DISH Network vs DIRECTV - A Comparison

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					Satellite TV service providers are major revenue earners in the US. To retain existing
customers and to attract new subscribers they keep offering variety of exciting
programming packages. However, for their excellent service and packages at
reasonable rates, DISH Network and DirecTV are the two leading names in the
industry. The two service providers go head to head in every aspect making it difficult
for people to choose one. Which one is the best? Well, to find that out you need to
compare DISH Network and DirecTV very minutely. This article attempts to figure
out some differences between the two leading satellite TV service providers in US.
 Packages and prices: Premium package is among the most popular programming
packages offered by both DISH Network and DirecTV. The Premium package
includes several channels that offer entertainment for people of all ages. Most of the
channels that come in Premium package by DISH Network and DirecTV are common
but there are some differences in the price.
 Showtime Premium Package, the haven for exciting videos is among the hottest
packages that both DISH Network and DirecTV offer. DirecTV 鈥檚 Showtime
Premium Package includes nine channels including six that are also available in the
HD versions. So it makes nine SD channels and six HD channels. DirecTV offers the
package at $ 12.99 per month. But DISH network offers 10 channels in its
SHOWTIME package. Four out of these 10 channels are available both in SD and HD,
which makes it a package of 14 channels. DISH Network 鈥檚 SHOWTIME package
comes at the same price offered by DirecTV. So in terms of number of channels,
DISH Network is a better choice.
 Starz Premium package is another fan favorite package, which is available with both
DISH Network and DirecTV. But where DirecTV offers 14 Starz channels in the
package including five with HD version, DISH Network 鈥檚 package includes six
channels that are available in HD version. The total number of channels is same for
both the service providers but in terms of HD Programming DISH Network is a step
ahead. The price offered is also same so obviously DISH Network is the better choice.
 Same is the case for Cinemax Premium Package. If you subscribe DirecTV you get
three cinema channels including two offering HD versions at a price of $ 12.99 per
month. But DISH Network offers five channels in the package at the same price. If
HD channel is your priority DirecTV is the better choice but if you consider the
volume, DISH Network is better.
 Other aspects: In terms of packages and quality of entertainment, DirecTV and Dish
Network are almost the same but the Colorado-based DISH Network has won more
heart with its 鈥榚 ntertainment for all 鈥?approach. Apart from plethora of DISH HD
and SD channels for the US people, DISH Network gives importance to the
international communities that are settled in the country too, which is evident from its
long list of international programming packages that it offers. DISH Latino for the
Spanish speaking people, ARABIC for people of Saudia Arabia and Middle-East and
Chinese Great Wall Package for the Chinese are among the most highly demanded
international language programming packages in the US. Moreover, DISH Network
offers DVRs at easy installments and provides free installation up to six rooms per
connection which makes it a better service provider to opt for.
 Compare the packages and prices offered by DISH Network and DirecTV to figure
out the better option. You are sure to have a great time with Satellite TV.

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