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									Diwali festival brings with it endless bestow of gifts and sweets which actually
multiplies its charisma. Even the humblest of huts will be lighted by a row of earthen
lamps. Diwali festival allows people to understand their true inner self. It is the spirit
that awakens those who celebrate it and brings peace and prosperity to homes and
surroundings. Crackers resound and light up the earth and the sky.
  When is Diwali? Diwali is the abbreviation of the Sanskrit word 'Deepavali', which
means 鈥楻 ows of Light 鈥? The Diwali festival is celebrated at the end of the rainy
season and the beginning of the winter season. According to Hindu calendar, it falls
every year on Ammavassa in the month of Kartik (A month in the Hindu festival
calendar). Diwali is the five day festival that begins on the 13th day of the dark half of
Ashwin and ends on the 2nd day of the bright half of Kartik. The season at this time is
pleasant. This year Diwali is on 5th of November 2010.
  Diwali History: Diwali is one of the most popular and eagerly awaited festivals of
India. There are many historical reasons behind celebrating Diwali festival in India.
Diwali has strong roots with our Indian mythology. North India Diwali history is to
commemorate the returning of, Lord Shri Rama, his wife Sita and his loyal brother
Laxman to Ayodhya after 14 long years of exile. Lord Rama returned after defeating
demon king Ravana who abducted Sita. In the Western India Goddess Lakshmi is
worshiped and in the Southern India, people rejoice at the defeat of the demon
Narakasur by Lord Krishna. The Bengalis Diwali history to celebrate this day is to
worship Goddess Durga who successfully vanquished the demon Mahisusara on the
very same day thereby saving people a lot of grief. For Farmers Diwali is a festival
marking the end of one Harvest and the beginning of another and is a festival
heralding the beginning of a New Year.
  Diwali Festival: Diwali festival of Lights symbolizes the victory of good over evil,
and lamps are lit as a sign of celebration and hope for mankind. Preparations for
Diwali festival start months before the festival. People celebrate Diwali festival in
many ways. Those staying away from their homes make plans for a visit home as
everybody wishes to celebrate Diwali festival with loved ones. Some light their
houses with traditional diyas, candles and perform Lakshmi-Ganesha puja in evening
for seeking divine blessings. Lights and diyas are lit to signify the driving away of
darkness and ignorance, as well as the awakening of the light within ourselves. Diwali
festival is a time for family gatherings, food, celebrations, exchange of gifts and
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