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Details on Mobile Phone recycling in the UK by gyvwpgjmtx


									With new features made available every year, the average life span of a mobile phone
in the UK is now less than 2 years. Redundant mobile phones amount to almost
65,000 tons in waste each year, seeping hazardous heavy metals such as lead, mercury,
arsenic, cadmium and brominates, used as flame retardants, into the environment.
  The Challenge
  There are an estimated 500 million used mobile phones in the landfills today. Mobile
Phone manufacturing companies have recognised the urgent need for recycling of old
phones to avoid this environmental hazard, and are changing the way they do business.
In the US, for example, all five main national mobile phone carriers are now offering
a take-back and exchange programme, allowing consumers to trade in or recycle
unwanted mobile phones at any of their retail locations nationwide. In the UK, there
are also some efforts underway, such as donating old phones to charity or senior
citizen centres or trading in old phones for cash.
  The Solution
  Environmentally conscious individuals who want to save the planet and some money
to boot can earn cash for their old phones that have been deemed unusable by system
or feature upgrades. Although it is still a relatively new concept in the UK, there are
now many companies available online that offers to recycle or trade in out-dated
phones. Consumers can quickly find out how much their old phone is worth by typing
in the make and model of their cell phone; they can then choose to send it in by mail
or upgrade to a newer model at a discount.
  Another option would be to donate your old, unwanted phone to charity. It will either
be collected and sent to a funding factory, which then donates the monies to a charity,
or it will be gathered by a charity directly for a specific use, such as using them for
underprivileged children or senior citizens that otherwise could not afford a phone.
Donating via one of these charities could not be easier: you simply download a form
and free post label and then ship the phone in the mail. This is a terrific way of getting
some tax refunds for your business and to get rid of old and unwanted electronics in a
convenient way. Mobile phones that are simply too old to be reused should go to a
recycling centre.
  Before donating or sending your mobile phone away make sure that you erase any
stored information, including all contacts, text messages and incoming or outgoing
  Additional information about mobile phone recycling or donation is available online
at any cell phone manufacturer's website.
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