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					                     PARKLANDS COLLEGE
                     & CHRISTOPHER ROBIN PRE-PRIMARY

 PARKLANDS TIMES                                                                                                 June/July 2010

Founder’s Message
Lorraine Roth

Congratulations once again to everyone involved in
the Annie production. The commitment and
dedication of the staff and learners has been
absolutely phenomenal, uniting to make this
production a wonderful success. A word from
Cathy Dodders, Director of Annie:

“Right from the word 'go' this production has been
an absolute joy to work on. The story of the feisty
little orphan who rises to life's challenges and
conquers adversity with her positive attitude
provided the perfect opportunity to showcase the
talents of the Preparatory and Secondary Faculties
of the College. Many new friendships have grown
 out of the rehearsal times and memories that will last a life time have been made. Musical
productions, in my opinion, present humanity at its very best. The wonder of seeing a group of people
wholly committed to the same goal and in service to an audience fills me with a great love of mankind. This
show has an enormous heart and I thank everyone who gave their time and themselves to make this
dream come true. I am blessed to work with a creative team whose dedication is absolute and whose
talents are second to none in the business. Pamela, Dalene, Sylvie, Simone, Gail and Catherine - You
Rawk! A gigantic thank you to Mr Roth, Freddy and the team of set builders for the beautiful set, to Fiona
and Jay for the fabulous orphan costumes, to Chaise for the art direction and advice, to Casandra and
Warren for the top notch marketing and publicity, and to Estelle for always being there when we needed
her. Thanks to Derek for the custom made wallpaper and for being my creative sounding board, and to
Cassan, Scrat and Leigh for being the stalwarts on whom I was able to rely for the millions of different
tasks that they undertook to get this show onto the stage. I am extremely grateful to Mrs Roth and the
Directors for entrusting me with this project, to Mrs Millar and Mrs Steyn for their unwavering support, to
the parents and grandparents who ensured that the cast was at rehearsals come rain or shine, and to the
cast themselves: you will always have a special place in my heart, I have enjoyed working with each and
every one of you and can't wait till we do it all again. “

Each year we stand in awe of the Matrics and their partners as they arrive for the Ball, but this year was particularly overwhelming. To see these
gracious and elegant young people arrive and glide down the red carpet of our hall was humbling. How privileged we are to celebrate the end of their
school careers in such a resplendent manner. The setting of the ball room at the Mount Nelson as the venue for the dinner dance complemented the
graciousness of the evening.

Preparatory Faculty is three weeks away from Opening Night of its own production, Celebrating Mzansi. The learners have truly relished the rehearsals
and learning the music and the dance steps. Each grade will have its time to shine on stage. The show will take place on 19 and 20 August so don’t
delay, get your tickets soon as this production promises to be two fabulous evenings of enjoyable entertainment!

                                                                                    We are pleased to advise you that the development of the new
  DATES              PROPOSED             GATE TIMES           Friday               campus in Sandown is running according to schedule and the
                                                               07h30 - 08h15        cranes have arrived! The new campus will open its doors in January
  FOR 2010:          DATES FOR 2011:                           12h45 - 13h45        2012 and as you will be able to glean from site plan above, the
                                          PRE-PRIMARY                               facilities encompass all that a young adult could possibly look for in
                                          Monday - Friday      SECONDARY            a top school. In addition to the extensive sporting facilities, we are
  Summer Quarter     Summer Quarter
                                          07h30 - 08h30
  13 Jan - 26 Mar    24 Jan - 1 Apr                            Monday - Thursday    extending our subject choices by introducing many contemporary
                                          12h45 - 14h30
  Autumn Quarter     Autumn Quarter                            07h00 - 08h10        vocational courses such as: Engineering Graphics and Design •
  13 Apr to 9 Jun    12 Apr to 24 Jun                          14h10 - 14h50        Mandarin • Water Polo • Synchronised Swimming • Computer
  Winter Quarter     Winter Quarter       PREPARATORY          Friday               Graphics and Animation Training • Sound Engineering and Lighting
  13 Jul - 23 Sept   19 Jul - 30 Sept     Monday - Thursday    07h00 - 08h10        Management • Journalism and Digital News Production. Due to the
  Spring Quarter     Spring Quarter       07h30 - 08h15        13h45 - 14h30
                                                                                    positive response to Hospitality, we will be introducing this subject
  5 Oct - 9 Dec      11 Oct - 9 Dec       12h45 - 13h30        Monday - Friday
                                                                                    into our curriculum from January 2011.
                                          14h00 - 14h45        15h40 - 16h20
                                                                                    Lorraine Roth
             Secondary Faculty

                                From the Principal’s Office
                                Sylvia Steyn
                                A month ago many people were concerned about what we were going to do after the Soccer World Cup. Well, at
                                Parklands we are wondering how we ever fitted the World Cup into our lives! So much is on the go all the time, as
                                you once again witness in this newsletter.

                                Our traditional formal Matric ball was a highlight on which to start the third quarter. It was truly a night to remember.
                                Salutations to our Matrics, who looked so elegant and handled the formal proceedings with such grace.

                                Well done to all our sports teams, who recovered quickly from the long winter break, and are doing exceptionally well.
                                Thank you to Tracy Pienaar for her dedication to the development of our teams.

                                And then there is ANNIE! Words can not do justice to what Catherine Dodders (Director), Pamela Barr (Musical
Director), Dalene Du Pisanie (Voice Coach), Sylvia Stander and Simone Niewoudt (Choreographers), Catherine Morrow (HOD Culture in Prep
Faculty) have done for the learners in the cast, orchestra and crew of this production. Congratulations on changing lives and enriching our learners by
giving them the opportunity to be part of such a professional production.

From the ball room, to the rugby field, to the stage … Parklands learners are doing us proud!

                                  Global Youth Leaders Conference Report
                                  Bontle Mafojane, Grade 12

                                  While most South African students spent their June holidays watching the Soccer World Cup, I spent mine in
                                  Washington and New York at the Global Young Leaders Conference. The conference was one of the most
                                  unforgettable experiences of my life. I met people from all over the world and formed friendships that will last for
                                  a lifetime. The GYLC is an opportunity to expand one's general knowledge on global affairs and to understand
                                  how governmental decisions are made. It is also an opportunity to learn about different cultures and to learn how
                                  to think objectively. The conference is not only about 'work'; it is also about having fun and seeing the sights. I
                                  would recommend this trip to anyone who is keen to extend their general knowledge, get to know all sorts of
                                  people and loves travel.

Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day
The Grade 9 girls will be taking part in the Cell C Take a
Girl Child to Work Day on 19 August 2010. We are
looking for parents or friends of the College who might be
willing to host learners at their place of work, to share
information about their industry and to generally expose
our learners to the realities of the working world for just a
day. If you're able to assist please contact Kim Schloms-
Madlener at counsellor@parklands.co.za.

                                           Grade 10 Baby Project
                                           The Grade 10 Baby Project ran from 1 – 7 August. The learners were required to partner with someone
                                           in the grade, or to act as single parents. They were expected to keep a log book of all their activities
                                           related to caring for the baby - feeding, changing and playing, as well as creating a realistic budget of
                                           the costs involved in raising a child. They were required to research the socio-economic reasons for the
                                           high prevalence of teen pregnancies in SA. Along with the demands of parenting, the learners were
                                           required to take part in a full academic day, as well as co-curricular activities. They had to ensure that
                                           they arranged a reliable baby sitter if they had activities to attend to. Social workers would be working
                                           undercover at the school to determine cases of abuse and neglect. Parents found guilty of these
                                           offences would be fined and made to attend parenting classes.

The Art Departments and Societies have been very busy indeed. In the first semester, Grades
11 & 12 Art learners visited the South African National Gallery with Jane Hoskyn to see the
retrospective work of Alexis Preller. They were joined by the Grade 10 learners and Mr Frederick
at the Spier 2010 Contemporary Art Exhibition in the beautiful City Hall. This was an eye opener
for many learners, as the contemporary pieces often challenged their ideas of 'art'!

LucetteTorbet, the Visual Arts teachers and the Grades 9 and 10 learners, enjoyed the funky
objects and art at the Design Indaba in the CTICC. They saw amazing work by many young “up
and coming” South African designers.

The Portrait Society moved on from pencil self-portraits to enormous hand print paintings of Soccer fans. Both Art teachers also got their hands
dirty in this project! These have been framed and hung in the foyer of our Hall. The Junior Art Club has been well supported, with an emphasis
on the individual. Members have produced creative and experimental works.

Chase Frederick and Jane Hoskyn will be holding the first Art Jamming session on Thursday, with an open invitation to the whole Parklands
family to join them. Watch this space for photos!

                                     Congratulations to our top achievers of the first semester…
                                     Grade 7: Michelle Karsten, Pferdekamper Karl-Heinz, Cassidy Shrauwen, Tae-Jun Park, Paige Orlik, Bobbi Den
                                     Bakker, David North, Hannah Crafford, Thebe Moloko, Gabriela Munkes, Grade 8: Leslie Wu, Ural Alp, Tayla
                                     Shergold-Smith, Miriam Denton, Sarah Donde, Daniella Pazda, Karly Ament,
                                     Bianca Reynolds, Aya Fouad, Emma Pietersen Grade 9: Claire Simonis, Emma Newton, Tara Meyer, Laené Van
                                     Niekerk, Megan McCarthy, Emma Baines, Sophia Ratcliffe, Kayla Coetzee, Janell Matthews, Kay-Lee Lewis,
                                     Conor O'Sullivan Grade 10: Chambrez Zauchenberger, Claudia Blecha, Stephanie Van Zyl, Savannah Reay,
                                     Timothy De Wet, Robyn Africa, Emma-Jane Wilkinson, Kyle Shergold-Smith, Fletcher Loxton, Brendon Malan

                                     Top achievers above 80%
                                     Grade 11: Alexander Strydom, Kathleen Kehoe, Michelle Lee-Sun, Keagan Adriaanse
                                     Grade 12: Pierre Marais, Caitlin Jacobs

                                     Congratulations to the following learners who participated and achieved in the
                                     English Olympiad. Their theme this year was “Character: Analysis and Motivation.”
                                     Jazmin Emondson – Merit, Annita Danieli – Participation, Benjamin Mackenzie – Merit, Michelle Smal – Merit,
                                     Werner Engelbrecht – Merit, Justin Roeters van Lennop – Merit, Liam Coetzee – Bronze, Dylan MacDonald –
                                     Bronze, Fabio Lichtenberg – Participation, Atanos Stavrev – Bronze,
                                     Matthew Macdonough – Bronze, Garren Munro – Bronze, Matthew Kühn – Merit, Krysia Gaweda – Silver, Michelle
                                     Lee Sun – Merit, Keagan Adriaanse – Merit, Kirsten Patterson – Bronze, Caitlin Jacobs – Bronze, Geena da Silva
                                     – Participation, Bontle Mafojane – Bronze, Bronwyn Green – Bronze, Danielle Cowing – Bronze, Pierre Marais –
                                     Silver, Jeanique Davidson - Bronze

                                     English GET
                                     The Grade 9 learners are about to find themselves very busy as they begin to make their own on-line newspapers.
                                     Using their MacBooks, the learners are working in small groups, within their classes, to produce a class
                                     publication. Roles include: Editor; News Reporter; Sports Reporter; Entertainment Reviewer; Advertiser:
                                     Cartoonist; Agony Aunt. Their WebQuest can be viewed at:
                                     website/Grade_9_newspaper_project/Your_newspaper.html. The Grade 8 learners are very excited about
                                     producing their very own, personalised digital stories on their MacBooks. They can't divulge anything further,
                                     because it is a surprise for someone dear to them.

                                     English FET
                                     The Winter quarter is a fun filled one for FET learners. While the last days of school loom for the Matrics, the Grade
                                     10s and 11s are busying themselves with their movie-making project. This project is always a highlight for the
                                     learners. They are tasked with writing and producing their own short films. In past years we have been very
                                     impressed by the standard and quality of the learners' work. This year looks to be no different. We have a number
                                     of very interesting films in the making. Some ideas include: a documentary on the gaming culture among teens,
                                     interesting takes on the horror genre, some excellent Kung Fu stories and the long awaited “Unseen Disaster 6”.

                                     Sport, Club and Society Exhibition - Winter 2010
                                     Steven Joubert

                                     Kenako. Feel it; it is here. After SA hosted a very successful Soccer World Cup, Parklands College took being
                                     proudly South African to being proudly Parklandian on our Founders' Day. Learners and staff, including Grade 6
                                     learners and parents, enjoyed a fan walk around the Secondary Faculty Campus to view displays and
                                     demonstrations of the different sports, clubs and societies the Secondary Faculty offers. It was a hive of activity,
                                     including dancing, music performances, painting demonstrations, food tasting, playing and laughing. Learners were
                                     afforded the opportunity to see their friends and educators in action and appreciate their talents. It was a great day
                                     of affirmation at the College and everybody went home feeling proud of who we are , what we represent and what
                                     we offer at the College.

                                     The College promotes holistic education and view co-curricular involvement as a opportunity for learners to take
                                     ownership of our fine College, make new friends, and improve and develop various skills. For this reason, we
                                     encourage all learners at the Secondary Faculty to participate in at least one club or society and at least one
                                     sport during each quarter. Thank you to all learners and staff who contributed to the organised fun on Founders'

                                     Should you have any queries, please contact Tracy Pienaar (tpienaar@parklands.co.za) for sports enquiries and
                                     Pamela Barr (pbarr@parklands.co.za) for club and society (culture) enquiries.

                                     Reflections on the Matric Ball…

The Matric dance was an experience of a lifetime. It gave our grade an opportunity to bond and be together                                               in
a more formal environment for the last time. The girls all looked amazing and so elegant. We were quite
surprised by the boys looking so handsome. We were fooled into thinking that the excitement of getting
prepared for the dance would be it, but the night itself; the atmosphere and mainly being accompanied by the
most amazing people that we know, made it just that much more special. The dance gave us all the chance
to see each other in ways that we could have never imagined. A clean- shaven Chase; Zane with a proper
haircut and Scrat in a dress! From red carpet entrances to exits, it was a night full of Kodak moments.

"A good photo stops a moment from running away." - Danielle Cowing & Tennelle Essop

"Awesome night, 'nuff said" - Steffan di Leva

"It was an awesome evening with lots of fun and laughter. Good times. Its something we'll remember for

The dance was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. It was an awesome night and
everyone looked amazingly stunning! The night was so much fun and it was a once in a life time chance for
all of us, and the memories cannot be replaced. It was over too fast: I wanted it to last forever. We are an
awesome grade. I love them all and I will always remember every single person in the grade and they will
always have a place in my heart! - Kristy Voorn

Fun! Matthew Robinson

I think that the Matric Ball was one of the most amazing experiences I will ever have in my life. I love
my grade and having everyone there just made the night even better. Every girl looked so beautiful
and the men so handsome. I believe it was the first time I ever felt pretty in a dress and my car was
just the shizz nizz! Can't wait to get the pictures and look back on these good memories for many
years to come.


Although the World Cup Soccer has come to an end and many of us are missing our
favourite place in front of the television set for the eight o clock soccer match, there
has been no shortage of sporting highlights. To mention a few: Leon Oosthuizen's
amazing win at the British Golf Open, Contador winning the Tour de France, all the
thrills and spills of the new English soccer season and the accompanying headlines
in the various newspapers and on various websites – Liverpool fans take note that
the latest is that Torres is set to remain at Liverpool!!!! Boom Boom Afridi, the
Pakistani cricket captain, announced his retirement and the controversial decision
by the Ferrari Team in their claim that the team comes first, not to mention the latest
results of our rugby players in the latest Tri Nations competition are all interesting
developments. Many valuable life lessons can be learnt from these top sportsmen, and
the value of youngsters being involved in sport can never be underestimated. It is so
rewarding to see our players run out onto the field and participate in our various sporting

In this newsletter we want to highlight our rugby boys, who made Parklands History this past week, as it was
the first time that Parklands College was able to field two teams to play against a school. Although the boys
lost, many valuable lessons were learnt and the spirit and camaraderie between the boys and the
supporting parents was really wonderful. A very big thank you to Mr Les Herring, rugby parent and owner
of Auto King, for his generous donation of rugby pole protectors and tackle bags. The boys have already
started making use of the equipment and this will assist us to further develop our young rugby players. Safe
rugby is effective rugby! We are expecting delivery of our scrum machine shortly!

Congratulations to our under 19 netball girls and their coach, Estelle Smal, who are still unbeaten this
season. We encourage the under 14 and under 16 players to try hard in the few remaining matches,
as they still have a chance to win their respective leagues. We would like to congratulate Ellie Clews
and her team of indoor netball players on their success this season.

Our soccer boys have fought valiantly and have played some stunning soccer. Their matches are highly entertaining and well-
supported, especially when Godwin is on the field. The under 19 boys have had a run of victories of late and we congratulate them. Although the under 14
team has found the second half of the season to be more challenging, they continue to try hard, and we would like to make special mention of Liyabona and
his small team of highly committed players. The under 16 players continue to play with determination and the Pienaar XVI, although they are not winning
many matches, still manage to keep their heads up and make their manager and coach very proud.

The following individual learners have achieved special awards this quarter and we
congratulate: Jillian Jooste who has been selected to attended the Cecchetti Summer School in
Manchester, UK in 2011 after obtaining a Distinction in the Intermediate Cecchetti Ballet exam; Ryan
de Villiers who has been chosen to represent South Africa during the World Karate Championships
in Lisbon, Portugal (October 2010); Johnathan Wilmans who recently did extremely well in the
Western Province Short Course Swimming Championships (12 – 13 year old age group) and Renato
Santo who has become a member of the Western Province Junior Golf Foundation

In conclusion, we would like to highlight the following events that will be taking place later this quarter.

Please diarise the DERBY DAY AGAINST ELKANAH which takes place during the first weekend in September.
This is certainly one of the highlights on the Parklands calendar and the learners are reminded that they are
expected to attend this event. WALK IN HIGH HEELS OR DRESS UP – IT'S A 2KM FUN WALK - We would like
to encourage our women to participate in a unique charity event supporting all women from all walks of life that will
take place on National Women's Day, the 9 August, at the V&A Waterfront's Clock Tower. The uniqueness of this
event is a walk in high heels. Many prizes will be given away during the day for the best dressed, most creative,
most effort and best male outfits in various categories. The High Walk's beneficiary is The Clothing Bank that has
established an entrepreneurial skills development programme for unemployed disadvantaged women. The cost
of the event is R 40 and for more information you are asked to contact the organisers on 021 559 4613 or 072
3615539. FIRST AID - All learners involved with First Aid are reminded of Level 1 and Level 2 training courses on
the 6th August and the 14 August. The official first aid shirts have arrived and soon they will be more visible and
actively involved in the assistance of players during the matches.

           Preparatory Faculty

                          From the Principal’s Office
                          Colleen Millar
                          Pride… a simple word which embodies a wealth of emotion and is one of the fundamental core values that we
                          endeavour to entrench in our students. We have seen this concept in abundance with South Africa's staging of the
                          recent World Cup, the College's production of Annie and last week when we celebrated Founder's Day and our 'blood
                          ran blue'. We have commenced the second semester with quite an impact both culturally and academically. After the
                          success of Annie for which we must congratulate Ms Dodders and her very talented team of students and staff, we look
                          forward to Celebrating Mzansi in which every learner in the Preparatory Faculty will be represented on the stage – no
                          mean feat considering the size of the faculty!

                            Academically, this quarter we have witnessed the official implementation of the Apple One2One laptop programme with the
Grade Four learners and I have been so impressed with their active engagement with this resource. We shall also be hosting our first Living Maths
Evening this quarter in which parents will pit their mathematical skills against those of their children. This evening will be hosted by the charismatic
Steve Sherwin who is the MD of Living Maths. This quarter also witnesses our students writing certain olympiads such as Amesa and Living Maths,
and we look forward to the outcome of these results. The rest of the olympiads, national benchmarking assessments and the systemic tests will take
place in the final quarter of this year.

In the sporting arena, we have our requisite matches as well as netball and hockey tournaments, and we shall also be hosting parent/learner
matches. We conclude the quarter with the Grade Five camp near Hermanus and the Grade Six camp on the
Breede River.

The staff and learners have returned to school with renewed vigour and enthusiasm this quarter. I once read
that a school that operates on the premise of hope and optimism is a school that will succeed. Bearing this
statement in mind, I do believe that we have the aforementioned ingredients for a very successful second

Grade One

I liked blowing the vuvezela because it was really loud - Todd Blakeley
It was exciting. At the start it was hurting my ears but when I joined in it was much better - Tara Goliath
I liked playing the drums when it was loud - Arabella Powell
My favourite part of DrumKidz was when I saw the waving flag - Hayden Visser
My favourite part was when we sang the waving flag song and we were banging on the drums - Jenna
I liked playing the drums and the music - Micheal Okonkwo
The show was fun because I liked the story and it was very loud - Cassandra Fatouros
You were allowed to hit the drums but you also had to listen - Zintle Kokolo

Grade Two
Holiday News

I went to watch Portugal play against Korea. Portugal had seven goals and Korea had zero. A couple of
days later I went to Ireland to see my grandma and grandad. When I saw them at the airport I hugged my
grandma. After that I went to see my cousins. They are all younger than me. My mom left me for five days
with my cousins. Then I saw my mum in London. We flew back to South Africa on Friday. We went back
home in a taxi and my dad was very happy to see us! - Zarah Linssen

During the holidays I went with my family to the aquarium. I saw shark, fish and turtles. My family and I
watched the soccer a lot! We enjoyed watching the finals the most. We went to the movies and watched
Toy Story 3. My favourite characters are Buzz, Woody and Ken.
My mom's sister came to sleep over at my home. We had a great time! - Jason Waldeck

In the holidays I went to watch Italy vs Paraguay. During the train ride I saw Giorgio. On Wednesday I
went to Springbok. On the way to Springbok my tooth fell out! The next day we left to go to the Kalahari.
When we arrived we put the tent up and then went into the hot pools. The next day I played soccer with my
friend. We saw lots of wild animals. When I was in Swartkopmund I climbed Dune 7. I came back home
on the 3rd of July and we had yummy pizza! - Chris Strydom


When it is Winter there is thunder and lightning.                          Winter is very rainy and very windy. That's why I don't like it.
It can rain hailstones in Winter. It has to rain very hard to do that.     In Winter ice can be found everywhere.
Now it is the middle of Winter and it is snowing on the mountain.          Nobody is warm because it is freezing.
Threre is a lot of wind in Winter.                                         The ice can make a funny noise when you step on it.
Everyone is dressed warmly                                                 Everything has ice on it.
Remember to bring an umbrella.                                             Rains every day and it is very boring to stay inside at break time.

Gabriel Poulton                                                            Kerrin de Nobrega

Grade Three
The Best Day of My Holiday

The best day of my holiday was when I was in the Drakensberg. The place I stayed in was called the Cavern. At the Cavern I went horse riding over a
mountain. It took an hour to get over the mountain and back to the stable. I had a white horse called Gypsy. My mom's horse was called Settler and my
mom soon found out why! My mom's horse kept stopping on the way and eating! - Sophie Zaaiman

Grade Four
What the inside of our refrigerator looks like…
By Justin Coburn

                                                     Inside our refrigerator is a whole city called Antarto.
                                                      In Antarto there lives a super hero called Tlettuce.
                             He is crispy and very strong, he saves people every day from the evil scientist, Bobley Cheese.
                         Tlettuce can fly, shoot lasers out of his eyes, spray cheese out of his hands and he has super strength.
                                                         In the city, all the buildings are made of food.
                                   One day in a tomato there lived a family of three and they were busy making lunch.
                                Boom! Bobley Cheese burst through the door, grabbed one of the children and flew away.
                         The mother, still in shock, called Tlettuce. She asked him to save her poor child. He said “I will find him”.
                                                              Tlettuce took off as fast as he could.
                              On his way to Bobley's warehouse he noticed something hanging from a coke, a cola skraper.

                                       It was the woman's son, he was hanging off the cola scraper by a thin rope.
                                On the top of the scraper was Bobley with a pair of scissors. He was about to cut the rope.
                                                      Guess what, he did, and the boy started falling!
                                          Tlettuce flew towards the boy and caught him before he hit the ground.
                                    As Tlettuce caught him, he hit Bobley with his lasers and that was the end of him.
                                                 Tlettuce took the boy home and fell in love with his mom.
                                                                They lived happily ever after.
                                                          That is what goes on in our refrigerator!

A Royal Catastrophe
By Jordan Dowd

Once upon a time a fish called Goldie heard his owner, Craig, talking about getting a pack of piranhas for his eldest son, Jake. When Goldie heard this,
he got the shock of his life! He fainted and floated to the top of the tank. When Craig finished talking, he noticed Goldie floating on top of the tank. Craig
thought Goldie was dead so he flushed him down the toilet. Goldie woke up to the smell of stink. He was wondering what was happening, when the
current took him and pulled him into the sea. When he realised where he was, he gave a cheer. He was finally free. He decided what to do. He would
head for Jorswanna, the mermaid kingdom. On his way there he met a dolphin called Silver. Silver had just broken free from the evil clutches of Carys,
Princess Jordan's sister. She wanted to brainwash him to believe that she was the rightful
queen. Just as she was about to brainwash him, his friend Bronze, the mermaid, broke
through the coral wall and saved Silver. Princess Jordan had sent Bronze on a mission to find
the lost ring of Queen Helen. Queen Helen was the mother of Queen Debbie, who was the
mother of Princess Jordan and Carys. When Queen Helen died they put her ring in the
deepest, darkest cave where nobody would ever dare to go. There was a legend that giant
crabs protected the cave. Princess Jordan's parents had told them that she must never go
down there. Princess Jordan always obeyed her parents, so she sent one of the kingdom's
soldiers. Princess Jordan had chosen a soldier called Bronze for the mission. Princess
Jordan wanted to get the ring for her mother. Straight away, Bronze headed off. On the way
he heard a scream. It was Silver. Bronze and Silver grew up together. Bronze saved Silver
and carried on with his mission. Silver asked if she could come with. Bronze said it was too
dangerous for Silver. Silver was really upset so she swam away. That is how Silver met
Goldie. They swam to Jorswanna and lived happily ever after.

As for Bronze, he is still looking for Queen Helen's ring.

Grade Five
A Day in the Life of a San Girl
By Aza Mbovane

Hello. My name is Shiziza. I wake up in the morning from my sleeping mat and make breakfast with my mother. For
breakfast, we normally have herbs. Our cave is divided into five rooms; my room, my mother's, my children's, the
kitchen and the room where the fireplace is. Then I put my husband's hunting things into his bag.

We live far away from the river, so I have to walk to the river which takes about an hour. Our band has different
everyday duties. My children play, my mother gathers herbs from the forest, my husband hunts and I collect the
water. I have to run back and forth because I collect with the whole band along with a few other of the ladies. We
have buckets on our heads to carry the water. After doing my job, I talk to the other women.

In the evening, my husband comes back. I quickly cook the antelope or gemsbok and then we are called to the fire
and circle it so that we can make decisions. While we are doing that, my mother tells my children stories. After our
decision making, we have a ceremony with the shaman. He makes contact with the spirit world. The spirits tell us
that there would be a sandstorm in the morning. We pack all of our belongings and the walk starts at midnight. We
find a place to settle and prepare for the next day. What a life we women lead!

A Day in the Life of a San Girl
By Chanté Grobler

This morning I woke up very early. I heard my mother calling me for breakfast. After breakfast I went to pick berries
and fruit for dinner. While I was picking berries and fruit I found two, dirty ostrich eggs.

After I got the food for dinner I made ten beautiful beads with my mother. When we finished making the beads
I went to play with my friends in the lake. Then I helped my mother build a new hut. When the hut was finished
I went to make lovely rock paintings in a very strange cave.

It began to get dark and my mother called me to come home. When I came home I helped my mother cook dinner.
When the dinner was finished we placed it next to the fire. Then we sat around the fire and began to eat.

When we finished eating we clapped while the men danced around the fire. Then the shaman went into a trance.
After the shaman went into a trance the hunters told us about their busy day. Then I went to bed and had a
beautiful dream.

Grade Six
Public Speaking
By Robert Kucera

Starting a new year and exploring a new curriculum, Public Speaking seemed to be an interesting subject to
pursue. A new and exciting world opened up for us. Pierre Marais, Head Prefect of Parklands College blew us away
with his impromptu skills. We are currently doing debating that equips us to express ourselves better and with
confidence. Public Speaking is fun and vibrant and we are preparing ourselves and looking forward to joining the big
leagues in High School next year.

Enrichment Week
Jessica Fritz

Last quarter ended with a riot of activity as the Preparatory Faculty celebrated the beginning of the World Cup by dedicating our enrichment week to this
historic event! After a fantastic morning with the Drumkidz group, each class took time to design team banners, makarapas and dress codes, before
heading to the field to compete in our very own 'Interclass Parklands Cup” contest. Whistles and vuvuzelas blew alike and at the end our winning
classes were awarded prestigious trophies to celebrate their achievements.

To round off a wonderful week our learners came dressed in full supporter apparel on the last day. After a fancy dress parade, where René Cilliers took
the prize for 'Best dressed supporter', the entire faculty spent a memorable morning singing World Cup songs and blowing their vuvuzelas in the
amphitheatre. The spirit was tangible and our learners definitely showed that they had brought the 'gees'!

Winter Quarter Cultural News
Catherine Morrow - HOD: Culture

In Music we say a temporary farewell to Renee van der Westhuizen, who is going on maternity leave. Renee will be back in 2011. Until then we
welcome two violin educators to Parklands College, namely Elzahn Johnson and Danny Asherson, who will be filling in for Renee whilst she is away.
Both are experienced and dynamic teachers, and we trust our little violinists will settle happily with them from the end of August until the end of the year.
We also welcome back Corette van der Merwe, who has been on maternity leave after having had a little boy, Sebastian. Corette will handle most of
the woodwind across both faculties. It is wonderful to have her back on board!

On Wednesday, 11 August, all the choirs from both faculties, as well as our Preparatory Faculty orchestra, will be performing at the West Coast Song
Festival at Monte Vista Primary School. We are very excited about the festival and about the fact that we are participating as a school, rather than a
faculty. The learners have worked very hard in preparation for this event and we are confident of a solid and exciting performance from each ensemble.

The College is very proud of its Grade Six Drama learners, namely Robert Kucera, Joseph Hughes, Emily Mcmahon, Madison Inskip, Tatenda
Chimusoro, Antonia da Mata, Simone Gerber, Tammy Manson, Dhiyora Naidoo and Jenna Venter. Collectively they won their section. We are very
proud of all of these learners, and thank Cassan Ferguson for all her hard work and dedication in preparing these learners for the eisteddfod.

The Art Department is preparing itself for the Cartoon Network competition, which will take place in the fourth quarter. We are looking forward to the
masterpieces that will no doubt be produced by our learners, and wish them and Jessica Fritz well in the competition.

In the Dance Department our little Grade One and Two dancers are preparing themselves for Grandparent’s Day, which will take place in the fourth
quarter. All the dancers are also working towards their ISTD and RAD examinations that are scheduled for the months of October and November. The
standard of dance is extremely high at the College, and we are certain that all the learners will fare well in these examinations. Good luck to all those

We are extremely excited to report that our Chess team has done extremely well these past quarters, winning all their matches and drawing one. They
have all worked very hard at achieving these results, and we congratulate them and their coach, Mark Lewis, for their dedication and excellence. Keep
it up, boys and girls!

The Cultural Department has been very busy of late with the production of Annie, which saw the involvement of ten learners from the Preparatory
Faculty in the cast and orchestra. They have truly done us proud: they learnt their words and music within ample time, have been enthusiastic at every
rehearsal and have behaved impeccably. All shows went extremely well and the audiences were very impressed with their performance. I would like to
extend my deepest gratitude to Cassan Ferguson and Gail Levitt, who were heavily involved in the production: their dedication and talent has left me

And finally, the whole faculty has been preparing itself for Celebrating
Mzansi, which will run from 19 to 20 August. Each child will participate
in some way in this production which will feature both choirs, the senior
orchestra, each grade, co-curricular drama learners, certain dancing
groups, and a great deal of art. Sixteen mothers have been involved
with making props, sets and costumes. We are very grateful to them for
their time and dedication. Ticket sales opened last week and are going
well thus far. If you have not bought your tickets for this spectacular
show, do so quickly before they are sold out! Please contact Michelle
Jackson on mjackson@parklands.co.za to book your tickets and order
your DVD.

Winter Quarter Sports News
Wendy Hindle - HOD: Sport

The Preparatory Faculty sports fields remained busy on a daily basis during the second quarter. We witnessed educators organising learners and
fostering social skills, external coaches imparting the fundamental skills and tactics, and learners participating enthusiastically in their chosen activities.
There was a wonderful busy vibe on the fields, especially when taking on opposition in weekly matches. The parental support is impressive as they
bring their chairs and jump up and down next to them while supporting our little heroes.

The World Cup Soccer 2010 brought an incredible "fever" to our country and more specifically to our school. The soccer squads grew in number and

the avid learner fans were motivated and inspired to play just like their soccer stars. Teams that deserve a special mention for their unbeaten status are
the U9A and U12A teams. The U10 netball team also achieved an unbeaten record and the U9 netball team deserves mention for their immense
improvement throughout the season.

We anticipate continued success both on and off the sporting fields as we enjoy the second half of the winter season of sport.

More Sports News
Gareth Knott: Sport Co-Ordinator

After a successful Soccer World Cup on African soil, you can only imagine how excited our learners were to get
back onto the sports fields to show off their skills. We are back into the swing of things again, with coaches and
players of all sporting codes working hard in the afternoons to achieve the same goals. Our hockey, netball and
soccer teams have shown their commitment and have started the same way they ended last quarter. We wish all
our coaches and learners everything of the best for the third quarter and may all the hard work be rewarded.

Sports Results

Soccer U9A vs Seamount: won 3-0: Player of the day: Moonchang Liang, U9B vs Seamount: won 3-1: Player
of the day: Blake Naude, U10A vs CBC: won 4 – 2. Coach advises that the whole team played so well that they
all deserve a mention! The players are: Yong-Jun Park, Scott Moreau, Jasper van den Berg, Simeon
September, Jarred McGinty, Daniel Stein, D'Angelo Savvas, Nicholas Hanel, Jared Schultz, Daniel
Robinson and Nicolas Papavasilopoulos, U12A vs CBC: win 12-0: Player of the day: Aleco Savvas, U11A vs.
Elkanah A: lost 1-0: Player of the Day: Tieg O'Sullivan, U11B vs Elkanah B: lost 3-1: Player of the Day:
Nicholas Levermore, A special mention must be made this week of the fantastic improvement of our U12B team
who played Elkanah B this week and drew 1-1. The Player of the Day was Sheldon Reay

Netball U9 vs Koos Sadie: lost 1-0: Player of the Day: Megan Deghaye, U10 vs Koos Sadie: won 9-0: Player
of the Day: Phoebe Bogner, U11 vs Koos Sadie: lost 7-0: Player of the Day: Zintle Mayaphi, U12 vs Koos
Sadie: won 7-6: Player of the Day: Tara Panton

Hockey U10 Girls VS Monte Viste: lost 1-4: Player of the Day: Litha Chimusoro, U12 Girls:
drew 0-0: Player of the Day: Elizabeth Marchese, U11 Boys vs Edgemead: lost 5-3: Player of
the Day: Aron Rosslee

Special Achievements
Kerrin de Nobrega represented the Western Cape team in the nationals at the South Zone
Competition on Friday 4th June. There were competitors from the Eastern Cape, Boland and
Western Province. Kerrin placed 2nd in two areas (Bar and Floor) and received two silver
medals. She came 5th overall out of 26 competitors and was the top WP gymnast.
Congratulations, Kerrin! Rebecca Crous qualified for her Western Province colours for
synchronised skating on 5th June. The team is now trying to get an international selection to
get their SA colours for synchronized skating at nationals later in the year. Well done,
Rebecca! The general knowledge quiz held at the end of last quarter went down very well.
The children learnt a lot about South Africa and the World Cup and Megan Deghaye got 10 out
of 10 in all 3 rounds (including the final) which was quite tricky. Great work, Megan! Devon
and Callum Crowther attended a Rising Stars Football Academy clinic in the holidays. Devon
received an award for the most improved player in his U11age group and Callum an award for displaying the
most commitment and enjoyment in his U9 age group. Well done, boys! Brandon Gehlig is a member of the
Western Province U12A Baseball Squad and has been chosen to represent South Africa in the Little League
Africa / Middle East Play Offs in Kutno, Poland from 21 – 24 July. If the team wins the Regional MEA
Championship, they will be afforded the opportunity to participate in the Little League Baseball World Series in
the USA in August. Good luck, Brandon! Moonchang Liang and Damian Ewbank won the Parklands Golf
Challenge at Wagner's Golf course in Durbanville on 6th June. They beat all age groups with Damian in 2nd
position and Moonchang in 1st. They also came first and second respectively in the recent Designer Golf
Tournament. They received two beautiful trophies for their achievements. Congratulations, boys. Ryan Baines in
Grade 2 placed second overall in his age group at the ATA Masters Tournament at Table View Tennis Club on 5th June. He received a medal for his fine
efforts. Congratulations, Ryan! Duncan Edwards(8 years ) swam at the WP Youth Day Gala on 16 June 2010 at Age 9 and achieved the following
results: 50m freestyle: 1st place (36,58 seconds); 50m backstroke: 2nd place (44,36 seconds); 50m butterfly: 2nd place (43,14 seconds); 50m
breaststroke: 3rd place (53,28 seconds); 100 IM: 2nd place (1.38,64 seconds). His freestyle time has qualified him to swim in the SA Level 1
Championships in the U10 category in March 2011. He has already qualified in the 100 metres freestyle. Camilla Rusconi participated in the Cheval
Stables competition during the holidays and received the following rosettes: Showing: 2 places – where she also came 3rd in her age group and for
Jumping she made two clear rounds. Well done, Camilla. Chanté Grobler placed 3rd Nationally in the “My School Art Competition” and won a R150
Adidas voucher. Jack Carlisle plays the sweeper position for the Northerns Hockey Team. This holiday has been a busy time for them as they have
been practising twice a week for 2 hours. They will be playing their first tournament on the 25th July in Stellenbosch and then they will be going on tour
to Oudsthoorn from 6-9 August. Jack also participated in 6 events at the WP Short Course
Championships where he received 3 medals, silver 100m fly, bronze 200m fly and bronze 200m IM.
We are very proud of his results as it is his off year where he competed against boys who are a year
older than him. Erin Mukheibir participated in the WP Winter Short Course Championships too.
She had a brilliant gala and improved all her times. She participated in 8 events and achieved a silver
medal in the 100 SC metre Individual Medley. Well done, Erin! Two of our Grade 3 learners, Chloe
Govender and Micheala Bezer, choose to do 67 minutes of community service cleaning up the beach
in front of the Dolphin Beach hotel on Mandela Day. In that short space of time they filled four garbage
bags with predominantly plastic collected on the beach. Well done girls! Georgia Gerber achieved
well at a horse riding show, held at Cheval stables. In the U10 category, she won 1st place in the
canter, 1st place in the trot and 2nd place for the best walk. This was the first show in which she has
competed. This is a fantastic achievement, Georgia! Luka September attended the Rising Stars
Academy in the school holidays and received the award for the most valuable player. An excellent
effort, Luka. Selin Alp and Antonia da Mata successfully completed the Junior Biologist's Course at
the Two Oceans Aquarium during the holidays and received certificates for their efforts. Well done,
girls. Zarah Linsson and Cecilia van der Walt received their Trinity examination certificates. Both
these young musicians performed very well and we are very proud of them! Kelly and Jenna Martin
will be performing in “The Little Match Girl” on 5th & 6th August at the Bellville Civic Centre.

           Pre-Primary Faculty

                     From the Principal’s Office
                     Lee-ann Steynberg

                     Welcome back from a vibrant World Cup and chilly vacation. We've reached the second stretch of the year and look
                     forward to many fun and happy moments. The Annie production was in full swing and we were so excited to see that
                     several (23 actually) of our actors and musicians had passed through our Pre-Primary doors. Our compliments to all
                     involved and a WOW to the orchestra who not only played with enthusiasm but kept the tempo going throughout the
                     production. Well done and we loved the show!

                     We will once again be hosting our class competition and encourage parents to participate in the spirit of recycling and
                     reusing. More details will go out with our next weekly e-mail. Parents are also encouraged to continue bringing in
                     wonderful boxes of all shapes and sizes for our box construction tables.

                     Our Matrics attended their Matric Ball a couple of weeks ago and now begin their preparations for the end of the year. We
                     wish them well as they head into their final exams.

Thank you to all our parents for their kind donations to our Outreach each quarter, the charities we hand over to are always grateful for the
support and assistance. A very special thank you to Mr Millar for his wonderful donation of brand new clothing to a charity of our choice. The
clothing was handed over to Ubuntu House in Goodwood. Ubuntu House caters for newborns and little ones who have been abandoned, given
up for adoption or abused. We thank Mrs Gruber who handed over the donation on Mr Millar's behalf.

Grade 0
Owl, Pooh Bear and Rabbit’s House
Justine de Wet, Lyn-Maree van Enter, Riëtte Pieterse

After a wonderfully exciting and much anticipated June / July holiday we arrived back at school ready to
face the challenges of the quarter ahead. Congratulations to South Africa for hosting a fabulous and
inspirational World Cup. Bafana Bafana made us all proud!

The quarter had barely begun and we were off on an exciting day out to Butterfly World. The newly
revamped Butterfly World offered our learners a wonderful educational and interactive experience. Our
brave learners thoroughly enjoyed meeting and cuddling a rather slithery (yet harmless) corn snake!

We were extremely fortunate to go on a day with beautiful weather, as this encouraged the Glass
Winged butterflies to venture out into the conservatory.

“Our Blood runs Blue”, was the theme of this year's Founder's Day celebrations. We arrived at school
dressed in blue to mark this special day! We congratulate all involved in founding our school, on their
achievements thus far and wish them well for the years ahead.

Grade 00
Kanga, Roo, Edward Bear and Christopher Robin's House
Candi Acheson, Suzette Van der Merwe, Kirsten Büys and Tali Maltz/Kari Olsen

After the once-in-a-life-time festivities of the Soccer World Cup in our playground, the grade 00's
returned to school with stacks of stories of patriotic adventures. Their enthusiasm has not waned,
despite the chilly weather and the odd “inside” rainy day.

With the exciting new learning themes and opportunities, our learners have warmed up to this quarter's
challenges and it is surprising how quickly they have slipped back into routine.

With their older friends and peers in the dynamite production of Annie, the buzz has definitely spilled into
our little classrooms with “tomorrow, tomorrow” being sung in the play ground by avid supporters.

Look out for interesting questions mom and dad, as our little ones have been learning all about life
cycles of insects, animals and people!

Grade 000
Tigger's House, Honey Bee's House and Piglet's Place
Jayne Naidoo, Maliney Bailey and Ingrid Lubbe

After the much anticipated World Cup and June/July holiday, we are back and ready to tackle the winter
quarter with eagerness. We are very proud of our country for hosting a very successful world cup. The
little ones returned to school excited and raring to go.

This quarter we have delighted at looking at our wonderful baby pictures and discussing our growth and
development over the years. We have realised just how capable and self-reliant we have become.
Learners have shared their baby photo albums, scrap booking and special baby items with their friends
in class. We look forward to our exciting new theme which is centred on “Animals growing up.”

A forthcoming event in our calendar during this quarter is the “Drumkidz”. This promises to be a fun
filled musical event for our learners. Prized art pieces will be carefully stored away for our upcoming Art
Expo. We are so proud of our learners' efforts and creativity during their art lessons. Well done!

                                                                            set with the previous musical. Not only did it live up to it, but it really
                                                                            re-enforced Parklands College's ability to produce musical
                                                                            productions that are both entertaining and professional. It was a great
                                                                            pleasure once again to see how the College has grown and to
                                                                            witness the immense talent of the students. I look forward to the next
                                                                            Morgan Watkins
                                                                            Head Girl 2004

                                                                            A beautiful rendition of the musical classic, filled with boundless talent
                                                                            and true to the original in every way. An absolute delight!
                                                                            Justin Gerhardt
                                                                            Head Boy 2006
                                                                            It was an excellent, very professional show.
                                                                            Cayleigh Lawrence

          Congratulations!                                                  Head Girl 2006

                                                                            As a lover of all theatre, I was blown away by the Parklands College
                                                                            rendition of the hit musical 'Annie'. From the the moment the curtains
                                                                            opened I forgot my surroundings and was drawn into the optimistic
On behalf of the Directors, Principals and Staff we would like to           yet emotional tale of the young orphan girl- not for one moment
congratulate you on the wonderful performance of Annie.                     realising that the talent came from young stars 17 years and younger.
Our learners were exceptional and our staff totally committed to the        The talent and professionalism of the cast and orchestra was way
success of this production. Well done!                                      beyond their years. The direction, choreography and musical
Lorraine Roth                                                               guidance provided a platform for the learners to shine.
Managing Director                                                           Congratulations on a show that left audiences spell-bound, smiling
                                                                            and singing the moving and cheerful tune of "Tomorrow, tomorrow....".
A very big thank you from Jennetta, Sarah, Nina and myself for a most       Dianne Palmer
enjoyable evening on Saturday! We all thought the show was superb           Head Girl 2007
and enjoyed it immensely! You certainly have great talent at
Parklands, and hats off to your staff who were involved and obviously       When I watched the 'Annie the Musical' production showcased by
worked very hard to produce such a polished performance! It made            Parklands College on Friday evening I came in expecting something
me feel very proud to be associated with Parklands College!!                good. Needless to say to those who had the opportunity to watch it, I
Barry Tilney                                                                left that audience having experienced something more than 'good'! It
Chairman of the Board of Directors                                          was mesmerizing, warm-hearted and brilliant. Besides that warm and
                                                                            fuzzy feeling I had when I got out of that production, it was a little
A superbly orchestrated production by an extremely talented cast and        mind-boggling to see little children playing roles as the cutest and
crew. This cultural display certainly served to illustrate the wealth of    most energetic group of orphans with such a high professional
talent that exists at the College. A hearty congratulations to Cathy        calibre. Little kids were dominating that stage! And of course the older
Dodders, Pamela Barr and Dalene du Pisane on this outstanding               members of the cast, from the secondary faculty, performed
achievement.                                                                beautifully! Well done for creating another mind-blowing musical. And
Colleen Millar                                                              thank you for the experience.
Principal: Preparatory                                                      Rodney Mhungu
                                                                            Head Boy 2008
What a stunning production! The level of professionalism shown by
the cast was extraordinary and each show held it's own special magic!       At first, I thought Annie would just be an ordinary school concert, but
A special mention must be made of the orchestra who kept the tempo          then I remembered that Parklands isn't just "ordinary" Annie blew me
and vibrancy throughout the show. The cast, crew and orchestra can          away! The voices and acting must have taken months of practise and
be very proud of their performance.                                         it definitely paid off. The Orchestra was unbelievable, the constant
Lee-ann Steynberg                                                           musical atmosphere they created was brilliant. Catherine did a real
Principal: Pre-Primary                                                      great job with setting the scene and atmosphere by musically playing
                                                                            along according to the scene. Well done to ALL the teachers, staff
Congratulations to everyone involved with this superb rendition of          and parents who helped make Annie happen.
Annie. I was moved by every performance and am in awe of the talent         Kirsten Buys
at the College. Every cast, crew and orchestra member can feel
immensely proud and the backstage crew members deserve a pat on             My grade 1 daughter and I went to see Annie and wow, what a show!
the back as well. Salutations to Cathy Dodders, Pamela Barr and             When I asked Abigail what she thought of the show out of 10...she
Dalene du Pisanie. 2010 will be remembered for Annie!                       said infinity!! Thank you and well done!!
Sylvia Steyn                                                                Rhonda Qually
Principal: Secondary
                                                                            My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Annie! Both
Parklands College's ANNIE had all the ingredients of a captivating          Annie's were exceptional in their own way and Chase stole the show
musical. Each facet of the production – from the acting, singing,           with his maturity and professionalism. I had to correct my Dad who
dancing, and band performance - was polished and professional. The          thought we had 'snuck' in a teacher to perform this character. My
impressive talent of the cast and crew is a clear reflection of the high    favourite scenes were the ones with the orphans.
standard of education and training available at Parklands College. As       Chantel Lamb
an alumnus, I was very impressed and proud to witness how far the
school has come over the years. Bravo!                                      This production was certainly a feast for the eyes and soul music for
Simon Dippenaar                                                             the ears. I was taken aback by the sheer magnitude of it all. From
Head Boy 2002                                                               costumes to scripting to choreography... the devotion to theatre and
                                                                            drama was evident. All praise goes to the fantastic production crew,
I was completely blown away by Annie. I expected a school production        the brilliant young stars, musical directors and the backstage team.
and was delivered a professional, all round star performance. The           And to Granny Dodders I am sure you are very very proud of your
cast are unbelievably talented and I can't wait to be able to one day       talented granddaughter, Cathy Dodders!
say: 'That famous actor/actress went to my school'. Absolutely brilliant!   Jayne Naidoo
I can't wait for the next Parklands College production! I had an
unbelievable evening and am SO proud to say 'that's my school!
Caryn Jeenes                                                                Absolutely brilliant, London - West End material.
Head Girl 2002                                                              Nicholl Petty
Thank you so much for the opportunity to come and enjoy Annie. It           A fantastic experience which was enjoyed by my sons as much as
was spectacular! Following 2008's Little Shop of Horrors production, it     me! I was proud to be part of Parklands, as always!"
was with high expectations that I attended the final night performance      Lucette Torbet
of Annie. I was not disappointed - from the beautiful set to the
exquisite costumes, the stage was set for the captivating story of a        The show gave me goosebumps. It was awesome! My daughter and
cute little orphan girl's good fortune in Great Depression-era New York.    her friend said it was brilliant.
The vocal performances were delightful, with a special nod to the           Desiree De Gouveia
conniving trio looking to profit from Annie's luck. I thoroughly enjoyed
the whole show and my only regret is not attending more than one            Brilliant, pure entertainment. very impressed with the cast especially
performance. Congratulations on another successful musical!                 the juniors, all highly talented with a promising future.
Ryan O Malley                                                               Rhett Meyer
Head Boy 2004
                                                                            I had goosebumps for the start to finnish. A truly spectacular show!
I thoroughly enjoyed the 2008 production of Little Shop of Horrors and      Steven Joubert
was eager to see whether Annie would live up to the standard that was

Helen and I were both totally captivated by the performance, not only        been put into this to make it the success it turned out to be .I do hope
by the level of professionalism of preparation so clearly evident, but       you realize you have made a problem for yourselves. Any shows you
by the natural ease, grace and sheer talent bursting forth from our          plan for the future will have to be the same standard if not better.
youngsters. They sparkled and because of it, for a while, so did we          Thank you all for a wonderful entertaining musical evening.
all. We both sang "Tomorrow " all the way home.                              Colleen Friday
Glyn Lewis
                                                                             Annie was fantastic!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the show and could have
An evening to remember! The classic 'Annie' comes to life in                 been on the West End in London – it was brilliant!!!
performance that leaves you awe-struck at the incredible talents that        Di Boiskin
lie in the the youth of today. The original story-line has new life
breathed into it as each member of the cast brings their own fresh           Thank you so much for the invitation to see Annie. It was wonderful. I
individual edge to each of the endearing characters. The props and           am always so delighted to see children enjoying themselves. It was
costumes manage to emulate the period while providing their own              very clear that your children were having a wonderful time on stage.
original spin on the ones used in the more famous renditions. All in         Your musicians were wonderful, too.
all a great performance that is a fresh take on a timeless classic.          Thank you very much for brightening up my weekend.
Chaise Frederick                                                             Desiré Christian
                                                                             Deputy Head Elkanah
Annie show was excellent. My children and family members enjoyed
every bit of it. I love how it intertwined the two schools. It brought the   Annie was such a pleasure. Wow, the performance actually blew me
two schools together. Above all it was a REAL SUCCESS. Well done             away. Cullen cried it was so good. Well done to staff and learners,
Parklands and Annie production crew.                                         there is a lot of talent in our school to be proud of !!!
James Musiyiwa                                                               Well done to Mrs Roth for her passion for education…
                                                                             Thanks to you Mrs Millar for your warm and caring way…
I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful story of: love, compassion, trust        Liza Keytel
and determination; done so professionally, and with so much
compassion.                                                                  Thank you to all the staff and learners involved in Annie. It was a
Sue Smid                                                                     wonderful performance, very professionally executed. We had a
                                                                             lovely evening!
Annie was superb! I enjoyed every single minute! I thought it was            Babette and Bianca Malan
fanatastic that we had a show that combined the Prep and the Sec
School and when I saw Chase with Annie I thought that that special           It was absolutely superb. Very proud to watch these kids perform.
relationship between the two of them will be there for ever.                 Already look forward to the next stage production.
Tracy Pienaar                                                                Janneke van Ysendyk
It showed evidence of thorough and excellent preparation, and no             We were so impressed with the production overall , as well as the
detail was left out. How much time went into rehearsals, arrangement         fact that the music was “live” from the orchestra – it really made a
of music, etc, one never knows, but the superb way the orchestra             difference!
and the singing synchronized, was awesome. As I did mention to               Michelle Williams
Pamela, the timing of the orchestra (and I listen with a "novice" ear !)
was outstanding. The vocalists seemed to find the music easy to              We were proud of our school, loved the entire cast and show, but
"adapt" to.                                                                  also admit to thinking that the band was the star of the show for us.
 Francois du Preez                                                           Peter and Priscilla Edmondson
Congratulations on a SPECTACULAR production. I cannot describe               Well done to the school on an amazing production. It was extremely
in words how I felt watching this production knowing that this is talent     professional and it was obvious that a lot of hard work had gone into
within our school. It was phenomenal! I can just imagine how many            it. I'm proud that my kids are a part of such an institution.
hours of preparation and planning went into this by everybody                Eureka Sewchurran
involved. Just as the soccer world cup was a success for SA I think
this was a huge success for Parklands. Massive!!I am a very proud            To the Wonderful cast and teachers involved in the production of
parent at Parklands today and am so grateful that my kids are in such        "ANNIE". Congratulations and well done! This production was
a stimulating and motivating environment. Well done to you all!              superb, it was music for the soul! Can't wait for future productions. A
Chantel Savvas                                                               special mention to Abigail Hawthorn, she made a delightful Annie.
                                                                             Mr and Mrs Govender
Well done on a fantastic production! Kayla and I were there last night
and all I can say is WOW, you certainly outdid yourself this time            Congratulations on an outstanding production, Parklands College!
round! Hard to believe after you already did that with Little Shop ;) So     Well done to the entire team and the little star Nicayla De Villiers !!!
where to next? Congratulations to the Production Team, Cast and              Proud Parklands Parent
Crew! We thoroughly enjoyed our outing last night. It is such a              Iselle Murray
pleasure to be associated with such a talented bunch of people.
Jo Bosman                                                                    Annie was fantastic!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the show and could have
                                                                             been on the West End in London – it was brilliant!!!
We were blown away (cliché, I know!) by the talent on show. Hearty           Di Boiskin
congratulations to the production crew, under the guidance and
leadership of Cathy Dodders, for a superbly crafted spectacle. Most          'Annie was a well chosen piece with excellent handling of the stage.
of all, the cast produced performances of amazing quality,                   The show was of a 'festival' standard and I would like to extend my
enthusiasm and energy. They have to be commended for their vocal             sincere congratulations to all involved. Hats off to Parklands
and acting abilities, most heart-warming of which were by the                College!'
younger ones. The musical accompaniment provided by learners                 Mrs Jordaan
themselves rammed home the brilliance of a cohort of talented young
people. We wish the actors and musicians, the directors and                  Special mention must be made of Annelee Mizrachi who went the
producers, and the school in general, continued excellence this              extra mile and gave of her time in support of this production.
week. Whoever misses this production does so at their peril.                 Annelee, we could not have done it without you. Thank you for all
 Kevin and Lauren Wildshut                                                   your hard work!

Annie is not the easiest of shows to stage successfully, but you have        I would like to take a moment to mention that you all
done so admirably. The lively orchestra was very well managed and
the whole ambiance created was one of genuine happiness and                  turned in simply excellent performances during the
optimism. We all need this!                                                  production of Annie and your efforts reflect pride on
Paddy O'Brien                                                                yourselves, your parents and your school.
Founding Principal at Parklands College
                                                                             Annie was refined, passionate and faultless in
What an amazing show Annie was! We saw it twice and thoroughly
loved it! We can't imagine how much hard work everyone had to put            execution! Wonderful! It takes a first-rate cast to
in in order for it to be the spectacular show it was. A huge thank you       accomplish all that you have! Thank you for giving up
to all who made it such a memorable show and certainly wonderful             your holiday time and the many Saturdays leading up
part of Claire's life, what a privileged experience for all involved!        to Opening Night. Your stamina and enthusiasm was
Alex and Laura Simonis                                                       exceptional!
My grand-daughter, Megan Friday, gave me complimentary tickets to
see the show, Annie. Not knowing what to expect I duly presented             On behalf of the Directors of Parklands College, we
myself on Tuesday evening. 27 July, quite prepared to make the               are extremely proud of this amazing accomplishment.
most of another school concert. All I can say is –“WOW” and once
again “WOW”! Had I not known I was at a school performance I                 Lorraine Roth
would have thought I was at a professional show. My Congratulations
to Staff, pupils, parents and all involved in this magnificent
presentation of Annie. Much dedication and hard work must have

To all the families celebrating festivals at this time, Parklands College sends you all good wishes

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