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					A piles treatment that provides a permanent solution to piles is high on the list of most
people who suffer with this condition on a re-occurring basis. A lot of people have
difficulties approaching their doctor for help due to the embarrassing nature of piles,
which is more correctly known as hemorrhoids or hemroids. The common choice for
many is self-diagnosis and a trip to the pharmacy for one of the many topical
treatments or creams which are readily available over the counter.
  No matter how embarrassing the problem is, a visit to your doctor should always be
your first step. Piles is, in most cases, very easy to diagnose but to be on the safe side
it is always wise to obtain a second, and more qualified, opinion from your doctor. By
consulting with a doctor, any potentially serious issues will not be overlooked as they
could be when performing a self-diagnosis.
  Unfortunately, the vast majority of people choose to use over the counter creams and
treatments which is perfectly fine as long as they are not expecting anything other
than temporary relief as normally it is not too long before those persistent piles
reappear and the sufferer has no option but to continue repeating the application of
these medications.
  A large number of piles treatments purchased over the counter from your local
pharmacist will often result in sufferers experiencing unexpected seepage and,
because most treatments are mainly constituted of an oil base, there is often oil
staining in noticeable areas of your clothing that can be a little embarrassing!
However, both of these problems can be avoided by simply using an absorbent towel,
for some though, specifically men, this can be almost as embarrassing as the stains
  Piles sufferers will not reminding of how uncomfortable and excruciatingly painful
piles can be and how much of an impact they can have on your life and it is for this
reason that many sufferers will listen attentively to alternatives that offer a more
permanent solution to the problem instead of the temporary relief provided by over
the counter medications.
  The best known methods used for the treatment and cure of persistent piles are
surgical. Surgical methods are not a new option, having been around for quite some
time, and they provide an effective solution to piles. The two surgical procedures that
are used are hemorrhoid banding and laser removal. It is important to understand that
opting for a surgical procedure should always be considered the last resort for treating
piles and should only be used when all else has failed.
  Hemorrhoid banding is the most often used of the two types of surgery and involves
using a rubber band placed at the base of each pile. This band will cut off circulation
to the pile which results in the pile falling off after 7 to 14 days. Unfortunately,
banding is extremely uncomfortable and can be extremely painful initially. The
alternative to banding is laser removal, it is a lot less painful and the healing process
is often much quicker but it is a much more expensive method of treatment and is not
as readily available. If you can get passed the obtrusiveness of either of these surgical
treatments you will find them both extremely successful at providing a permanent
cure to reoccurring piles.
  There is an alternative to surgery which has been proven to be a successful piles
treatment for permanent relief. So, if piles are making your life a misery and you
would like to know more about how to put an end to the constant pain and discomfort
without resorting to obtrusive surgery you can learn more about this effective, quick
and successful piles treatment here.

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