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					One of the biggest social media outlets in the internet today is twitter and literally it
has already hundreds of thousands members trying to get a name and online presence
by utilizing it. It is a platform that lets you create a mini-blog, post shout outs, market
products and even find jobs.
  Twitter is also a great way for business owners to create and pursue marketing leads.
It can help you and your company in creating a marketing plan that is totally unique
and totally you. However, it is a completely new aspect if you are just in it just
because you wanted to share, reconnect with people, engaging in wonderful
discussions and simple tweeting. You do not have to build a page that would reflect
what it is you do.
  You only need a background that reflects who you really are and what you do for a
living or what your personality is like. Having no company or business to represent
makes it easier to create a background for your twitter page. But just like any other
social media outlets, you can still take advantage of your twitter page to promote your
services and your goods into the internet.
  There are free twitter backgrounds that you can make use of especially when you
just wanted to share your thoughts and reconnect with people you know but if you
have plans of taking your services into the picture, you need to have alternatives on
how to present your twitter page to people who are visiting you often. It is like
creating a name for people to trust you even without meeting you.
  Of course, you can easily switch from twitter backgrounds to a more professionally
looking page although everyone can appreciate both. It is just that when you are
building your brand, you need to be more exclusive in the image that you wanted to
create. When you want to market your services or your products, you need specific
details in your twitter page.
  For example, you can include your logo or letterhead in your background. Your
business cards may also be included as well as brochures. But even when you are
serious with what you do, merging professional and twitter backgrounds would be
excellent for your business since it has both your personality and your business.

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