Dos and Don'ts at a Hen Party by gyvwpgjmtx


									Women can be sometimes very touchy about their personal things. Hen party is one
such thing. There are very specific dos and don 鈥檛 s you need to follow in someone
鈥檚 hen do . These rules will help you and others from some face reddening
embarrassment. Here are some tips on the etiquette that are needed to be followed
during a hen party. Dos and don 鈥檛 s 1. This is a night the bride to be would have
dreamt from the day she knew how to dream! So make sure the party is set to her taste
and there is no compromise in anything. DONOT include anything that the bride
asked not to include and never leave out specific details that she wanted.
  2. Consult the bride before sending out the invitations. Make sure the list has only
those people that the bride to be wants on her hen night party. . DONOT invite the
bride 鈥檚 arch enemies and her future husband 鈥檚 ex girlfriends.
  3. Manage the finances properly with contribution from all those invited to the party.
DONOT ask the bride to pay or shoulder the entire burden yourself. This is a party
you throw for her.
  4. Timings are important. Fix the dates and venues well in advance. Consult the
bride in this regard. DONOT have the party closer to the wedding. We don 鈥檛 want
the bride and her maids with puffy eyes, bags under the eye and real bad hangover.
  5. If elders are invited, make sure there is little something for them to enjoy as well.
DONOT include any kinky stuff while the elders are present. The best way to get this
thing done is to arrange the kinky stuff in a more private place without the elders.
  6. Send the 鈥榮 ave your dates 鈥?information early. This way, everybody you
want will be present on the day of the event. DONOT send a last minute invitation. It
is rude and looks insincere.
  7. If the hen is a wild hen, play wild pranks. DONOT embarrass her in front of
others. If she feels insecure and uncomfortable, stop right there.
  8. As a rule, buy a nice remembrance gift for everybody present. You have lot to
choose from. So choose wisely. DONOT make a fool out of her under the pretext of
having fun. This is no night for revenge.
  9. Give the bride the importance. DONOT steal the show away from her. This will
hurt more than giving her an embarrassing present. It is the bride 鈥檚 day and it
should be to her taste as any cost. So do not do anything stupid for you may end up
hurting her and responsible for etching a real bad memory of her hen night. Get
naughty, let your hair down and freak out completely. Bottom line is to have fun and
enjoy the hen party the fullest.

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