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Desktop PC VS. The Laptop


									In today's fast paced, technology centric world; PCs are becoming more and more in
demand among individuals. PCs help to reduce a person’s workload, and may also be
used as an outlet for relaxation and a library for information. Because of these
benefits, customers, as humans, constantly try to figure out what more they can get
from their Personal PC. One way of improving output from a PC is to choose the right
type of PC for your individual demands. Therefore, the question as to which one is
better in general, as a generic console has been raised: Which should I choose The
Desktop PC, or The Laptop?
  We all want the best, considering that it is within our means. Although, as humans,
we are highly perceptive, we have not actually assessed which type of PC is better for
what users need to do. Because of this, I have compiled a list of advantages for each
console, along with my views as to which are the better choice:
  The Desktop PC
  The Desktop PC is regarded as the heavyweight, and is therefore more powerful.
Users who will be particularly drawn to a Desktop PC will be:
  Persons on a low budget- Since the Desktop PC consists of hardware that is easy to
install, it is less costly than the more expensive Laptop. Also, Desktop PC hardware is
more easily and cheaply replaced.
  Persons who run hardware intensive programs- Since desktop PCs have components
that are cheaper, and have more space in which to install components, they are sure to
have better specifications than that of a laptop, for the same price, hence, better for
gamers and other persons who run hardware intensive programs.
  Persons who work on their PC- Because of the higher specifications of a desktop PC,
they can be used to use software, such as Photoshop, which are essential to designers.
Also, the desktop is always on, and there is no worry about the PC suddenly shutting
down because of a used-up battery.
  The Laptop
  The Laptop is the smaller counterpart. Smaller can be usually considered as weaker,
but laptops are far from it. Because of today’s technology, which has made
improvements to larger consoles, making them smaller, laptops can be beneficial to
users that are:
  Seeking Mobility- Because of the laptop's small size, it is easily transportable, and
weighing an average of 4-5 lbs, it is not a hassle to carry around. This way, persons
can have an immense amount of processing power right at their fingertips at all times.
  Seeking an uninterruptable power supply- Because a laptop runs on a battery, it is
not subject to sudden power shortages, and can stay running for about 1-3 hours
before shutting down.
  Trying to be cool- because of their size, shape, and look, persons with laptops are
considered as cool, and that can be fulfilling to some persons. However, some laptops
are bulky, and may not be too attractive, so it depends on the type of laptop.
  In my personal experience, I would choose the desktop as the superior console.
However, technology is improving, and I believe it is inevitable that smaller sized
laptop PCs are going to be dominant, and other variations of PCs will contend with
them for superiority.
 Alister Profitt is an experienced article writer and student of the University of
Guyana. He is currently in his third year at the University and has a keen interest in
PCs and desktop computing. For more Information visit

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