg goal and Outstations, and as Warden of the
       Diepkloof Reformatory. His date of appointment is shown as 1890. Le
       Poer Power also served as Assistant superintendent of Durban prison and
       the Point convict prison, and in a similar capacity at the Central prison in
       Pretoria. Le Poer Power was a keen boatsman and cricketer. He died in
       Pietermaritzburg in 1946. Sold with copied research, 5 original magazine
       group photographs which all include Le Poer Power, and with an original
       magazine cartoon of Le Poer Power, all taken between approximately
       1915 and 1925, and with a copy of the Natal Long Service Medal roll.
       Also sold with 2 original photographs, the first of Le Poer Power and his
       family at the time of the Boer War, and the second, a portrait of Le Poer
       Power taken about 1905.
       Note: The Colonial Long Service and Good conduct medal with a Natal
       reverse is very rare. The roll reflects 45 recipients.
K086   Group of Eight: Pte A. Blassoples Kimb Rif                                     EF   10 000
       Cape of Good Hope General Service Medal, Bar Bechuanaland -
       confirmed on roll; QSA Bars Relief of Mafeking; Defence of Kimberley;
       OFS; TVL - confirmed on roll Cape Police.
       KSA Bars: SA01; SA02 : 362 L. Cpl C.P. Dist
       1914/15 Star: Sjt 5 SAMR
       War and Bilingual Victory Medals 5th SAMR
       GVR Permanent Forces Beyond the Seas LSGC Sgt 5th SAMR,
       Kimberley Star 'A' Hallmark - top ribbon suspender missing. The
       original discharge certificate accompanies the lot. Listed in the Book
       "The Siege of Kimberley 1899-1900" with the T Pounder detachment.
K087   Group of Seven: 770 Corp W.L. Burn Durban L.I.                                 EF    9000
       QSA Bars: Relief of Ladysmith; Tvl - confirmed by Winifred Scott;
       Natal Rebellion Bar 1906 Capt W.L. Burn Durban Light Infantry -
       engraved as issued to officers. Edge knock
       1914/15 Star

       War and Bilingual Victory Medals Capt 1st Infantry
       GVR Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officers Decoration Capt W.L. Burne D
       GVR Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal Capt W.L. Burne
       Capt Burne appears in 3 Group Photos and also in the text of the history
       of the Durban Light Infantry.

       WW I MEDALS
Y088   Rare Australian WW I Chocolate tin size 15.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 2 cm. The                 500
       lid shows the coat of arms of Australia dated 1915 and 1916 with the
       following legend "To our gallant Australian Kinsmen at the front from the
       Australian War Contingent Association London, with every good wish to
       one and all Xmas 1915" Age wear to outer rim of lid and spotting to gold
       painted lid. Message clear and bright.
P089   Miniature Death Plaque unnamed 81 mm
P090   Death Plaque: Charles James Moody - Able Seamen HMS Vesper                  EF       750
       24/06/1919. HMS Vesper a destroyer of 1917. Broken up in 1946. Also
       unofficial dog tag - accidentally drowned
X091   WW I War Medal to Cpl A.B. Thompson 3rd S.A.I. Photocopies of his           VF+      150
       record of service show that he attested 14/4/16, Victory Medal missing.
M092   WW I Medal to Pte Manus - 1 Cape C.L.R.                                     VF       100
M093   WW I Medal to Pte Russouw S.A. Veteran Reg.                                 EF       100
M094   WW I Medal to Pte Hayward S.A.M.C.                                          EF       100
M095   Pretoria Citizen Service Medal                                              EF       200
M096   British Red Cross Society Bronze medal 1914-18                              EF       150
X097   Allied Victory Medal (Bil)(AVM) to Pte M.P. Van Schanke 6th SAI             EF       250
       Photocopies of record shows that he attested 14/4/1916, star missing.
X098   Canadian Memorial Cross (silver) 107080 Cpl P.S. Barr (Geo V) in case       VF+     1600
       of issue
X099   Mercantile Marine medal to Edward Turner                                    VF        350
Y100   British War Medal 1914/18 to Nurse Esmé Fourie                              EF    300-400
       Medal officially impressed Nurse E. Fourie
       Her Nationality is given as Dutch on her application form to attest as a
       probationer nurse in the SA Military Nursing Service. Her service was at
       No 2 General Hospital, Maitland, Cape Town and she first reported for
       duty on 29 October 1917. She took her first leave on 1st December 1918.
       A letter from Col. H. Mentz, the Minister of Lands on 1/10/1918,
       supporting her leave application states, "It seems that she is completely
       exhausted and in any case could not go back for 3 weeks or a month.
       From what her mother tells me, she has already stayed on too long but
       being determined to see it through she would not give in but if she does
       not take her discharge now she will ruin her health….." The Director of
       Medical Services, Col Stock, in repling to Colonel Mentz's letter paid
       special tribute to nurses like Esmé Fourie when he wrote: "I am very glad
       that this case has been brought to your notice, as I think none of us
       sufficiently realize what hard work our nurses have at times to do or how
       much we owe to the probationers for their help at a time when trained
       nurses are not available". Senior Probationer Nurse Fourie served for 725
       days and was demobilized on 14th October 1919. (20 pages of copied
       research including record of service, testimonials and correspondence)
Y101   1914/15 Star Oficially impressed Burg J.A. Compaan 10 de B.S (Berede               100-150
       Schutters) Compaans' card records his unit as being the first 7th
       Dismounted Rifles which was not mobilized and thereafter as a member
       of Botha's Hogeveld Ruiters serving from 24/10/1914 until his unit was
       disbanded on 26/5/1915. Thereafter Compaan served in the 2nd Military
       Constabulary BWM and Victory medal absent. 1 page of copied research

       WW I GROUPS
M102   Pair: War and Bilingual Victory Medals                                       EF       500
       Burg A.G. Van Bosch van Rhynsdorp Kdo
A103   Pair: War Medal and Mercantile Marine Medal                                  EF       900
       Hars Hansen
K104   Pair: War Medal and Mercantile Marine Medal                                  EF       900
       C. Dunmann
X105   Pair: BWM; AVM (Brit) 203072 Spr. J.A.A. Best R.E.                           EF       250
       Sold with copies of service cards
X106   Pair: BWM; AVM (Bil) Pte R. Webster 3rd SAI                                  VF+      500
       Sold with copies of service cards. Attested 23/11/16 thus no star missing
X107   Pair: BWM; AVM (Bil) Pte E. Warmington 5th SAI                               VF       450
       Edgar Warmington was a Private with the 2nd SA Inf. Brigade.
       Photocopies of record of service show that he was taken on strength
       19/5/16, therefore no star is missing.
X108   Pair: BWM; AVM (Bil) Gnr J.E. Chapman S.A.H.A                                EF       500
       Sold with copy of service file. Attested 2/8/16 therefore no star missing
X109   Pair: BWM S/Sjt J.S. Bailey SAPC                                             EF       900
       AVM (Bil) Pte J.S. Bailey 1st S.A.I.
       John Sydney Bailey was severely wounded in action at the Butte de
       Warlencourt on the 18th Oct 1916. Sold with copies of service cards and
       file. Attested 21/1/16 therefore no star missing
X110   Pair: BWM; AVM (Bil) Pte C.J. Basset 1st SAI                                 EF       500
       Cecil Jameson Basset was posted to "B" Company. Contracted Trench
       fever. Sold with service cards. Attested 25/1/16 - therefore no star
X111   Pair: BWM; AVM (Bil) L/Cpl W. Maynier 1st SAI                                VF       900
       Warfield Maynier was taken POW on 24 March 1918 at Marrieres Wood
       Sold with copies of service cards and file. Attested 6/4/17 therefore no
       star missing.
X112   Pair: BWM AVM (Bil) Pte E.H. Smith 2nd SAI                                   EF      1200
       Edward Henry Smith was wounded in action on 31 Dec 1917 and
       subsequently reported Missing/Death assumed on 12 April 1918 during
       the retreat from Messines' Ridge. Sold with service cards and file.
       Attested 14/5/17 therefore no star missing
X113   Pair: BWM; AVM (Bil) L/Cpl A.G. Wright 1st SAI                               EF       900
       Arthur Gerald Wright of Claremont attested in the 1st SAI in January
       1917- therefore no star missing. He was twice wounded in action
       (gunshot wounds in thigh at Passchendale and later chest) - on both
       occasions being transferred to hospitals in England. Later, farming in the
       Grabouw district he served in the Caledon NRV during WW II but did
       not claim the ASM to which he would have been entitled. Photos of him
       in Uniform in WW II.
X114   Pair: BWM; AVM (Bil) Spr. W Murphy S.A.R.O.D.S.                              EF     400
       Murphy, a Shunter with the South African Railways served with the SA
       Railways Overseas Dominion Sec I in France throughout 1917 and 1918.
       He suffered from trench fever in March 1918 and spent 3 months in
       hospital in England. Sold with copied service documents.
X115   Pair: BWM; AVM (Bil) Pte W.H. Innes 3rd SAI. Photocopy of his record         EF     450
       of service show that he arrived in war theatre 19/1/17, therefore no star
X116   Pair BWM; AVM (Bil) Gnr I.W.T. Binckes S.AH.A                                EF+    450
       Binckes was in the first SA Football (soccer) team to undertake a foreign
       tour in 1906 to South America. Sold with original medal boxes of issue
       and 5 various Western Province football badges. Photocopies of his
       record of service show that he attested 22/4/17. Therefore no star missing
X117   Pair: BWM; AVM (Brit)                                                        EF     400
       1486 Pte G. Armstrong 1-Cape C.L.R.
X118   Pair: BWM; AVM (Brit)                                                        EF     400
       557 Pte J. Macaulay 1 Cape C.L (rim bruise to BWM)
X119   Pair: BWM; AVM (Brit)                                                        EF     450
       189418 A.2 Cpl G.H. Lock R.E. - Sold with original box of issue - broken
X120   Pair: BWM; AVM (Bil)                                                         VF+    475
       Dvr J. Kampshall S.A.F.A.
X121   Pair: BWM; AVM (Bil)                                                         EF     475
       Gnr J.H. Smith S.A.F.A - sold with service papers. Attested 6/7/17 thus
       no star missing. Punished 5 times
X122   Pair: BWM; AVM (Bil)                                                         EF     400
       Pte V.T. Loxton 4th S.A.H.
       Vernon Thomas Loxton served with the Ermelo Commando before
       joining the 4th S.A.H. His 1914/15 star is missing
X123   Pair: BWM; AVM (Bil)                                                         VF     475
       Sjt A. McAlister 9th S.A.H. photocopies of his record of service shows
       that he was awarded the Mercantile Marine Medal. He attested 25/5/16
       therefore no star missing,
X124   Pair: BWM; AVM (Bil)                                                         VF     500
       Pte W. Liberty 1st S.A.I. Photocopies of record of service show that he
       attested 14/8/15, therefore the star is missing
X125   Pair: BWM; AVM (Bil)                                                         VF+    400
       A/Sjt J. Grant S.A.S.C, photocopies of his record of service shows he
       attested 14/2/17. therefore no star missing
L126   Pair: War and Victory Medals                                                 EF    1800
       Pte 11562 C.H. Mann R. Scots
       MIC shows only entitled to War and Victory medals. KIA 28 April 1917.
       Buried at Roeux British Cemetery
L127   Pair: War and Victory Medals                                                 EF    1000
       S7743 Pte A.C. Mann R. Highrs
       MIC shows that 1914/15 Star is missing. KIA 14/3/17 Buried in Iraq
       Commemorated on the Basra Memorial
L128   Pair: War and Victory Medals                                                 EF     750
       231714 A Cpl W.H. Drew R.E.
       Drew's original Pay book accompanies the lot. It states he attested on
       17/1/17 thus he was never entitled to a star. The book shows that he
       served in Russia as the book is dated Archangel 3/9/19. There is also a
       letter sent by Drew to the Regimental Paymaster complaining about a
       shortfall. There is also an unnamed Defence Medal and a Royal
       Engineers Cap badge. 6 Postcards of the Memorial at Ypres and a post
       card of the Canadian War Memorial.
Y129   Pair: Pte K.P. Block 1st SA Infantry                                             VF-      600
       Wounded in Action with silver war badge                                          EF
       British War Medal 1914/18 and Bilingual Victory Medal officially
       impressed to Pte K.P. Block 1st SAI with Silver war badge No 4025 -
       number confirmed on Block's record cards copies which accompany the
       Block, a ship metal worker by trade, served for 12 months in the Cape
       Garrison Artillery 14/9/1914 to 18/8/1915 but did not qualify for a 14/15
       Star as he did not leave South Africa. He was one of the original
       enrolments of the 1st SAI Brigade, having enlisted at Potchefstroom on 24
       August 1915, served in the Senussi Campaign in North Africa and then in
       France. His medical records states that he was wounded in action at the
       Butte de Warlancourt on 18/10/1916 which resulted in him spending the
       next four months in hospital after which he was invalided out of the army.
       A detailed account of the 1st SA Infantry's part in the battle of the Butte de
       Warlencourt where Block was wounded may be found on pages 166 to
       172. "Pyramids and Poppies" by Peter K.A. Digby. When the last
       members of 1st SAI were relieved on 19 October conditions were so bad
       that the men could not even clean their weapons. (21 pages of copied
       research including copies of attestation and discharge papers.)
Y130   Pair: Pte C.E. Blewett South African Motor Cycle Corps                                    550
       British War Medal 1914/18; Bilingual Victory Medal both officially
       impressed Pte C.E. Blewett S.A.M.C.C. with pin back ribbon tunic bar.
       This interesting reconnaissance / dispatch riding unit was raised for
       service in the German East Africa Campaign, serving from 1916-18.
       Four hundred BSA Motor bicycles were sent out from England to equip
       them and carried an average weight of 140 lbs kit besides the rider.
       Charles Ernest Blewett, an American born in Michigan, served in the
       SAMCC from 5/6/1917 to 17/3/1918. He was declared permanently unfit
       for tropical service after 286 days because of severe attacks of malaria,
       which was the fate of many a soldier from South Africa who served in
       German East Africa. (11 pages of copied research)
Y131   Trio: Cpl J.L. Serfontein Botha's Scouts                                         VF-   700-900
       1914/15 Star Pte J.L. Serfontein Botha's Scouts; British War Medal               EF
       1914/18 and Bilingual Victory Medal Kpl J.L. Serfontein. 7 ZAR (Zuid
       Afrikaanse Ruiters) all officially impressed.
       Botha's Scouts (5th Brigade Right Wing) a small scout unit consisted of
       only 5 officers and 103 other ranks. Serfontein enrolled in the unit as No
       96 serving in German South West Africa 9/2/15 to 30/7/15. He had
       previously served in the Rebellion as a private in Thring's Light Horse
       from 20/10/14 to 22/12/14. Thereafter Serfontein served in German East
       Africa with the 7th SA Horse as a Private 9/4/16 until his discharge as a
       result of Malaria on 18/4/1917 at Durban.

M132   Three: Pte V. Billson 4th Infantry                                           EF       550
       1914/15 Star; War and Bilingual Victory Medals
L133   Three: 1914/15 Star, War and Victory Medals mounted as worn                  VF+     1200
       J21367 H. Brandon ABRN
       Hurts and wounds certificate included.
       The certificate shows that he was wounded in action 20 January 1918 on
       board the HMS Raglan. A monitor sunk in action with Goebeu and
       Buslou. He was one of 76 survivors.
K134   Three: Lieut N. Senior W.R.D.R.                                              EF      5000
       1914/15 Star
       War Medal Capt N. Senior R.F.C.
       Victory Medal Capt N Senior R.F.C.
           5 Athletic Prize Medals
           5 Small Silver Auto cycle price medals
       Senior obtained his Pilots licence on 25th April 1917 as a Captain in the
       West Riding Regiment. On 10th May whilst on photo reconnaissance
       with 55 Squadron his aircraft was hit by shell fire, at Gauzacourt. Senior
       was wounded in action and Cpl P.H. Holland was K.I.A.
X135   Four: 1914/15 Star; BWM; AVM (Bil)                                           VF+      900
       RFM J.B. Pretorius 1st S.A.M.R. SA Police Good Service Medal (2ND
       Type: "Poliesie Diens") No 5988(M) Const. J.B. Pretorius
       Joseph Pretorius served with the 1st SA Mounted Rifles (Cape Mounted
       Rifles) in SWA from May to July 1915 and attested in the South African
       Police on 22 October 1915. Sold with copies of Military and Police
       service cards.
K136   Four: P.Flt. I. De B. Daly R.N.                                              EF      5000
       1914/15 Star
       War and Victory Medals Flt. Lt. I. De B. Daly R.N.A.S.
       EIIR Coronation Medal unnamed as issued
       Medals mounted as worn
       Captain / Prof I Van de Burgh Daly FRS. CBE. M.D. Private RAMC
       Flight Sub-Lt RNAS 1915/17
       On 1 June 1916 F. Lt Daly was injured during a duel with an enemy
       aircraft which was shot up near Abiele. He was a member of 4 Wing
       RNAS Flying a Nieuport 10 No 3176. He had a long and distinguished
       medical career. There is a comprehensive entry in the Who's Who 1951.
       The Royal Humane Society Swimming proficiency Medal awarded to
       Daly in 1911 accompanies the lot.

H137   1939/45 Star - SA issue - unnamed not name erased                            EF        20
H138   WW II War Medal Great Britain Issue - unnamed                                EF        20
X139   Africa Service Medal to 59369 A. Van As                                      VF        70
M140   Africa Service Medal ACF T.W.P. Cornes                                       EF       150
       Photograph of him in uniform accompanies the lot
Y141   SA Medal for War Services (unnamed as issued) 1939/45, in box of issue       VF    250-300
       with certificate of award to Thomas K. Runeli. Certificate with some age
       darkening etc.

M142   Pair to P Jonkers: War Medal, Africa Service Medal                         EF    100
M143   Pair to S Jacobs: War Medal, Africa Service Medal                          EF    100
M144   Pair to G Manuel: War Medal, Africa Service Medal                          EF    100
M145   Pair to P Mgobozi - modern issue - War Medal, Africa Service Medal         EF    100
M146   Pair to A Le Roux: War Medal ,Africa Service Medal                         EF    100
M147   Pair to I Wagenar: War Medal, Africa Service medal                         EF    100
P148   Pair to L/J X359055 James Healy Haslam
       1939/45 Star and War Medal - Unnamed as issued - Mint in mailing box
       with original medal slip in the box and says 2.
       With black and white photo of him in Naval white uniform as a signaler.
       The following original documents accompany the lot:-
       Certificate of Service; Vaccination Certificate; Order for release from
       Naval Service from HMS Pembroke; Signal History sheet; Interim Trade
X149   Pair to 93342 Pte G.H. Follingham R.A.M.C.                                 EF    300
       BWM; AVM (Brit)
X150   Pair to Dvr W.L. Richmond S.A.S.C.                                         EF+   400
       BWM; AVM (Bil) - sold with silver King's wound badge No SA4851
       Photocopies of his record of service shows that he attested 14/4/16 and
       therefore no star is missing.
X151   Pair to Pte C.J. Williams 1st SAI                                          EF    500
       BWM; AVM (Bil)
X152   Pair to John H.S. Tanner                                                   EF    800
       BWM; Mercantile Marine War Medal 1914-18
X153   Pair to 223959 S.B.R. Rademeyer                                            VF+   200
       Africa Star; ASM.
       Record of service shows 1939/45 star missing, Defence medal missing,
       War medal missing. 2nd Lieut Indian Service Corps. Promoted Temp
       Capt. 6/11/41. 5/12/44 appointed O.C 81 M.A.C. - appointed Temp
       Mayor 1/8/45 to 24/12/45.
X154   Three: N52216 P Ndhlovu                                                    VF+   420
       Italy Star; WM; ASM
       Pvt Pieter Ndhlovu enlisted for war service at Johannesburg on 7/4/1942.
       After initial training served at various Air Force Stations in the Union
       until September 1944. Was then posted to SAAF Stores Depot at
       Helwan, Egypt. He performed transport duties there until posted to No 31
       (H/B) Squadron, SAAF (Italy) as a transport driver in 1945. Including
       original medal issue slip - medal issue complete and record of service
       Native Mil. Corps and photograph in uniform.
X155   Four: M11793 H. Jardine                                                    EF    500
       1939/45 Star; Africa Star; WM, ASM
       Sold with original letter from Minister of Defence, Pretoria 24/9/1943.
       Mounted as worn. Record of service shows front sheet "M" crossed out
       "H" inserted. Second sheet clearly shows "H" - religion given as Moslem.
       Discharged medically unfit 1943.
X156   Four: 338190 C.C. Haupt                                                    VF    550
       1939/45 Star; Italy Star; WM; ASM
       Sold with original medal issue slip, discharge certificates; letter from
       Minister of Defence; Pretoria 29/03/1946; Ex-Volunteer's identity book;
       photograph in uniform; photocopy of service record confirming service
       with the S.A.A and SAAF
X157   Four: 134786 H.N. Ashwell                                                    VF    500
       1939/45 Star; Africa Star bar: 8th Army WM; ASM
       S.A.E.C. badge, 2 dog tags, Photocopies of his record of service show
       that he enlisted with the SA Corps of Engineers on the 28/8/41, serves
       with 31 Road Company, and transferred to UDF Base 10/7/43, this is his
       full medal entitlement.
X158   Four: 189206 N.H. Sharwood                                                   VF+   450
       1939/45 Star; Africa Star; WM; ASM
       Sgt Norman Harold Sharwood served with the 6th Res. Mechanical
       Transport Coy, QSC in East and North Africa. Sold with copies of
       service cards and file.
X159   Four: 164849 J.N. Bosman                                                     VF    700
       1939/45 Star; Africa Star bar: 8th Army; War Medal; ASM
       According to photocopies of service record he was appointed Lieut 7/8/41
       then appointed Temp Capt 17/8/43 - Discharged 8/11/43 - medically
X160   Four: 98122 G.S. Bromilow                                                    VF+   500
       1939/45 Star; Africa Star; WM; ASM
X161   Four: 581917 J.A. Manser                                                     VF    420
       1939/45 Star; Italy Star; WM; ASM
       A postman in civilian life, John Arundel Manser served as a telephonist in
       the S.A.A.F. Sold with copies service documents
K162   Four: 596162 J.C. Willemse                                                   EF    400
       Italy Star; War Medal and Africa Service Medal; St John Ambulance
       Brigade Long Service Medal SA 1978 J.C. Willemse 1975. Photocopies
       of record of service show that, he attested in the SA corps of signals on
       17/8/44, and this is his full medal entitlement.
M163   Four: NX24770 F. Burrowes                                                    VF+   500
       Pacific Star; Defence and War Medals
       Australian Service Medal - All Medals Officially impressed. Mounted for
       wear. Medals VF+ Ribbons perished. World War Two Service :-
       Private Frank Burrowes NX24770
       Service: Australian Army
       Date of Birth: 13 November 1911
       Place of Birth: Riverstone, NSW
       Date of Enlistment: 3 June 1940
       Locality on Enlistment : Peakhurst, NSW
       Place of Enlightment: Paddington, NSW
       Next of Kin: Burrowes, Annie
       Date of Discharge: 21 January 1946
       Posting at Discharge: 11 Australian Small Ship Company
L164   Four: 606915 A.J. Mclean                                                     EF    450
       1939/45 Star; Italy Star; War and Africa Service Medals. A receipt for a
       pay book to WO II A.J. Mclean and a metal WO II badge is included
X165   Five: ASM 299788 W. Esterhuizen                                              VF    500
       1939/45 Star; Italy Star; Defence and War Medal
       Wynand Esterhuizen was born 20 November 1915 and his occupation
       was "Barman". He was posted on 13 August 1941 to the SA Medical

       Corps and reported to A.A.M.S. Durban for posting as Middle East
       replacement to Troop Ship as Medical Orderly (16/10/1941) to staff of
       H.S. Amra. Sold with original medal issue slip and discharge certificated
       and envelopes as well as photocopy of service record.
X166   Five: N26776 J. Miller                                                       VF    400
       1939/45 Star; Africa Star with 8th army bar (replacement), DM; WM;
       ASM Photocopies of his record of service show that he attested as a
       driver in the 48th infantry Brigade, his home address shows that he lived
       593 Cape Location, Graaff-Reinet.
Y167   Five: Staff Sgt D.C. Cronje Prince Alfred's Guard who was wounded in         VF-   500
       the foot.                                                                    EF
       1939/45 Star; Africa Star; Defence Medal; British War Medal 1939/45;
       Africa Service Medal all officially impressed 8059 D.C. Cronje mounted
       as worn
       Sgt Dirk Cornelis Cronje, a clerk in the South African Railways and
       Harbours, Port Elizabeth served in the Prince Alfred's Guard, first and
       then in Field Provost Companies of the SA Corps of Military Police and
       83rd E.S.B.D. S.A. Engineer Corps. He was wounded in Egypt in the
       Field on 9/7/1942 in the foot. He joined up in Port Elizabeth on
       10/101940 and was finally discharged on 11/5/1946 (22 pages of copied
M168   584866 B.F. Fraser                                                           EF    900
       1939/45 Star; Atlantic Star with France and Germany Bar unnamed
       Burma Star; War and Africa Service medals properly impressed as issued.
       Photocopies of his record of Service show that he attested in the SANF
       5/1/1943. He was seconded to the Royal Navy 1/3/1943. He was posted
       to HMS Hawker a cruiser of 1917, on the 10th July 1943 to 25 February
       1944. Hawker had the Battle Honours of Normandy 1944. Nigeria was a
       cruiser of 1939. Battle Honours Burma 1944-45. Granted a commission
       in the SANF as Act Sub Lt with effect from 22 June 1945.
X169   Six: ASM C301722 D. Jantjies                                                 VF    650
       1939/45 Star; Africa Star; Italy Star; Defence and War Medal
       Sold with photocopy of service record. Served Cape Corps. Mounted.
X170   Six: ASM 572405 J. Higgs and bar:                                            VF    700
       1939/45 Star; Africa Star (North Africa 1942/43); Italy Star; Defence and
       War Medal
       Sgt James Higgs served with 40 Squadron in North Africa and Italy. Sold
       with original medal issue slip, hammock and meal cards; 7 photos and
       copy of service record.
X171   Six: 2396 R.F. James                                                         VF    600
       1939/45 Star; Africa Star; Italy Star; DM; WM; ASM
       Pte James Francis James served with the 11th Supply Co, Q Services
       Corps. Sold with copies of service cards and file
X172   Six: ASM 113012 G. Saunders                                                  VF    600
       1939/45 Star; Africa Star; Italy Star; DM; WM
       Corporal Godfrey Saunders originally attested in the Kaffrarian Rifles and
       served in Egypt and Italy with the TSC. Sold with copies of service
       cards, file and photographs of recipient in uniform and the recipient's
       original medal ribbon issue slip.

X173   Six: BWM; AVM (Bil) Cpl C.J.H. Rabe S.A.S.C.                               VF     750
       1939/45 Star; Africa Star; WM; ASM 42805 C.J.H. Rabe
       Christiaan Johannes Hendrik Rabe attested as an unqualified driver with
       the S.A.S.C. Motor Transport at Robert's Heights in February 1917. After
       3 months service in East Africa he was declared permanently unfit for
       tropical service and returned to the Union. During WW II he attested
       with the Coast Garrison and Active Citizen Force in "Q" Service Corps.
       He was appointed Lieutenant in August 1940, Captain in March 1944 and
       Major in July 1947.
K174   Six: 94414 D.E.E. Mare                                                     EF     600
       1939/45 Star; Africa Star Bar North Africa 1942-43; Italy Star; Defence;
       War and Africa Service Medals
X175   Eight: W Van Aswegan                                                             4500
       1st Class Warrant Officer W Van Aswegen South African Artillery, late
       South African Police, South African Field Artillery and South African
       Mounted Rifles.
       1914/15 Star : Rfm W Van Aswegen 1st S.A.M.R.
       British War Medal 1914-20: Rfm W. Van Aswegan 1st S.A.M.R.
       Victory Medal (bil): Rfm W. Van Aswegan 1st S.A.M.R.
       1939/45 Star: P1141 W. Van Aswegen
       War Medal 1939/45: P 1141 W. Van Aswegen
       Africa Service Medal: P1141 W. Van Aswegen
       Permanent Forces of the Empire Beyond the Seas Long Service and Good
       Conduct Medal Geo V: No 1141 Sjt W. Van Aswegen 3rd BTY S.A.F.A
       Kings Commendation Protea emblem
       Mounted for display
       NB: Note slight variance on the WW I Medals (i.e. Van Aswegen on the
       star and van Aswegan on the BWM and the Vic)
       Van Aswegen joined the SA Police force in April 1914. He was wounded
       on 23/11/1914 during the clash with rebels led by Jopie Fourie at
       Pienaars River outside Pretoria (at the time he was serving with the 1st
       S.A.M.R. Training Depot in Pretoria, which was one of the units
       mobilized to deal with the rebels operating in the Pretoria area)
       During WW I van Aswegen served in South West Africa
       Van Aswegen transferred to the SAFA in 1920 and received his long
       service medal in 1932. During WW II van Aswegen served in East and
       North Africa with the SAA (1st Anti Aircraft regiment) and was wounded
       at Gazala on 14/6/42, but remained on duty. He achieved the rank of

       Sold with a portrait photograph of van Aswegen in uniform wearing his
       WW I and long service medal ribbons, several original SAFA battery
       photographs, 2 magazine photos (in which van Aswegen appears) and
       with copied service records confirming all medals and his Kings
       Commendation (1/1/1945), including his long service medal application

X176   C.T. 2268 Pte P. McGuire E.S.P.C.                                          VF+    700
       Patrick McGuire died on service from heart failure with pneumonia on 1
       July 1941. He attested on 8 Nov. 1940 and served with the ESP Corps in

       Cape Town. Patrick McGuire was entitled to the WM and ASM medals.
       3 Officers and 177 enlisted personnel from the E.S.P.C. died on service
       during WW II. Sold with copied service papers.
X177   16816 Sgt P.W. Johnston Q.S.C.                                              VF+   700
       Percival William Johnston was a draughtsman from Wynberg, Cape and
       served with the 3rd Supply Coy, "Q" service Corps from June 1937 - June
       1940 prior to attesting for service in or outside South Africa. He served
       with the 1st Division Supply Coy in East Africa when he died from a self
       inflicted gunshot wound on 4 Jan 1941. He is entitled to a 1939/45 Star;
       Africa Star; WM and ASM. Sold with copied service papers and printout
       from CWGC
X178   313513 A/M S.N. Wait S.A.A.F.                                               VF+   700
       Stanton Norman Wait joined the SAAF on 15 September 1941. He was
       born in Port Elizabeth and his prior employment was with the Clicker
       Shoe Factory. At the time of his death his wife lived in Woodstock. On
       17 November 1942 he was reported missing and believed to have
       drowned at Vaaldam, Deneysville. At the time (18 November 1942) his
       body was not yet recovered. Wait was entitled to the WM and ASM.
       Sold with copied service papers.
X179   190946 Pte J.H.J. Manuel S.A.E.C.                                           EF    700
       John Henry Jenkins Manuel served with the 84th Base Works of the South
       Africa Engineer Corps within the Union from 6 Nov 1940 until his death
       from lung disease on 7 Nov 1941. He was entitled to the WM and ASM.
       Sold with copied service papers, medical board papers and original box of
       issue to Mrs Manuel of Windhoek, S.W.A
X180   86563 WO II L.G. Cawker T.S.C.                                              EF    700
       Louis Garnaut Cawker served in the ranks of the "T" Services Corps
       where he was promoted to the rank of WO II. He attested on 12 March
       1940 and served within the Union primarily as a storeman/clerk until his
       death from natural causes in Pretoria on 18 March 1945. He was entitled
       to the WM and ASM. Sold with copied service papers.
X181   590620V Pte R.F. Richmond R.D.L.I.- inscribed "Died of wounds"              VF+   900
       Rex Frank Richmond died of wounds 17/4/45 Monte Sole, Italy, one of 7
       killed. Refer: page 388: The Durban Light Infantry by A.C. Martin, Vol
       II: 1939/45 Star; Italy Star; WM; ASM confirmed. Sold with copies of
       WW II service cards and extracts from the Regimental history.
M182   Death Plaque: C300739 Pte J.S. Baird CC. Died on Service World War          EF    550

P186   Leaded glass plate painted with ZAR Coat of Arms in the centre                    900
P187   Boer Prisoner of War Wood carving of a fish used for Scotsh Knitting              600
       "Tolletjie breiwerk"
P188   Boer Prisoner of War bone carving of a scarf Ring with "St Helena"                450
       carved on it. Boer Prisoner of War Bone carving of a cufflink - only one
P189   Original receipt of the Lager of General Cronje - framed                          400
P190   Imilation Pond of the ZAR - brass                                                 200
P191   Paul Kruger pocket knife - one blade broken                                       280
P192   Tinder Box - made of brass compelte with old string. Shot shell bandolier         370
       made of metal clips, 29 clips - one missing. Circa 1904-1910
X193   President Kruger by Lauer, 1901                                            F     500
       AM: 111 (Brass, 21 mm diam) missing top ornamental scroll
       Obv: Bust of Kruger, facing left    Legend: "Präsident Kruger"
       Rev: Outer laurel wreath          Legend: "Dem Tapferen Boerenvolke
M194   President Kruger protected by Queen Wilhelmina 1900 Hern 362. Silver       EF   4750
       Medallion with ring for ribbon. Obv: Queen Wilhelmina bust facing left.
       Rev: Paul Kruger being guarded by a female figure. This very rare medal
       was issued on the initiative of the Belgian Newspaper "Le Petit Blue" in
       order to make a presentation to Queen Wilhelmina for her wonderful
       conduct towards President Kruger
M195   Gen de Wet and Gen. De La Rey 1902. Hern 232. Size 39.61 mm bronze.        EF   3500
       Obv: Gen de Wet and Gen de La Rey. Rev: A Boer holding a flag chasing
       a lioness away. "Hands off" in the field.
M196   Pres Kruger by Scharff 1900. Hern 260 39.55 mm. Bronze. Obv:               EF   1500
       President Kruger. Rev: a Bush "Aan De Dappere Strijders Regt en
       Vryheid 1899-1900" Struck at the instigation of Bachoven Van Eecht. It
       is the earliest of the commemorative medals in honour of the President's
       70th Birthday on October 10th 1900. On this day the President was in
       Lorenzo Marques awaiting the arrival of a ship to transport him to
M197   Volkstem Funeral Medal 1904 Hern 384 Bronze 28.6 mm. Obv:                  VF    450
       President Kruger. Rev: Volkstem Aandenken Begrafnis De Grote
       Afrikaner Paul Kruger Pretoria Dec 1904. The Pretoria Newspaper "Die
       Volkstem" distributed this medal on the day the President was buried in
M198   P. Kruger President Hern 410. Size 27.52 mm Copper. Obv: President         VF    100
       Kruger. Rev: Zuid Afrikaanse Republic around P. Kruger President in
       Centre. Suspension piece broken off.
Y199   Bronze Medallion "Tentoonstelling Bijentee” 1916 (42 mm diameter)          EF     10

Y200   Beaten brass ashtray circa 1914 with white metal cap badge of the                 50
       Transvaal Medical Staff Corps set in centre (14.5 cm diameter)
Y201   Beaten brass ashtray circa 1922 with brass collar badge of SAAF / ZALM            50
       set in centre (14.5 cm diameter)
Y202   Beaten brass ashtray circa 1939 with large brass cap badge of SA                  50
       Artillery set in centre (14.5 cm diameter)
M203   Truck made of shell casings and Rhodesian coins                            EF    400

P204   General Smuts United Party - 1 Large - 1 small                             EF     30
P205   Eric Louw - "Steeds getroud"                                               EF     20
P206   Strydom                                                                    EF     20
P207   General Hertzog                                                            EF     20
P208   Voortrekker Monument                                                       EF     20
P209   Dr Malan                                                                   EF     20
P210   Dr Malan                                                                   EF     20

P211   75th Anniversary Commemorative College mounted on board. Composed                     350
       and designed by Rondey Steger
P212   1914 Brass lapel badge of General Smuts                                      EF       100
P213   Ossewa Brandwag Lapel badge                                                  EF       350

Y214   4TH SAI BN Special silver 25 Commemorative Medal in leatherette box                200-300
       of issue individually numbered No 21 of 25. Unit badges on obverse and
       reverse (flash and cap badge designs)
Y215   Pro Patria medal with loose suspender (Pro Patria 3rd type) with Cunene            150-200
       clasp in plastic sleeve of issue.
Y216   Cunene clasp full size                                                                 30

M217   A small aluminium box with a picture of flowers on the lid                   VF       100

X218   Coronation Medal (Eliz. II) boxed which is slightly worn - unnamed as        EF+      360
X219   Canadian Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal 1977 (Eliz. II) silver - gentlemen's   EF       190
X220   Coronation (Police) Medal 1911 (Geo V) Silver for Metropolitan Police        EF+      400
       P.C.E. Smith - edge bruise

X221   Royal Humane Society Medal - bronze 38 mm diam.) engraved "E.D.B.            VF+     2200
       Day 20th February, 1874"
       RHS Records indicate that Edward Day plunged into the river at
       Glenbrook, Passage West, County Cork (depth 15 feet) and caught John
       Crooke (ship's cook) by the hair of his head and brought him to land. The
       state of the body is recorded as "apparently dead" this despite the
       application of "Friction" for five hours and "the placing of a hot bottle
       along the spine". Passage West is part of Cork Harbour. Awarded for
       unsuccessful attempt to save life.

X222   India General Service medal bar : North West Frontier to 7975 Sep. Natha     EF       550
       Khan 2-12 F.F.R.
M223   India General Service                                                        EF       900
       GVR Bar Waziristan 1919-21 l. Naik Thakur Das 58 Rifles

X224   Territorial Force Efficiency Medal (Edw. VII) to 37 Cpl A.W.J. Holman        EF      1550
       6/Glouc. Regt.

X225   Volunteer LS & GC Medal (Vict)                                               EF+      900
       Sergt. Major Travis 3rd Kent Artillery, with blue box

Y226    Centenary Medal Higher Education in Stellenbosh 1866-1966 with silver   EF     30
        hallmark in SA Mint blue crested leatherette presentation box (50 mm
Y227    Superbly struck bronze medal commemorating the Centenary of Pretoria    EF     20
        1855-1955. Obv: bust of M.W. Pretorius and Rev: Coat of arms of
        Pretoria (38mm diameter)
Y228    Hallmarked silver medal commemorating the establishment of the                 20
        Republic of SA (32 mm diameter)
Y229    Centenary Medal for Bloemfontein 1846-1946 (diameter 32 mm) gilding     EF     15
Y230    Centenary of Alice (E Cape Town) 1847 - 1947 bronze (32 mm diameter)    VF     15
Y231    Pair of Medals commemorating Cradock as a Municipality 1914-1964        EF     20
        (one in silver, other bronze) (27 mm diameter)
Y232    Centenary of Outdshoorn as a Town 1847-1947 hallmarked silver           EF     25
        (diameter 32mm)
Y233    Medal to Commemorate the Proclamation of Germiston as a City 1950       EF     15
        gilding metal (32 mm diameter)
Y234    5 Medals: a) To Commemorate Johannesburg as a city 1928                 VF-    20
        b) To Commemorate the Voortrekker Monument issued by Johannesburg       EF
        Municipality in 1949
        c) Great Trek Centenary 1838-1938
        d) The establishment of a Republic in SA 1961
        e) another different medal for Great Trek Centenary

M235    25 mm diameter Southern Mounted Rifles engraved 1913. Rev: Col          VF     50
        Wyndhams Shield Tpr Barnard
M236    22 mm diameter crossed rifles with Target above. Rev Troop 73 (F) A     EF     50
        van Heerden

M237    Legion of Merit                                                         EF    500
M238    Purple Heart                                                            EF    300
M 239   Expedition Service in United States Nave                                EF    300

M240    Abyssinia Medal                                                         EF    450

M241    Belgian War Medal                                                       EF    200

M242    Chinese Medal                                                           EF     75

H243    Uniface Colonial Soldier ME NE Freco No ribbon                                 30
M244    Obv: Divisione Volontari Del Littorio                                   EF     50
        Rev 1937-38 Pagna XV-XVI - No ribbon

M245   Distinguished Service Cross for Army - unnamed specimen                     EF     400
P246   Rhodesian General Service Medal name erased                                 EF      50

X247   WW I Victory Medal - bronze - unnamed                                       EF     150

M248   South Africa Medal 1853 to J. Stall Cape Md Riflemen                        EF    3000
M249   General Service Medal 1918-62 Bar Cyprus to 1011 to Sgt H. Dixon            EF     850
M250   General Service Medal Bar Malaya to 21131384 Rfn Tatanbatta Dur             EF     850
       Raha 2 G.R.
M251   General Service Medal bar Palestine 1945-48 to AS 29055 Pte M Ngoai         EF    1100

M252   Long Service and Good Conduct in Mounted Lesotho Police named               EF     200
M253   Meritorious Service in Lesotho Army                                                300

M254   Long Service Medal for Malawi Police                                        EF     300

M255   Zambian Police Medal for Meritorious Service                                EF     250

M256   Jubilee Medal 1977                                                          EF    1500

X257   SA Railway Police Star for Merit (gilt and red and white enamel) to No      VF+    400
       2314 - Number only
X258   Railway Police Medal for Faithful Service (rev Vir Troue Diens) to Serst.   VF+    350
       N.L. Erasmus
X259   SA Police Medal for Faithful service - bronze, instituted in 1966           EF     200
       S.Konst H.J.G. Louw 82-03-16

X260   SA Police Star for Merit                                                    EF     600
       16596 S.Sers C. Hattingh (28/2/1965); SA Police Medal for Faithful
       Service (ref: "Vir Troue Diens") 16596 (W) 2/Serst.C. Hattingh
       2/Sergt Christian Hattingh was born in Engcobo in the Transkei in 1915.
       He joined the SA Police in March 1935. Posted to Special Branch
       "Spesiale Tak" 27/10/1964. Photocopy of Service Record included.

M261   Kimberley Star                                                              EF     800
Y262   Pro Patria Miniature Medal                                                  EF      40

Y263      WW I Trio: 1914/15 Star; British War Medal, Victory Medal - mounted       EF         120
          as worn

            Please note the following Uniform and equipment belonged to Rob
                       Still who served in the following operations:-
                      Operation Askari 1983/4, Modular and Packer.
             He was deployed as a paratrooper as part of the stopper groups.
R264      Slangvel in good condition - size large                                              500
R265      SADF Back Pack complete with frame                                                   500
R266      SADF Webbing Pattern 74 - complete                                                   150
R267      SADF Kevlar Para helmet                                                              300

D268      Israeli T-Shirt - size Medium - "Israel Defence Force" on back - "Uzi                 25
          does it" - on front
D269      SADF Rain coat Size Medium                                                            50
D270      Koevoet Camo set:- Camo Cap size 58 - as new, Camo Jacket size 40 - as               500
          new and Trousers worn size 32
D271      Portuguese Camo Pants - size 34                                                       50
D272      Sword Frog                                                                            50
N273      Great Britain DPM Camo Jacket size 46/48 - New                                       300
G274      Trial Pattern of SADF Battle Jacket. Looks identical except some of the              200
          pouches close with a strap rather than a flap
G275      SADF Battle Jacket - almost new condition                                            800

G276      Back Pack with Frame "Mashiela" made from camouflaged Corduka                       1200
          material - as new
G277      Camouflage Beret with badge - as new                                                 300
G278      32 Battalion Stable belt size 36 - complete with buckle                              300
G279      32 Battalion Stable belt size 32 - complete with buckle                              250
G280      Camouflage Jacket winter pattern - size 40 - hardly used                             400
G281      Camouflage trousers summer pattern - size 30                                         150
G282      Battle Jacket made from camouflage webbing material - only issued to 32              800

                                        MINE ARM BANDS
Please note: These were intended as rank badges to be worn on the upper left arm. They are all made
                          from copper sheet and are in beautiful condition
H283       Empress Nickel Mine Section Leader                                                    75
H284       Empress Nickel Mine Boss Boy One Star                                                 50
H285       Empress Nickel Mine Boss Boy Two Star                                                 50
H286       Empress Nickel Mine Boss Boy Three Star                                               50
H287       Empress Nickel Mine Boss Boy Four Star                                                50

       BEER MUGS
H288   Operation Hurricane Mtoko 1976 - Two arms holding a sword                 50
H289   Operation Hurricane 1974/75                                               50
H290   Operation Hurricane 1975                                                  50
H291   Operation Hurricane Mount Darwin 1976 No 129                              50
H292   Operation Hurricane Mtoko 1976 - Figure of World holding an FN            50
H293   Operation Grapple - Midlands                                              50
H294   Rhino Survival - Zimbabwe                                                 20
H295   Rhodesian Flag                                                            50
H296   Continuous Company Kotwa 1976/77 - 10th Battalion - "We Drank - We       100
       Swore - We killed"
H297   Changamire Arms                                                           30
H298   Kariba - 2 Idep.                                                         100
D299   SBCC 1793 (Standard Bank Cricket Club) - Rhodesian                        20

H300   Rhodesian Commonwealth Ceasefire Liaison and Monitoring                   30
H301   Operation Tangent - Matabeleland                                          50
H302   Operation Grapple - Midlands                                              50
H303   Operation Hurricane - North East Border                                   50
H304   Operation Thrasher - Eastern Border                                       50
H305   "SALOPS" - Salisbury & District                                           50
H306   Operation Splinter - Kariba                                               50
H307   Operation Repulse - South East Border                                     50
H308   Operation Ranger - North West Border                                      50
H309   Support Unit - Pameri Ne Gondo                                           100
H310   BSAP                                                                      50
H311   10TH Battalion The Rhodesia Regiment                                     100
H312   10th Battalion C Company - The Rhodesia Regiment                         100
H313   P.A.T.U.                                                                 100
H314   Rhodesian Special Air Service - Who Dares Wins                           100
H315   Plaque - The Fighting 10th                                                10
H316   Plaque - Didn't Fight for Fun… by Sydney E Lassman                        10
H317   Perspex Plaque with head of Ian Smith and the words "Republic of          50
       Rhodesia" - 10 cm x 15 cm

D318   SADF Generals Cap                                                        200
D319   SADF Colonel's Hat                                                       100

H320   Rhodesian Regiment - size 30                                              30
H321   Webbing belt - khaki - Please note - no central rivets. Size 38           20
H322   Rhodesian PATU belt - standard webbing belt dyed black - Please note -    30
       no central rivets. Size 36
H323   Rhodesia Africa Rifles - size 26                                          30
H324   Rhodesian Army Service Corps - made for a child                           30

Y325   WW I wide web belt with brass fittings and back buckled straps date              150-200
       stamped 1916 with arrow marking and second stamp arrow contained in
       inverted "U" indicating Union Defence Force issue. Nice clean condition

H326   Small flag - 4 RR - Foxtrot                                                          50
H327   Rhodesian Desk Flag                                                                  20

H328   Hut tax Token - BSA Co "A" 1914/15                                                  100

H329   Chiefs' Gorget                                                                      300

       & King
M330   597       The Royal Fusiliers grenade with lettering shown and Imperial   EF
                 Crown above Garter
M331   608       The Prince of Wale's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment) All brass    EF         50
M332   590       The Queens (Royal West Surrey Regiment)                         EF         50
M333   625       South Wales Borderers "S" slightly damaged                      VF         50
M334   641       The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry W/M                       EF         50
M335             Royal Air Force Observer wing in Bullion Wire                   Mint       50
M336             Royal Air Force Pilot Wing in Gold Bullion Wire                 Mint       50
M337             Royal Air Force Pilot wing in Silver Bullion Wire               Mint       50
M338   1840      14TH County of London Battalion - London Scottish               EF         50
M339   1697      4TH & 5TH Battalions - Duke of Edinburgh's Rifles               EF         70
M340   1657      Dulwich and District Defence League                             EF         70
M341   1303      Wiltshire in browned metal                                      EF         50
M342   1892      The Royal Dragoons (8th)                                        EF         50
M343   1976      The Norfolk Regiment                                            EF         50
M344   2208      The Royal Scots (Royal Regiment)                                EF         50
M345   1116      RMLI Chatham Division                                           EF         50
M346   1154      Machine Gun Corps - One variant of several strikings            EF         50
M347   1303      Wiltshire Officers' Felt hat badge in Bi/Metal                  EF         50
M348   642       Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)                     EF         50
M349   649       The South Staffordshire Regiment with Imperial Crown            EF         50
M350   665       The Royal North Lancashire Regiment with altered scroll         EF         50
M351   635       The Gloucestershire Regiment Brass badge                        EF         50
M352   634       The Gloucestershire Regiment W/M                                EF         50
M353   269       Kings Royal Rifle Corps helmet badge                            EF         50
M354   745       5TH Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte of Wales') W/M           EF         50
M355   686       Gordon Highlanders W/M                                          EF         50
M356   670       King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry forage cap badge            EF         50
M357   700       Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment                               EF         50
M358   1777      Officers Forage Cap Badge 1908 T 2nd BN Monmouthshire           EF        100
M359   1682      Warwickshire Volunteer Regiment Cap Badge                       EF         50

M360   1467     The Lothians and Border (Yeomanry) Horse                          EF    80
M361   1276     Glengarry Badge                                                   EF    80
M362   758      6TH Inniskilling Dragoons                                         EF    60
M363   1871     The Army Cyclist Corps                                            EF    60
M364   1505     South Irish Horse                                                 EF    60
M365   1131     Officers and other Ranks Field Cap badge with Scots Guards        EF    60
M366   909      Scots Guards Other Ranks Broderick Cap badge 1902-05              EF    60
M367   766      The 11th Prince Alfred's Own Hussars                              EF    80

H368   Rhodesia Regt with Red cloth backing                                             30
H369   Rhodesia Staff Corps Badge B                                               VF    30
H370   Rhodesia Staff Corps Badge A                                               EF    40
H371   Rhodesian African Rifles W/M                                               EF    30
H372   Rhodesian Light Infantry Silver Plate                                      EF    80
H373   Guard Force                                                                EF    40
H374   Rhodesian African Rifles Collar badge                                      EF    20
J375   C414     Rhodesia & Nyasaland Air Force Officers cap badge                      200
J376   2989     Royal Rhodesia Regiment Q/C Cap badge worn 1957-1972              EF    80
J377   2987     Royal Rhodesia Regiment K/C White Metal cap badge 1947-           EF   130
J378   2994     Rhodesia Regiment Black Cap Badge worn 1972-1980                  EF    50
J379   3057     Selous Scouts Cap Badge                                           EF   700
J380   3060     Rhodesian Armoured Car Regiment Cap badge                         EF    50
J381   3097     Rhodesian African Rifles Hat badge                                EF    50
J382   3099     Rhodesian African Rifles Collar badge                             EF    50
J383   3084     Royal Rhodesian Air Force Cap badge                               EF    50
J384   3132     Rhodesia Army Service Corps Cap badge with red centre             EF    50
J385   3135     Southern Rhodesia Cap Badge                                       EF    50
J386   3162     Rhodesia Staff Corps Cap Badge                                    EF    50
J387   3150     Southern Rhodesia Staff Corps Cap badge K/C                       EF    50
J388   3189     "C" Squadron Rhodesian SAS Collar badge                           EF    50
J389   3289     Southern Rhodesia Medical Corps Cap Badge                         EF    50
J390   3303     Rhodesian Army Medical Corps Cap Badge                            EF    50
J391   3307     Southern Rhodesia Engineers Cap Badge Bi-metal                    EF    50
J392   3338     Pair of Southern Rhodesian General Service Bras shoulder titles   EF    50
J393   3350     Rhodesia BSAP Brass slouch hat helmet badge 1894-1949             EF   350
J394   3353     BSAP Brass helmet and cap badge 1933-45                           EF    50
J395   3358     BSAP Helmet badge 1949-1971                                       EF    50
J396   3360     BSAP Helmet badge                                                 EF    50
J397   3362     BSAP Brass Collar badge 1949-1971                                 EF    20
J398   3374     BSAP Brass Collar badge                                           EF    20
J399   3375     BSAP Brass Collar badge                                           EF    20

H400   SAS Para Wing Combat dress - no padding - well used                             100
H401   RLI Para Wing Combat Dress - no padding                                    VF    75
H402   SAS Captain Slip on                                                             100
H403   1ST Lt Slip on - Pair                                                           50
H404   Guard Forces Assistant Commandant Slip on                                       50
H405   Guard Force Printed Cap badge                                                   30

H406   Rhodesian Army →                                                                10
H407   Rhino - unraveling                                                              10
H408   Buffalo                                                                         15
H409   Elephant                                                                        15
H410   Sgt Stripes Combat dress                                                        20
H411   Cpl Stripes Parade dress                                                        20
H412   Cpl Stripes Combat dress                                                        20
H413   L/Cpl Stripes Combat dress                                                      10
H414   Army Chest Title Printed                                                        10
H415   Rhodesia Tab Parade dress                                                       10
H416   WO II Parade dress                                                              20

H417   T-Shirt - Size Medium - Rhodesian Regiment - C Company - worn                   30
H418   Guard Force plain brown T-shirt size Large - good condition                     20
G419   Set of Webbing consisting of webbing belt, yoke kidney pouches, ground         450
       sheet cover and one extra magazine pouch. Well worn
H420   Rhodesia Regiment Aide Memoire book                                             50
H421   Rhodesia RLI Lanyard                                                            20
D422   Brass Ashtray with Salisbury Coat of Arms                                       20
D423   Rhodesian Water bottle                                                          50
M424   Pair of Rhodesian Guard Force Home made epaulettes for Captain -         EF    200
M425   Brass shield plaque of the Army Weapons meeting 1967                     EF    300
M426   BSAP Medallion                                                           EF    300

H427   Rhodesian Regiment Beret                                                        40
T428   WW II Steel motorcyclist helmet used by the Rhodesian SAS. See page           2000
       26 the Elite Pictorial by Barbara Cole
T429   Motorcycle Helmet with Camo Paint. See Elite Pictorial page 24                 600
T430   Rhodesian Air force Helicopter door Gunners helmet. See Contact Page           600
       132. Earphones and jack missing. The Visor works perfectly
R431   Rhodesian SAS Para helmet as shown in "The Elite Pictorial" page 24 -    EF   2000
       but painted Camo
R432   Rhodesian SAS Para helmet (Staaldak) shape as shown in "The Elite             2000
       Pictorial" page 6

M433   SA Airlink Pilot Wing - obsolete - scarce                        481     EF     60
M434   SA Inter Air Pilot Wing - obsolete - scarce                      471     EF     60
M435   SA Metavia Air - Air hostess wing - obsolete - scarce            495     EF     60
M436   NAC Pilot Wing - 1st type - obsolete - scarce                    488     EF     60
M437   SA Express Pilot Wing - Maker marked "Connoisseur" - scarce      486     EF     60
M438   East Germany "Interflug Air" Pilot Wing                             470    EF    60
M439   NAC Pilot Wing 3rd Type - obsolete - scarce                         490    EF    60
M440   Debon Air (SA Lanseria) - obsolete - Air Hostess wing - scarce      467    EF    60
M441   National Airlines Pilot Wing - obsolete - scarce                    483    EF    60
M442   SA Express 2nd Type Pilot Wing                                      492    EF    60
M443   SA Airlink Air Hostess Wing - obsolete - scarce                     482    EF    60
M444   Speed Air Pilot Wing (Lanseria SA)                                  479    EF    50
M445   Air Quruis (Hering Aviation) Air Hostess Wing                       474    EF    50
M446   SA Inter Air Hostess Wing - obsolete - scarce                       472    EF    50
M447   SA Metavia Air Pilot Wing - obsolete - scarce                        494   EF    60
M448   Debon Air (SA Lanseria) - obsolete - Pilot Wing - scarce            466    EF    60
M449   Rovos Air SA Air Hostess Wing                                       485    EF    50
M450   NAC Air Hostess Wing - obsolete - scarce                            491    EF    50
M451   SA Airlink Air Hostess Wing - makermarked "Connoisseur"             469    EF    50
M452   Streamline NAC Pilot Wing - 2nd type (Lanseria SA)                  476    EF    60
M453   Streamline NAC Air Hostess Wing - 2nd type (Lanseria SA)            478    EF    50
M454   SA Express 2nd type Air Hostess Wing                                 493   EF    50
M455   NAC Pilot Wing 2nd type - obsolete - scarce                         489    EF    60
M456   SA Airlink Pilot Wing - makermarked "Connoisseur "                  468    EF    60
M457   SA Express Air Hostess Wing - scarce                                487    EF    50
M458   Speed Air Air Hostess Wing (Lanseria SA)                            480    EF    50
M459   Sun Air SA Pilot Wing - obsolete - scarce                           501    EF    60
M460   Phoebus Apollo Junior Pilot Wing (Rand Airport)                     504    EF    60
M461   Phoebus Apollo Senior Pilot Wing (Rand Airport)                     503    EF    60
M462   Comair - 2 various badges                                           508    EF    70
M463   Comair - Lot of 3 badges - obsolete                                  507   EF   150
M464   Progress Air (Lanseria SA) Air Hostess Wing                         500    EF    50
M465   Phoebus Apollo Senior Pilot Wing - Cloth (Rand Airport)             506    EF    50
M466   Phoebus Apollo Air Hostess Wing (Rand Airport)                      505    EF    60
M467   Sun Air SA Air Hostess Wing - obsolete - scarce                     502    EF    50
M468   SAFAir Pilot Wing (1986) - obsolete - scarce                        496    EF    60
M469   SAFAir Flight Air Flight Engineer Wing (1986) - obsolete - scarce   497    EF    50
M470   Comair Pilot and Air Hostess Wings - obsolete - scarce              510    EF    95
M471   SAFAir Air Hostess Wing (1986) - obsolete - scarce                  498    EF    50
M472   Progress Air (Lanseria SA) Pilot wing                               499    EF    60
M473   Comair Pilot Wing                                                   509    EF    60
M474   SAPPI Air Pilot Wing (SA Paper Industries) - scarce                 541    EF    60
M475   Aerosud Air Hostess Wing (Grand Central SA)                         537    EF    50
M476   SAFAir Air Hostess Wing                                             565    EF    50
M477   Magnum Airline Pilot Wing (SA) - obsolete - scarce                  574    EF    60
M478   Impala Air Pilot Wing - scarce                                      555    EF    60
M479   Anglo American Corporation Pilot Wing                               556    EF    60
M480   Federal Air Pilot Wing (Virginia Airport)                           557    EF    60
M481   1-Time Airlines Air Hostess Wing SA                                 540    EF    50
M482   Awesome Aviation Air Hostess Wing (Lanseria SA)                     569    EF    50
M483   Alliance Air Pilot Wing - obsolete - scarce                         566    EF    60
M484   Flitestar Pilot Wing                                                578    EF    60
M485   Lot of 3 Lapel Pins                                                 581    EF    30
M486   Lot of 17 Lapel Pins                                                582    EF    90
M487   Flight Training College of SA Pilot Wing (Grand Central SA)         561    EF    60
M488   Flitestar Air Hostess Wing                                          579    EF    50
M489   1-Time Airlines Senior Pilot Wing SA                                538    EF    60
M490   Air 2000 Pilot Wing (Cape Town SA)                                  535    EF    60
M491   Nelair Pilot Wing (Nelspruit SA)                                    544    EF    50
M492   1-Time Airlines Junior Pilot Wing SA                                539    EF    60
M493   Nationwide Airlines Pilot Wing - obsolete - scarce                  542    EF    60
M494   Magnum Airlines Air Hostess Wing (SA) - obsolete - scarce           575    EF    50
M495   Alton Engineering (Aero) / Charter (Richards Bay) 925 silver        549    EF   120
M496   Inter-Air Air Hostess Wing - scarce                                 573    EF    50
M497   Lot of 16 Lapel pins                                                583    EF    95
M498   Avstar Air Hostess Wing - Pietermaritzburg SA                       528    EF    50
M499   Outstream Timber Pilot Wing                                         552    EF    60
M500   Rossair Air Hostess Wing - obsolete - scarce                        531    EF    50
M501   Barlow Air 2nd Type Pilot Wing (Lanseria SA)                        534    EF    60
M502   Barlow Air 1st Type Pilot Wing (Lanseria SA)                        533    EF    60
M503   Aerosud Pilot Wing (Grand Central SA)                               536    EF    60
M504   Fugro Air Pilow Wing (Aerial Surveys)(Lanseria SA) - scarce         571    EF    60
M505   Skyclass Air Hostess Wing (Rand Airport Historic Flights)           547    EF    50
M506   Alliance Air Hostess Wing - obsolete - maker-marked "Connoisseur)          EF    50
M507   Nationwide Airlines Air Hostess Wing - obsolete - scarce            543    EF    50
M508   Skyclass Pilot Wing (Rand Airport Historic Flights)                 545    EF    60
M509   2 Various Aircraft Engine Builders Lapel pins                        580   EF    30
M510   Reinhardt Air Transport Pilot Wing                                  570    EF    60
M511   SA Transavia Air Pilot Wing                                          577   EF    60
M512   Phoenix Air Hostess Wing - Full wing - smaller than Pilot wing      554    EF    55
M513   Babcock Pilot Wing (Grand Central SA)                               560    EF    60
M514   Avstar Junior Pilot Wing - Pietermaritzburg SA                      527    EF    60
M515   Babcock Pilot Wing - 2 various                                       529   EF    80
M516   Airborn Air (Brakpan SA) Pilot Wing                                  532   EF    60
M517   SA Airlink Pilot Wing - obsolete - scarce                           576    EF    60
M518   Rossair Pilot Wing - obsolete - scarce                              530    EF    60
M519   Executive Turbine Charter Air Hostess Wing (SA)                     551    EF    50
M520   Phoenix Air Pilot Wing - obsolete - scarce                           553   EF    60
M521   Pretoria Air Charter Pilot Wing - obsolete - scarce                  559   EF    50
M522   Flight Training College of SA Pilot Wing (cloth) (Grand Central)    562    EF    40
M523   Executive Turbine Charter Pilot Wing (SA)                            550   EF    60
M524   Bassair Pilot Wing (Wonderboom SA)                                   563   EF    60
M525   SAFAir Pilot Wing                                                   564    EF    60
M526   Awesome Aviation Pilot Wing (Lanseria) SA                           568    EF    60
M527   Skyclass Flight Engineer Wing (Rand Airport Historic Flights)        546   EF    50
M528   Air Quruis (Hering Aviation) Pilot Wing                             473    EF    60
M529   Inter-Air Pilot Wing - scarce                                        572   EF    60
M530   VIP Air Pilot Wing                                                  548    EF    60
M531   Airline Pilot Training Centre P.E. Pilot Wing - rare               3777    EF    70
M532   Midrand Helicopter Patrol Arm flash - extremely rare               3791    EF   100
M533   3 x SAA Brooch pin badges                                          3757    EF    30
M534   Rand Flying Academy Cloth Pilot wing - rare                        3770    EF    75
M535   Midrand Helicopter Air Crew Wing and Tag - extremely rare          3793      EF   115
M536   Aircraft Operators Association - A.O.P.A. - extremely rare         3782      EF   115
M537   Trans Global Aviation                                              3771      EF    60
M538   Benoni/Brakpan Flying School Pilot wing - extremely rare            3773     EF   135
M539   S.A.A. Woman's Scarf Badge - brooch pinned                          3759     EF    45
M540   Pretoria Flying School Private Pilot Wing - rare                   3767      EF    95
M541   Wits University Flying Club Blazer badge - rare                    3790      EF    60
M542   Rand Evacumed Pilot Wing - extremely rare                          3776      EF   115
M543   Midrand Helicopter Pilot wing and tag - extremely rare             3792      EF   130
M544   Sasol Tigers L39 Display team - rare                               3788      EF    85
M545   Pretoria Flying School - 1st type wing - extremely rare            3764      EF   135
M546   Virginia Airport - Durban - Pilot wings for small companies - rare 3768      EF   115
M547   Eagle Aviation Pilot Wing and Patch - Wonderboom                   3775      EF    85
M548   SA Johannesburg School of Flying Pilot Wing - Scarce               3750      EF    85
M549   Pretoria Flying School - Cloth Patch and blazer pin                 3765     EF    85
M550   Alliance Air Combined with SAA - 1980's                            3789      EF    45
M551   Rand Flying Academy Pilot Wing - rare                              3769      EF    85
M552   Trek Airways S.A - Stick-pin badge - scarce                        3755      EF    45
M553   SA Progress Flight Academy PE Pilot Wing - scarce                  3748      EF    75
M554   Aeroshell - Shell Company buttonhole badge - scarce                3754      EF    55
M555   SA Progress Flight School PE Pilot Wing - 1 type - scarce           3749     EF    85
M556   Blue Chip Aviation Pilot Wing in Silver - scarce                   3737      EF    75
M557   Blue Chip Aviation Pilot Wing in Gold - scarce                     3736      EF    85
M558   Pretoria Flying School - Commercial Pilot Wing                      3766     EF    85
M559   Charlan Air Charter Pilot Wing - scarce                            3729      EF    85
M560   Lanseria Flight Centre Pilot Wing - scarce                         3728      EF    85
M561   Charlan Air Charter Air Hostess Wing - scarce                       3730     EF    55
M562   T.A.S. "Flite" School - Rand - Pilot Wing (cloth)                 - rare     EF    75
M563   T.A.S. "Flite" School - Rand - Pilot Wing - rare                   3780      EF    85
M564   Air Show 1990 Nas Norfolk - brooch-pin badge                        5499     EF    25
M565   Russia Aeroflot Aviation Pilot Wing                                4396      EF    35

X566   Hallmarked silver cap badge to TMR (Owen 311)                                     500
Y567   Anglo-Boer War silver cut out title East Griqualand Mounted Rifles           EF   400
Y568   Rare Anglo Boer War 1900-1902 cut out silver slouch hat badge (not in        EF   450
       Owen) Tembuland Field Froce which included Tembuland Fingos and
       Tembuland Mounted Rifle Clubs of Umtata, St John's, Lusikisiki, Flag
       Staff, Bizana, and Tabankulu (see Tylden) 3rd Addenda
Y569   Bechuanaland Field Force (silver cut out similar to O1792 but is without     EF   500
       the "BFF" Badge shows Langeberg with 1897 beneath. There are no
       indications that "BFF" was ever part of the badge. Highest rarity
Y570   Kaffrarian Mounted Volunteers slouch hat badge of ornate cut out silver      EF   650
       with pin back, dating to the 9th Kaffir War of 1878/9. Of highest rarity -
       not in Owen
Y571   Anglo Boer War 1900-1902 Officers silver engraved slouch hat badge of        EF   550
       the Elliot Border Scouts, complete with pin back. Not in Owen

Y572   South African Motor Cycle Corps shoulder title. German East Africa            EF     250
       Campaign 1916-18 (O2243)
Y573   Helmet Plate of 2nd Volunteer Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment 1880-           EF     800
       1900 (13 x 10 cm) Victorian Crown W/M
Y574   Helmet Plate Royal Marines (Geo V Crown) brass (14 x 10.5 cm) EF              EF     600
       Condition - brass
Y575   Rare Officers slouch hat badge Anglo Boer War 1900-1902 Lincolnshire          EF     900
       Regiment as officially adapted from the blue cloth officers helmet plate
       for the purpose.
Y576   Royal Irish Rifles cap badge (bronzed finish as for rifle regiments) circa    EF     250
       1900 with Victorian Crown - Anglo-Boer War period
Y577   13th Hussars Cap Badge circa 1900 with Victorian Crown bimetal badge -        EF     325
       Anglo Boer War period
Y578   OFS Command Cap Badge (bimetal) kruithoring mounted on scroll with            EF      20
       crossed swords circa 1989-94
Y579   South African Mounted Rifles Cap badge as worn in WW I in the German          EF   90-120
       SWA Campaign (Owen N0174)
Y580   Royal Rhodesia Regt Queen's Crown cap badge - bronze - 1957-72                EF      10
Y581   Regiment Botha cap badge 1935-1962 (O1023)                                    EF      15
Y582   Regiment Boland (previously RWP) 1964 cap badge in brass (O1173)              EF      10
Y583   Regiment Boland 1964 cap badge and pair of collar badges - white metal        EF      15
       not chrome
Y584   Regiment Groot Karoo white metal not chrome 1964 striking more                EF      15
       desirable than the chrome with two matching collar badges (O1162. 1163
       and 1164)
Y585   Orange Free State University Regiment cap badge 1964 - brass (O861)           EF      15
Y586   Johannesburg Regt Cap badge, pair collars and pair miniature mess dress       EF      20
       collars. All in original brass which is very hard to find (O966-970)
Y587   SAP unvoided collar badges with crown and "Poliesie" in legend (O1919-        EF      10
Y588   Police Reserve Cap badge "P.R." in centre of belt circle on garter star (45   EF      30
       mm x 45 mm) Not in Owen. Slider - not lug fitting
Y589   Red Hackle as worn by the Transvaal Scottish in their Tam 'o Shanters,                20
       WW II - Mint condition
Y590   Packet of 28 Airforce tunic and blazer buttons, silver finish, R.F.C; RAF             20
       and SAAF all with crown
Y591   Cape Town Highlanders bimetal Balmoral badge (Owen 220) 1902-1920             EF      20
       and 1921 to date.
Y592   Regiment President Steyn gilding metal cap badge and matching pair of         EF      20
       collar badges (Owen 755-757)
Y593   Regiment President Steyn blackened metal cap badge and matching pair          EF      25
       of collar badges as worn during World War II 1939/45 (See Owen 755-
Y594   4th SA Horse title/badge as worn in German East Africa Campaign 1916-         EF      50
       1918 (Owen 2361)
Y595   Regiment Suid Westelike Distrikte 1934-1950 brass Cap badge - rare            EF      15
Y596   Regiment Piet Retief 1956-1964 Cap badge brass (Owen 912)                     EF      15
Y597   SA Medical Corps cap badge as worn in France 1916-1918 (Owen 1564)            EF      60

Y598   Kaffrarian Rifles 5th Infantry shoulder title worn 1913 to 1932 (Owen       EF     15
J599   Prince Alfred's Guard Helmet Plate worn 1897-1939 Bi Metal (42)             EF    800
J600   Prince Alfred's Guard Helmet badge worn 1940-1943 Black (46)                EF    250
J601   Prince Alfred's Guard Cap badge worn 1922-1963 Bi Metal (54)                EF     80
J602   Royal Natal Carbineers Cap badge worn 1936-1964 Chrome (366)                EF     60

M603   Infantry Beret badge                                                               50

M604   Medical Corps                                                                      50
M605   Infantry                                                                           50
M606   Logistics                                                                          50
M607   Personnel                                                                          50
M608   Finance                                                                            50
M609   Engineers                                                                          50
M610   Special Forces                                                                    150

H611   Cigarette Case WW II                                                               20
D612   WW II Water bottle complete with stopper and leather straps                        75
D613   Metal Ammo box with integrated lid - 110 mm x 270 mm c 178 mm                      50
D614   Dixie - half bottom only                                                           20
M615   German Shell Splinter mounted on a wooden box made of one of the            EF    500
       pieces of wood from H.M.S. Carnarvon Castle in the action 5th December
       1940. Included in the lot is photocopies from a book telling the story of
       the Battle
M616   SA Historic printing block of the old coat ZAR of arms. Included is a       EF   1000
       newspaper clip with Mrs M.M. Bothma , stating that it would probably be
       the only one of its kind in South Africa.
M617   Complete Gas mask worn in WW II                                             EF    250
P618   Set of six Gold plated teaspoons in a plush cardboard box, said to have          1800
       been given to VIP attending the opening of the Voortrekker Monument.
       The image of the monument impressed into the top of each spoon. As
P619   A linen map of Pretoria - No date but certainly pre 1948                          150

       The following are illustrations from the London News
M620   Saturday - April 19, 1879, Camp of the 80th Regiment on the Zulu Border            50
M621   April 12, 1879, Sketches - Interior South East Front looking toward the            50
       Zulu's, North East Front, North East front on the watch.
M622   April 12, 1879 , Sketches from our Artist on the way to the Zulu War               50
M623   March 29, 1897, double page on Reinforcements for the Zulu War :                  100
       Embarkation of the 60th Rifles at Tilbury
M624   February 22, 1879, The Zulu War: Durban Mounted Volunteers, under                  50
       the Late Capt W. Shepstone, setting out for the front. Drawn from a

M625   Saturday, March 8, 1979, Garrison of Fort Pearson, on the lower Tugela,      50
       at Gatling gun Practice
M626   April 5, 1879, Fort Tenedos, on the lower Tugela, fire at Clumber, The       50
       Duke of Newcastle's House, Nottinghamshire
M627   A double page April 12, 1879, Zulus crossing a river                        100

       (SC = Soft Cover; HC = Hard Cover; DW = Dust wrapper)
H628   The Observer's Book of British Awards and Medal - H/C 191 pages - 186        20
       pages black and white illustrations and 8 pages of color illustrations
E629   KOEVOET by Jim Hooper - H/C 236 pages. Exceptional condition of             600
       this rare book.
E630   THEY FOUGHT FOR KING AND KAISER by James Ambrose                            100
       Brown. H/C 374 pages
E631   RETREAT TO VICTORY by James Ambrose Brown. H/C with 300                     100
E632   BORDER STRIKE 1st Edition by Willem Steenkamp. H/C 266 pages.               250
       With D/W. Worn on the wrapper on the top of the spine
E633   THE MILITARY BADGES OF SOUTH AFRICA AND RHODESIA                            100
       by Colin R. Owen. H/C 98 pages 1st Edition
E634   THE WAR OF THE RUNNING DOGS by Noel Barber. H/C 284                          50
       pages and D/W. The Malayan Emergency 1948-1960
E635   THE ARMED FORCES OF SOUTH AFRICA by Major G. Tylden.                        200
       H/C 239 pages - 1ST Edition
E636   SOUTH AFRICA'S BORDER 1966 WAR 1989 By Willem                               150
       Steenkamp. H/C 256 pages. Large format - book as new
E637   THE DAY OF THE JACKAL by Frederick Forsyth. H/C with DW -                    20
       357 pages 2nd Edition.
E638   CAPTIVITY CAPTIVE by James B Chutter H/C no D/W 221 pages.                   10
       Rev James Chutter Senior Chaplain taken prisoner at Tobruk
E639   TRAVEL BY DARK AFTER ARNHEM by Graeme Warrack. H/C                           20
       256 pages. 1st Edition. A fascinating story of the fighting at Arnhem and
       Colonel Warrack's escape
E640   THE PO VALLEY BREAK by Harry Rose-Innes. H/C with D/W 210                    20
       pages. 3rd Edition
E641   THE LATTER DAYS by P.R. Reid. H/C with D/W 300 pages. The                    20
       sequel to the Colditz story. 3rd Imp.
E642   REACH FOR THE SKY by Paul Brickhill. H/C D/W repaired with                   20
       cellotape. 384 pages 1st Edition. The story of Douglas Bader
E643   THE KOREAN WAR by Tim Carew. S/C 319 pages. The story of the                 10
       fighting Commonwealth Regiments 1950-53
E644   GALLANTRY AWARDS OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE                                250
       1913-1994 by Terence King H/C with D/W 393 pages
E645   THE COLDITZ STORY by D.R. Reid. H/C with D/W 282 pages 6TH                   20
E646   JOHN MASTERS THE ROAD PAST MANDALAY by Michael                               20
       Joseph. H/C with D/W 343 pages. 6TH Imp - a personal Narrative about
       WW II in the far East
E647   I WALKED ALONE by The Earl of Cardigan. H/C no D/W 175 pages -               10
       a Story of escape from a German POW camp.
E648   SINGLE TO ROME by E. Garrad-Cole. S/C 146 pages Wing               10
       Commander Cole's story of his escape to Rome from Tobruk.
E649   THE ESCAPING CLUB by A.J. Evans. H/C no D/W 267 pages - a          10
       story of Escape from a German prison camp.
E650   THE CAMP ACROSS THE RIVER by J.W.G. Moran. H/C with D/W            20
       191 pages. Recollections of a police officer during the Malayan
E651   COMMANDO A BOER JOURNAL OF THE BOER WAR by Deneys                  10
       Reitz - S/C 331 pages
E652   GREEN BEACH by James Leasor. H/C with D/W 249 pages. A story       20
       about WW II
E653   THE PHANTOM by Major Collins. D/W has a few small tears with 320   50
       pages 1st Edition
E654   WINGED DAGGER by Roy Farran H/C no D/W 384 pages                   20
E655   ESCAPE FROM GERMANY by Aidan Crawley H/C with D/W 318              20
       Pages. A history of RAF escapes during the War
E656   THE WAY BACK by Vincent Brome - H/C 272 pages                      20
E657   STOLEN JOURNEY by Oliver Philpot S/C 253 pages                     10
E658   STALAG DOCTOR by I. Schrire H/C/ 209 pages                         20
E659   POPSKI'S PRIVATE ARMY by Vladimir Peniakoff H/C 438 pages          20
E660   WHERE BLEED THE MANY by George Dunning D.CM. H/C 254               20
E661   A SHORT THOUSAND YEARS by Moorcraft - H/C 248 pages - No           20
E662   RETURN TO THE WILD by Norman Carr - H/C 127 pages with D/W         20
E663   THE GREATEST RAID OF ALL by C.E. Lucas Phillips H/C D/W in         20
       pieces 288 pages
E664   CONFESSION OF FAITH by Peter Baker H/C 233 pages No D/W            15
E665   HOSTAGES AT COLDITZ by G. Romilly and M. Alexander S/C 236         10
E666   MIRACLE ON THE RIVER KWAI by Ernest Gordon S/C 189 pages           10
E667   BRAZEN CHARIOTS by Robert Crisp S/C 172 pages - About Tanks in     10
       WW II
E668   SPEARHEAD IN MALAYA by J.W.G. Moran S/C 220 pages                  10
E669   WINGS DAY by Sydney Smith - S/C 288 pages                          10
E670   FLAMES IN THE SKY by Pierre Closterman S/C 174 pages               10
E671   SALT IN MY PORRIDGE by Angus Macvicar S/C 192 pages                10
E672   SAFER THAN A KNOWN WAY by Ian Machorton and Henry Maule            10
       S/C 287 pages
E673   ARNHEM by Maj-Gen R.E. Urquart                                     10
E674   2 PARA FALKLANDS by Maj-Gen John Frost S/C 192 pages               10
E675   IN SPITE OF DUNGEONS by S.J Davies S/C 156 pages                   10
E676   WITHIN FOUR WALLS by Capt H.A. Cartwright S/C 189 pages            10
E677   HORNED PIGEON by George Millar S/C 350 pages                       10
E678   WHEN THE MOON RISES by Tony Davies S/C 165 pages                   10
E679   AND THE YEARS ROLLED BY by Frank Solomon H/C 274 pages.            10
       The autobiography of Frank Solomon
E680   ONE MORE RIVER by Gordon Hunt - H/C No D/W 254 pages -             10
       Escape from Burma to China

E681   ESCAPE TO DANGER by Brickhill and Norton H/C no D/W 341 pages               10
       - The story of the Great Escape
E682   WING LEADER by Johnnie Johnson - H/C with D/W - 320 pages                   20
E683   ROYAL ENFIELD MOTORCYCLES by L.E. Book - H/C no D/W                          5
       192 pages
E684   RETURN TICKET by Anthony Deane-Drummoni - H/C no D/W 256                    10
       pages - Operation Colosssus to Arnhem
E685   THE SPANISH PIMPERNEL by C.E. Lucas Phillips H/C - D/W torn                 20
       255 pages. The author's story about the Spanish Civil War
E686   HEELS IN LINE by J.E. Pryce H/C - D/W torn - 223 pages 2nd Edition          20
E687   NO CITATION by James Allan H/C no D/W 222 pages. James Allan's              15
       escape from the Germans through Poland and his incarceration at the
       hands of the Russians
E688   THE WOODEN HORSE by Eric Williams H/C no D/W 256 pages                      10
E689   THE ESCAPERS by Eriam Williams H/C - D/W torn and 1/2 missing.              10
       432 pages. A Chronicle of Escape in many wars
E690   GREAT ESCAPES- TRUE STORIES OF READERS DIGEST - H/C                         20
       Vol 1 - 352 pages Vol 2 - 352 pages
E691   FLY FOR YOUR LIFE by Larry Forrester H/C 319 pages                          20
E692   SURGEON AT WAR by Lt Col J.C. Watts H/C - D/W cut and pasted                20
       168 pages 2nd Edition. The Colonels story from 1937 to after Korea
E693   THE MELANCHOLY STATE by S.G. Wolhuter H/C with D/W 139                      20
       pages - as new. Wolhuters story as a POW taken at Tobruk
E694   THE TUNNELLERS OF SANDBORSTAL by Robert Hale H/C - D/W                      20
       worn 172 pages. The story of escapes from various POW camps
E695   BOLDNESS BE MY FRIEND by Richard Pape - H/C - D/W has small                 20
       tears 314 pages. Pape's adventures are astounding
E696   THE EDGE OF THE SWORD by Anthony Farrar Hockley H/C no                      10
       D/W 286 pages. The Story of the Glosters in the Imjin Battle in Korea
E697   BATTLE HYMN by Dean E. Hess H/C - D/W torn 263 pages. A                     20
       Chaplain turned fighter Pilot from 1941 to Korea
E698   ENEMY COAST AHEAD by Wing Commander Guy Gibson H/C -                        10
       D/W torn and repaired. 302 pages 16th Imp
E699   EASTERN APPROACHES by Fitzroy Maclean - H/C no D/W 415                      10
E700   YOU'LL DIE IN SINGAPORE by Charles McCormac H/C - D/W                       10
       repaired with cellotape 190 pages. McCormac's account of his escape
       from Pasir Ponjong
E701   FREEDOM THE SPUR by Gordon Instone D/W torn - H/C 256 pages.                15
       Instone's escaped 3 times before his epic escape over 900 miles on foot.
E702   TRAVEL BY DARK by Graeme Warrack H/C with D/W 256 pages                     20
E703   THE ROME ESCAPE LINE … DERRY H/C rebound 239 pages                          10
E704   JUMP FOR IT by Gerald Bowman - H/C D/W torn 198 pages. Stories              15
       of the Caterpillar club
E705   TRAMP ROYAL by Michael Bruce H/C 263 pages - No D/W                         20
E706   WALKER R.N. by Terence Robertson H/C with D/W 216 pages                     20
E707   WITHIN FOUR WALLS by Major M.C.C. Harrison and Capt. HA                     10
       Cartwright S/C - cover torn
E708   REGIMENTAL DEVICES IN SOUTH AFRICA 1783-1954 by H.H.                       400
       Curson - H/C no D/W - 96 pages
E709      MORE MILITARY AND POLICES DEVICES FROM SOUTH                           400
          AFRICA 1790 - 1962 by Dr H.H. Curson. H/C - 48 pages
M710      THE COLONIALS AT TALANA - the Colonial medal roll for the              220
          Queens South Africa medal with "Talana" bar by Pat Rundgren S/C 208
          pages - signed by Author
M711      WHAT REALLY HAPPENED AT RORKE'S DRIFT? By Pat                          120
          Rundgren - signed copy - S/C 116 pages
M712      EXECUTIVE OUTCOMES - AGAINST ALL ODDS by Eben Barlow                   250
D713      THE WAR IN ITALY by Jack Kross. H/C 318 pages. D/W a little             50
          worn. With the South Africans from Toronto to the Alps
D714      SIX MILLION DID DIE by Arthur Snyman and Denis Diamond S/C              50
          119 pages. Graphically illustrated with black and white photos
D715      MONTGOMERY OF ALAMEIN by Alan Chalfont H/C 365 pages.                   50
          D/W slightly worn
X716      RIBBONS OF ORDERS, DECORATIONS AND MEDALS by G.                        120
          Rosignoli, 165 pages Blandford 1976, No D/W - good color plates

E717   A PRIDE OF EAGLES by Beryl Salt H/C 1002 pages. The definitive            300
       History of the Rhodesian Air Force - as new
E718   THE REGIMENT by Richard Hamley - S/C 133 pages. Reprint of the            150
       Color version of the BSAP
E719   THE ELITE the Story of the Rhodesian Special Air Service by Barbara       175
       Cole H/C 449 pages
E720   RHODESIAN AIR FORCE OPERATIONS with Airstrike log by                      150
       Prop Gendenhuys. S/C 296 pages - as new
E721   FACES OF WAR by Peter Badcock H/C 45 pages. Exceptional                   300
       condition for this rare book
E722   CONTACT - RHODESIA AT WAR by John Lovett - H/C 240 pages.                 350
       Dust cover no tears
E723   CONTACT II by Paul Moorcraft - H/C 208 pages. D/C no tears.               550
E724   CONTACT II - reprint S/C                                                  400
E725   FIRE FORCE - one mans war in the Rhodesian Light Infantry by Chris        150
       Cocks - S/C 255 pages with D/W
E726   SELOUS SCOUTS TOP SECRET WAR by Lt Col Ron Reid Daly as                   150
       told to Peter Stiff - H/C 432 pages - D/W no tears
E727   THE ELITE PICTORIAL by Barbara Cole - H/C 168 pages                       300
E728   FACES OF WAR a signed copy by Peter Badcock. No 57 of a limited           300
       edition of 750 numbered and signed copies.
E729   GUNNERS by "Tort" - A Narrative of the Gunners of Southern Rhodesia       200
       during the second World War. H/C - Rare
D730   MICKIWA by Peter Godwin S/C 418 pages. A memoir of growing up              50
       in Rhodesian from boy hood to adolescent to manhood. Covers the
       Rhodesian Bush War to Independence in 1980 and the massacres in 1981
M731   BRITISH BATTLES AND MEDALS by John Hayward, Diana Birch                  1500
       and Richard Bishop -H/C - Brand new - sealed in plastic
M732   THE LEE-ENFIELD A century of Lee-Metford and Lee-Enfield Rifles          1200
       and Carbines by Ian Skennerton. H/C - 608 pages - various black and
       white photographs and illustrations.
M733   Police duties and Investigation Manual for Zimbabwe Police                 EF   150
M734   American Tank Units, platoon, Company and Battalion - FM 17-15             EF    10
M735   Department of the Army Pamphlet No 350-14 (American) - training guide      EF    10
       for Commanders of Company size units
M736   American Explosives and Demolitions No FM5-25 1967                         EF    10
N737   British Rifle 7.62 mm L 1A1 and 0.22 Inch Calibre, L12 A1 conversion
       kit, 7.62 mm rifle

M738   The South African Naval Forces 1939-45 - Soft cover                              20
M739   The Man and his ways - Customs and beliefs of Rhodesia's African                 50
       people. Unfortunately punched
M740   Rhodesia Undefeated with a message for the moment                                50
M741   The Defence of Duffers' Drift - reprinted in USA and used as a text book         50
       at West Point Military Academy. Cover loose
M742   Wankie National Park Handbook No 4/9                                             20

M743   Royal Marines Museum Capture of Gibraltar 1704                                   10

M744   December 1942                                                                    20
M745   September 1943                                                                   20
M746   July 1943                                                                        20
M747   October 1943                                                                     20
M748   November / December 1943                                                         20
M749   August 1943                                                                      20
M750   April 1743                                                                       20
M751   May / June 1943                                                                  20
M752   March 1943                                                                       20

M753   TAKE OFF MAGAZINES "Experience the World of Aircraft" -
       Numbers 1 to 125 - 27 pages of full color illustrations R5 each or R500
       for the lot

M754   The Ultimate Challenge - Recce Para preparing to jump (Art)                      50
M755   The Ultimate Challenge - Recce Para - Abseiling from a building (Art)            50
M756   The Ultimate Challenge - Recce Para - Parachuting (Art)                          50
M757   Special Forces - The Best                                                        50
M758   Operator's Prayer                                                                50
M759   Operator's Creed                                                                 50
M760   The Ultimate Challenge - Recce Para with Camo Kit                               100

        HAPPY NEW YEAR !!