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									The people who belong to Chinese community in the United States can now have a
great time re-bonding with their native land! If you are wondering how that is possible,
let us tell you that in the age of technology nothing is impossible. Today you can just
switch on your TV set and receive minute by minute news and entertainment straight
from China. DISH Network, the leading provider of satellite TV entertainment brings
you a number of highly popular DISH Network Chinese packages that introduce you
to a sea of entertaining programs. You and your family can have a galore of good
times with these packages.
  Watching the shows and getting updated news straight from China will help you get
closer to your native land without hassle. With these Chinese packages from DISH
Network you can get a variety of programs in the language you speak and understand.
You can enjoy a number of movies, talk shows and sitcoms in your favorite language
with these packages and stay updated about the events in your country. You are sure
you have a galore if good times with your entire friends and family with DISH
Network satellite TV you can also have a great time teaching the young kids who
have never seen China a glimpse of the same and can even teach them something or
two through these DISH channels.
  Let us take a look at the DISH Network Packages that are introduced by DISH
Network in their international programming line up:
  Great Wall TV Packages
  DISH Network Brings you the Great Wall TV Package! All channels in this package
are presented in 100% digital quality. The package broadcasts amazing programs 24
hours a day and seven days a week. The package brings you as many as 19 fantastic
channels. These 19 channels available with this package include 6 of the very best
entertainment channels from CCTV. Once can also get 9 provincial channels from
mainland China whereas the rest 4 channels are provided by partners who are not
from China. You are sure to have a galore of good times watching the channels
available in this package.
  If you sign up for Great Wall TV Package you are sure to get the most
comprehensive channels from China. Opting for this package with agreement will
make you eligible for a number of amazing offers. When you purchase the Chinese
entertainment package you do not need to buy any equipment. You can also get free
standard professional installation and free DVR upgrade. However, you need to a
DVR service fee of $6.00/mo. You do not have to incur any additional access fee for
International Programming with this package.
  Chinese Elite Pack
  DISH Network, the leading provider of satellite TV entertainment presents you with
the Chinese Elite Pack! The TV entertainment package features the most popular
Mainland Chinese channels at an unbelievably low price. Chinese Elite Pack brings
the top 5 most wanted Chinese channels that bring you the latest news, hottest drama
and movies. You can also watch your favorite variety and entertainment shows in
100% digital quality with these DISH channels.
  Have a great time with DISH Network International channels. These DISH Network
Chinese channels are sure to provide you with quality satellite TV entertainment.

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