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									Sep 30, 2010 Contact: Joy Wang Company: TopCMM Software Corp. E-mail: Phone: +86-21-64132718
  Dolphin Chat Module by 123 Flash Chat TOPCMM just released Dolphin chat
module 2.0. The new release features in more control over the chat room via Dolphin
control panel, such as how to add the chat to Dolphin, the open mode, choose skin,
define size, choose server mode, etc. The best part is that once the module is
successfully installed, a free hosted chat room will be assigned to your Dolphin.
Demo: Download: For Dolphin version v7.0:
  For                      Dolphin                     version                      v6.x:
  Dolphin Chat Features
  Trouble-Free 鈥?Users integrated: Users of your Dolphin can be fully integrated to
Chat. 鈥?Single sign-on : No separate login is required.
  Full Control 鈥?Mutiple skins: Nine skins are available to fit in your CMS.
鈥?Various chat clients: A standard Flash client has full features, a small and neat
HTML/Ajax client is light and flexible in size and therefore can be used as a shoutbox,
etc. 鈥?Customize size and interface language to match your CMS. 鈥?Admin Panel:
A chat admin panel is available for paid user to customize the chat room. 鈥?Display
chat data: chat room list, online users, chat user names, etc. can be displayed or not.
  Why Wait? 鈥?Luxurious chat features: Lobby and private chat, Avatar, smilies,
flash emotions, post-notifier, etc. 鈥?Free hosted chat available. 鈥?Professional
support staff for paid chat hosting user or license buyer.
  About TopCMM Software Corp. The company was founded in 2003 and specializes
in the development of multimedia and communication software, technical support,
service and consulting. The company 鈥檚 products are popular all over the world
and received numerous awards from software review websites. For more information,
please visit the company 鈥檚 site at
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  Postal address: Room 1910, Block A, Xinjian East Road No. 58, Greenland Blue
Ocean Tech Plaza, Shanghai, China. Phone: +86-21-64132718

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