DIY Video- iPhone Steadicam 4 by gyvwpgjmtx


									If you dream of a world-class director, were crushed day realize that the photos from
your iPhone 4 was too unstable to be detected, and then head up, buddy: Here is a
small project that can solve this problem under $30.
Make How-to videos posted with a photographer Spencer Watson , which shows how
to create iPhone General Budget 4 Steadicam, which perfectly compliment the iPhone
budget zombie movie romance.
Steadicam Gimble has three axes, with the counterweight at the bottom, and is made
from pieces of PVC pipes, with skateboard, some washers, a few aluminum cup
holder, and phone thingy Nerf gun grip. It also looks surprisingly easy to do, and
shooting demo(embedded below the how-to) definitely looks more stable than if it
In short, if you do not have anything to look like a doofus driving this thing around, it
will probably improve the video. Just not as fast as real movie will be.

Via: DIY Video: iPhone Steadicam 4
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