Student_Budget_Worksheet by liwenting


									                                                    Eastern Oregon University
                                                    Sample Budget Worksheet


A. Estimated Financial Assistance:
  Private Scholarships
  EOU Scholarships
  Federal & State Grants
  Federal Perkins Loan
  Federal Subsidized Loan
  Federal Unsubsidized Loan
  Parent PLUS Loan
  Personal Savings
  Other payment sources on EOU Account
   Total Estimate Financial Assistance A. $                                     0

B. Estimated Institutional Expenses:
 Mandatory Fees
 Special Course Fees
 Miscellaneous Fees
 Housing (if in dorms)
 Meal Plan
   Total Direct Expenses                            B. $                        0

C. Refund (+) Shortfall (-) from A - B above =               C.                 0

Do you have enough funds to cover Institutional Charges?
If A - B is positive number, you have the funding available. If A-B is negative, you may need to consider
pursuing additional scholarships, working part-time, or using addition family reserves. You can also
request a Revolving Charge Contract with EOU which will allow you to pay off the balance by the end
of the current term.

Standard Budget Worksheet for the term:

Total Income for the Term:
1. Institutional Refund (+)orDebt (-) from line C above                         0
2. Estimated Net Salary for term (After taxes)
3. Other Income
4.         Total Income For the Term: (1+2+3) 4. $                              0

Total Expenses for the Term:
5. Books & Supplies
6. Moving Expenses-Household/Dorm setup
7. Transportation
8. Rent/Mortgage (if living off campus)
9. Utilities (off campus)
10. Groceries
11. Misc Insurance (House or Car)
12. Parking permit if parking on campus
13. Laundry
14. Clothing allowance
15. Recreation

Dala Ramsey-Tooke
                                                    Eastern Oregon University
                                                    Sample Budget Worksheet

16. Entertainment (movies, plays, events)
17. Dining out
18. Medical expenses
19. Student loan payment
20. Credit card debt
21. Other loan payments

22.      Total Expenses for the Term (Add 5 - 21) 22.                           0

23. Total Net Income ( Line 4 - Line 22 )                                       0

Dala Ramsey-Tooke

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