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					      Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

Kingsbury middle school
   Faculty handbook

Ronnie Mackin, principal
    Tamika Jackson,
  assistant principal

 Work hard. Get smart.

           …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                    Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

                         Memphis City Schools

Dr. Kriner Cash………………………………………………………… Superintendent

Dr. Alfred Hall……………………………………………………Chief Academic Officer

Suzanne Kelly………………………………………………………………..Chief of Staff

Myra Whitney…………………………………………………Academic Superintendent
                               Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Roderick Richmond………………………………………. Academic Superintendent,
                                        Striving Schools

Jada Askew…………………………………………………… Academic Coordinator,
                                  Striving Schools

Monica Jordan………………………………………………... Literacy Coordinator,
                                      Striving Schools

                        Kingsbury Middle School

Ronald W. Mackin………………………………………………………………….Principal

Tamika Jackson………………………………………………………….Assistant Principal

Raquel Young……………………………...Professional Development Compliance Coach

Milan Bruce………………………………………...................................Behavior Specialist

                         …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                         Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

                           Notice of Non-Discrimination

The Memphis City Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis
of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex or age. Individuals have been
designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies and practices, please
contact Office of Equity Compliance 416-6670.

The first designated contact person is the school principal. Inquiries about non-
discrimination policies and alleged incidence of discrimination should be directed to the local
school principal or assistant principal. Also, inquires may be directed to the Director of the
Division of Pupil Services, Room 204, 2597 Avery Ave., Memphis, Tennessee 38112, phone

Applicants who feel that they have been discriminated against should direct their concerns to
the Associate Superintendent of the Department of Human Resources, Room 164, 2597
Avery Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38112, phone 416-5403.

Employees who are covered by a collective bargaining agreement shall use the grievance
procedure outlined in the collective bargaining agreement. Inquiries may directed to the
Director of the Division of Employee Relations, Room 158, 2597 Avery Avenue, Memphis,
Tennessee 38112, phone 416-5323.

All other employees who feel that they have been discriminated against should first
communicate their concerns to their immediate supervisor, unless the complaint is against the
immediate supervisor, in which case it should be direct to the next supervisory level.
Inquiries may be directed to the Associate Superintendent of the Department of Human
Resources, Room 164, 2597 Avery Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38112, phone 416-5304.

All employee inquiries and complaints regarding sexual harassment should be directed to the
immediate supervisor, unless a complaint is against the immediate supervisor, in which case
it should be directed to the next supervisory level. Inquiries may be direct to the Associate
Superintendent of the Department of Human Resources, Room 164, 2597 Avery Avenue,
Memphis, Tennessee 38112, phone 416-5304.

Employees covered by a collective bargaining unity may choose to follow the grievance
procedure outlined in the collective bargaining agreement. Inquiries may be directed to the
Director of the Division of Employee Relations, Room 158, 2597 Avery Avenue, Memphis,
Tennessee 38112, 416-5323.

                              …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                        Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

The Memphis City Schools emphasizes and stresses that Academic Achievement is the top
priority. Also in addition, the areas of Student Achievement, Accountability, Parent &
Community Involvement, Healthy Youth Development, Safety, and Diversity are tools for
measurement for a productive school system.

                             KINGSBURY MIDDLE SCHOOL
                              SCHOOL-WIDE GUIDELINES

Teachers have a thirty-minute duty free lunch. Teachers and Administrative Assistants along
with the Administration monitor students during your scheduled lunch period. Your students
should be escorted to and picked up from the cafeteria at the end of your thirty minute lunch
period. Cafeteria guidelines should be reviewed daily or as often as necessary to maintain
order and proper conduct. Teachers have assigned rows and students are assembled in a
manner in which pickup of students are orderly and feasible for procedural transitions.

Smoking and the use of tobacco products are prohibited in or on all MCS Board of Education
property. As a result, neither the State of Tennessee nor Memphis City Schools has
provided a time during your workday for smoking. Failure to adhere to this policy is a
violation of MCS Board policy and will result in negative consequences. There is no
smoking on the premises of Kingsbury Middle School.

Faculty Meetings (Professional Development Meetings)
Faculty meetings are held on Wednesday afternoons, beginning promptly at 3:00 p.m.
Doctor appointments will not be excused during this time. If there are extreme emergencies
notify the administration verbally as well as in writing. Meetings will be designated
according to need for respective criteria. There will also be no after school activities on
Wednesday, including clubs, tutoring and in some cases athletic practice.

Telephone Calls
Teachers will be notified immediately of emergency phone calls. Otherwise, check your box
or the office for telephone messages daily. Calls will not be forwarded to your classroom
during instructional time. Students are not allowed access to your classroom phone. Do
not call parents during instructional time to report discipline problems during instructional
time, use your planning period to devote time to the issue at hand, when your attention can be
fully devoted to the discipline situation. Phones in classrooms should be utilized at the
appropriate times (not while students are in the process of receiving instruction).Please do
not use the school phone for personal use.

Cell Phones
Cell phones for adults should be utilized at the appropriate timeframe only. If for any reason
you have to utilize your phone for an emergency, do it with the utmost discretion away from
students. Do not use your cell phone during the school day for personal use.

                             …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                    Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

                             Kingsbury Middle School
                              “Home of the Falcons”

                                Telephone Directory

Main Office                                                          416-6040
Fax Number                                                           416-6054

Ronald W. Mackin, Principal                                          416-0552
Tamika Jackson, Asst. Principal                                      416-0573
Raquel Young, Prof. Dev. Compliance Coach                            416-0576

Clerical Staff:
Gwendolyn McGrew, Financial Secretary                                416-0553
Paula Davis, Attendance/Records Secretary                            416-0610

Support Services:
John Limbaugh, Professional School Counselor - 7th                   416-0574
Keisha Jackson, Professional School Counselor – 8th                  416-0575
Judith Bowdon, School Librarian                                      416-0577
Kevin Collins , Family Specialist                                    416-0572
Milan Bruce, Behavioral Specialist

Building Support Services:
, SBE                                                                416-
, ASBE                                                               416-
, Cafeteria Manager                                                  416-

                         …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                        Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

                                  School Mascot

                         SCHOOL MOTTO
                   “Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!”

                          SCHOOL COLORS
                             Maroon and White

         VISION OF Kingsbury MIDDLE
Our mission at Kingsbury Middle School is to create an environment in which academic
excellence is achieved and sustained by maintaining high expectations for every student,
appreciating the diversity of our student body, and being responsible for our own actions.
Knowledge, Multiculturalism and Strong Character are the three pillars of Kingsbury
Middle School‟s community.

        MISSION OF Kingsbury MIDDLE
At Kingsbury Middle School we will empower our students with the ability to think
analytically, solve problems, and succeed in our diverse society. We will nurture our
students‟ creative talents by offering a challenging curriculum with opportunities for
success available for each child. We envision our students leaving Kingsbury proficient
in Algebra and equipped with the ability to read and write effectively. The faculty and
staff of Kingsbury will work diligently to promote positive relationships, academic
results, and responsibility for each other and the community.


   1. Every child is capable of achieving academic excellence.
   2. Every adult is directly responsible for the success of each child.
   3. Every adult must maintain high expectations for all children in order to unlock
      their hidden potential for success.
   4. Every adult has a responsibility to develop and nurture relationships with parents,
      families, and all stakeholders.
   5. Every parent has a responsibility to ensure their child attends school regularly.

                             …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                         Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

Kingsbury Middle School
                     Standard Operating Procedures

The Principal is ultimately responsible for everything that takes place at the school
building level. It is recognized however, that for any school program or head
administrator to be successful, it must have the full cooperation and support of the office
personnel, teachers, staff, and all support staff. In order to have this support and
cooperation, it is imperative that each individual in the organization be aware of his/her
responsibilities (See Principal for Job Descriptions).

To assist in the accountability and report ability of personnel at this school, the following
operating procedures have been placed in effect:

   1. Arrival to work is essential for the basic operating procedures of our daily
      routines. Being punctual and prepared are two key assets of preventing
      disorganization; however, Teachers calling in due to late arrivals should contact
      their respective Team Leader and the Administration so that arrangements can
      be made to provide class coverage. (See employee directory for ADMIN #s)
   2. In the case of an absence from work, please contact the Substitute Management
      System at your earliest notice of your absence. If it is an emergency, please
      notify the Principal or the Assistant Principal of this situation, immediately. It is
      required that all personal days are approved by the Principal before these specific
      days are utilized. All teachers are asked to maintain an up-to-date Substitute
      Folder with specific lesson plans and procedures.
   3. Teachers are expected to attend a minimum of 10 school functions per school
      Open House                              Community Activities/Events
      Math/Science Family Night               Blue Ribbon Parent Night
      Teacher Activity Night/Day              Some Saturday Activities
      1 Athletic Event per Sport (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track,
   4. Teachers are allowed to leave campus to get lunch, however they must sign out
      and then sign in the office (Room 103) upon their return.
   5. All requisitions initiated by teachers/coaches must be verified by the designated
      clerical person (Ms. McGrew, Financial Secretary) prior to being presented to the
      Principal for approval or disapproval.
   6. Bi-weekly and semi-monthly paychecks will be distributed by the Financial
      Secretary. In her absence, the General Office Secretary (Ms. Davis) will be
      responsible for the distribution.
   7. The Principal must approve all Fund Raising activities and 10% of all monies is
      recommended to be allocated to the general fund.
   8. Fund raising reports must be submitted the next day to the Financial Secretary and
      the Principal after each fund raising activity.
   9. Utilize the school wide unified system to ensure that all instructional processes
      are the same throughout the entire building (i.e., Bellwork activities or
      stimulating exercises: located on the left side of your chalkboard. SPI‟s stated,

                              …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                     Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

    Objectives listed, TCAP objectives/guided questions listed, Standards posted and
    identified: all located on the right side of your chalkboard).
10. All lesson plans for the subsequent week are to be turned in to the PDSCC or
    Literacy Coach, every other Friday by 2:45 pm. Six week phone contact logs are
    to be submitted to the Assistant Principal the following Wednesday after report
    cards are distributed. A six-week course syllabus should be submitted to the
    Principal at the beginning of each six weeks. Weekly Team meeting minutes
    should also be submitted to the PDSCC by Friday at 2:45 pm.
11. Observe the 15 minute rule of each class. At the beginning and the ending of
    each class, students should be in class either receiving instruction or participating
    in the closure of the lesson. No students should be permitted to walk at these
    designated timeframes, unless it is an extreme emergency.
12. All students must have a KMS issued hall-pass to leave any class, handwritten
    notes and miscellaneous items are not acceptable.
13. All teachers will stand outside the classroom door in the hallway and assist
    students with the transition as they walk on the right side of the hallway. High
    visibility is our greatest deterrent to mischief behavior.
14. All students will be escorted to the cafeteria, gymnasium, auditorium and library
    and placed in their designated areas and will be retrieved in the same manner.
15. All restroom privileges and procedures will be left to the discretion of the Team
    on how to expedite and ensure that proper utilization takes place. A maximum of
    two team restroom breaks will be the standard. Each team must submit a copy of
    these procedures to Administration before the end of the day on August 8, 2008.
16. Discipline is the responsibility of the Teachers, TEAM, the Assistant Principals,
    Behavioral Specialist, Guidance Counselors, and the Principal.
17. All memos and other documents sent externally from the school to any person
    must have my approval line signature. All documents prepared to be articulated
    internally must also have an approval line signature. This of course only applies
    to matters which relates to Kingsbury Middle School and not personal matters.
18. Please use professional courtesy when it comes to utilizing students on other
    Teachers‟ instructional time. A simple note stating the reason why the student is
    needed is appropriate; however, the teacher reserves the right to descend the
19. Teachers are expected to stand at your doors during all transitions and dismiss
    students and direct them on how to leave the class for transition or for the
    dismissal of the school day. Also, remaining visible to clear your respective
    hallways to ensure that total safety is of the utmost importance.
    ...Students should be supervised at all times, do not leave students

                          …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                        Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!


All Faculty/Staff members are expected to conduct themselves as professionals at all
times to ensure the efficient, safe and orderly operation of Kingsbury Middle School
takes place. Listed below are some expectations of Professional Behavior:

      Teachers should come prepared and organized each day, on time, ready to assume
       other roles/duties; modifying and adjusting to the needs of the school in its
      Teachers are not sanctioned to make any decisions regarding school functions,
       activities, programs, and the like without adherence to the specific committees
       and Principal.
      At the ringing of the bell, teachers are asked to dismiss classes in an orderly
       fashion, direct all transitions, and greet other students to set the tone for the
       instruction. Teachers must provide engaging and stimulating instruction to keep
       the minds of the students on the intended instruction.
      All records, which include attendance, grades, reports, evaluative assessments,
       and the like, should be turned in at the proper time. Attendance roll books will be
       utilized for accuracy and as a backup to the SMS system. These books will be
       collected at least one time per six weeks.
      Wednesday afternoon should be left open for professional development meetings,
       unless notified by the administration. All teachers should report at 3:00 pm,
       unless an outside duty has been assigned by the Administration.
      All teachers/coaches are mandated to attend staff meetings, professional
       development activities, and scheduled Team meetings.
      Teachers are asked to read all faculty correspondences and adhere to them in
       accordance. Check email each and everyday for up-to-date information.
      Teachers should dress appropriately each and everyday. Hats/caps, athletic gear,
       jeans, jogging suits, and any tight-fitting apparel are not professional and should
       not be worn. Certain apparel will be decided upon by the Teachers Activity
       Committee and the Administration. You should look professional each and
      Teachers should at no time leave students unsupervised; work in a collaborative
       system to prevent any neglected supervision from taking place.
      Utilize your cell phone in a professional manner in the building (Not walking the
       halls or in the classroom in the presence of students). Also, please set all cell

                             …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                        Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

       phones on either vibrate or silence when we are in all professional
       development or faculty meetings.
      Teachers should conduct themselves professionally in every aspect by:
       -Refraining from using abusive, insulting or profane language toward students
       and parents.
       -Refraining from coming to school under the influence of alcohol/drugs or
       prescribed medication that could have an impact on your work performance.
       -Refraining from engaging in sexual harassment of students and/or other staff
       -Refraining from using the classroom telephone for personal calls.
       -Refraining from using racial slurs and or conversating about students in the
       -Refraining from conducting personal business during the work
       -Refraining from arguing or fighting with anyone at the workplace.
      A collegial relationship with all staff members should be developed.
      Teachers should not put any student(s) out of the classroom unsupervised at any
       time or for any reason. You are responsible for anything that happens to the
       student; however, if the student is causing an array of disruptive behaviors, notify
       the Administration.


Each teacher is required to sign in each morning by 7:15 a.m. in the main office; anything
else will be considered as a tardy. Three or more tardies in a six-week‟s will result in a
conference with the Administration. Teachers are not required to sign out at 2:45 p.m.
Also, additional duties will be assigned, as the administrative supervision duties and
organization requires it to take place. It is merely a suggestion that teachers are here by
7:00 a.m., to duly prepare for the days operations, lesson, and other procedures.

At no time should anyone leave campus, unless it is approved school related business. In
the case of extreme emergencies, notify the administration and sign out prior to leaving
campus. During the unencumbered periods of a teacher‟s schedule, preventative
supervision or strategic planning should take place in preparation for Kingsbury‟s
respective operational needs.

In efforts to provide teachers with optimal parking spots, it is suggested that teaches
arrive at 7:00 AM. The parking lot between KMS and KHS is shared by both schools, so
this is a first come first serve lot. Other parking options will be the Vo-Tech school lot
behind the cafeteria. Keep in mind that the gate will be locked throughout the school day
in the Vocational lot. You will not be able to leave the lot during the day if you park in
this lot. Please do not park in the Handicap spots unless you have the appropriate badge.

                             …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                        Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

Beverages or food should be consumed either in the lunchroom or the lounge areas.
Please refrain from eating or drinking in classrooms. Do not send students to the
cafeteria or to the teachers lounge to get food for you. It is recommended that you eat in
the cafeteria for total accountability/relationship building and also for transitional
operations to take place to expedite students to and from the cafeteria in an orderly

Selection of clothing and accessories is certainly a matter of personal choice. Teachers
should keep in mind that they are role models for a very impressionable, adolescent
audience, and that their manner of dress should reflect their professional status as a
professional of Kingsbury Middle School. While there are no specific requirements of
dress in regards to gender specificness, it is recommended that all Men wear ties on
Monday-Thursday and Polo style/school shirts on Friday, tucked in neatly and that all
women wear appropriate blouses/skirts not to reveal too much of the anatomy.

Wednesday afternoons are to be reserved for developmental meetings-beginning at 3:00
p.m. You will be notified and given a schedule of set meetings (i.e., Departmental,
Team, or Professional (Faculty) meetings. ATTENDANCE IS EXPECTED AT EVERY

Kingsbury Middle School is a place of business and it should be envisioned in that way
totally. Teachers should conduct themselves in a professional manner whenever inside
the Main Office and general loitering does not display this. All personal conversations
should not take place and only professional work should be discussed. The Main Office
is not a lounge and will not be treated as such. The Secretaries have very demanding
tasks at hand, please be courteous and professional when making certain request to have
things done for you in a timely manner. Also, the break/lounge room is only for the
employees to have their respective lunches. Loud conversations, jokes, and
unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated in form or fashion. Remember the Main
Office is where the outside community enters first and it must be a place of
professionalism at all times.

Only Kingsbury Middle School business should be rendered on the fax machine. Fill out
a fax cover sheet with the information to be faxed and give it to Ms. McGrew, Fin.
Secretary. Also, fill out the log-pad with the date, time, agency/business name and your
name for direct accountability.

Since you have phone capabilities in your respective classrooms, it is a requirement that
we answer our phones with a certain type of greeting universally throughout the entire
building. We will utilize the following: Hello, Kingsbury Middle, where we Work Hard
and Get Smart, Mr. or Ms. ---- speaking, how may I help you?

                              …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                         Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

Teachers wishing to mail material to the Central Office or to a person employed in any
Memphis City School may take advantage of the free mailing service provided by the
Board of Education. Mail is picked up daily from the school office. Teacher‟s mail will
be placed in their individual boxes in the main office. U.S. Mail is also picked up daily
in the main office; however, you must furnish your own stamps.

All lost and found articles are to be taken to the main office and given to Ms. Davis.

Limit the number of times tardy to work; inquiring 3-5 tardies will result in a Letter of
Warning and further tardiness will result in a Letter of Reprimand. Limit the number of
absentees; excessive or patterned absenteeism will result in warnings/reprimands/referral
to Human resources.

Utilize the SEMS to acquire a substitute if one is needed for your respective absence.
Have a substitute folder with up-to-date lesson plans or proven activities located in the
top left hand desk drawer for accessibility. Make copies of class rolls and place it in the
folder along with your respective teaching schedule. Also, list any supervisory duties or
assignments for student supervision. Once you have notified the system, notify your
Team Leader and the Administration for preparation of smooth daily operations to take

In regards to your sickness or a family members sickness, for 3 or more days, a doctor‟s
statement is required and must be submitted to Ms. McGrew, Fin. Secretary. Failure to
submit the appropriate documentation could result in non-payment for days missed.

The time allotted for performance of homeroom duties is from 7:30 a.m. to 7:45 a.m.
each morning. At the beginning of homeroom, students should be brought to attention
for immediate homeroom duties (attendance) to take place. Students should refrain from
talking to view Channel One and also hear the morning announcements. Again, all
students should remain quiet (Absolutely NO TALKING) during this time. Teachers
should lead by example of the expectations that you want exhibited during the moment of
silence, Kingsbury Middle School Pledge and the pledge of allegiance.

Restrooms on all floors will be locked for the safety of all students. One or two teachers
per Team will be given keys to the restrooms. Each Team must determine when and how
often students will be allowed to use the restroom and what to do when emergencies
arise. Rules and procedures must be in place for everything that is done. All teachers
must teach and model the actual processes for accuracy and accountability.

                              …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                         Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

Kingsbury Middle School will utilize the Blue Ribbon Initiative Plan and implement all
strategies to eliminate unwanted behavior. Teams will be responsible for Classroom
Rules on each floor. Have bell work that students can start working on as they enter the

Every student is expected to walk on the right side of the hallway. No EXCEPTIONS!
Also in addition, in the stairwells, students should walk on the right side in all transitions.
This is SCHOOLWIDE RULE and continuous reminding to students should be recapped.

!!!Display quality student work with rubrics, changing displays at least once per six-
weeks and according to provided schedules pertaining to Thematic, Team, or
Schoolwide Units!!!

                                     Kingsbury Middle School
                                     Bell Schedule

Homeroom                               7:30 – 7:45
DEAR                                   7:45 – 8:15
2nd Period                             8:20 – 9:15
3rd Period                             9:20 – 10:15
4th Period                             10:20 – 11:15
5th Period                             11:20 – 12:55

11:25 – 11:55                          ISS, Clark, Ali
11:30 – 12:00                          Salter, House
11:35 – 12:05                          Buchanan, Breeden
11:40 – 12:10                          Owens, Willis
11:45 – 12:15                          N. Wilson, M. Wilson
11:50 – 12:20                          Gossett, Mull
11:55 – 12:25                          Alexander, Fowles
12:00 – 12:30                          McClain, Donaldson
12:05 – 12:35                          Lee, Pruitt
12:10 – 12:40                          Carlton, McNair
12:15 – 12:45                          Corley, Schuyler

6th Period                             1:00– 1:50

7th Period                             1:55 – 2:45

                               …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

                  Kingsbury Middle School
                   AM Activity Schedule

Homeroom                      7:30 – 7:45

DEAR                          7:45 – 8:15

Activity                       8:30-9:30

2nd Period                    9:35 – 10:05

3rd Period                    10:10 – 10:40

4th Period                    10:45 – 11:15

5th Period                    11:20 – 12:55
11:35 – 12:05                 ISS, Clark, Ali
11:40 – 12:10                 Salter, House
11:45 – 12:15                 Buchanan, Breeden
11:50 – 12:20                 Owens, Willis
11:55 – 12:25                 N. Wilson, M. Wilson
12:00 – 12:30                 Gossett, Mull
12:05 – 12:35                 Alexander, Fowles
12:10 – 12:40                 McClain, Donaldson
12:15 – 12:45                 Lee, Pruitt
12:20 – 12:50                 Carlton, McNair
12:25 – 12:55                 Corley, Schuyler

6th Period                    1:00– 1:50

7th Period                    1:55 – 2:45

                     …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

                  Kingsbury Middle School
                   PM Activity Schedule

Homeroom                      7:30 – 7:45

DEAR                          7:45 – 8:15

2nd Period                    9:20– 9:15

3rd Period                    9:20 – 10:15

4th Period                    10:20 – 11:15

5th Period                    11:20– 12:50
11:30 – 12:00                 ISS, Clark, Ali
11:35 – 12:05                 Salter, House
11:40 – 12:10                 Buchanan, Breeden
11:45 – 12:15                 Owens, Willis
11:50 – 12:20                 N. Wilson, M. Wilson
11:55 – 12:25                 Gossett, Mull
12:00 – 12:30                 Alexander, Fowles
12:05 – 12:35                 McClain, Donaldson
12:10 – 12:40                 Lee, Pruitt
12:15 – 12:45                 Carlton, McNair
12:20 – 12:50                 Corley, Schuyler

6th Period                    12:55– 1:20

7th Period                    1:25 – 1:45

Activity                      1:50 – 2:45

                     …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                        Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

                         Financial Responsibilities
Financial matters are serious matters. Please make sure that we followed all professional
guidelines that apply to financial obligations. The Memphis Board of Education and
State Board of Education have established specific policies and laws regulating school
financial matters.

Receipt Books: (Receipt books will be assigned to each teacher by Ms. McGrew)
   1. Receipt books must be accurate, neat, and legible. Write from right to left in book.
   2. All monies collected should be placed in the appropriate envelope.
   3. Before writing a receipt, place the cardboard divider between entries.
   4. Do not skip receipts or pages in the receipt book.
   5. Start with the receipt in the upper right hand corner on each page and continue to
       the left. Receipts are written in numerical order from left to right.
   6. If an error occurs, write “VOID” on the receipt and go to the next one in
       numerical order.
   7. Money must be turned in to the Ms. McGrew, Fin. Secretary on the DAY that it is
       receipted. (Do not hold money until the next day). All money and receipt
       books should be turned in daily by 11:00 a.m. to Ms. McGrew, Fin.
   8. Verify the amount turned in with what is recorded on the official receipt (that is
       stapled to your receipt book) immediately after each transaction.
   9. No personal checks should be accepted (Only cash or Money Orders).
   10. Report any lost receipts books immediately to Ms. McGrew, Fin. Secretary and
       provide a written statement of the incident to the Principal.
   11. Written reprimands will be issued due to the failure of any of the procedures are
       not adhered too.

Reimbursements for Students:
   1. No reimbursements will be made without official receipts. Only authorized
      purchases/activities will be reimbursed.
   2. Checks will be written by the Financial Secretary the day after receipts are
      presented for reimbursements. The checks will be made payable to the parents.
      Please complete the necessary forms for this transaction to take place.

Ticket Sales:
   1. Tickets will be used for all paid events (Dances, athletic games/events, talent
       shows, and the like thereof). Board Policy prohibits Memphis City Schools‟
       employees from taking up money at school-sponsored events without the issuance
       of a ticket.
   2. Tickets will be recorded using the beginning and ending ticket numbers on the
       Ticket Reconciliation Form. The Financial Secretary must verify the beginning

                             …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                        Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

      and ending numbers and sign off before tickets are given to the seller or that are
   3. All unused tickets must be returned to the Financial Secretary and used tickets
      must match the amount of money turned in.
   4. All money and returned tickets must be receipted by the Financial Secretary
      immediately. It is the responsibility of the ticket seller to count and verify the
      amount for accountability rationale.
   5. After the money has been receipted the ticket reconciliation should be signed by
      the principal.

DO NOT send the money envelope/receipt book attached to attendance cards or
leave them on a counter or a desk.

Students are not to be responsible for receiving, and /or receipting funds from other

Requesting a Check:
   1. Purchases for which reimbursement is requested requires a form-REQUEST FOR
      REIMBURSEMENT. To request a check, please fill out the approved form and
      give it to the Financial Secretary for the Principal‟s approval. Funds must first be
      verified before any purchases take place. You must have a receipt, invoice, or
      statement with your check request. No checks will be issued without a receipt.
      Checks for unknown amounts will not be written. We must have an amount to
      type on the checks before dissemination.
   2. Request for checks should be on the Financial Secretary‟s desk at least two (2)
      business days before the check is needed. Please follow the protocol.

Purchase Order Forms:
   1. Purchase Order Forms will be provided by the office for purchases. The amount
      of money needed, the business and the teacher‟s named must be place on the
      order forms. Approval from the Principal is mandatory.
   2. Purchases for over $50.00 must have a bid form attached with three (3) bids.
   3. When the statement is received from the company, you will be asked to sign the
      statement to indicate that the complete order was received before the bill is paid.
      One copy of the purchase order must be in the Financial Secretary‟s office before
      the purchase.
   4. No supplies or materials will be paid for by the school unless an approved
      Purchase Order has been obtained and processed by the Financial Secretary‟s
      office. This includes items which are to be reimbursed by students.



                             …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                         Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

                                          Field Trip
Teachers are responsible for planning educational field trips for students. Field trips
should be part of a teaching unit. Not less than two weeks prior to a planned field trip,
please submit goals, objectives, and assessment activities on the field trip form. Make
plans early. Buses and permission slips must be secured, money has to be collected, and
Fee Waiver forms have to be completed and submitted prior to the trip. Parent
permission forms must be signed and submitted at least three days prior to the trip date.
Absolutely no monies will be returned due to student cancellations!

Field trips should relate to the instructional program of a given class or group of students.
The Principal, Assistant Principal or Instructional Facilitator shall determine whether any
proposed trip relates to the instructional program. The following four items must be
considered in planning ALL field trips

    Care must be taken to provide an adequate and safe means of transportation and
     adult supervision must be provided.
    Approval of the parent or guardian of each child who desires to participate must
     be on file in the school prior to the field trip.
    Evaluation and follow-up activities should be ensured by the principal.
    All field trips made under the auspices of the school MUST be made during the
     school year. Exceptions must be approved prior to the planning of the trip.
    All teams must ensure that students not attending the field trip are covered.
    A brief description of all local field trips must be on file in the principal‟s
     PDSCC‟s office. Principals should ensure appropriate planning and educational
     justification for each field trip.

                                     Local Field Trips

A brief lesson plan detailing all local field trips must be on file in the PDSCC‟s office.
Principals should ensure appropriate planning and educational justification for each field
trip. (Policy #6132)

                                 Out-of-Town Field Trips

All out-of-town trips must be approved by the Associate Superintendent for Student
Programs & Services or designee. Tentative approval for long distance trips should be
requested as early as planning permits. Please submit an Out-Of-Town Field Trip
Request form at least five (5) days prior to the trip. All information on this form must be

Field trip plans, itinerary, and emergency plans should be on file at the school and with
each parent who has a child attending the trip.
School days designated for field trips should generally be limited to three (3) days.

                              …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                         Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

                        School Safety and Security
To maintain a safe school the following areas have been addressed and are to be
implemented as follows:

Protection of Teachers in the School After Classes

All teachers are reminded to alert the office immediately via the intercom if there is any
sign of trouble in or around their classrooms. When working alone, the classroom door
should be locked and teachers should use good judgment. Administration will try to
assist with clearing the building daily, but there have been teachers missing items in the
past. Teachers should always work in the buddy system format. An administrator will be
on campus everyday until at least 4:30.

Crimes Against Students to and from School

Students who experience problems with fights, extortion, harassment, and other “child-
like” events while in route to and from school will receive assistance from the school
administration upon request. If the act is of more severe nature, students have been
informed to utilize civil authorities. Please monitor these situations in the school building.
Often neighborhood situations find their way to the school campus and it is our
responsibility to be on alert to watch for anything that could cause problems.

Control of Trespassers and Visitors

Key personnel at all entrances of the school and all other teachers are asked to inform the
Main Office anytime they suspect that trespassers are on campus or have entered the
building. In order to keep interruptions to a minimum, vendors, parents, or other visitors
should be directed to the office to check in and receive a visitors pass. As a courtesy, the
Secretarial Staff will notify you of approved visitors. All VISITORS should be directed
to the Main Office. Signs have been posted throughout the building asking all visitors to
register in the office and receive a VISITORS ID BADGE. Personal visitors should be
limited to your planning time in order to provide our students with the most instruction
available. If it is a student teacher or associate from a local university educational
program, please ask them to sign in and out upon each visit.

Supervision of Students Prior to the Opening and After Dismissal of Students

Non-Homeroom teachers are assigned morning duties beginning at 7:15 a.m. to provide
direct supervision of our students. Teachers are placed in designated areas for direct
supervision and preventative measures. Every Teacher will do HALLDUTY during the
transition of all classes. After dismissal, students are to leave the building immediately,
in an orderly and supervised manner, at 2:45 p.m. If you have Coaching, Sponsoring,
Detention, or Tutoring responsibilities; meet your students and contain them in the
designated room to ensure students are being supervised and accounted for safety
reasons. Please make sure your duty posts are covered.

Suspicion or Imminent Information Given to Teacher.

                              …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                        Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

Please consult with Team members and the Administration of any potential situation that
you believe could be an emergent, safety, or investigative situation. Following the
communication protocol, if the situation is urgent, please notify the OIS (Officer in

                           Instructional Components
At Kingsbury Middle School, the main goal of each Teacher and Team is to provide the
best possible instructional opportunities and practices for our students. Utilizing
stimulating and engaging instruction that‟s relevant to our students‟ everyday lives, it is
imperative that all be on one accord and learn how to work well with each other on a day-
to-day basis. To this matter, each teacher must research and explore their commitment to
the middle school concept and practice. Each Team member must determine how they
will share responsibilities and work together to support each other academically, socially,
and personally.

      Teams must plan together and come up with common goals that are attainable.
         All Teachers will work together and reinforce targeted/District TCAP, SPI, and
         Literacy/Math skills and objectives weekly.
      Concepts, ideas, innovations, rules, procedures, etc.; have to be defined and
         determined by the Team. Everyone is expected to operate and function as a Team
         despite our personal differences and work in a professional capacity to serve
         Kingsbury Middle School and our students.
      Teams must address:
             o Pupil adjustments (academically and socially)
             o Student attendance and achievement, data review and analysis
             o Student/Parent conferences
             o Counselor Referrals
             o Special Education accommodations
             o Classroom rules and procedures
             o Team rules and procedures
             o Overage/Instructional Resource assistance referring
             o Thematic Units/Integrated Lessons
             o Team Board Displays of Quality Work
             o Professional Development with Instructional Facilitator
             o Design/Implement Team Activities (Academic & Behavior)
             o Meeting off campus to build workable relationships
             o Character Building
             o Integration of African American History
             o Building Positive relationships with Students & Parents
The Principal, Assistant Principals, and Prof. Dev. Coach/Subject Area Coaches will
assist Teachers and Teams in obtaining the utmost instructional leadership in the school.
It is our responsibility as a whole to work together to reach the desired outcome of our
students acquiring academic achievement. Together Everyone Achieves More and we
must envision that we are a productive Team and we must eliminate all of the I‟s

                             …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                        Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!


An effective/efficient Teacher is:

One who is off the seat, on the feet, covering every aspect:
    Not having a parade of students to and from the instructor‟s work station.
    Allows students to assume direct responsibility for specific duties.
    Provide time for both large and small group instruction as well as with
    Creating a student centered (not teacher centered) environment.

One who in covering his/her beat, stresses preventive as well as corrective or
remedial teaching at the student‟s seat or work station.
    Looks to see if learning has taken, or is taking place.
    Looks for learning problems before they arise.
    Directs student activities into more positive learning channels.

One who explores the “new skills and knowledge while building on the old.”
    Associates the new with the old-uses the „5R Principle‟ (Review, recall, reinforce,
      refine, reevaluate) to achieve mastery over a period of time.
    Builds the 5R Principle into new learning.
    Uses a variety of methods to affect the 5R Principle.
    Previews new homework thoroughly, not merely making tedious assignments.

One who sets performance goals and shares the goals with the students.
    Sets attainable, measurable, or observable student standards for ability to
      demonstrate, prepare, solve, describe, or perform similar activities.
    Teaches for quality rather than for quantity.
    If subject matter is not mastered, reteaching the lesson/activity for better

One who teaches daily for improvement in written and oral language skills.
    Demonstrates an appropriate dress and behavior code.
    Demonstrates the mastery of knowledge of the subject matter he/she teaches.
    Draws a fine line between personal and professional obligations.
    Assumes the responsibility of realizing that education is truly a profession and
      should be considered as such.

One who develops student work habits to function independently and with others.
    To take and give constructive criticism graciously.

                             …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                         Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

      To know where to research for answers.
      To share responsibility and accountability.
      To develop a sense of self and understanding of others.

Thorough preparation assures the teacher of knowing, during every minute of the class
period, exactly what he/she will do and how he/she will do it (Modify & Adjust).

Variety adds spice to teaching, whereas, the same routine day after day is flavorless. It is
difficult to hold the attention of students for long periods of time. A common mistake is
to overdue the lecture method. Our particular students should receive a multifaceted
approach of lecture, questions/thoughts, answering questions, elaboration, and oral
responses. Utilize engaging instruction to obtain the maximum interaction to acquire
academic achievement.

Busy students have no time for mischief. The teacher‟s lesson plan should include ways
of keeping all students active at all times, through written work, oral work, board work,
special assignments/projects, or research work (Not Handouts). Ensure that students
understand the assignments and determine the accuracy of the work being done. Involve
all students in the participation by holding the entire class accountable for everything
discussed. Have frequent spot checks, summaries, verifications for answers, etc. Never
use a set pattern for calling on students, catch them off guard to ensure that attainability
takes place.

Try to think out the most common disciplinary problems before they occur. Have options
for specific actions as how to deal with these incidents and how to move forward with
your lessons.

Be sure that your assignments can be completed by the average student in a reasonable
length of time. Extra credit work might be offered for higher achieving students. Make
extra credit purposeful for your respective classroom and your utilization to benefit the
entire class.

It is encouraged for effective comprehension to take place that efficient relational skills are
utilized that reflect everyday occurrences of our students. Students must be made to feel that
the instruction/curriculum is relevant and operable for them individually. This is one of the
most single imperative factors for our success as educators. The instruction/learning must be
engaging and interesting for the full classroom time.

                              …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                        Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

                           STUDENT DISCIPLINE

In accordance with Memphis City Schools, we will adhere to our respective Blue Ribbon
Initiative Plan. It is recognized that there are no short cuts or easy-to-follow rules for
establishing and maintaining discipline in a school. Discipline is based on the overall
school purposes and program. A strong instructional program geared to the individual
student‟s needs is the foundation for good discipline. However, it is hoped that the
following brief suggestions will serve as a useful guide for teachers:

      Plan and conduct a program of instruction which will capture the interest of each
       student to make them eager to learn.
      Teach discipline (define limits) by establishing and teaching and modeling rules
       in your classroom.
      Give students assigned or random seats to offer variety and mastery of students
       names, to identify potential problems or successes.
      Praise more than you punish. Praise for effort and acceptable conduct as well as
       for performance.
      Be sure that the praise is sincere. Students are quick to sense counterfeit
       compliments (Be Real and Genuine, Not FAKE; students read through it).
      Remember that non-verbal communication is important. A smile, nod, wink,
       stare, frown, the raising of an eyebrow or close proximity is an effective signal.
      Provide privileges such as games, extra library time and free time to talk together
       about topics of interest (Allow students to be introduced to who you really are, so
       that they can see you in a different perspective, it proves to be of a great value).
      Don‟t keep punishing for the same offense. If a student keeps repeating an
       offense, it is wise to look further for the causes and change the approach.
      Avoid group punishment, unless it is an uncontrollable situation. Investigate and
       determine a point of origination of the incident before asserting questionable
       concern. Some students are usually innocent, and a group “suffering” together
       has a certain cohesiveness and camaraderie which enables it to “shrug off”
       otherwise effective disciplinary measures.
      Control through proximity, without speaking, move near the situation to disperse.
       Always listen obtrusively for possible situations that may arise through student
      Make every attempt to handle a situation involving discipline promptly before it
       becomes an administrative problem.
       Be consistent in the enforcement of established rules.
      Give each student some responsibility that you know he/she is capable of
       handling, but don‟t forget that to whatever degree a student participates, to that
       degree he/she should be responsible and praised.
      Know the school‟s policy for the referral of discipline problems.
      Set an example of courtesy, respect, good manners, and fairness.
      Keep a record of reoccurring discipline problems (Consult with the Team and
       discuss how to be preventative as it pertains to discipline).

                             …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                        Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!


   We must emphasize teaching our students how to behave rather than how not to
   behave, in order to develop a positive classroom environment conducive to learning.

   Students want to know how the class will be conducted and what will be expected of
   them. At the first class meeting, the teacher should explain his/her procedures,
   standards, and regulations; and the reasons for them. As a rule of thumb, it is better
   to be relatively strict with new groups (Being Real!). It has been said that the first
   five minutes is the most important part of any class period. Maintain your standards
   and the professionalism that we personify at Kingsbury Middle School.

   Unless orderly conditions are present, effective learning cannot take place. Always
   utilize School Wide/Team procedures of implementing instruction in providing ways
   of varied strategies of deterring unwanted behaviors.

                        School-Wide Discipline Plan
                                      2008 – 2009
                                Committee Members
                               Ronnie Mackin, Principal
                          Tamika Jackson, Assistant Principal
                           Milan Bruce, Behavior Specialist
                         John Limbaugh, Guidance Counselor
                         Keisha Jackson, Guidance Counselor
                           Kevin Collins, Family Specialist
                    Reginald McClain, Regular Education Teacher
                       Nina Wilson, Regular Education Teacher
                    Katherine Riser, Supervisory Education Teacher
                          David Wicker, MEA Representative
                       Danielle Seemann, School Social Worker
                      Clifford Smith, Special Education Teacher
                           Mr. Omar, Parent Representative
                          Jose Gallego, Community Member

The Discipline and Safety Committee has developed a school-wide discipline/Blue
Ribbon plan. The purpose of this plan is to have a fair and consistent way in which to
deal with students who misbehave and recognize students with positive behavior.

School Procedures, Entering School
    Kingsbury Middle School hours of operation are 7:15 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.
    Students can enter the building as early as 7:00 a.m. and report to the cafeteria for
       breakfast, ONLY!!!!

                             …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                        Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

      Male students will enter and exit the building only through the side entrance
       located in the parking lot under the canopy Female students will enter and exit the
       building only through the front entrance located on North Graham.
      Students arriving to school after 7:30 a.m. are tardy and must use the school‟s
       main entrance located on North Graham.
      The bookstore will be open daily from 7:15 – 7:30

School Procedures, Closing of School
    Classes are dismissed at 2:45 p.m. with students leaving the building through
       assigned exit doors.
    Students are only allowed to exit out of two locations: Main Entrance (North
       Graham.) girls and the Side Exit (Parking Lot.) boys. This process should be
       followed in its entirety (The rear exit on toward the cafeteria should not be
       used, unless notified by the Administration).
    Teachers will release last period classes out of the building in an orderly fashion
       and remain on grounds (hallway duty) until 3:00 p.m.
    Support teachers remain on grounds (outside/inside) duty in assigned areas until
       3:00 p.m.

School Procedures, Cafeteria Operating Times & Rules
    Breakfast is served from 7:00 a.m. – 7:15 a.m.
    Lunch is served during one continuous lunch period. It is imperative that you drop
       and pick your students up in a timely manner so that it does not affect the classes
       coming in behind you.

Students will adhere to the following Cafeteria rules:
    Students will respect the authority of supervising monitors.
    Students will talk using quiet voices.
    Students will remain seated if not in the serving line.
    Students will keep their area clean and dispose of all trash in the appropriate
    Students will display appropriate behavior in the serving lines/areas (Standing in a
      straight line, speaking in a soft voice).

School Procedures, Assemblies
    Students will enter assembly area with the classroom teacher and proceed to
       assigned areas.
    Students will not talk upon entering, during, or leaving the assembly.
    Students will sit up straight and be attentive.

School-Wide Rules
    Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.
    Report to class prepared with paper, pencil, and other needed materials.
    Use quiet voices at all times.
    Move quickly and quietly from one class or activity to the next.

                             …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                        Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

      Follow the dress code ensuring that shirts are tucked in and pants are not sagging
       (Pop-outs, wave caps, hats, scarves, bandanas and open-heel shoes are not
      Walking on the right side of the hallway and stairwells at all times.

When a student refuses to follow the classroom and school rules, the following steps will
be taken: (These are additional steps that will be utilized along with our respective
Disciplinary Procedures).

                          DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES

    Discipline procedures for 1-7 referrals for basic misconduct are as follows:
        Student Conference
        Verbal Reprimand
        Telephoned Parent Conference
        2nd Verbal Reprimand
        Team Conference with or without student
        Cafeteria Duty
        Counselor Intervention
        3rd Verbal Reprimand
        After-School Detention
        In-School Suspension
        Parent Conference with Team
        Parent Conference with Team/Administration
        Administrative Counseling with Parent

   *The above 1-7 should be completed before any student is sent to the office on a
   referral for basic misconduct.

   **Direct insubordination/disrespect, fighting, gang related activity, theft,
   assault, leaving campus without permission, or threats to faculty or staff will be
   dealt with the utmost seriousness by the administration in its entirety.

   ***Fights will not be tolerated in any form or fashion: 1st Fight- 3 days, 2nd
   Fight-5 days, and 3rd Fight- 10 days; everything else will result to an
   administrative hearing with the discretion of Pupil Services to determine


   Students will follow the specified Memphis City Schools Uniform Policy and
   KMS Policy (Maroon or White Uniform Shirts, including white underneath T-
   shirts along with Khaki, Navy Blue, or Black pants. Light weight jackets may be
   worn, in uniform colors only (khaki, navy blue, black, maroon or white) in class.
   Only solid jackets of the aforementioned colors will be allowed. All backpacks
   must be placed in lockers.

                             …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                      Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

  All shirts must be tucked in for all young men and discretion is given to all
  young ladies who wear the approved blouses in uniform specification color. The
  administration reserves the right to make certain determinations as to what is
  approved and disapproved (Pop-Outs, Hats, Bandanas, Scarves, or Open-Heel
  shoes (Nurse Shoes) and leggings are not permitted).

  Procedures for Handling Dress Code Situations:
       Verbal Inquiry of Situation
       Verbal Request to Correct disposition
       Verbal Command to Achieve Desired Effect
       Dress Code Referral sent to Administrator and kept on file with teacher
       Violation entered and issued to Student
       After 4th Offense, a mandatory meeting with Parent is issued
 Do not allow Dress Code violations/situations to disturb your lesson, classroom
 climate, or mental state of mind of classroom, call for assistance and the situation
 will be handled.

School Detention Forms
   Basic Misconduct, Tardies to Class/School, & Class-Cutting (ASD with the
    Behavior Specialist may only be assigned by Administration. However, we do
    encourage forms for teams to monitor their own detention (after school or lunch
ISS Forms
   Once students have assigned to ISS, this form will indicate that they must report
    for the allotted time to meet the requirements of the referral to ISS.
Discipline Referrals
   Utilized once Team/Parent Contacts have been made, unless it is an emergent
Tardy to Class Forms
   Teacher will use this form to indicate students lateness to class- 3 Tardies and the
    form should be submitted to Pupil Service Office.
Dress Code Referral Forms
   Forms issued to students by Teachers for failure to adhere to Uniform
Dress Code Violation Forms
  Forms issued to students by the Administration
Pending Home Suspension Forms
   Forms issued to students by the Administration
Basic 1-3 Day Home Suspension Forms
   Forms issued to students by the Administration

                            …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                      Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

Standard 5 Day Home Suspension Forms
   Forms issued to students by the Administration
Admission to Class Slips
   Forms used/issued by Guidance Counselor, Family Specialists, Secretaries, and
    the Administrative Team.
Clearance of Suspension Forms
   Forms used by Administration to verify that a meeting has taken place and to
    verify that the student has cleared the suspension and should be allowed to return
    to class.

             Every Day. Every Child. College Bound.


                           …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                        Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

                              Kingsbury Middle
                           Instructional Handbook
Creating The Environment: Preparing the Classroom

Teachers should create a warm and inviting environment in the classroom. Students,
even Middle School, like unique and colorful rooms. They are turned off by bare walls
and blank areas. A classroom needs character, especially in Middle School. A young
person needs to feel at home in his/her classroom. Oftentimes, teachers see more of these
students than their parents do. Creating comfort zones is a tremendous help for all
involved. Here are a few suggestions:

   1) Provide a reading center (across all subjects) with pillows, beanbags, etc. Every
      subject involves reading, and students appreciate being able to lounge
      comfortably and read. We encourage you to keep a classroom library for students
      to utilize. After all, how would you feel if you had to sit in those stiff desks all
   2) Make a technology center where students can have access to tape players and
      computers. Students can experience “books on tape,” listen to instructional
      audiotape, or use computers for various purposes.
   3) Provide for tutoring corners where students who need to catch up on work alone
      can have the privacy to do so.
   4) Bring plants and animals into the classroom. Plants can really enhance learning
      by relaxing the classroom. Small pets build a class spirit. For some, taking care of
      pets provides a duty and sense of self-worth.
   5) Eventually, put up pictures of the students in action. Photographs provide a real
      sense of identity and students love to see themselves in pictures.
   6) Hang attractive and informative posters from which students can learn (Sharing
      their history).
   7) Hang quality student work and projects in and outside the classroom.

In addition to the above suggestions, the items below must be posted in your classroom:
     Guiding Questions
     Standards for your content area large enough for students to see
     Classroom Discipline Plan
     Student Performance Indicators
     Areas should also be labeled for easy identification (Library, technology, etc)

Preparing the Halls
In addition to preparing the classroom environment, we will also prepare the overall
school environment. The halls should bloom with the knowledge attained in the
classroom. To ensure that this is accomplished, six weeks projects will be completed and
displayed on bulletin boards in the hallways. Projects should show integration across all
subjects and should be neatly and thoughtfully displayed. Standards, SPI‟s, and
Objectives addressed within and a brief explanation of the project should also be included
in the display. Rubrics must accompany all projects.

                             …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                         Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

Creating the Environment: Seating

Seating arrangements make a big difference in the Middle School classroom. During the
first week, it is easy to use alphabetical order until you make an official seating chart. In
general, students have a possessive feeling about their desks. They want to know where
they will be sitting every day. Without a seating chart, valuable class time will be wasted
settling disputes. It is important that seating be enforced and standardized.

Remember that seating is functional, changing according to instruction. There is no need
to keep one seating pattern all year. Following are some varieties of seating patterns.

Traditional Rows
Desks are in straight rows facing the front of class work well for lectures, tests, individual
work, or direct instructions. The traditional manner tends to keep the class well focused.

Group Seating
The next most common form of seating is pushing desks together to form groups. The
benefit of group seating is obvious – it allows students to focus together on work. Some
teachers have permanent group seating, seeing the benefit of teamwork on a daily basis.

Divided Rows
In this variation of long rows, desks are formed in two wings, facing each other. This
allows for a middle area that the teacher can use for various purposes.

Circular Seating
In this pattern, desks are formed into a circle. This allows for a “round table” effect,
which is good for readings and discussions. Also, this pattern might be a good idea for
class quiz shows and games, where contestants are in the middle. The teacher can
circulate around the room.

Creating the Environment: Establishing Routines

In the Middle School classroom, it is extremely important that you establish some sort of
routine. This increases efficiency because students know what materials to bring to class
and what to expect. Successful middle school teachers tend to incorporate a number of

Bell Work
A routine that gets students on task before the bell rings is a pre-class exercise or warm-
up. Warm-ups literally get the brain ready for the day‟s lesson, just like stretching
exercises before a game. As students work on their warm-ups, walk around and see how
they are doing. This will ensure accountability.

                              …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                         Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

Bellwork may be different and suited to each teaching style, but has a set of common
    They do not take longer than 10 minutes.
    They are challenging exercises that have relevance to past or future lessons.
    They are not “busy work” but quality thinking exercises.
    They usually are not graded, but answers are discussed in class.

Some common examples of bellwork exercises are:
    Questions and Answers (CPI systems)
    Journals
    Vocabulary (CPI systems)
    Creative Writing
    Problem Solving

Student Helpers
Another routine to establish is the use of student helpers. This not only increases
efficiency but teaches responsibility as well. Student helpers work best with the
following activities:
     Paper Passers/Homework Collectors
     Organizers
     Messengers (must have KMS issued Hall Passes)
     Transparency/Board Washers
     Group Leaders

Weekly Routines
It is good sense to develop a weekly routine. No one routine is best for everyone. Below
you will find a schedule developed by a successful Middle School English teacher.
      Monday          Spelling Pre-test/Writing Workshop
      Tuesday         Reading, Grammar
      Wednesday Authors, Cooperative Learning
      Thursday        Reading, Speaking Workshop
      Friday          Spelling Test, Enrichment

Making a Syllabus/Keeping a Calendar
Most teachers are required to keep detailed lesson plans for each day of teaching.
Sometimes these can be so time-consuming that one loses sight of the big picture. All
teachers should take time to reflect on the big picture and plan their objectives for at least
a six-week period. Keep in mind that a syllabus is flexible and can change.

Students and parent appreciate being handed a syllabus every six weeks or so because it
increases their awareness and confidence in the course. It gives them a road map to see
where they are going and how to get there. In addition, a syllabus functions as a calendar
on which to make important notes. A syllabus should provide at least the following:
     List of projects, readings, special units, events
     Important due dates,

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      Calendar with activity/lesson indicated
      Special notes about the planning period
      The weight of each task (max points earned).

A current copy of your syllabus should be neatly posted outside your door at all times.
Areas will be provided.

Keeping a Notebook
A good routine to establish with students is good organization. As a teacher, you will
have to ask yourself, “How will students organize and retain information in my class?”
For most teachers, this means a three-ring binder.

The notebook is probably the best tool for students because it keeps work in sections, has
pockets, and can hold spirals and supply bags.

Creating the Environment: Discipline

It you work with large numbers of students, you will have to administer discipline. As a
teacher, you will be expected to handle your own discipline problems. Sending students
to the office is considered a last resort because it suggests that the teacher cannot handle
the problem.

The best defense against behavioral problems is an exciting curriculum. When students
are interested in their classes and their minds are being challenged, they do not have time
for misbehavior. In all classes, the teacher‟s aim should be to deal with discipline
quickly and efficiently, without cutting into class time. Good teachers practice
preventive discipline, redirecting behavior to avoid problems.

Common Discipline Problems                             Techniques to Stop Them
Talking out of turn                                    Physical proximity
Discussion with neighbors                              Signaling a student
Interrupting                                           Polite requests
Inappropriate silliness                                Role reversal
Blurting out                                           Merit system
Chewing gum

Serious Discipline Problems                         Techniques to Stop Them
Ignoring warnings or reprimands                     Isolation
Continuing misbehavior/talking                      Teacher-student conference
Tardiness                                           Calling parents
Not turning in work                                 Giving a referral
                                  Calling for an Administrator (drugs, Alcohol, weapons)

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Classroom Administration: Quality Instruction
Once you‟ve created order in the classroom, you must attend to what taxpayers are
paying for – teaching! The art of teaching is a machine that posseses many intricate parts
that have to be used effectively and efficiently to run.

Lesson Plans
Planning a lesson is different for every teacher. Furthermore, teachers organize their
lesson plans and curricula in different ways. Some teachers prefer keeping lesson plan
spiral book, while others keep notebooks, and still others keep lesson plans in file folders.
Teachers should have an active notebook/collection of all lesson plans.

Lesson plans will be due to the PDSCC bi-weekly. They must be submitted to the
PDSCC by 2:45 p.m. every other Friday for the upcoming two week period. Be
reminded that lesson plans can be submitted either by hard copy or electronically to Ms.
Young, PDSCC.

Making Effective Use of the Textbook
The textbook has been the basic tool of teaching from the beginning of education as an
institution. Throughout the years, the purpose of textbooks has remained the same:

      Provide Content Basis for the Class
      Evaluation/Testing
      Pre-Planned Activities

Many teachers find textbooks to be useful and effective tools. However, some advanced
teachers will not even crack open textbook because they have gathered their own
materials. Nevertheless, most teachers will find it useful to use textbooks some of the

How to Make the “Boring” Fun
Successful teachers learn how to go beyond the textbook and distill the core elements or
objectives of the lesson. The master teacher knows that the text does not teach the class –
the teacher does. Teachers have developed a variety of techniques to engage the
students‟ interests. These techniques tend to drive home information and get students
excited about school. Here are some examples:

      Quiz Shows
      Dramatic Interpretation
      Costumes
      Audio-Visuals
      Manipulatives
      Simulations
      Oral Readings
      Word Games/Puzzles

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Strategies Checklist
Teacher-Directed Strategies                            Student Directed Strategies (Thinking
Lecture                                                Inquiry
Discussion                                             Discovery
Question/Answer                                        Higher Level Questioning
Modeling                                               Concept Attainment
Demonstrations                                         Reciprocal Teaching
Videos                                                 Learning Centers
Field Trips                                            Technology
Technology Presentations                               Experimentation
                                                       Guest Speakers
                                                       Integration of Literacy Strategies

High Level Thinking
It is not enough to teach just the basics. Society demands more emphasis on high-level
thinking. Bloom‟s Taxonomy is the standard that will be used here at Kingsbury Middle.
Extending questions by students into larger issues, demanding reasoning skills, asking for
judgments, and creating high-level projects are part of every successful teacher‟s

Leaning Styles
The theory of learning styles can be generally summarized as follows:

      All students have the capacity to learn
      Students can learn the same things by different methods
      Recognizing how a student learns is critical to success

The implications for the teacher are that one must be able to recognize how a student
learns best and adjust to that style.

Special Needs Students
Traditionally kept out of the regular classrooms, students with special needs are making
an impact on the regular teacher. Help and support for these special students can be
given first by understanding that in most cases they cannot help their behavior. Monitor
these students carefully and use preventive discipline techniques as much as possible.
Talk to the parents, former teachers, and counselors of these students to get ideas that
work. It is also very important to be aware of the medications used by these students and
their possible side effects. Common special needs are:
     ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
     ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
     “Slow Learners”/General Learning Disability
     Dyslexia

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     Wheelchair Bound
     Hearing/Visually Impaired
     Emotionally Disturbed
     Bilingual
     Gifted
We must work effectively in determining our students who need additional educational
assistance and also those who may appear to need age appropriation accommodations.

Reading in the Content Area
In Middle school, every teacher is a reading teacher. It is impossible to overstate the
importance of reading on the adolescent brain. It is the classroom teacher‟s responsibility
to motivate students to read. This can be done by various ideas such as reading books,
magazine articles, or the newspaper. The idea is to get every child into the habit of

Though the ideas presented in this instructional handbook are research-based strategies
that work, they are not all inclusive. Adding needed elements to these to individualize
your classroom ensures success for you and your students.


These are benchmarks that we should strive to have in Vance Middle as we move to the
next level of academic achievement.
    Evidence of High Expectations for Teacher and Student Performance
    An immaculate responsive climate that is conducive for Teaching and Learning
        and Promoting positive relationships
    Standards-driven classrooms/quality work
    Rules/Consequences/Rewards Posted
    Evidence of MCS Curriculum implementation through the display of quality work
        accompanied rubric assessments
    Project description posted to explain quality work
    Data displays visible to all stakeholders
    High Levels of Parental Involvement
    Students are placed in the least restrictive environment
    Effective implementation of the S-Team process
    Budget use that reflects the School Improvement Plan
    Develop and Maintain Competent Staff
    Formative Assessments/TCAP Format practice assessment
    Daily practice in TCAP Format
    Common Planning Time/Common Language
    Technology Integration throughout the curriculum
    PLC‟S/Learning Teams
    Word Walls (Content Vocabulary)
    Cooperative Groups

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                           Kingsbury Middle School
                             Locker Assignment

Lockers are assigned as close as possible to the homeroom. The homeroom teacher will
receive a listing of locker numbers and the students in which they are assigned.

Please ensure that your students are aware of the following locker rules:

    Students are to use ONLY the locker assigned to them by their homeroom

    The school is not responsible for belongings left in lockers.

    The administrative staff reserves the right, with just cause, to inspect any locker.
     Every attempt will be made to have the student present at the time of the
     inspection. Parents and the appropriate authorities will be immediately notified of
     illegal contraband.

    There will be periodic locker clean-outs by students. All students are responsible
     for maintaining a neat locker.

                 LOCKER SCHEDULE: (4 Times)
                          Before Homeroom
                            Before Lunch
                             After Lunch
                         Dismissal of School
Any student given permission to go to a Locker, should have a Hall Pass.

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                             Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

                    KINGSBURY MIDDLE SCHOOL


In case of any crisis, the Principal will initiate action in accordance with Memphis City School Guidelines
for Emergencies and Crises. A crisis or emergency would entail gas leaks, bomb threats (fire), or suicidal
attempts or situations. This may include the following actions as needed:

A continuous bell will sound for an evacuation or a call of “Falcon 1” over the intercom will be made for
evacuation. Follow the floor plans provided and utilize the evacuation procedure.
        Call emergency services
        Call security and/or the superintendent
        Gather information about the crisis
        Meet emergency services and provide information
         5. Provide area leaders with information about the crisis as needed
        Set up a command post if needed for police and/or emergency personnel

If the Principal is unavailable, the next in the chain of command should carry out the administrative

The following individuals will serve as the Crisis Prevention Team. Team members are identified for
proximity to halls and rest rooms, and are responsible to communicate to the administration. Refer to floor
plan layout for knowledge of respective areas designated.

                  Crisis Team Members:                            Designated Areas
                  Mackin                                          Floating
                  Tyler                                           Downstairs Hallway (Front Office)
                  Jackson                                         Upstairs Boys Hallway (West End)
                  Bruce                                           Downstairs Hallway (Cafeteria End)
                  Wicker                                          Upstairs Hallway (East End)
                  Smith                                           Foyer Near Cafeteria
                  Saleem                                          Gym Outer Area/Football Field

(Administration will be responsible for communication to cafeteria and custodial personnel.)

For emergencies requiring evacuation, the fire warning or a continuous bell will sound. Evacuation will
proceed according to the fire drill evacuation plan.


Should this be necessary, the person would have an assigned assistant. This assistant would be responsible
for the evacuation of the individual.


For emergencies requiring containment, the words “Code White” will be announced over the intercom. This
code means that all students should be contained within their classes until it is announced “Code White” is

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Area Leader Responsibilities:

Area leaders will have the following responsibilities during Code White emergencies:
         1. Check the area restrooms and halls for students. Send them to the nearest classroom.
         2. Communicate with all area personnel as necessary.

        Code White Area Leaders                                Area for Direct Supervision
        Coach Saleem                                  Gymnasium Doors
        Coach Belew                                   Athletic Fields
        Coach Wicker                                  7th Grade Boys Hallway (East End)
        Mr. Collins                                   7th Grade Girls Hallway (West End
        Dr. Tyler                                     8th Grade Boys Hallway (West End)
        Ms. Young                                     8th Grade Girls Hallway (East End)
        Mr. Limbaugh                                  Downstairs Male Restroom
        Mrs. K. Jackson                               Downstairs Female Restroom
        Mr. Harmon                                    Upstairs Male Restroom
        Ms. Hutton                                    Upstairs Female Restroom
        Coach Smith                                   Front Stairwell
        Ms. Leston                                    Middle Stairwell
        Mrs. Riser                                    Rear Stairwell

        If this situation runs into the end of the school day, students will remain under containment as
        planned and Ms. Clark will notify the Special Ed. Bus driver‟s of the situation.

Mr. Mackin, Mrs. T. Jackson and Mr. Bruce will be in the direct area of concern regarding this type of

Teacher Responsibilities:

The following are responsibilities assigned to teachers during a “Code White”:

        1. Once “Code White” is announced, contain all students within the classroom. Close and lock
        all doors.
        2. Tell students there is a serious situation. Inform them that they must be absolutely quiet, and
        follow all instructions.
        3. Remain near the entrance of your classroom and wait for instructions.
        4. All students in an exploratory or special class during a “Code White” emergency should
        remain there, contained by their instructor
        5. All classes in the cafeteria during “Code White” emergency should remain there, and wait for
        further instructions.
        6. If your class is in the hallway during a “Code White”, move quickly to get students into the
**** Once the situation is resolved properly, an announcement of “Code White Over” will be made, you
should resume your regular schedule.****
ALL situations cannot be accounted for, therefore, use good judgment.
An immediate informational meeting will be held in the Library for a debriefing session and
specifics of the actual occurrences.

Emergency Management Plan
The school nurse will maintain an active file, along with the office, of those CPR qualified. Additionally,
individuals identified through the Emergency Management Plan may be called upon to render first aid/CPR
on an as needed basis. The Emergency Management Plan will be maintained in the administrative offices,
with each person identified via letter as to their tasks and duties.

                                   …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                         Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!


Administrators and secretaries will monitor radio and television stations during
emergencies that require this action. Teachers should not talk to the media. Never
mention a child‟s name to the media. Refer all questions to the administration.

Hostile Parents/Situations

A Teacher and Team Members safety is of the utmost concern and we will disperse all
potential situations from occurring. Teacher‟s, if you are faced with a situation in which
you think or feel has the tendency for endangerment to yourself or your students; notify
the Main Office that “Mr. and Mrs. Strong” are located in or near Room (Number). The
Administrators, School Officer and designated Men Staff members will respond
immediately to control the situation.

Fire Falcon Situations

In the rise of a Bomb Threat situation, we will announce the command of “Fire Falcon”
and we will operate in direct conjunction with MPD/MFD‟s procedures in securing
placement and movement in the building. We will not move in any transitions until
notified with specific degrees of regimentation under the direction of Officer Bowen.

Radio Call Numbers

For measures of counter balancing our respective transmissions and specific
communication for certain occurrences, the following radio commands will be used
through-out the school year.

Falcon 1-      Mr. Mackin
Falcon 2-      Mrs. Jackson
Falcon 3-      Mr. Bruce
Falcon 4-      Dr. Tyler
Falcon 5 –     Coach Smith
Falcon 6-      Coach Saleem
Falcon 7-      Coach Wicker
Falcon 8-      Ms. Davis
Falcon 9-      Ms. McGrew
Falcon 10-     Mr. Harmon

                          (Evacuation Layout Plans-Attached)

                …Important Reminders for Fire Drill…
       Teachers ensure that the doors are closed when you leave, the lights turned off,
        and make sure that the windows are closed and you complete a visual inspection
        of the classroom before you leave.

                              …..Work Hard. Get Smart…..
                         Knowledge! Multiculturalism! Strong Character!

      Make sure that you take your Roll book and evacuation forms to get an accurate
       count of students. If you have any missing students, please report it immediately
       to the nearest Administration in your respective area.
      Area/Zone Supervisors are to ensure that there are no students hiding out in
       restrooms or stairwells as you leave.
      No classes are to be between the middle and high school buildings- Ensure that
       your classes are far enough away from the building so as not to hinder the
       Memphis Fire Department.
      Any student that is uncooperative is to be reported to the Administration.
      Control of the students is essential, especially if it is a real emergency. Stress to
       the students the importance of their behavior and immediate response to your

                              TORNADO DRILL

FEMALE HALLWAY (1ST Floor)-Salter, House, Breeden, Buchanan, McClain,
Donaldson, Lee, Pruitt, Clark and Ali. (Staying away from all windows***

MALE HALLWAY (2nd Floor)- Corley, McNair, Schuyler, Carlton, Alexander, Owens,
Leston, Gossett, Mull, N. Wilson, M. Wilson, **Students should be located in the 8th
Grade Wing only***Wicker, Fowles, Willis and Riser **Students should be located in
the old Library wing***

---Students should be in a seated position and their faces should be away from any
hallway opening. Students should be prepared to cover their faces if the directions are
given. Complete attention is needed in order to hear instructions.

---It is important that we stress the importance of the drill. Exploratory teachers need to
remind each class of their location. Students who refuse to cooperate with your
instructions should be referred to the office at the end of the drill.
---Please post this list in your classroom so substitute teachers will know the procedures
in case of a real emergency.

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              Kingsbury Middle School
 “No Limits because aLL thiNgs are PossibLe”


        Bell Schedules

Auditorium Layout

                 Gymnasium Layout

           Cafeteria Layout

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Kingsbury Middle School (NCLB)/Title I Information

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