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									International Financial To the global economic crisis cast a shadow over prospects for
development, countries have to develop supportive policies, China has timely adopted
a policy of stimulating domestic demand. Stimulating domestic demand in the
investment program 4 trillion, accounting for the largest share of the railways,
highways, airports, urban and rural power grid construction, plans to invest a total of
1.8 trillion yuan.

 Have information, as at present, the state has approved a new railway mileage of
23,000 km, more than 2 trillion yuan investment. According to the plan, in 2009, the
state will approve the new railway mileage of 10,000 km about 1 trillion yuan
investment; in 2010, approved by the State Jiangzai new railway mileage 10,000 km,
the scale of 1 trillion yuan investment. From 2004 to 2010, the state approved more
than 40,000 km new railway, a total investment of up to 4 trillion. According to the
development of passenger and freight transport needs and situation of the new
production of railway construction, rolling stock scheduling the next two years
purchase of about 300 billion yuan investment.

 "15" period, China's urban rail transport is also a big leap forward, following Beijing,
Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the country also approved Wuhan,
Chongqing, Nanjing, Qingdao, Dalian, Shenyang, Kunming, Anshan , Changchun,
Harbin and other cities and gradually build 30 urban rail transit. The production of
passenger cars, Communicate Laying signal the need to use a lot of components,
which are powerful components to domestic manufacturers have brought
opportunities for the components business provides a broad market.

 Industry experts, the locomotive is a very complex system, involving the
components including connectors, PCB (PCB), capacitors, terminals, cables. At
present, due to the introduction of locomotive system technology, the locomotive in
the field of connectors, capacitors and foreign manufacturers of key components
mainly product based, but because of the domestic rail industry has been developing
for many years, the production of railway locomotives and signal control , also has
accumulated some of the technical and practical experience, therefore, localization of
the railway system is inevitable, the process is also accelerating. In this trend, the
domestic component manufacturers, especially the service in the field of motorcycle
components manufacturers in terms of R & D, production process or from the
manufacturing level and so on, are supposed to develop to meet the rapidly growing
domestic motorcycle market needs.

 This end, it was suggested that the components of domestic enterprises should
establish a strategic domestic OEMs Cooperation Relationship commitment,
including connectors, capacitors and PCB components, including the localization task,
understanding, familiarity and grasp the structure of foreign products, the relevant
international standards, technical know-how of (whether subject to patent protection),
and manufacturing process technology, Through the introduction, digestion and
absorption of advanced technology, research and development, prototype, test
validation, and for loading road test, road test in the process of continually improving
product reliability, availability and consistency to meet the needs of users, as per the
overall localization device lay a solid foundation. Meanwhile, the motorcycle
manufacturers should actively support the domestic component companies to meet the
requirements in the case of priority products using domestic parts companies, so that
domestic manufacturers of components, "the storm, see the world", an early exercise
to speed up the experimental room to actually use the pace.

 In addition, relevant state departments should formulate relevant policies, increase
corporate support of locomotive components, and promote technological
breakthroughs in key areas and enterprises with the development and growth.
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