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Do it yourself - Do you dare-


									Don 鈥檛 you love the Jones 鈥?rustic log home on the corner or Smith 鈥檚 classic
Tudor down the street? Did you know that Mr. Jones installed all kitchen cabinets and
laid the flooring? Mr. Smith and his son hung every piece of drywall personally,
handpicked each lighting fixture and every brick for the fireplace.
  These neighbors are do-yourselfer. They are not content to pick a floor plan and let
the contractors have their way. Their dream home will be filled with their own dreams,
not those of the builder. The Jones 鈥?and Smith 鈥檚 are certainly not alone.
Especially, in a trying economy the American dream of owning a home can seem out
of reach. However, sometimes a little sweat equity can make that dream a reality.
  Maybe a hammer is more of a foe than a friend? Have no idea what a plumb line is?
No problem! With construction at an all-time low subcontracting out the jobs you can
鈥檛 handle should be easy. Save your expertise for the wallpaper and painting.
Those with a little know-how can tackle even the bigger jobs. Either way acting as
your own contractor can save thousands and keeps you in control. Forget about the
overpriced and limited options typically offered by builders, you are the architect of
your dreams and you set the pricing.
  Some of the most creative and affordable architecture can be found in do It Yourself
home building . Do it yourself home kits are delivered to your lot and finished to your
specifications. These homes can be fully equipped down to the last ceiling fan or
largely unfinished. You are in control of the project and therefore the final outcome.
Do It Yourself home building makes you the contractor and makes financial sense.

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