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									The development of wine storage began during 5400 BC when Mesopotamians
realized that wine tasted better when placed on plugged jars. After that period, many
kinds of wine storage emerged, varying from different cultures. In our modern times
when wines are commercially stored in elegant wine bottles, people thought of piling
them in an organized way. Thus, we have the wine racks. Dinettes and Stools,
Northern Virginia 鈥檚 largest selection of furniture, presents us facts and types of
wine racks.
  First off, let us define wine racks. A wine rack refers to the device used to store and
organize wine bottles. The size of the rack and the number of wine bottles it can
accommodate varies, depending on your preference. Here are the different types of
wine racks:
  Wood Wine Rack 鈥?Wine racks made of wood is probably one of the most
commonly used. It is available in most furniture shops because of the availability of
material. For flexibility of design, wood also comes first because it can easily be
painted and polished. There are different kinds of wood used in constructing this type
of wine rack. The most popular is the Cedar wood which is usually preferred because
of its pleasant aroma. But sometimes, the aroma gets too strong that it penetrates the
bottle corks and mixes with the wine aroma.
  Metal Wine Rack 鈥?When your purpose of getting a wine rack is more about
display instead of wine aging, metal wine racks are for you. Metal wine racks are
usually smaller in size and less bottle accommodation since it is made for short term
wine storage. It is difficult to modify unlike wood wine racks but modification is not
that important since metal wine racks are already uniquely made. More curves and
irregular shapes are possible with metal wine racks.
  Stainless Steel Wine Rack 鈥?Stainless steel wine racks is the type which can be
seen mostly in modernized homes. It is especially made for household use. It has now
become quite necessary to have a stainless steel wine rack in the kitchen. Unlike other
wine racks, one which is made from stainless steel can last long even on humid places.
It features anti-staining, rusting, and corrosion. Maintenance is also an edge because it
is easily cleaned and can be recycled as well.
  It comes in variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Some stainless steel wine racks can
also be used as coolers which maintain proper temperature for the wine and prevent
light from affecting the wine.
  Wrought Iron Wine Racks 鈥?If you are looking for a wine rack which has the
highest level of durability, go with a wrought iron wine rack. Designs vary from
antique or traditional to modern or contemporary. Sometimes, people use a wrought
iron wine rack mainly for display. The features of it are very artistic and complement
many room styles. Some use them purely for art 鈥檚 sake; some use them for
functionality and aesthetics. Many wrought iron wine racks can be hung on the walls.
  These are the different types of wine racks. It depends on where you plan to place
yours and for what purpose. Look for quality wine racks, whatever the style. Check
out Dinettes and Stools.

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