Different Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

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					In this busy world, auto insurance has become one of the most essential things to
protect you and your expensive vehicle. If you find auto insurance with perfect
coverage, it will help you by saving your money that you have to spend on your
automobile, if your vehicle faces an accident.
  The local auto insurance is not the same in all states and most of the companies
provide different options when you file coverage. Check out some of the different
types of auto insurance coverage:
  Property Damage Liability: This coverage helps you a lot by protecting you
whenever you are at fault side of the accident. It covers the damage of the property of
the opposite person to whom you have caused in the accident. The property is mostly
the opposite person's car or any other vehicle and in some cases it can also include
fences, yards and buildings whatever you damage in an accident.
  Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: This is one of the basic coverage that covers the
personal damage which you have made to opposite driver or another passenger who
are with you in the accident. This coverage is very helpful and it saves you when you
are in the fault side of the accident. Some of the other expenses covered in this
coverage include medical bills, legal defense and lawsuit settlements.
  Collision Insurance: Collision insurance is a coverage that compensates your losses,
such as car damage in the accident. If you hit any vehicle, say a car or you drove into
a permanent object, such as tree, or guardrail and so on; the collision insurance will
cover these expenses.
  Comprehensive Insurance: This insurance or coverage is just similar to collision
insurance that compensates the cost of the damage of your vehicle, but the difference
is that it not only covers damage that caused in the accident, but it also covers all
types of damages. Some of the damages covered by comprehensive insurance are
vandalized or car stolen or if your car is got struck up by a passive thing when it is
parked. For example, if a tree falls on your car when it is parked, you can file a claim
for comprehensive insurance.

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