Doido Jewelry Set Off Emotional Feelings Marketing A New Consumer Storm

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					With the accelerated pace of life, social life of modern alienation of more and more
serious emotional relationship to the Internet on behalf of the 21st Century economy,
compared with the traditional society, people need not be alone in the emotional
feelings of interpersonal communication to be satisfied with to support a growing
number of people by means of emotional consumption to meet the emotional needs of
their own, the 21st century, while consumer sentiment ushered in era of the emotional
feelings consumption of consumer goods will become the darling of the times.

  Jewelry products are well-deserved feeling products, jewelry consumption,
consumption is only emotional, it is the characteristics inherent in the decision jewelry.
Jewelry from the time of birth, linked to and love, and in "A diamond is forever, a
permanent spread" of emotional expression, the jewels hidden with eternal love and
commitment of people love unshaken. Consumers to buy a jewelry products, apart
from decorative and investment, more in an emotional heritage.

  However, the high jewelry product homogeneity is difficult to truly reflect the needs
of a wide range of emotions, how emotions jewelry product differentiation, is the
jewelry industry's urgent problem.

 As jewelry, a new patent family members more?? With personalized jewelry, jewelry
industry, product differentiation difficult emotional welcome a new dawn, same time,
the jewelry industry was born of a new brand?? DOIDO ; when the fingerprint
encountered diamond rings, wedding Ring With the new breakthrough?? With
"personalized jewelry" patented fingerprint wedding ring made, to have a lover who's
genetic code to the ring on the finger curing, with a mysterious and unique
atmosphere, trace and study power, represents the love, loyalty and unwavering.

 DOIDO the mission is the birth of consumer sentiment in its products are all under
the guidance of the best feelings to create the objective of consumer goods, while
DOIDO always carried around emotional branding strategy Marketing Strategy and
product strategy, will set off a new storm consumer sentiment.

 The first heavy storm to re-locate?? Real wedding ring

Search engine is gradually rising, "wedding ring" keyword search, that from August
onwards, has entered a new round gonna get married in prime time, prime time and
this will continue to come in the spring. How to choose a valuable and meaningful
wedding ring has become the focus of attention, the amount of information by means
of a powerful network, select the wedding ring is no longer limited new product
displays and store Sell Staff presentation.

 In the search engine, enter "wedding ring", there will be a lot of information about
wedding ring, which on the marriage Ring The most meaningful description than this:
a wedding ring is an important symbol of marriage, a wedding ring on top, there is no
diamond, how many carats of diamonds, in fact it is saying is not a qualified wedding
ring nothing to do. Wedding ring, from that particular person at that particular time
sent, it should represent a commitment to contain a sense, the key is to take each
other's breath, signs, reading ability (if there is such a thing, then ), unique, it can be
considered a qualified wedding ring.

  Consumption in the emotional age of a wedding ring no longer simply a classic six
claw crown prevail, not to shine bright carat diamond prevail, but to whether a new
world full of love for the pursuit and unshaken standard. Use of "personalized
jewelry," patented technology making fingerprint wedding ring, making the classic
wedding ring Advertisement Language from the "diamond is forever, a permanent
spread" in the possible extension of the commitment to remove the inscription,
witness of love, the fingerprint wedding ring for people's expectations of love lasting
more than an expression, while a deeper meaning?? Use with a genetic code and
unique fingerprint information to express the commitment of the love, loyalty and
unwavering and from generation to generation, real is forever, never popular, and
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