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					              Croydon Health Services      NHS
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             Your maternity guide
Croydon University Hospital
530 London Road, Croydon CR7 7YE                                                     020 8401 3000

Maternity Services Guide
Welcome                                                                   Contents
Welcome to the Croydon Health Services Maternity                          Antenatal care chart               3
Department. This booklet has been written by the
                                                                          Antenatal care                     4
staff of the Maternity Unit, in consultation with the
users of the service, to give you information about the                   Options for place of birth         5
services available to you before, during and after the                    General information                5
birth of your baby. If you have any further questions,
please ask any of the midwives or visit                                   Specialist services and staff      7                                          Safeguarding mothers
                                                                          and babies                         7
Sally Brittain, Head of Midwifery Services

Useful telephone numbers                                  Code (020)       NB Although midwives may be
Antenatal Clinic (appointments)                           8401 3156        either women or men, in order
                                                                           to simplify this booklet
Antenatal Clinic (midwife)                                8401 3459        midwives will be referred to as
Fetal Assessment Unit                                     8401 3469        ‘she’ throughout.
Community Midwives main office                            8401 3171
North One team                                            8654 9716        Interpreters
North Two team                                            8764 0189        We have both a telephone and
                                                                           a face-to-face interpreter service.
Central team                                              8686 8954
                                                                           Your community midwife will
South team                                                8660 3915        organise an interpreter for your
Labour Ward                                         8401 3179/3180         antenatal appointments if this
                                                                           is required.
Neonatal Unit                                             8401 3191
Mary Ward                                                 8401 3182       Whilst every care has been taken
Hope Ward                                                 8401 3176       in compiling this publication and
                                                                          the statements contained in it are
Birth Centre                                              8401 3169       believed to be correct, neither
Other useful numbers:                                                     Bounty nor the hospital accept any
                                                                          responsibility for any inaccuracies.
                                                                          Advertisements do not carry
Health Centre:                                                            the endorsement of the
                                                                          issuing hospital.
Cover image provided by Bounty Portrait (further details of the service                                11/2010
are on page 6)

2      Welcome
Antenatal care chart
                                     Pregnancy confirmed

       Referred to midwife for appointment 8–10 weeks (blood tests taken)
You will need to be booked by the midwife before you have a consultant appointment

       GP/Midwife care                                                  Consultant care
         11–13+6 weeks                                                    11–13+6 weeks
   Dating scan and combined                                         Dating scan and combined
 screening for Down’s syndrome                                    screening for Down’s syndrome

          16 weeks
     Midwife appointment.
      Complete booking
          20–22 weeks                                               Frequency of appointments
                                            Referral to
          Anomaly scan                                                  will depend on the
                                          consultant clinic
                                                                        factors associated
   25 weeks (first baby only)                                          with your pregnancy
       GP appointment

          28 weeks
 Midwife appointment. Collect
 MAT B1 form. Blood tests taken
                                       If problem is resolved:
   31 weeks (first baby only)                Referral back
       GP appointment                                                   If problem resolved,
                                            to midwife/GP            refer back to midwife/GP
          34 weeks
      Midwife appointment

          36 weeks
        GP appointment

          38 weeks
      Midwife appointment

          40 weeks
    Midwife/GP appointment

            41 weeks                                                         41 weeks
Midwife appointment. Membrane                                        Consultant appointment,
sweep, discuss induction of labour                                  discuss induction of labour

    You may be seen more often during your pregnancy depending on your requirements.

                                                                 Antenatal care chart             3
Antenatal care                                        designed to monitor the wellbeing of you and
                                                      your baby and to give you an opportunity to
Referral and booking                                  discuss any concerns you may have.
If you have not already seen a midwife for a
booking appointment you can make your own             Information for women during pregnancy
referral for your care or ask your GP to do so.       We provide an Early Pregnancy Drop-In for all
The self-referral form is available online at         women and their partners to attend on the and                  first Wednesday of each month. We
comes directly to the department, which               recommend attending at about 20 weeks
speeds up the process. If you would prefer to         of pregnancy.
go to your GP first however, he/she will also be      At this session you will be able to meet:
able to do this for you.                              • Midwives from the dedicated home
We would like to start caring for you as                 birth team
early as possible in your pregnancy so kindly         • Midwives from the Birth Centre
arrange this referral as soon as you know you         • Infant feeding advisors
are pregnant.
                                                      • Nurses from Special Care Baby Unit
Named midwife                                         • Smoking cessation advisors
Your care will be led by a named midwife, who
                                                      • Physiotherapists
will be responsible for ensuring you have the
right number of appointments with the right           • Health visitors.
people throughout your pregnancy and after            Also available, but independent and thus not
you have had your baby; this will take into           endorsed by the Trust, are:
account your individual needs, preferences and        • Yoga teachers
choices. Normally your named midwife will be          • Hypnobirthing practitioners
your community midwife, who works with a              • Cloth nappy companies
small team in your area. You can contact her
                                                      • Baby sling companies
on the number provided at booking to discuss
any aspect of your care.                              • Car safety advisors
                                                      • Fire brigade
Choices for your care
When you see the midwife she will discuss             • Osteopathy/cranial osteopathy
with you the care pathways available. Whilst          • Maternity bras
we may offer advice about your care this is just      • Photographer
to help you make your own informed choices.           • Prenatal exercise
These choices can then be recorded in your            • Red Cross (first aid courses).
notes that we request you carry with you              Later in pregnancy we are pleased to be able
throughout pregnancy.                                 to offer all women booking with Croydon
Most women only need to see a midwife                 Health Services the opportunity to attend
throughout their pregnancy. However some              classes to help them prepare for childbirth and
women have additional needs that will require         the first week with their baby.
referral to a specialist. Your midwife will discuss   Advice on childbirth, encompassing positions
this with you and keep you informed of any            for labour, choices of pain relief etc, is covered
recommended referrals.                                at the sessions held on Tuesday evenings at
Antenatal appointments                                7.30pm and Saturday mornings at 9.30am.
During your pregnancy you will be offered a           NB these sessions are the same and you only
number of appointments based on your                  need attend one of them.
individual needs. These appointments are

4      Antenatal care
A guide to the first week at home, encompassing        Hospital birth
feeding and general baby care, is covered on           Some women prefer to have their babies in
Monday evenings at 7.30pm. Please bring a              hospital. If you do decide to give birth in
doll or teddy to this session.                         hospital, we have a beautiful, fully equipped
These sessions do not need pre-booking. We             Birth Centre that offers care to women who
recommend attendance at around 34 weeks                have uncomplicated pregnancies.
gestation.                                             Our recently refurbished Delivery Suite is
All of the above sessions are held in the              available for women with more complicated
Antenatal Clinic. The classes are held in Parent       pregnancies.
Education Room; Early Pregnancy Drop-In is             If you wish to come and look round the
throughout the clinic area. The entrance is on         department, please feel free to drop in for one
Woodcroft Road.                                        of our tours, which run every Saturday at
For women who have given birth before, a               12.30pm. Please come to the maternity
refresher class is offered on the first                waiting area near Delivery Suite.
Wednesday of every month from 10am to                  Single/amenity rooms
noon in the Parent Education Room. This                A limited number of single rooms are available
session is an ideal recap as you approach birth        within the Maternity Department; these are
for another time.                                      often allocated to women who have a specific
Scanning and screening in pregnancy                    need for them. However, when they are not
There are many choices to make with                    being used for this purpose they can be
regards to screening and scanning during               allocated for private use as amenity rooms.
your pregnancy.                                        You can express your interest in having an
You will be sent a detailed guide, Screening           amenity room in the antenatal period but
tests for you and your baby, when you receive          they cannot be pre-booked. Your community
your booking appointment.                              midwife can give you a form for this purpose
If you have any questions please discuss this          or you can collect one from the Antenatal
with your midwife.                                     Clinic.
                                                       The costs vary slightly depending on location
Options for place of birth                             and facilities; kindly see the form for the most
                                                       up-to-date information on prices.
It is every woman’s choice where she decides
to have her baby. We are here to provide
support and advice to enable you to make the           General information
decisions that are right for you.                      Visiting times
Home birth                                             If you have your baby on the Labour Ward or
Croydon Health Services actively supports              the Birth Centre, your partner and one other
women who choose to give birth at home.                person of your choice can be with you
                                                       throughout if that is what you would like.
The many women who choose home birth are
cared for throughout pregnancy by a dedicated          If you need to be admitted to hospital when
team of midwives. Antenatal care is provided in        you are still pregnant or if you need to go to
your own home, giving you the opportunity to           the Postnatal Ward after having your baby the
build a relationship with the team who will be         visiting hours are 10am to 8pm.
caring for you during labour.                          Most women who have had a straightforward
In the unlikely event you come into hospital           birth experience go home a few hours after
during labour, your midwife will stay in attendance.   having their baby and thus do not need
                                                       transferring to the Postnatal Ward.

                                                                        General information          5
Supervision of midwives                            We ask that friends and relatives contact you
Supervisors of midwives are experienced            on this number and not via the ward phone as
midwives who have undergone additional             it is important that this line be kept free for
training. Our team of supervisors of midwives      emergencies.
are here to support the midwives and ensure        Please ensure that you switch off your
the safety of the women and their families         mobile phone when you enter the hospital
who use our Maternity Unit.                        as it may interfere with sensitive medical
Supervision is a statutory requirement and         equipment.
every practising midwife has a named
supervisor of midwives.
                                                   The Maternity Unit has CCTV security cameras
The supervisor is also available to you if you     and security doors throughout to ensure the
require guidance or wish to discuss more           safety of you and your baby.
complex matters. The supervisor on duty can be
                                                   Access to the wards is closely monitored.
contacted via switchboard.
                                                   Please help us by being vigilant and reporting
Car safety for your baby                           any suspicious behaviour.
Babies and young children must always
travel in an appropriate car seat. Never use       Parking
a rear-facing baby seat in the front of a car      Parking is available in the Maternity area.
where an airbag is fitted (unless it is            We ask that you pay to park when you arrive.
switched off). If using a front-facing seat,       On the day you come in for labour only, your
position the car seat as far back as               nominated birth partner will be able to obtain
possible. Should the car have airbags in the       a parking exemption form after paying for
rear, check the car manual or contact the          the first two hours. At other times, parking
manufacturer to see if it has been tested          is available at the rates displayed by the
with a car seat fitted and get a copy of the       machines.
research results before fitting the seat.          Bounty Distributor
Registering the birth                              The Bounty Distributor visits this hospital on a
Once you have had your baby your midwife           regular basis to distribute packs containing
will give you information that will explain how    FREE samples and the Child Benefit Claim Pack.
to register the birth. This letter also contains   Bounty Customer Care tel: 0800 316 9341
your baby’s NHS number.                            Bounty Portrait
The register office for the area is located at:    A newborn portrait service is available to mums
Mint Walk                                          (seven days a week). It offers the opportunity
Croydon                                            to capture your newborn’s first moments, so
CRO 1EA                                            you can treasure it forever and share it with
Tel: 020 8760 5618                                 your family and friends. A range or portrait
Hours: Monday to Friday, 9.30am–4.30pm             prints and gifts are available.
                                                   For further information please visit the Bounty
                                                   Portrait website at
For your convenience Patientline is available
beside all beds in the Maternity Unit. The
combined telephone/television/radio points are
paid for by debit or credit card, or by pre-paid
cards that are available at various points
throughout the unit.

6      General information
Specialist services and staff                      Bereavement services
We have many specialist services and staff to      There are specialist midwives who offer
ensure that your care can be tailored for your     emotional ongoing support to parents who
specific needs.                                    suffer any loss in childbearing. They can be
                                                   contacted on 07920 751863.
Screening coordinators
The screening coordinators are available to        Mental health
guide you through the choices available for        We offer a dedicated service for women who
screening tests in pregnancy.                      suffer from pre-existing mental health
                                                   problems, and for those who have issues that
You will receive the booklet Screening tests for
                                                   arise during pregnancy.
you and your baby, which is a very helpful
guide to the choices available. If you have any    At the Beech Clinic we have an obstetrician
further queries or just want to talk your          with a specialist interest in mental health issues,
decision through they can be contacted via         a psychiatrist and a dedicated lead midwife for
switchboard on bleep 529.                          this area.

Infectious diseases                                Safeguarding mothers and babies
Available to answer any queries regarding the
                                                   Our specialist team is available to support
recommended screening for infectious diseases
                                                   families who need additional support because
and the subsequent results, the infectious
                                                   of their social circumstances.
diseases midwife can be contacted via
switchboard on bleep 990.                          The midwifery management team
                                                   The midwifery managers would be happy to
Infant feeding advisors
                                                   address any issues you feel require their
Croydon University Hospital is committed to
                                                   attention. They can be contacted via e-mail or
supporting you with the feeding method of
                                                   telephone as below.
your choice.
                                                   Head of Midwifery: Sally Brittain
The infant feeding advisors can help you in
hospital and in the community with all infant      Email:
feeding issues whilst you are still under          Tel: 020 8401 3000 ext 4394
midwifery care. They can be contacted for          Deputy Head of Midwifery and Clinical
advice and support via switchboard on bleep        Midwifery Manager for Community,
576, even before your baby is born.                Outpatients and the Birth Centre: Sue Stock
When you are discharged from midwifery care        Email:
you will be given details of any ongoing
                                                   Tel: 020 8401 3000 ext 4443
support that is available, including
breastfeeding drop-ins and Baby Cafés.             Clinical Midwifery Manger for In-patient
                                                   Services: Deborah Caffull
Vaginal birth after Caesarean (VBAC)
If you have had a caesarean you may well have      Email:
questions about why it was thought to be           Tel: 020 8401 3000 ext 3168
necessary and how it will affect your fertility    Clinical Governance Lead Midwife: Mary
and subsequent pregnancies.                        Fosbrook
The VBAC team is available to help with all        Email:
these issues. They will support you immediately
                                                   Tel: 020 8401 3000 ext 5943
following a caesarean and through any future
The team can be contacted on 07919 691428.

                                                   Safeguarding mothers and babies                  7
If you would like this information in large print please return this
leaflet with your name and address to:
Women & Children Directorate
Croydon Health Services
530 London Road

Please state whether you would prefer 16, 18, 20 or 22-point font size.

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