Hot Rack Solutions by hjkuiw354


									iPAMM ticks all boxes!
3 Cleanest and greenest server
    cabinet cooling system in the
3 At least 30% saving in server
    room cooling costs.
3 Dissipates more heat than any
    other cabinet.
3 Includes in-row and raised
    floor models, stand-alone or
3 Two heat removal options
    available – conventional or
    chimney variant.
3 Available in commercial grade
    and government secure (SCEC
    endorsed) configurations.
3 Cheaper capital costs.
3 Cheaper running costs.
3 No ongoing maintenance.                                          iPAMM inrow system
3 Uses thermostatically
    controlled variable speed
    fans ie no water, glycol or
    refrigerants required.
3 Saves valuable data room
    real estate by not changing
    the standard foot print of the
    cabinet ie no side or rear door
    mounting equipment.
3 Creates a dust free internal
    cabinet environment.                    CRAC                                                                                          CRAC
3 N + 1 redundancy.                          Unit                                                                                          Unit

3 Reduces MTBF issues.                                            iPAMM raised floor system
3 Full remote monitoring                 iPAMM
                                      fan cassette
                                                                                                                                       Chimney variant

    system using SNMP.                               Front view                                        Side view                         Side view
3 Ideal for server virtualisation.
3 Eliminates cabinet hot spots.
3 Quieter than conventional                                                                            Rack mount
                                                                                                                                         Rack mount
                                                                                    Front of cabinet

                                                                                                                    Front of cabinet

    systems thereby avoiding
    OH&S issues.
3 Runs on less than 2 amps.
3 Removes the requirement
    for ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ aisles in
    raised floor server rooms.
3 Dramatically reduces your
    carbon footprint.
                                                                  Underfloor / raised floor plenum


                   Hot Rack Solutions                                                                  INTELLIGENT PLENUM AIR
                   w w                                                 MANAGEMENT MODULE
Typical bottom mount iPAMM installation – front cabinet view

Typical bottom mount iPAMM installation – rear cabinet view

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