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									                     WHERE MEMBERS AND BUGS OF BICYCLE NSW MEET ■ Vol. 33 No.4 ■ April 2009

                       Gear up Girl Sydney

   The 2nd annual Gear up Girl             of all ages and abilities who were all out   participated in the Sydney Gear up Girl
Challenge, presented by Netti, was         to have a go and a great day out, while      Challenge!
held on Saturday March 7 and saw over      helping raise $26,000 for the Oncology         Don’t forget the Gear up Girl
800 women out on their bikes. Women        Children’s Foundation.                       Challenge is going to Canberra on
chose from 2 ride options, a 15km              As the ladies crossed the finish         Sunday 5th of April and the new
Sydney Olympic Park Loop ride or the       line their faces said it all – with many     Gear up Girl Grape Tour will be on in
more popular 55km Cronulla to Olympic      achieving the goals they thought wasn’t      Bundanoon on May 16-17.
Park ride.                                 possible!                                      For more information visit www.
   Participating in the event were girls       Once the ladies had crossed the 
                                           finish line many women stayed to enjoy
                                           the festivities and witness Sarah Morris
                                           (pictured below right) win the Oncology
                                           Children’s Foundation Gear up Girl
                                           Challenge Cycling trip to Cambodia.
                                           Congratulations to all the girls who

        A CITY ENCOURAGING CYCLING 5                                          RIDES CALENDAR 11-15
                                                                                                     NEWS FROM THE BOARD
Published by Bicycle New South Wales                  City of Sydney CEO Monica Barone                  There is no doubt that by working
                                                      addresses the Board                            together we will eliminate both sets of
ABN 26 511 801 801
                                                         As well as providing us with an update      steps, and other impediments to riding,
Level 5, 822 George Street, Sydney
                                                      on the initiatives the City of Sydney is       more quickly than otherwise. Life’s better
GPO Box 272 Sydney, NSW 2001
                                                      engaged in related to bicycle infrastructure   on a bike!
Phone (02) 9218 5400                                  and encouraging bicycle riding, Monica
Fax (02) 9281 6099                                    spoke to the Board about a number of           Getting out with local Bicycle Users
Email                   specific plans the City of Sydney has for      Groups on the Tour De Hills
Website                         the education of new and existing riders,          Sunday 1st March was the day of the
                                                      motorists and pedestrians. These programs      annual Tour de Hills, run by the Castle
pushon editor
                                                      are designed to increase safety of riders      Hill Rotary Club out of the Dural Country
Jenni Gormley
                                                      and other roads users as they make use of      Club to support the local St Gabriel’s
                                                      the rapidly growing number of new shared       School for hearing impaired kids.
Contact for all editorial queries & comments
                                                      paths and other bicycle infrastructure pro-        A number of us enjoyed the challenge
Phone 0404 065 376
                                                      vided by City of Sydney.                       of various ride options – they don’t call
Email                                                                           it the Hills District for nothing! - as well
Website                             Board Agenda and Activity Plan                 as the opportunity to meet many enthu-
                                                         To help members keep track of regular       siastic participants,many of whom are
BICYCLE NEW SOUTH WALES                               Board activities and input as appropriate      Bicycle NSW members.
staff                                                 we have published a summary on the                 Such community rides are great initia-
Chief Executive Officer: Alex Unwin                   Board pages of the website at http://          tives that provide positive experiences
Chief Operating Officer: Elizabeth Hole                of bike riding within local communities.
Event Director: Donna Little
                                                      information                                    Thank you to all those who support
                                                                                                     “more People Cycling more Often” in so
Event Coordinator: Natelle Palfrey
                                                      Supporting Stakeholders in Cycling             many different ways across the state.
Event Coordinator: Nicole Whelan
                                                         This year the Bicycle Victoria Board
Project Manager Ride2Work: Russell Jones              Strategy retreat was held in Sydney to         New On line Membership System
Project Manager Ride2School: James Adams              enable combined sessions with the                 The Bicycle NSW membership pay-
Operations Manager: Tony Henderson                    Bicycle NSW Board to develop the               ment and on line entry system has been
Member Customer Service: Mark Pullen                  Bicycle Network, the national vehicle          updated. We have already received
Volunteer Coordinator: Lisa Kerr                      for organisations that have More People        feedback that the change has improved
IT Manager: Richard Dahl (part time)                  Cycling More Often as their purpose.           user friendliness of the system. We expect
                                                         These sessions highlighted our shared       over time that an increasing propor-
                                                      purpose and revealed a number of shared        tion of our members will choose to deal
bicycle nsw office volunteers
                                                      assumptions and goals.                         with Bicycle NSW on line, which not
Advocacy: Werner Steyer, Adrian Heng
                                                         Both groups see More People Cycling         only reduces paper use and saves trees,
Internship: TBA                                       More Often as encapsulating our com-           but also saves money on postage and
Admin: Noel Carson, Gilbert Brogden, Wendy            mitment to work with and for both those        processing costs – leaving us with more
        Stewart, The Crowle Foundation Crew: Karen,   who ride already and those who don’t           resources to focus on getting more peo-
        Adam, Kevin, Cameron                          yet ride. The group agreed the purpose         ple cycling more often.
                                                      encompassed all types of riding, with the         The new system will facilitate on
                                                      desire to reach everyone in society so         line voting at our 2009 Annual General
Jenny Burn (President), Richard Birdsey (Vice         that bike riding becomes “normal”.             Meeting (see http://www.bicyclensw.
President), John Cooper, Michael Frankel, Greg           It was also agreed it was essential to for details), allowing
Krix, Jon Leighton, David McGrath, Caroline           make a visible and measurable difference       members to be more involved in deci-
Pidcock, Ken Price                                    by working with government, business           sions that affect Bicycle NSW.
                                                      and the community, linking cycling to
office-bearers and board committees
                                                      issues of community concern such as               …as always we welcome the oppor-
Bicycle NSW Environmental Trust: Geoff Martin,        health and the environment.                    tunity for input and discussion with our
        Alex Unwin, Hilary Wise                          The formal sessions were supple-            members. Please direct your feedback
Bicycle NSW Audit and Risk Committee: Jenny           mented by an early morning bike ride           and questions to president@bicyclensw.
        Burn, John Cooper, Greg Krix, Ken Price       along popular commuter routes around  The board exists to ensure that
Chair of BUGs Council: Graeme Edwards                 inner Sydney. The inevitable comparisons       Bicycle NSW is well managed – we are
                                                      between the cities were made. The bike         not directly involved in day-to-day opera-
Bicycle NSW is the peak community cycling
                                                      path over the Harbour Bridge has a sec-        tions. You can find more information
                                                      tion with 54 steps, and while this is more     about the role we play published on the
organisation in NSW established in 1976 and has a
                                                      than the 42 steps on the Yarra Path at         Board page of the Bicycle NSW website.
mission to promote, advocate, and support cycling
                                                      Gipps Street, apparently Gipps Street is
in all its forms as an environmentally sustainable    steeper!                                                            Jenny Burn, President
and healthy form of transport, recreation and
tourism through the engagement of government,
industry and the community at all levels. Bicycle
                                                      NExT DEADliNE 10 April for May 2009. Articles should
NSW is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). To
                                                      be no longer than 500 words. Note: articles may be edited for clarity and/or length.
find out why we collect your personal information,    Remember to send photos wherever possible (preferably with captions), which should
how we disclose it and how you can access it,         be JPEGs or clear, sharp prints. e: fax 9524 1661 post Push On PO Box
please log on to        254 Sutherland 1499
                      life’s better on a bike

All About CAnberrA

 life’s better on a bike

The “Warm Fuzzies” of Volunteering
Phil Johnston Muggaccinos*                     included several twists and turns and         Way’ radio back to Events Director
                                               a crossing of the “consistently busy”         Donna that Sector G was fully manned.
   There are a lot of Left and Right turns     Parramatta Rd. The dedicated Route            Throughout the morning Phil on his
on the annual 55km Gear Up Girl ride           Map identified 9 vital points to position     ‘Two-Way’ regularly heard Donna, Tony,
from Cronulla to Sydney Olympic Park,          a Route Marshal, numbered 1 to 9, with        Nat, and Richard monitoring the ride.
held annually in early Fall. And a busy        1 being the most vital intersection and 9     They were the epitomy of experience,
Parramatta Rd to cross.                        the least crucial junction.                   route knowledge and self-confidence.
   Casual empiricism suggests the most            Cognisant of his inherent ‘duty of             Phil introduced himself to two traffic
frequent age of ride participants is about     care’ to each participant cyclist, as well    police who provided the cyclists priority
19. ‘Ipso facto’, there isn’t a lot of ‘road   as to his 8 Route Marshals and BNSW,          access where Mitchell Rd meets Arthur
cycling savvy’ amongst some of the ‘all        Phil spent a few hours on a day leading       St at the start of Sector G. The two
female’ riders. But lots of enthusiasm to      up to the Saturday Gear Up Girl ride to –     fit looking Officers were part of the
complete and enjoy, and benefit from              (i) familiarise himself with his 3.45km    NSW Police Bike Patrol, and were well
the 55km ostensibly off-road challenge.        Sector G, and                                 equipped with hybrid bikes.
   Yes, it is a challenge for lots, with          (ii) take pics of vital turns and cross        The first girls began pedalling through
many of the girls riding heavy mountain        streets.                                      Sector G approaching 9am. Around
bikes, with ‘big knobbly tyres’,                  He also phoned each of his 8               11:40am, Nat, The Sweep, informed my
whereupon their bikes didn’t weigh             Route Marshals, a few days before, to         8 Route Marshals that they could “leave
much less than ‘the bod on top’.               introduce himself and confirm their           their posts”.
   Phil Johnston has administered              attendance at the designated meeting              Phil had volunteered as a Route
Muggaccinos BUG 100km Sunday rides             spot.                                         Marshal on a few Spring Cycles and
for yonks. Hence, when BNSW asked if              BNSW’s instructions stipulated that        Gear Up Girls where the reward is
he would step-up from a Route Marshal          the Team Leader for Sector G be at            receiving a zillion big smiles and “Thank
to be a Team Leader of a section of            Melville Park, Homebush at 7:30am on          you’s” from passing cyclists, plus
the ride route, responsible for 8 Route        Ride Day, which turned out to be “a           fostering community involvement.
Marshals, on the recent Gear Up Girl           corker of an early Autumn morn”. Phil’s           However, the satisfaction of meeting
ride, Phil accepted the invitation with        8 ‘Chargers’ were scheduled to be there       and getting to know his 8 volunteer
fervour.                                       15 mins later. However, 6 of them were        Route Marshals, plus being associated
   BNSW provides a plethora of vital           “front ‘n’ centre” when Phil arrived at       with BNSW’s highly proficient Events
volunteer information/intelligence,            7:30am. His two other Route Marshals          Management Team, outweighed the
including listing the duties of each Team      arrived within the next few minutes, well     fulfilment of his previous Route Marshal
Leader and Route Marshal, together             in advance of their designated ‘be there’     role.
with a kit bag for each volunteer full of      time.                                             His 8 Route Marshals each had
practical aids such as a hat, sunscreen,          One of them, David, announced              interesting stories to tell. Albert had
“Gear Up Girl Volunteer T-Shirt”, snack        that he had previously manned the             volunteered for a plethora of community
bar, ‘bidon’, drinks and bright yellow         vital crossing of Parramatta Rd which         events including several Sydney
security vest. Volunteers also receive         requires one volunteer stationed 50m          Marathons. Des recently came out of
a humongous lunch delivered to them            prior to the Parramatta Rd crossing to        hospital and “welcomed some action”.
mid-morning, because ‘an army marches          divert all cyclists onto the footpath and     Danilo would soon be heading off to
on its stomach’.                               another volunteer at the traffic lights to    Warren to install infrastructure for Big
   The 55km route is broken down into          ensure they only cycled across when           Pond. Max’s son went to school at
9 Sectors, referred to as ‘Sector A’ which     the ‘Walk’ sign was green, because            nearby Homebush Boys High. Jean,
begins at the Cronulla start through           the route required cyclists to proceed        a fellow Muggaccinos cyclist, was
to ‘Sector I’ which ends at the finish         straight ahead, whereas the car traffic       keen to again scale Yarramundi Hill
at Blaxland Riverside Park near The            lights were set for all motorists to either   from Richmond up to Springwood the
Armoury.                                       turn L or R.                                  following day. Gordon has recently
   Whilst only 3.45km, Phil’s Sector G            By 8am, Phil reported on his ‘Two-         returned from teaching English in Poland

                                                                                                life’s better on a bike

                                              A City encouraging cycling
                                              City of Sydney

                                                 Welcome to the first contribution by
                                              the City of Sydney to PushOn. It’s good to
                                              be working with Bicycle NSW to get more
                                              people riding their bikes more often. We’ll
                                              bring you regular updates on the City’s
                                              cycling projects: what we are doing, why
                                              and how, as well as tips for cycling in the
                                                 As you already know, cycling is a
                                              sustainable, cheap and convenient means
                                              to get around, and a great way to get fit
The busy Parramatta Road crossing was ably    and have fun. To help achieve our goal
manned by Route Marshall David                of getting more people to use this form
                                              of transport, we are increasing cycling
to marry. His wife was a participant in       infrastructure and facilities around our
the event, and asked Gordon to “…...          local government area, advocating for
make yourself useful. Be a good chap          the funding of a regional Sydney cycle
and nominate as a volunteer.” Megan           network, promoting cycling at community
is an active member of Bike North with        events, and we will soon be running free
a potent conviction to assisting the          cycling courses for residents and workers
community.                                    in the City. As the number of people riding bikes increases, we will run education
    But the most colourful award goes         campaigns aimed at reminding people, whether they are walking, cycling or
to David who readily ‘stepped up to           driving, to be aware and considerate.
the plate’ to ‘for the 2nd year in a
row’ supervise the crossing of busy           Increasing infrastructure
Parramatta Rd, which Phil opted this             Did you know that the City is prioritising the installation of 35 kilometres of
year to assign a 2nd Route Marshal to         on-road separated cycleways, projects which can be built quickly with minimum
assist. David jokingly said, “Skipper, I’ve   disruption and road works? Find out more about these priority projects and King
volunteered 13 times before and never         Street cycleway, Bourke Street cycleway, and cycleways on Missenden Road
received a special commendation.” Phil        Camperdown, College Street CBD and Union Street Pyrmont at cityofsydney.nsw.
retorted, “David, you will be getting one
this time.”
    The next day, Phil and Jean, together     Education campaigns
with 5 other Muggaccinos cyclists rode           The City’s first education campaign for 2009 will focus on shared paths.
126km anti-clockwise loop of Greater          The City’s shared path creative will appear in various City-based publications,
Sydney, commencing from Turramurra            displayed at community events and via the City’s online channels. The campaign
to Windsor, Richmond, Springwood,             creative has also been sent to adjoining councils and local bicycle user groups
Penrith (train to Seven Hills) then cycled    to publicise. Along with the campaign, the City is investigating expanding the
M2 back to Turramurra.                        shared path stencils currently in use at Glebe Foreshore to other shared paths in
    Phil will be volunteering for future      the City’s local government area. We’ll provide an update on this and other City
BNSW events as a Team Leader                  projects in our next PushOn contribution.
because assisting new cyclists complete
challenging ‘Ice Breakers’ like the
Spring Cycle and Gear Up Girl provides
invaluable cycling confidence. It can
also lead to taking on bigger challenges
such as cycling over the Pyrénées or
much higher mountains in scenic lands
like Colorado and Nevada. As well as
peeling off a ‘hundred plus clicks’ each
weekend to stay in shape (provided by
some of the BUGs), in the process seeing
unfamiliar countryside, visiting a myriad
of cafes on Sydney’s perimeter and
meeting fit, friendly people.
    ‘Ice Breaker’ rides also assist develop
confidence to commute to/from work,
but definitely not on roads like the
Pacific Highway or Pennant Hills Rd
during peak hours which presently is
cycling lunacy. 

life’s better on a bike
                                                                                       legislation. Please contact your local
Bike North Century                        Container Deposits:                          representative, print out, distribute,
                                                                                       sign and return the petition, contact the
Challenge                                 A cycling issue                              offices of the heads of the respective
                                                                                       state political parties.
Mal Hart BikeNorth*                       Gilbert Grace Bsyd*

   Want to take the Bike North                As anyone who has ridden the streets     Inaugural Riverstone
Century Challenge on Sunday 26th          of Sydney knows only too well, broken
April?                                    glass is just one of the many hazards        & District Lions Club
   The Bike North Century Challenge
will be run for the 8th time as
                                          faced by cyclists.
                                              Cyclists are the only road users who     Bike Ride
an annual fun event and takes in          also have to pay for the damage done
the best that an autumnal Sydney          by the broken glass, replacing tubes         John Holstein CAMWEST*
can offer. It is aimed at providing       and tyres. The broken glass also poses a
something a little different to that      hazard to pedestrians and motor vehicle         On Saturday 16 May 2009, the
from a normal weekend ride. You           users entering and exiting vehicles.         Riverstone & District Lions Club will be
ride in teams of 2-4 riders, ideally of       Broken glass comes from many             hosting the Inaugural 30km Family Bike
similar capability, over one of three     sources, last drinks at the pub carried      Ride, in conjunction with the Riverstone
possible courses - Bound for Berowra      home then deposited thoughtfully on the      Festival & Cyclist Action Movement
and Bobbo (60km), Classic Loop            nearest hard surface, soft drink bottles     West (CAMWEST).
(100km) or Hawkesbury Randonnee           bought locally and discarded, resulting         Commencing at 8.00am on the
(165km). Each team is self-sufficient     in irregular size and shaped shards.         Northern side of Rooty Hill Railway
and must manage and coordinate            There is also the fine debris from the       Station the ride will follow the M7 &
their pace, sustenance intake and         bottle recycling trucks which you will       Windsor Road Cycle ways to the Living
mental challenge so that the whole        notice occur at about the same time of       Planet Nursery & Café at Vineyard
team makes it to the finish before        the week, with puddles of broken glass       before travelling on quiet, supervised
5 pm. Yes there are hills, but you        at about the same distance out from the      streets to Riverstone. The ride will cover
have most of the day to complete          kerb, usually in the lane where cyclists     about 26km of off road cycle paths &
the course, not forgetting that hills     will ride.                                   4km of quiet roads and is suitable for
are your friend!! Many develop                Container deposits are a simple          most levels of fitness. There will be
lasting friendships from enduring a       program of placing a deposit on a bottle,    options to join the ride at several other
more testing ride together. We will       can or other container that is refunded      points along the way for a shorter ride.
welcome you all home with a BBQ to        when the container is returned, thereby         Upon arrival at Riverstone you will be
ease your weary legs.                     giving consumers incentives to do the        able to ride in the Street Parade or just
   You must be a Bike North member        right thing.                                 enjoy the stalls and entertainment of the
to participate. Tell your friends - all       In Adelaide and in NSW in times          Riverstone Festival. Valet Parking will be
they need to do is join Bike North        past, the deposit is only paid on whole      available for your bike for a gold coin
beforehand - just go to our website at    glass bottles the incentive not only to      donation.                      recycle but to prevent breakage. Having         There are several options for returning
   The BNCC ride itself is FREE.          seen the near pristine streets of Adelaide   home at the end of the day. You may
REGISTRATION is required BEFORE           I can only say that Container Deposit        choose to join a City Rail train and
the event using the form available        Legislation is a must for cyclists to        return to Rooty Hill or home by train,
from the website. You will not be         support.                                     ride back along the way we rode in
able to enter on the day. ENTRIES             Ian Cohen MLC (NSW Greens) has           or join a supervised CAMWEST ride
CLOSE ON FRIDAY 17th APRIL.               introduced a bill in the NSW Upper           back to Rooty Hill via Blacktown. You
All entries are to be provided to         House regarding container deposit            can view a map of the entire ride here:
the Event Coordinator, as per the
registration form prior to this date
( All the ride
and registration details, including
event information and route details,
are on the Bike North website at:
   Get your team together and enjoy
a great riding day out!!

                                                                                                    life’s better on a bike
RootyHill-RiverstoneLoop1                                                                   S.H.A.R.E. & Win
   Here is an opportunity for the
whole family to explore some of the                                                         in Kiama
excellent cycling facilities on offer in the
Blacktown Shire and then to enjoy the                                                       Kiama BUG*
delights of the Riverstone Festival.
   The ride is FREE but you will have to                                                       The Kiama Bicycle User Group
register prior to riding. You can register                                                  will launched its S.H.A.R.E.(Support
on the day or go to the CAMWEST                                                             Harmony and Road Etiqutte) & Win!!
Website ( for                                                     Scheme on 4th April.
details on how to register by email.                                                           The scheme’s aim is to promote
                                                                                            courtesy and co-operation on our roads
                                                                                            by rewarding motorists who show
Coffs Cycle                                                                                 respect to cyclists on Kiama’s roads and
                                                                                            roads in surrounding areas.
Celebration                                                                                    The S.H.A.R.E. & Win!! Scheme has
                                                                                            been given full support by the Police
Judith Fleming CHBUG*                                                                       and Kiama Council.
                                               Coffs Harbour Women’s Day ride with             The monthly prizes for the scheme
PO3304_IMG_9539.jpg                            a rusty old bike. She enjoyed it so much     have been donated by Council and local
   Approximately sixty women and               however that she returned to cycling,        businesses. For details please contact the
men, ranging in age and cycling ability        bought a new bike and came back again        Scheme Manager, Tony Camilleri 0404
took to their bikes and the streets of         this year. “Cycling helps keep her fit and   497 534 or
Coffs Harbour to celebrate International       healthy”, said one of the organisers.
Women’s Day.                                      The buzz at the City square cafes,
   Wearing (or riding) something with          upon the riders’ return, told the story.     BUGs on Facebook
a touch of purple in it, they gathered         Hills had been conquered, views
at 7am in the city square on Harbour           enjoyed, bike seats adjusted, cycling        Ian Butler GreatBUG*
Drive. Three separate routes were              confidence restored, and friendships
offered and participants pedalled off          made. Many vowed not to leave it until          GreatBUG (Greater Sydney BUG)
on the one that best suited their riding       next year’s International Women’s Day        recently started a Facebook group which
experience and sense of confidence.            to ride again.                               they have opened to all Facebook users.
Volunteers from the regular Saturday              Anyone interested in getting into, or        “It will have details of all of our rides
community rides generously filled in as        back into, cycling is welcome to join the    there, photos and details of other cycling
ride leaders ensuring everyone had a           Saturday morning community rides that        events that we are participating in.” said
safe and enjoyable ride.                       leave city square at 6.30am. All levels      GreatBUG President, Ian Butler. “We
   One of the riders, Frances Blake, a         are catered for and it is a great way to     hope that this will be a new way for
woman in her 80’s cruised through the          improve cycling skills and get support       people to get involved in our events and
hour long ride on her pink retro bike.         from other riders. You don’t have to         with BUGs in general.”
Last year she took part in the inaugural       book in. Just turn up.                          You can find the group by searching
                                                                                            GreatBUG or at

                                                                                            Secure Bicycle
                                                                                            Lockers available
                                                                                                Cycling to and from a train station,
                                                                                            ferry wharf or bus interchange helps
                                                                                            reduce the impact that cars have on the
                                                                                            environment. A secure bicycle locker
                                                                                            allows you to combine cycling with
                                                                                            public transport, a healthy alternative to
                                                                                            being stuck in a car.
                                                                                               Think of a secure bicycle locker as
                                                                                            your own priority parking. Even better,
                                                                                            your locker helps protect your bike,
                                                                                            helmet and clothing from theft and
                                                                                               So what are you waiting for? There
                                                                                            are now over 1,200 lockers for hire at
                                                                                            more than 140 locations across the NSW
                                                                                            public transport network.

 life’s better on a bike

Sustainable Streets/                            But what will they do with the data?
Parallel Cities                                     The first major step in preparing         South Wales study has shown that, if
    Be quick and you might just score           the new Premier’s Council for Active          NSW is to achieve the use of commuter
a free ticket to this, the first City Talk      Living (PCAL) BikePlan for NSW is now         cycling that’s already seen in the other
for 2009. Introduced by Clover Moore            complete, following the release of the        mainland states, the cycling share of trips
MP, Lord Mayor of Sydney, York City’s           in-depth report Cycling in New South          to work would need to double from the
Commissioner of Transportation Janette          Wales: What the data tells us. The            0.8 per cent measured in 2006 to 1.5
Sadik-Khan (video presentation) and             question is: How will the Government          per cent. This would mean lifting daily
Professor Peter Newman from Curtin              respond to it?                                commuter cycling trips from 22,000
University’s Sustainability Policy Institute       This wide-ranging report provides          to about 43,000 one-way trips, with at
share their experiences on transforming         important data to inform work on the          least half of these needing to happen in
car-filled cities to people-friendly spaces,    new BikePlan, and will also assist local      Sydney.
with room for transport, cyclists and           councils in planning for future cycling          The Cycling in New South Wales:
walking. A lively panel discussion with         needs. The report contains the results of     What the Data Tells Us report is now
key spokespeople on cycling (including          an extensive review of data on who is         available for download. The study’s
Bicycle NSW CEO Alex Unwin) and                 cycling where and why across NSW, and         background Electronic Library of
healthy lifestyle options will follow           associated issues like road safety and        Collected Bicycle Information is also
the presentations and answer your               bicycle theft. The report also identifies     available, containing a number of
questions.                                      ways in which cycling data collection         informative and hard-to-find NSW
    State Theatre, 25 March 2009 6:30           and management could be improved in           cycling resources.
PM – 8:00 PM (Doors Open 6:00 PM)               NSW.
Tickets are FREE and ESSENTIAL and                 The report finds that, while bicycle
are now available to book through               use across NSW and Sydney is low
Ticketmaster online or 136 100.                 compared to other Australian states and
    (Free bike parking located at Hyde          capital cities, other cities across the
Park North (adjacent to Elizabeth St,           world have shown a correlation between
near Market St) available 5.30pm -              investment in bicycle infrastructure and
10.00pm on March 25.)                           increased cycling. The Cycling in New

New Cycling Handbook
     The RTA have produced a new                                                               he said.
handbook designed to keep bicycle                                                                  Mr Daley said the NSW Government
riders up to date and encourage                                                                 launched the new BikePlan for NSW
more people to take up cycling as a                                                             last year, which will help identify the
recreational activity and commuting                                                              infrastructure, programs and events
option.                                                                                           needed to help support the growth in
    Minister for Roads Michael                                                                    cycling.
Daley said the RTA has produced                                                                      “As part of developing the new
a comprehensive online guide, A                                                                    NSW BikePlan, pilot studies are
handbook for bicycle riders, covering                                                              under way to see how bike trips can
the A to Z of bike riding.                                                                         be increased around town centres,
    “The handbook is a great source of                                                              both in Sydney and across the state.
information for anyone interested in                                  experience as safe          “We’re encouraging people to leave
cycling, from beginners to experienced                 and enjoyable as possible.             the car at home for short trips that are
riders.                                            “NSW residents bought around               just a few kilometres in length and ride
    “This is a comprehensive resource           430,000 new bicycles in 2007 and that’s       instead.
which covers everything about bikes,            75,000 more than the number of new                “The RTA’s new cycling handbook
like buying a bike and how to look after        vehicles registered in the same period.       supports these initiatives and provides
it, what to wear when riding, how to               “Last year average weekday use of          information in an easy-to-read
repair a puncture and road rules for            the Anzac Bridge cycleway increased by        format even if you’re completely
cyclists.                                       more than 15 per cent from 2007, while        new to cycling, there’s lots of useful
    “Riding a bike is a great way to get fit,   average weekday use of the Sydney             information.
commute and look after the environment          Harbour Bridge cycleway increased by              “For example, there are tips on how
which is why more and more people are           seven per cent,” he said.                     to correctly fit your helmet - you can
turning to two wheels,” he said.                   CEO of Bicycle NSW Alex Unwin              reduce your risk of a head injury in a
    Mr Daley said Australians bought            welcomed the central source of online         crash by up to 60 per cent if you wear a
1.2 million bicycles last year, the ninth       information.                                  correctly-fitted approved helmet.
consecutive year bike sales outstripped            “This initiative will be of particular         “The handbook is available through
car sales.                                      value in helping those wishing to join        the RTA website
    “With more people taking up                 the increasing numbers of people getting      and I’d encourage people to think about
cycling, it’s important they get the            out and riding a bike to work, school or      the environment before printing,” he
right information to make their riding          for a social spin with family and friends,”   said.

                                                                                                             life’s better on a bike

 In memory of an                               retired, a bunch of us are driving to               he had eight) down to grandchildren,
                                               Gunnedah on Easter Friday, On Easter                the youngest rider of whom is 25. Great
 epic ride                                     Saturday, starting from the property                grandchildren will be there as part of
                                               that he started, we intend to ride the              the support team.”
    In 1936, at the age of 18, Patricia        following route:                                       If you would like to find out more
 Hayward’s father rode his Speedwell               Day 1 to Gunnedah, Day 2 Quirindi,              about this memorable ride, you can
 pushbike from Narrabri to Lidcombe in         Day 3 Willowtree, Day 4 Denman, Day                 contact Patricia on anembobooks@
 2 and a bit days.                             5 Singleton, Day 6 Maitland, Day 7        
    Following his sudden death last            Cooranbong in the Hunter Valley.
 March, aged nearly 91, his family have            “After checking out various routes,
 decided to do a re-enactment of it this       we’ve decided that there is no safe,
 heroic ride.                                  manageable way to ride to Lidcombe
    “We’re not going to do the 600 kms         in a group, so we are terminating in the
 in 2 days, like he did,” explains Patricia,   Hunter Valley.
 “nor are we going to sleep on our swag            “Maybe cyclists who live along the
 in a ditch beside the road like he did.       way would like to join in for any parts
    “But, with the help Terry Threlfell        they wish, or give us a good wish as we
 who professionally organised                  cycle past. We’ll range in age from 67,
 recreational bike tours before he             65, 60, 55 etc (Dad’s children, of which            Gunnedah Town Hall

Awards Reflect National Shift to Pedal Power
     The 2008 Bicycling Achievement
Awards were presented this month in
Canberra at an event presided over by
former Victorian Premier The Hon Steve
    “We received a record number of
high quality nominations from across
the country and our winners reflect the
very best examples from individuals
and groups working to promote and
encourage cycling” said Rosemarie
Speidel, Program Director at the Cycling
Promotion Fund.
    The National Bicycling Achievement
Awards have been held by the Cycling
Promotion Fund annually since 2002 and
recognise innovation, commitment and
achievement in making Australia more
bicycle friendly.
    Finalists werel joined by Federal MP’s
and Senators from around Australia to
celebrate outstanding achievement in           Hobart’s August 2008 Critical Mass Ride. Attended by 170 Riders including new Tasmanian
cycling encouragement and promotion.           Premier Cyclist, David Bartlett, Opposition Leader Will Hodgman, and Greens Leader Nick
    “One of the standout winners this          McKim, who jointly won the award for Contribution to Cycling by a Politician. Also riding were
year is the Lord Mayor of Brisbane,            Hobart Lord Mayor Rob Valentine, Kingborough Mayor Graham Bury and Hobart City Council
Campbell Newman for his visionary              Aldermen Bill Harvey and Helen Burnett. Fantastic turnout and a law abiding ride for 45 minutes
$100 million investment in bicycle             with full police co-operation and facilitation. All politicians expressed a desire to increase cyclist
infrastructure and encouragement               safety in Hobart and Tasmania.
programs to help make Brisbane more
liveable” Ms Speidel said.                     demonstrated excellent results and                   commitment and enthusiasm shown
    Other high profile winners include         initiative.                                          by our winners and nominees is a great
three Tasmanian politicians, Premier               Bayswater North doubled the number               indication of the appreciation so many
David Bartlett, Opposition Leader Will         of children cycling to school in 2008 with           Australians are beginning to show for
Hodgman and Greens Leader Nick                 a three-year program that encouraged                 cycling. The future of cycling in Australia,
McKim, for their united support to make        and promoted the benefit of getting to               whether as a recreational activity or
Tasmania one of the great cycling states       school on two wheels, while Benalla                  mode of transport, is starting to look very
of Australia.                                  West Primary school built a bike bank so             bright.”
    The CPF was also inundated with            kids without bikes could also experience                Carrying the flag for New South
nominations from schools encouraging           the joys of cycling.                                 Wales was Russ Webber, President
their students to ride. The two winners            “The momentum from around                        North Shore Bicycle Group, winner
in the schools category, Bayswater North       Australia to boost cycling participation             of the Cycling Promotion Award
and Benalla West Primary Schools,              is palpable.” said Ms Spiedel. “ The                 (Honorary). 

life’s better on a bike

                      WEDNESDAY 25TH MARCH 2009
                       IS NATIONAL RIDE2SCHOOL DAY
                                                                                    REGISTER YOUR
                                                                               SCHOOL TO RECEIVE
                                                                             A FREE PROMOTIONAL
                                                                               KIT INCLUDING A CD
                                                                               ROM, POSTERS AND
                                                                                 CERTIFICATES FOR

                          Ride2School NSW is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing


                                                                                  s e
                                                                         Sch in som es
                                                                             w     priz s,
                                                                       can stic cycle
                                                                           ta      bi
                                                                       fan uding shirts !
                                                                            l            e
                                                                        inc ets, t mor
                                                                           m        c h
                                                                        hel d mu
                                                                           a  n

                                                                                     Tel (02) 9218 5405
 More rides are added to our online calendar every day. For the latest updates, check out WWW.PUSHON.COM.AU
                                         IMPOrtaNt INFOrMatION, PLEaSE rEad
• All rides listed in this calendar are open to the public unless otherwise stated in the ride description.
• All ride leaders are volunteers who generously donate their time to plan and conduct these rides. Please follow their instructions to help ensure each
ride is conducted in the safest and most enjoyable possible manner.
• All persons leading or joining these rides do so as volunteers in all respects and as such accept sole responsibility for any injury howsoever incurred.
The appearance of the rides is this calendar does not imply that Bicycle NSW Inc., PushOn, the organisations with rides on this calendar, or the appoint-
ed ride leaders, are in any way liable in respect of any injury or damage resulting from participants engaging in any such ride activity.
• An approved helmet is required to be worn on all rides. No helmet, no ride. No exceptions. Please ensure your bike is in good working order and bring
a spare tube, a pump, tyre levers, a full water bottle and any other tools you may require. It is also recommended you bring money for food and/or fares
and your mobile phone.
• Children are welcome on some rides but must be accompanied by a cycling adult carer.
• If in doubt about the suitability of any ride, please contact the ride leader in advance.
• Feedback can be sent to
                         dEadLINE FOr ONLINE rIdES FOr May 2009 EdItION OF PUSHON IS aPrIL 10
Saturday, March 28, 2009                            SuNday, March 29, 2009                                  On-road cycleways / contact: John; Ph
chOcOLatE aNd FINd FOOd                             SuthErLaNd hErItaGE FEStIVaL                            9938 1578
MaSSBuG*; 20 km ; Slow pace Easy /                  SharkBike*; km ; Slow pace Easy / Some                  Starts: 9:00AM; Palm Beach Ferry Wharf (9.00
                                                                                                            am ferry) Ferry from Palm Beach to Wagstaff.
Some traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths             traffic / contact: Janet; Ph 0421 655 052
                                                                                                            Ride to Bouddi National Park, East Gosford,
/ contact: Brenda; Ph 9565 1657                     Starts: 8.30AM; Sutherland PO Meet at 8:30am
                                                                                                            Woy Woy, then to Ettalong for ferry home.
Starts: 09:00AM; Petersham railway, Trafalgar       for a slow ride around some of the exhibits for
                                                                                                            Bring your lunch. Call John to confirm start
St The now famous chocolate and food ride           the Sutherland Shire Heritage Festival. Leave
                                                                                                            time and place.
around Marrickville factory outlets. Eat on the     the car at home and see how practical a bike is
way or bring a pannier to fill - just in time for   for short trips. Heritage Festival Itinerary is still   cONcOrd - crONuLLa rEturN
the Easter break. Frequent refuelling stops.        to be confirmed so please call Janet prior to           BayBuG*; 80 km ; Moderate pace Some
                                                    the ride for confirmation. The ride could include       traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses
thE BOB BurtON BIKE rIdE ( tO
                                                    a tour of Woronora Cemetery, Brinsley’s                 On-road cycleways / For experienced
GrEENWELL Pt )                                      Joinery Works and the Tram Museum. Ride
SBuG*; 40 km ; Slow pace Easy /                                                                             riders only / contact: david; Ph 0417 210
                                                    will finish at Hazelhurst, Gymea.                       429 c2c
contact: Judi; Ph 02 4421 5214 c2c
Starts: 11.00AM; Nowra Visitors Centre              a PIE at hEathErBraE                                    Starts: 07:00AM; Majors Bay Rd Concord
Greenwell Pt was Bobs favorite ride and the         NcM*; 60 km ; Moderate pace Some                        Along Cooks River cycle path, then beside
28th being his birthday. A $10 donation per         traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses               Botany Bay to Cronulla for a swim (optional)
rider $20 a family all money will go to the         On-road cycleways / contact: Leigh; Ph                  and coffee; mostly flat terrain
melanoma foundation. BBQ after ride at Nowra        4929 7859                                               SuMMEr hILL tO crONuLLa
Bowling club All riders welcome.                    Starts: 08:45AM; Queens Wharf to catcn                  aShBuG*; 45 km ; Moderate pace Some
                                                    the Stockton Ferry Ferry to Stockton, then              traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths /
BEyONd BarrENJOEy                                   through Fern Bay, Fullerton Cove, Williamtown
BikeNorth*; 60 km ; Moderate pace Some                                                                      contact: heather; Ph 9799 0107 (h); 0408
                                                    to Heatherbrae to sample an award winning               227 133 (m)
traffic / Significant hills / contact: robyn        pie. Return to Newcastle through Hexham,                Starts: 08:30AM; The Fountain, Lackey St,
; Ph 9144 1325 c2c                                  Mayfield and Throsby Cycleway.                          Summer Hill Back roads to Cooks River c/p.
Starts: hh:mmAM; Turramurra station east side       GuILdFOrd tO OLyMPIc ParK &                             Stop in Brighton-Le-Sands for quick morning
Medium hard ride from Turramurra via back                                                                   tea, then onto Cronulla along c/p and some
roads to Palm Beach, ferry across Broken Bay,
                                                    LiveBuG*; 30 km ; Slow pace Easy /                      roads. Lunch/swim at Cronulla then train back
superb scenery around Kilcare. Train from Woy                                                               to Wolli Creek and ride home. (Optional ride
Woy. Some hills, small dirtroad section, slower     Some traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths
                                                    / uses On-road cycleways / contact:                     back from Cronulla).
pace. Call to confirm
                                                    russell; Ph 9826 0802 or 0434 141 810                   OLyMPIc ParK rIdE
FurthEr BEyONd BarrENJOEy
                                                    c2c                                                     BikeNorth*; 25 km ; Slow pace Easy /
BikeNorth*; 85 km ; Fast pace Some
                                                    Starts: 09:00AM; Guildford Station Railway              child Friendly / uses Off-road cyclepaths
traffic / For experienced riders only /             Tce entrance An easy ride on cycle paths and            / contact: doug; Ph 9874 5594
Significant hills / contact: Peter; Ph 9144         some roads with low traffic. For shorter option         Starts: 08:00AM; Meadowbank Wharf Easy
1325 c2c                                            return via train. Many points of interest. Bring        loop around Homebush Bay with a coffee stop.
Starts: hh:mmAM; Turramurra Station East            lunch or buy at stop point along the way.               Suitable for beginners and children OVER 12
side Hard fast ride from Turramurra via back                                                                accompanied by an adult carer. BYO Snacks
roads to Palm Beach, ferry across Broken Bay,       WaGStaFF tO EttaLONG
                                                    NBB*; 47 km ; Moderate pace Some                        and Drinks- NO coffee stop
superb scenery around Kilcare, Gosford and                                                                  Sunday, March 29, 2009
Brisbane Water. Train from Woy Woy. Call to         traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses
                                                                                                            MYSTERY RIDE

duB BuG*; 50 KM ; MOdEratE PacE                      On-road cycleways / Significant hills /           chaNNON tO NIMBIN
MOuNtaIN BIKE rEquIrEd / uNSEaLEd                    contact: Malcolm ; Ph 9713 1994                   MBMBc*; 62 km ; Moderate pace
rOadS / cONtact: JOhN; Ph 02                         Starts: 08:00AM; Eastwood Station - West          contact: Ian Brayshaw; Ph 66809407
6565469                                              Side Medium ride to M2, Winston Hills. Down       Starts: 08:00AM; The Channon Tavern
Starts: 07:30aM; hickeys Garage ride                 to Parramatta for coffee. Return via M4 c/p to    Channon to Nimbin and return via Jiggi.
to Valla and meet John who will lose us              Meadowbank & uphill to Eastwood.                  Approx 4-5 hours
somewhere in the bush                                FISh MarKEt rIdE                                  tOur dE hEadS
Sunday, March 29, 2009                               aShBuG*; 24 km ; Slow pace Easy /                 SBuG*; 15 km ; Slow pace uses Off-
BERRY TO WERRI BEACH.                                Some traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths           road cyclepaths / contact: judi; Ph
SBUG*; 40 km ; Moderate pace Some                    / uses On-road cycleways / contact:               0244215214
Traffic / Unsealed Roads / Contact: judi; Ph         Malcolm hattingh; Ph 0412 151 507                 Starts: 9,00AM; Shoalhaven Heads Communiy
0244215214                                           Starts: 11:00AM; The Fountain, Lackey St,         Centre Easy Ride around Shoalhaven Heads.
Starts: 9.00AM; Berry Railway Station. Out           Summer Hill Ride along Hawthorn Canal,            Suitable for new riders. Those who want a
along Tooijooa road to Gerringong across a           through Leichardt and around Blackwatle Bay       longer ride meet at Nowra Visitors centre
track to Werri Beach Back through Gerringong         to the Fish Market for lunch. 1 hour for lunch    8.15am to cycle to Shoalhaven heads. Tom H
to stop for coffee or lunch and back to Berry.       and shopping, bring panniers if you intend to
Very scenic ride.Medium to hard.                                                                       GEar uP GIrL chaLLENGE caNBErra
                                                     shop. Return via Anzac Bridge. AshBUG has         - tuGGEraNONG LOOP
MISS auStraLIa rIdE                                  a bike we can lend to people who can ride
                                                     but don’t have a bike. Ring contact person to     BNSW*; 60 km ; Select... pace contact:
BikeNorth*; 45 km ; Slow pace Some
                                                     check if the bike is vailable.                    Nicole; Ph 02 9218 5415
traffic / Significant hills / contact: Joan;                                                           Starts: 7:30AM; Weston Park, Yarralumla
Ph 9909 8925                                         SEaVIEW rIdE                                      GEAR UP GIRL Ladies get ready for Gear Up
Starts: 07:30AM; St Leonards stn concourse.          duB BuG*; 40 km ; Moderate pace                   Girl 2009! Join us on Saturday 7th March, 2009
Medium ride on quiet roads to Spit Bridge,           Some traffic / contact: George ; Ph 02            for the Gear Up Girl Challenge in Sydney, and
then on to Tania Oval at Balgowlah Heights.          66555355                                          on Sunday 5th of April 2009 for the Canberra
On return visit Chowder Bay and Bradleys             Starts: 08:00AM; Bp North Urunga Ride from        Gear Up Girl Challenge. The Gear Up Girl
Head. ‘                                              Urunga to Gleniffer Rd and into Vallery Rd and    Challenge is Bicycle NSW’s women’s-only
MONday, March 30, 2009                               up Seaview Hill and back to Urunga .              cycling initiative, designed to get women
                                                     thE GOrGE aNd BErOWra                             of all ages and abilities, shapes and sizes
turOSS tO MOruya, FOrESt aNd                                                                           on their bikes. In Canberra we have 2 ride
cOaStaL LOOP                                         BikeNorth*; 45 km ; Fast pace Some                options, a 60km Tuggeranong Loop Ride or a
EuroBuG*; 41 km ; Slow pace Significant              traffic / Significant hills / contact:            20km Weston Loop Ride. For more informa-
hills / Mountain Bike required / unsealed            darryn; Ph 0406 380 862                           tion go to and click on
roads / contact: Guy; Ph 0244738376                  Starts: 08:00AM; Hornsby Park, Cnr Pac            Challenge.
Starts: 8.30; Intersection of Hector McWilliam       Hwy & Coronation St Med-hard ride through
                                                     Galston Gorge, rural Arcadia & on to scenic       WESt tO WINdSOr
Drive and Princes Highway Route includes
                                                     Berowra Waters. After coffee, ride via Berowra    BikeNorth*; 90 km ; Fast pace Some
Old Mill Rd, Fox Gully Rd, Dwyers Creek Rd,
South Head Rd , Congo Rd and Bingi Rd to             & Pac. Hwy to Hornsby                             traffic / For experienced riders only /
Bergalia. A car shuffle will be required to return                                                     contact: richard; Ph 0402 637 534
                                                     SuNday, aPrIL 05, 2009                            Starts: 08:00AM; Cnr M2 & Pennant Hills Rd
to start point. Coffee at Moruya at mid point.
                                                     GEar uP GIrL chaLLENGE caNBErra                   Medium-Hard, via the M2, Old Windsor Rd and
tuESday, March 31, 2009                              - WEStON LOOP                                     back roads to Quakers Hill and beyond. Coffee
OVEr 50S rIdES: KurNELL                              BNSW*; 20 km ; Select... pace contact:            at Windsor. Return via a different way. Brisk
BSSc; 26 km ; Moderate pace Easy /                   Nicole; Ph 02 9218 5415                           pace and few rest stops!
uses Off-road cyclepaths / contact:                  Starts: 8:30AM; Weston Park, Yarralumla           PuddLEdOcK LOOP
allan; Ph 9750 0074 c2c                              GEAR UP GIRL Ladies get ready for Gear Up         NEBuG*; 50 km ; Moderate pace Some
Starts: 9.30AM; Parking area opp Sharks Club,        Girl 2009! Join us on Saturday 7th March, 2009    traffic / Significant hills / unsealed
Woolooware. Easy pace to Kurnell on cycle            for the Gear Up Girl Challenge in Sydney, and     roads / contact: Bruce; Ph 6772 0796
lane. Voodoo Beach/Cape Solander, lunch at           on Sunday 5th of April 2009 for the Canberra      Starts: 09:00AM; Armidale Bicycle Centre
club and return.                                     Gear Up Girl Challenge. The Gear Up Girl          Armidale to Puddledock and Return: Ride north
                                                     Challenge is Bicycle NSW’s women’s-only           to Sunnyside Road then return via Puddledock
WEdNESday, aPrIL 01, 2009                            cycling initiative, designed to get women         Road
tOP LaKE                                             of all ages and abilities, shapes and sizes
tdcc*; 35 km ; Moderate pace Some                    on their bikes. In Canberra we have 2 ride        tuESday, aPrIL 07, 2009
traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses            options, a 60km Tuggeranong Loop Ride or a        OVEr 50S rIdES: PrOSPEct
                                                     20km Weston Loop Ride. For more informa-          rESErVOIr
On-road cycleways / contact: Kevin
                                                     tion go to and click on
Parsons; Ph 02 4390 0375                                                                               BSSc; 35 km ; Moderate pace Some
Starts: 10:00AM; Wallarah Point Park,                                                                  traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths /
Gorokan. Around top lake (Lake Munmorah)             MaNLy daM PIcNIc rIdE                             Significant hills / contact: brian; Ph 02
via Budgewoi - Doyalson - Lake Munmorah              BikeNorth*; 40 km ; Moderate pace Some            46545144
- Elizabeth Bay - lunch at Norah Head (BYO).         traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses         Starts: 9.30AM; W.Syd regional pk Elizabeth
Return via Canton Beach                              On-road cycleways / contact: Ian ; Ph             drive Abbotsbury. Entrance between
Saturday, aPrIL 04, 2009                             0419 621 848                                      Cowpasture road and the M7 From the park,we
                                                     Starts: 08:00AM; St Leonards Station              ride to Prospect reservoir using the M7 cycle-
thE BIG LOOP                                         Concourse Ride via Spit, Wakehurst Pkwy,          path. After morning tea at prospect, we return
BikeNorth*; 45 km ; Moderate pace Some               down Allambie Hts to Manly Dam. Ret via           to the start point using the path through the
traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses            Balgowlah for coffee before returning to start.   regional park. BYO picnic lunch in the park.

WEdNESday, aPrIL 08, 2009                         LOFtuS tO BOttLE FOrESt (OFF-                        enjoy an excellent light meal and coffee at
WarNErVaLE LOOP                                   rOad)                                                Jen’s Coffee shop. The significant hills are
                                                  SharkBike*; 25 km ; Moderate pace                    mostly down, the ups are longer and gradual.
tdcc*; 40 km ; Moderate pace Some
                                                  Mountain Bike required / unsealed                    For the gardening minded, Braemar Nursery
traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses                                                              has a wonderful gift shop and large selection
On-road cycleways / unsealed roads /              roads / contact: Peter; Ph 0429 126 207
                                                  Starts: 08:00AM; Loftus Rly Stn - Eastern/           of plants. More info:
contact: Kevin Parsons; Ph 02 4390 0375
Starts: 10:00AM; Wallarah Point Park,             Princes Hwy side Route: Loftus on LakesTrail         tuESday, aPrIL 14, 2009
Gorokan. Marks Rd - Wahroonga Rd -                & ST to Heathcote/Bottle Forest/Return via
                                                  Central Ridge. Trails: 30% Single Track, 65%         OVEr 50’S rIdES, IrON cOVE
Louisiana Rd - Warnervale - Link Rd - Blue                                                             BSSc; 30 km ; Moderate pace Some
Haven -Edgewater Park for lunch (BYO - no         Fire Trail, 5% Streets/Hwy. Approx 2 hours.
                                                  Compulsory to start: Mountain bike, knob-            traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses
shop). Return via Budgewoi and Noraville.
                                                  bly tyres, water, eye protection, gloves, tools,     On-road cycleways / contact: roy; Ph
FrIday, aPrIL 10, 2009                            pump, spare tube. View trail on Google Earth:        9560 5629
PIE IN thE SKy                           - Select Bike            Starts: 9.30AM; Gough Whitlam Park, Tempe
BikeNorth*; 40 km ; Moderate pace                 Trails / Ride 2 /.kml data IMBA Ride Grading:        We take the Cooks river cycleway to Hurlstone
                                                  More difficult [IMBA trail difficulty explanation:   park then back roads through Dulwich hill and
Some traffic / uses On-road cycleways /                                                                Lewisham. We then follow the Hawthorne
                                                  Trail width - 24” or more, Trail surface - mostly
Significant hills / contact: alan ; Ph 0414       stable with some variability, Trail grade - aver-    canal cyclepath to Iron cove. We circle the bay
538 977                                           age 10% or less, max 15% or greater, Natural         using the I/C roadbridge, and some on-road
Starts: 07:30AM; Hornsby Park (cnr Pacific        Obstacles - unavoidable obstacles present            cycleways, and then return for a byo picnic
hwy & Coronation St ) Medium ride along Old       8-15” tall]                                          lunch in the park. There is a free BBq plate
Pacific Hwy to cafe overlooking Brooklyn with                                                          available in GW park
great views. Back track to Hornsby. Moderate      curruMBENE StatE FOrESt
hills.                                            SBuG*; 35 km ; Moderate pace Mountain                WEdNESday, aPrIL 15, 2009
                                                  Bike required / unsealed roads /                     NOrdS WharF
Saturday, aPrIL 11, 2009
                                                  contact: judi ; Ph 02 4421 5214                      tdcc*; 50 km ; Moderate pace Some
MEadOWBaNK tO BOBBO                               Starts: 9.ooAM; The bus shed before the              traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses
BikeNorth*; 50 km ; Moderate pace Some            Crematorium on Worrigee Road Cycle through
                                                                                                       On-road cycleways / contact: Kevin
traffic / Significant hills / contact: Mal;       forest tracks to Callala. Not to challenging off
                                                  road riding. Only if the tracks are dry. Coffee at   Parsons; Ph 02 4390 0375 c2c
Ph 9713 1994                                                                                           Starts: 10:00AM; Wallarah Point Park -
Starts: 07:30AM; Meadowbank Wharf Medium,         Callala. Weather permitting.
                                                                                                       Gorokan Nords Wharf via Budgewoi - Elizabeth
hilly ride via Eastwood, Browns Waterhole,        tOWN rIdE                                            Bay - lunch Nords Wharf (BYO or shop near)
Turramurra, & Bobbin Head. Coffee and return.     NEBuG*; 30 km ; Slow pace Easy / Some                - return Hwy - Doyalson - continue along Hwy
Long climbs and descents.
                                                  traffic / contact: ; Ph                              - The Corso - Gorokan
SuNday, aPrIL 12, 2009                            Starts: 09:00AM; Armidale Bicycle Centre Easy
                                                  paced ride around Armidale. Great introduction       Saturday, aPrIL 18, 2009
St LEONard’S tO NOrth hEad
                                                  for new riders or the coffee cruisers. Ride cli-     PIE IN thE SKy
BikeNorth*; 45 km ; Moderate pace                 maxes at a local coffee shop.                        BikeNorth*; 40 km ; Moderate pace
Some traffic / uses On-road cycleways
                                                  turtLES ON ParadE                                    Some traffic / uses On-road cycleways
/ Significant hills / contact: Joan; Ph
                                                  chBuG*; 30 km ; Slow pace Easy / Some                / Significant hills / contact: Evan ; Ph
9909 8925
Starts: 08:00AM; St Leonard’s Station             traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses            0409 606 853
Concourse Medium ride via Beauty Point, over      On-road cycleways / contact: Brian                   Starts: 08:00AM; Hornsby park , opposite
Spit Br to Balgowlah & Manly. Coffee at North     Whitcher; Ph 6651 5519                               Coronation St, near Pool Ride along Old
Head, return on a similar route.                  Starts: 9:00AM; McDonalds, Northside 8:00am          Pacific Hwy to cafe overlooking Brooklyn with
                                                  breakfast, 9:00am ride. McDonalds, Macauleys         great views. Back track to Hornsby. Moderate
BrOOKLyN BruNch                                                                                        hills.
BikeNorth*; 90 km ; Fast pace Some                Beach, Ocean Parade, Jetty for potential turtle
                                                  watching, quarry, Beacon Hill, Howard Street,        BrEaKFaSt POINt PuNt
traffic / For experienced riders only /           University via cycle path, Bunnings, Sawtell         BikeNorth*; 17 km ; Slow pace Easy
Significant hills / contact: Peter; Ph 0411       road, Hogbin drive, back to Park Beach road          / child Friendly / Some traffic / uses
102 671                                           to McDonalds. Turn back at University if
Starts: 07:30AM; Meadowbank Wharf Ride
                                                                                                       Off-road cyclepaths / uses On-road
                                                  poor weather or wanting shorter route. Could         cycleways / contact: darryn ; Ph 0406
Bobbin Head, then Brooklyn for brunch. Return     turn down Hogbin from Howard street back
via Hornsby & Turramurra. Fit, experienced                                                             380 862
                                                  to McDonalds. Beacon Hill is the biggest hill        Starts: 09:00AM; Meadowbank Wharf Cross
riders only.                                      – leader willing to walk it.                         Parramatta river on John Whitton Bridge , ride
raINFOrESt rIdE                                   autuMN IN SOuthErN hIGhLaNdS -                       through Rhodes and Concord West through to
duB BuG*; 50 km ; Moderate pace                   BraEMar LOOP                                         Cabarita Ferry Wharf then Breakfast Point for
Some traffic / contact: George ; Ph 02            BarBuG; 30 km ; Moderate pace Some                   coffee. Cross the river on the Putney Punt and
66555255                                          traffic / Significant hills / contact: Sally         return to Meadowbank on the riverfront route.
Starts: 07:30AM; BP North Urunga Ride from
                                                  Knyvett; Ph 4684 1444 c2c                            SuNday, aPrIL 19, 2009
either Urunga ( leave 6.30am ) or coffs and out
                                                  Starts: 9.00AM; Braemar Nursery Start/finish
to Bruxner park through the rainforest and to                                                          WarWIcK FarM cOMMuNIty rIdE
Nana Glenn and return to coffs                    at Braemar Nursery, Old Hume Hwy, Braemar.
                                                  This ride takes us through autumnal back             LiveBuG*; 10 km ; Slow pace Easy /
                                                  streets of Mittagong and then gradually up into      Some traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths
                                                  the highlands. There are spectacular views           / contact: Maree Stacy; Ph 0419 203 379
                                                  across the Southern Highlands and an awe-            c2c
                                                  some run back to Braemar where we can                Starts: 09:00AM; Hart Park, Warwick Farm

Organised in conjunction with the SSWAHS          MONday, aPrIL 20, 2009                              required / unsealed roads / contact:
Health Promotion Unit (Australian Better          MOruya tO dONaLdS crEEK GOrGE                       colin Pursche; Ph 0439023381
Health Initiative), this activity has been                                                            Starts: 08:00AM; Eltham Hotel Annual Anzac
designed to encourage people back onto bikes.
                                                  aNd rEturN
                                                                                                      Day Ride. Begin at Eltham with a coffee stop
Registration and cycling activities from 9am -    EuroBuG*; 30 km ; Slow pace Significant
                                                                                                      at Federal. Continue to Minyon Falls then back
9:45am. Mini community ride (kids with smaller    hills / Mountain Bike required / unsealed           to Eltham via Corndale, Clunes. 4-5 hours
bikes or trainer wheels) and maxi community       roads / contact: Guy; Ph 02 44738376                approx.
ride (10yr olds+ and 50cm+ bike wheels) will      c2c
both depart at 10:00am. All children must be      Starts: 9.00AM; Car Park at the Moruya RSL          OLyMPIc ParK rIdE
accompanied by a cycling adult.                   Hall in Page St This ride includes Araluen          BikeNorth*; 25 km ; Slow pace Easy /
                                                  Rd, Womban Rd and Donalds Creek Rd to               child Friendly / uses Off-road cyclepaths
hILLS aNd SurFSIdE                                                                                    / uses On-road cycleways / contact:
                                                  Donalds Creek then goes along Milikins Rd to
BikeNorth*; 90 km ; Fast pace Some                the Waterhole in the spectacular gorge. The         doug; Ph 9874 5594
traffic / For experienced riders only /           return is via the same route. This ride has a       Starts: 09:00AM; Meadowbank wharf Easy
Significant hills / contact: Malcolm; Ph          steep climb on the return journey. Food and         loop around Homebush Bay with a coffee stop.
9713 1994                                         drink are not available until the end of the ride   Suitable for beginners and children OVER 12
Starts: 07:30AM; Eastwood Station - East Side     at Moruya.                                          accompanied by an adult carer.
Hard ride to Pymble, St Ives, Oxford Falls &
Narrabeen. Return via Warriewood, Church          tuESday, aPrIL 21, 2009                             SuNday, aPrIL 26, 2009
Point, Terrey Hills & Turramurra. Fit & experi-   OVEr 50S rIdES: cOOKS rIVEr                         BELLINGEN tO GLENIFFEr aNd
enced riders only.                                BSSc; 26 km ; Moderate pace Easy /                  GOrdONVILLE
hIStOrIc tIBBS trEE                               uses Off-road cyclepaths / contact:                 chBuG*; 45 km ; Moderate pace Some
duB BuG*; 45 km ; Moderate pace Some              allan; Ph 9520 6180 c2c                             traffic / For experienced riders only /
traffic / Significant hills / unsealed            Starts: 9.30AM; Gough Whitlam Park, Tempe.          Significant hills / contact: deb Meredith;
roads / contact: Muray; Ph 02 66572139            We ride the Cooks River cycleway to South           Ph 6653 1668, 0403475969
Starts: 08:30AM; Top Pub Dorrigo Ride from        Strathfield and return. BYO picnic lunch in         Starts: 08:30AM; Bellingen carpark off Church
Dorrigo to Dangar Falls and on to Lower           Gough whitlam park. Electric Bbq available.         St near Swiss Patisserie Bellingen to Gleniffer
Beilsdown and out to Tibbs Tree and return.       tuESday, aPrIL 21, 2009                             and Gordonville. Optional extra loop to
caMBEWarra LOOKOut FOr LuNch                                                                          Promised Land (few km gravel). Bring water
                                                  trIPLE S rOM SEaFOrth                               and snack for morning tea. Lunch back at
SBuG*; 40 km ; Moderate pace contact:             BikeNorth*; 35 km ; Moderate pace Some              Bellingen.
judi; Ph 02 4421 5214                             traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses
Starts: 9.00mAM; Cr Berry mountain &                                                                  PuB WIth NO BEEr
Tourist Road Very scenic ride to Red Rock.        On-road cycleways / Significant hills /             duB BuG*; 65 km ; Moderate pace Some
Magnificent views.Some moderate hills             contact: Bob ; Ph 9449 9112 c2c                     traffic / contact: George Smith; Ph 02
but the views make it worth while.Lunch at        Starts: 07:30AM; Seaforth at carpark near           65682115
Cambewarra lookout with more views.               shops on Sydney Rd at roundabout Cycle              Starts: 07:30AM; Macksville Ride from
                                                  from Seaforth to Narrabeen and return via the       Macksville to Taylors Arms Pub With No Beer
NEW ItaLy rIdE                                    beaches to Manly before before climbing back
MBMBc*; 45 km ; Moderate pace                                                                         and return to Macksville
                                                  up to the start. Short dirt section and some
Mountain Bike required / unsealed                 hills.                                              BOuNd FOr BOtaNy Bay
roads / contact: colin Pursche; Ph                                                                    SharkBike*; 65 km ; Moderate pace Some
0439023381                                        WEdNESday, aPrIL 22, 2009                           traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses
Starts: 08:00AM; New Italy Pavilions car park     chaIN VaLLEy Bay                                    On-road cycleways / contact: Janet
off Pacific Highway Begin at New Italy and ride   tdcc*; 40 km ; Moderate pace Some                   Small; Ph 0421 655 052
through Double Duke State Forest. Medium dif-     traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses           Starts: 8:15am for a 8:30a.m startAM;
ficulty. No shops bring food and water. Approx    On-road cycleways / contact: Kevin                  Sutherland Post Office, cnr Flora St and Old
4 hours.                                          Parsons; Ph 02 4390 0375                            Princes Hwy Celebrate the anniversary of
BLacK MOuNtaIN - arMIdaLE                         Starts: 10:00AM; Wallarah Point Park,               Captain James Cook’s arrival at Botany Bay
NEBuG*; 40 km ; Moderate pace Some                Gorokan. Noraville - Budgewoi - Elizabeth           in 1770. Ride to Kurnell and Cape Solander
                                                  Bay - highway - Chain Valley Bay Rd (north)         using back streets and cyclepaths. Head to
traffic / Significant hills / unsealed
                                                  - cycleway - Kingfisher Shores (Ch V B Sth)         Kyeemagh for lunch. Return to Sutherland.
roads / contact: andrew; Ph 67712360
Starts: 08:30AM; Armidale Bicycle Centre Car      - (lunch - BYO or shop nearby) - Tall Timbers       hyLaNdS LOOKOut LOOP
Pool to Black Mountain Roadhouse with a           Rd - hwy - Doyalson.                                SBuG*; 50 km ; Moderate pace Some
downhill ride back to Armidale via Boorolong      Saturday, aPrIL 25, 2009                            traffic / For experienced riders only /
Road.                                                                                                 Significant hills / Mountain Bike
                                                  MErryLaNdS BrIcKIES                                 required / contact: Judi; Ph 02 4421
BayS aNd FOrEShOrES                               BikeNorth*; 35 km ; Slow pace Easy /
BikeNorth*; 35 km ; Slow pace Some                                                                    5214
                                                  uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses On-                 Starts: 9.00; Corner Allbatross road &
traffic / uses On-road cycleways /                road cycleways / contact: alison ; Ph
contact: Eric; Ph 9958 2546 c2c                                                                       Braidwood Rd From Albatross to Hylands
                                                  9874 2383                                           lookout along main road 92 then down to the
Starts: 07:30AM; Meadowbank wharf Easy/           Starts: 08:30AM; Meadowbank Wharf Easy
medium ride to Gladesville Bridge, then follow                                                        Shoalhaven River road up to Cabbage Tree
                                                  medium ride visiting an historic brickworks site,   then back to Albatross road.(Cathy)
the bays & foreshores around to Concord for       followed by coffee at a cafe in Merrylands.
coffee.                                                                                               BIKE NOrth cENtury chaLLENGE
                                                  ELthaM tO MINyON FaLLS                              BikeNorth*; km ; Moderate pace Some
                                                  MBMBc*; 75 km ; Moderate pace                       traffic / For experienced riders only /
                                                  Significant hills / Mountain Bike

Significant hills / contact: Malcolm ; Ph           / uses On-road cycleways / contact:                 Lookout. Return south along coast through
9713 1994 c2c                                       Malcolm hattingh; Ph 0412 151 507                   Balgowlah, The Spit to start. (About 1km loose
Starts: 07:00AM; Wahroonga Park 60km,               Starts: 08:30AM; Ride along Hawthorn                unsea
100km or 160km rides in teams. For members          Canal, Anzac Bridge and The Hungry
only - join beforehand, For all details and reg-    Mile(Barangaroo) to the Rocks Farmers               MONday, May 04, 2009
istration by Apr 17, visit: http://www.bikenorth.   Markets. 1 hour for Morning tea and shopping.       BOdaLLa tO POtatO POINt aNd                    Return to Summer Hill via the city, Glebe and       rEturN
MarKEt day                                          Whites Creek. Bring panniers for all your shop-     EuroBuG*; 33 km ; Slow pace Mountain
                                                    ping. AshBUG has a bike we can lend to peo-         Bike required / unsealed roads /
NEBuG*; km ; Select... pace Easy /
                                                    ple who can ride but don’t have a bike. Ring        contact: Guy; Ph 0244738376
contact: ; Ph                                       contact person to check if the bike is available.
Starts: 09:00AM; Beardy Street Mall Some of                                                             Starts: 9.00AM; Bodalla Fire Station, Princes
us will be at the markets with a stall promoting    SuNday, May 03, 2009                                Highway Route includes PotatoPoint Rd, Brou
cycling. Come and say hello and talk bicycles                                                           Lake, Forest tracks, Beach, Blackfellows Pt
                                                    LONG SWaMP rOad LOOP                                Rd, Horse Island Rd.
with us. Start 9am - 12pm corner Beardy and
Faulkner Streets                                    NEBuG*; 30 km ; Moderate pace Easy /
                                                    Some traffic / uses On-road cycleways               tuESday, May 05, 2009
MONday, aPrIL 27, 2009                              / unsealed roads / contact: trevor; Ph              thrEE BrIdGES OLyMPIc ParK
NELLIGEN tO ShaLLOW crOSSING                        6771 3110                                           BikeNorth*; 38 km ; Moderate pace Some
EuroBuG*; 39 km ; Slow pace Mountain                Starts: 09:00; Armidale Bicycle Centre We trav-     traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses
Bike required / unsealed roads /                    el in a loop out along Long Swamp road, on to       On-road cycleways / Significant hills /
                                                    Fosters Road and returning along Castledoyle        contact: Leigh ; Ph 9484 4093
contact: Guy; Ph 0244738376 c2c
                                                    Road.                                               Starts: 08:45AM; Epping Station - East Side
Starts: 8:30AM; Intersection of River Rd and
Kings Highway 2km west of Nelligen This very        BaLMaIN raMBLE                                      Relaxed paced ride down to Olympic Park,
scenic route follows the Clyde River to its tidal   NBB*; 28 km ; Moderate pace Easy /                  with coffee at Rhodes, then a long steady
limit along River Road. The return is via the       Some traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths             climb on the return journey.
same route to Nelligen for coffee.                  / uses On-road cycleways / contact:                 OVEr 50S rIdES: WattLEGrOVE
tuESday, aPrIL 28, 2009                             Beth; Ph 9526 7330                                  BSSc; 28 km ; Moderate pace Easy /
                                                    Starts: 9:00AM; Circular Quay Cycle to              Some traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths
OVEr 50’S rIdES : WOLLONGONG                        Balmain East Ferry Wharf. Return via ferry.         / uses On-road cycleways / contact:
BSSc; 26 km ; Moderate pace Easy /                  Call Beth to confirm start time and place.          Ozzie/Wendy; Ph 9521 3071
uses Off-road cyclepaths / contact:                 cOWaN tO PEatS rIdGE                                Starts: 9.30AM; Black Muscat Park, Chipping
Bruce / Val; Ph 4294 1704                           BikeNorth*; 80 km ; Fast pace Some                  Norton. Starting from Chipping Norton lakes,
Starts: 9.30AM; Carpark,Rubies cafe, cnr                                                                we ride to Wattlegrove via back roads and
Godolphin St. and Trinity row, Bulli beach          traffic / For experienced riders only /
                                                    Significant hills / contact: Keith ; Ph             cycle paths. We have lunch at the Moorebank
Cycleway to south of wollongong harbour and                                                             cake shop and then return to start.
return. Lunch at rubies cafe, Bulli beach           0434 496 299
                                                    Starts: 07:30AM; Cowan stn Hard ride via            Saturday, May 09, 2009
tuESday, aPrIL 28, 2009                             Hawkesbury bridge to Peats Ridge. Coffee at
                                                    ‘Pie’ on return leg.’                               OLyMPIc ParK rIdE
thrEE BrIdGES OLyMPIc ParK                                                                              LiveBuG*; 30 km ; Slow pace Easy /
BikeNorth*; 38 km ; Moderate pace Some              BuGaLdIE, GOOrIaNaWa, BaradINE,                     Some traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths
traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses           BuGaLdIE                                            / uses On-road cycleways / contact:
On-road cycleways / Significant hills /             WW*; 59 km ; Moderate pace Some                     alison Pryor; Ph 0438 171 484 c2c
contact: Leigh ; Ph 9484 4093                       traffic / contact: Lynda; Ph 6842 2113              Starts: 09:00; Guildford Station, Railway
Starts: 08:45AM; Epping Station -East Side          Starts: 9:00AM; Bugaldie Store Pleasant ride        Terrace entrance An easy ride on cycle paths
Relaxed paced ride down to Olympic Park,            through undulation farming country to Freckles      and some roads with low traffic. For shorter
with coffee at Rhodes, then a long steady           Cafe in Baradine (maybe the new NPWS                option return via train. Many points of interest.
climb on the return journey.                        Visitor Centre will be open too). Return to         Bring lunch or buy at stop point along the way.
                                                    Bugaldie along Baradine Road. Essential to
WEdNESday, aPrIL 29, 2009                           confirm for catering purposes                       thE BIG LOOP
tOOWOON Bay                                                                                             BikeNorth*; 50 km ; Moderate pace Some
                                                    cOWaN caLGa                                         traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses
tdcc*; 40 km ; Moderate pace Some                   BikeNorth*; 52 km ; Moderate pace
traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses                                                               On-road cycleways / contact: Malcolm ;
                                                    Some traffic / Significant hills / contact:         Ph 9713 1994
On-road cycleways / contact: Kevin                  darryn; Ph 0406 380 862
Parsons; Ph 02 4390 0375                                                                                Starts: 08:00AM; Eastwood station west side
                                                    Starts: 08:00AM; Cowan Station Medium hard          Medium ride to M2, Winston Hills. Down to
Starts: 10:00AM; Wallarah Point Park,               ride through magnificent Hawkesbury River
Gorokan. The Entrance - cycleway to Long                                                                Parramatta Park for coffee. Return via M4 to
                                                    valley on quiet roads. Return with a stop for       Meadowbank & uphill to Eastwood.
Jetty - Shelley Bch Rd - Toowoon Bay - (lunch       coffee.
- shop nearby) Return via coast roads to The                                                            SuNday, May 10, 2009
Entrance then Noraville and Gorokan                 LONGrEEF LOOKOut
                                                    BikeNorth*; 50 km ; Moderate pace Some              tOWN rIdE
Saturday, May 02, 2009                              traffic / Significant hills / contact: Ian;         NEBuG*; 25 km ; Slow pace Easy / child
thE rOcKS MarKEt rIdE                               Ph 0419 621 848                                     Friendly / Some traffic / uses On-road
aShBuG*; 25 km ; Moderate pace Easy /               Starts: 08:00AM; St Leonards Station                cycleways / contact: -; Ph -
Some traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths             Concourse Ride with significant hills, mostly       Starts: 09:00AM; Armidale Bicycle Centre Easy
                                                    on back roads, through to the Spit,Wakehurst        paced ride around Armidale. Great introduction
                                                    Parkway and Beacon Hill to Long Reef                for new riders or the coffee cruisers. Ride cli-

maxes at a local coffee shop.                       tuESday, May 12, 2009                              LONG POINt LOOKOut
MEadOWBaNK tO BOBBO                                 WEStErN WaNdEr                                     LiveBuG*; 65 km ; Moderate pace
BikeNorth*; 50 km ; Moderate pace                   BikeNorth*; 70 km ; Moderate pace uses             contact: Phil; Ph 8795 0564
Some traffic / uses On-road cycleways               Off-road cyclepaths / uses On-road                 Starts: 10:00AM; Ye Olde Bicycle Shop,
                                                                                                       Bundanoon Moderate Pace / Medium Ride
/ Significant hills / contact: doug; Ph             cycleways / contact: Bob ; Ph 9449 9112
                                                                                                       / On Road Ride Mostly flat and quiet return
9874 5594                                           Starts: 08:30AM; Meadowbank wharf.
                                                                                                       ride through Bundanoon, Penrose, Wingello,
Starts: 08:00AM; Meadowbank Wharf. Medium           Medium ride via Parramatta & Canley Vale to
                                                                                                       Tallong and then out to the spectacular Long
hilly ride via Eastwood, Browns Waterhole,          Abbotsbury for coffee. Return via Prospect &
                                                                                                       Point Lookout. The last section ( approx 100
Turramurra, & Bobbin Head. Coffee and return.       canal routes( or as required due to construc-
                                                                                                       meters ) to the lookout is a rough surface that
Long climbs and descents.                           tion works).
                                                                                                       may require the walking / carrying of bikes.
caMBrIdGE PLatEau                                   Saturday, May 16, 2009                             Lunch stop at Wingello on return leg.
MBMBc*; 75 km ; Moderate pace                       BrEaKFaSt POINt PuNt                               PIE IN thE SKy
Significant hills / Mountain Bike                   BikeNorth*; 17 km ; Slow pace Easy /               BikeNorth*; 40 km ; Moderate pace
required / unsealed roads / contact:                child Friendly / uses Off-road cyclepaths          Some traffic / uses On-road cycleways /
colin Pursche; Ph 0439023381                        / uses On-road cycleways / contact:                contact: darryn; Ph 0406 380 862
Starts: 08:00AM; Mallanganee Hotel West of          allison ; Ph 9874 2383                             Starts: 08:00AM; Hornsby Park (cnr Pacific
Casino Cambridge Plateau loop. Only been            Starts: 09:00AM; Meadowbank wharf Cross            Hwy and Coronation St) Medium ride along
done once before by men of iron. Where the          Parramatta river on John Whitton Bridge , ride     Old Pacific Hwy to cafe overlooking Brooklyn
wild things are.                                    through Rhodes and Concord West through to         with great views. Back track to Hornsby.
                                                    Cabarita Ferry Wharf then Breakfast Point for      Moderate hills.
SaNdy BEach                                         coffee. Cross the river on the Putney Punt and     WarraNE rOad
chBuG*; 20 km ; Slow pace Easy / child              return to Meadowbank on the riverfront route.      NEBuG*; 50 km ; Moderate pace Some
Friendly / Some traffic / contact: tracey
                                                    WENd yOur Way tO WyONG tOrtOISE                    traffic / Significant hills / unsealed
Schmidt; Ph 6656 2771, 0413292327
                                                    BikeNorth*; 80 km ; Moderate pace                  roads / contact: Kimberly; Ph 6775 1181
Starts: 09:30AM; Sandy Beach shop/park.                                                                Starts: 09:00AM; Armidale Bicycle Centre
Breakfast details TBA 8:30am breakfast,             Some traffic / Significant hills / contact:
                                                    robyn; Ph 9144 1325 c2c                            Warrane Road: Take a trip off the beaten track,
9:30am ride. Beach to Bananas. Explore the                                                             out along Boorolong Road and Warrane Road,
quite backroads of Sandy Beach.                     Starts: 08:00AM; Berowra stn. Medium hard
                                                    ride at a slower pace than the hare version.       then return to Armidale
WESt tO WINdSOr                                     Long & hilly ride on country roads to Wyong        cONcOrd FOr caKE
BikeNorth*; 90 km ; Fast pace Some                  via Peats Ridge & Yarramalong. Ret by train.       BikeNorth*; 25 km ; Slow pace Easy /
traffic / For experienced riders only /             S at u r d ay N I G h t F E E d E r t O            Some traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths
contact: Fran ; Ph 0414 187 427                     KENSINGtON                                         / uses On-road cycleways / contact:
Starts: 07:30AM; Cnr Pennant Hills Rd and M2        aShBuG*; 32 km ; Slow pace Easy /                  debbie; Ph 9436 0969
Medium/Hard, via the M2, Old Windsor Rd and         Some traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths            Starts: 08:00AM; Meadowbank wharf. Easy
back roads to Quakers Hill and beyond. Coffee       / uses On-road cycleways / contact:                ride along the PVC over Silverwater bridge to
at Windsor. Return to a different way. Brisk                                                           Olympic Park, then on to Concord for coffee.
                                                    Bernadette/chris; Ph 9799 2104
pace and few rest stops!                            Starts: 5.00PM; South end of Croydon Ave,          Return a different way.
MONday, May 11, 2009                                Croydon Park at Cooks River Off-road cycle-        hILLS aNd SurFSIdE
                                                    paths to Mascot then on-road bike paths            BikeNorth*; 80 km ; Fast pace Some
NarOOMa tO cENtraL tILBa aNd                        to Kensington for Indonesian restaurant.           traffic / For experienced riders only /
rEturN                                              Headlights req’d for return to Croydon Park.       Significant hills / contact: Mal; Ph 9713
EuroBuG*; 47 km ; Slow pace Mountain                a tO c aNd BacK                                    1994
Bike required / unsealed roads /                    BikeNorth*; 30 km ; Moderate pace                  Starts: 07:30AM; Eastwood Stn - East side
contact: Guy; Ph 02 44738376 c2c                    Some traffic / uses On-road cycleways              Hard ride to Pymble, St Ives, Oxford Falls &
Starts: 9.00AM; Quarterdeck Restaurant Car          / Significant hills / contact: Graeme; Ph          Narrabeen. Return via Warriewood, Church
Park , Riverside Dr This scenic ride follows                                                           Point, Terrey Hills & Turramurra. Fit & experi-
                                                    9436 0969
the Old Highway, Scenic Dr, Engine Rd, Tilba        Starts: 07:30AM; Artarmon Station - east           enced riders only.
Punkalla Rd, to Central Tilba. The return ride to   side Med, hilly ride to Balmoral and Middle
Narooma is via Ridge Rd and the Old Highway.                                                           MONday, May 18, 2009
                                                    Head. After coffee at Chowder Bay return to
Food and drink is available at Central Tilba.       Artarmon.                                          EaSt LyNNE tO ShaLLOW crOSSING
tuESday, May 12, 2009                               SuNday, May 17, 2009                               EuroBuG*; 33 km ; Slow pace Significant
O V E r 5 0 ’ S r I d E S , S a Lt Pa N             OurIMBah FOrESt rIdE                               hills / Mountain Bike required / unsealed
BOardWaLKS                                          NBB*; 55 km ; Moderate pace Mountain               roads / contact: Guy; Ph 0244738376
BSSc; 30 km ; Moderate pace Some                    Bike required / unsealed roads /                   c2c
traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths /                contact: Ondine; Ph 0401 332 981                   Starts: 9.00AM; Intersection of Old Highway
contact: Brian; Ph 46545144                         Starts: 10:00AM; Wyong Station Cycle off road      and Princes Highway 8km nth of Sth Durras
Starts: 09.30AM; Old’s Park, Beverly hills ,car-    tracks around the Ourimbah State Forest.           turnoff. Route includes Old Highway, Bridge
park From Olds park, we ride on back roads          Mountain bike with off road tyres required. Call   Creek Rd, The Sheep Track, River Rd,
to the Saltpan boardwalks. We then follow the       Ondine to confirm start time and place.            Barkshed Rd
creek to Bankstown for a morning tea stop.
Return using cyclepaths to Narwee and then to
Old’s park . Bring a picnic lunch to have in the
park. Some hills .

tuESday, May 19, 2009                              WOOdFOrd ISLaNd                                       Sydney using popular commute routes on both
thrEE BrIdGES OLyMPIc ParK                         chBuG*; 50 km ; Moderate pace Some                    sides of the harbour. Few regroups, some traf-
                                                   traffic / For experienced riders only /               fic and hills.
BikeNorth*; 38 km ; Moderate pace Some
traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses          contact: henry Zinkstok; Ph 6652 5310                 PIE IN thE SKy
On-road cycleways / Significant hills /            Starts: 10:00AM; Near Brushgrove Hotel,               BikeNorth*; 40 km ; Moderate pace
                                                   Brushgrove. (120km ex Coffs Harbour). Allow           Some traffic / uses On-road cycleways
contact: Leigh ; Ph 9484 4093
                                                   1.5hrs travel time. Start Brushgrove Hotel on         / Significant hills / contact: Evan ; Ph
Starts: 08:45AM; Epping Station - East Side
                                                   South Arm School Rd to South Arm Rd then              0409 606 853
Relaxed paced ride down to Olympic Park,
                                                   cross bridge on Woodford St into Maclean.             Starts: 08:00AM; Hornsby Park, Cnr Pac Hwy
with coffee at Rhodes, then a long steady
                                                   Cameron St to Ferry Park Gallery cafe. Back           and Coronation St Medium ride along Old
climb on the return journey.
                                                   across bridge then Lawrence Rd to punt. Cross         Pacific Hwy to cafe overlooking Brooklyn with
OVEr 50S rIdES: dOLLS POINt                        river then ride to radio museum on Merton             great views. Back track to Hornsby. Moderate
BSSc; 26 km ; Moderate pace Easy /                 St. Return to Lawrence Rd then Woodford               hills.
uses Off-road cyclepaths / contact:                Dale Rd and finally South Arm School Rd to
Ozzie/Wendy; Ph 9521 371 c2c                       Brushgrove. Flat, one medium hill.                    BrEaKFaSt POINt PuNt
Starts: 9.30AM; P. Depena Reserve, Dolls           cENtury chaLLENGE                                     BikeNorth*; 17 km ; Slow pace Easy /
Point. Botany Bay cycleway to Alexandra            PushOn; km ; Select... pace contact:                  child Friendly / uses Off-road cyclepaths
Canal, return. Picnic lunch in park.               howard Kerrsmith ; Ph 0418 671 432                    / uses On-road cycleways / contact:
                                                   Starts: hh:mm; Begin at Mt Penang Parklands           darryn ; Ph 0406 380 862
Saturday, May 23, 2009                                                                                   Starts: 09:00AM; Meadowbank Wharf Cross
                                                   at Kariong. Choose from one of two routes on
aKuNa Bay tOrtOISE - LONGEr                        roads through farmland and bush. The Century          Parramatta river on John Whitton Bridge , ride
BikeNorth*; 60 km ; Moderate pace Some             Tour (100k) for experienced riders or the Half        through Rhodes and Concord West through to
traffic / For experienced riders only /            Century Tour (50k) to enjoy the country side.         Cabarita Ferry Wharf then Breakfast Point for
Significant hills / contact: Evan ; Ph             Organised by Rotary Club of Erina, email:             coffee. Cross the river on the Putney Punt and
0409 606 853 c2c                                                        return to Meadowbank on the riverfront route.
Starts: 07:30AM; Turramurra Stn east.                                                                    SuNday, May 31, 2009
Turramurra Station (east) to Terry Hills &         MONday, May 25, 2009
Akuna Bay. Ascend to Terry Hills to refuel with    quartPOt rd aNd haNNS rd WESt                         BOBBO BaNaNa
coffee and cake for the return.                    OF MOGO                                               BikeNorth*; 55 km ; Fast pace Some
                                                   EuroBuG*; 32 km ; Slow pace Mountain                  traffic / uses On-road cycleways /
aKuNa Bay aNd church POINt
                                                   Bike required / unsealed roads /                      Significant hills / contact: Peter; Ph 0411
BikeNorth*; 91 km ; Fast pace Some
                                                   contact: Guy; Ph 0244738376                           102 671
traffic / For experienced riders only /                                                                  Starts: 07:30AM; Meadowbank Wharf Medium/
Significant hills / contact: richard; Ph           Starts: 9.00AM; Meet at main Mogo Car Park
                                                   at 8.15am for travel to start on Egans Rd             hard ride to Bobbin Head (both sides) via
0402 637 534                                                                                             Kissing Point Rd and return.
Starts: 07:30AM; Eastwood Stn East side            Route includes Egans Rd, Quartpot Rd, Hanns
Hard, hilly ride via de Burghs Br, Pymble, Terry   Rd and return                                         MarKEt day
Hills, Akuna Bay, Church Pt (coffee). Return                                                             NEBuG*; 0 km ; Slow pace Easy /
                                                   tuESday, May 26, 2009
via Turramurra. Brisk pace.                                                                              contact: ; Ph
                                                   BayS aNd FOrEShOrES                                   Starts: 09:00AM; Beardy Street Mall Some of
SuNday, May 24, 2009                               BikeNorth*; 35 km ; Slow pace Some                    us will be at the markets with a stall promoting
tOWN rIdE                                          traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses             cycling. Come and say hello and talk bicycles
NEBuG*; 30 km ; Slow pace Easy / Some              On-road cycleways / contact: Bob ; Ph                 with us. Start 9am - 12pm corner Beardy and
traffic / contact: ; Ph                            9449 9112                                             Faulkner Streets
Starts: 09:00AM; Armidale Bicycle Centre Easy      Starts: 08:30AM; Meadowbank Wharf Ride to             PaddINGtON GrEEN
paced ride around Armidale. Great introduction     Gladesville Bridge, then follow the bays & fore-      BikeNorth*; 25 km ; Slow pace Easy /
for new riders or the coffee cruisers. Ride cli-   shores around to Concord for coffee.                  Some traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths
maxes at a local coffee shop.                      OVEr 50’S rIdES:St JOhNS ParK                         / uses On-road cycleways / contact:
aLLaMBIE LOOP                                      BSSc; 40 km ; Moderate pace Easy /                    alison; Ph 9874 2383
BikeNorth*; 45 km ; Moderate pace Some             Some traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths               Starts: 08:00AM; North Sydney station
traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses          / contact: Peter; Ph 9150 7224                        Easy ride through city and meander through
On-road cycleways / Significant hills /            Starts: 9.30AM; Black Muscat Park, Chipping           Centennial Park and Paddington. Coffee stop
contact: Joan ; Ph 9909 8925                       Norton. Starting from Chipping Norton lakes,          enroute
Starts: 08:00AM; St Leonards Station con-          we take back streets to Warwick Farm, then            MIrraMBEENa & chIPPING NOrtON
course Med ride via Spit, Wakehurst Pkwy,          to Greenfield Park via the rail trail and Fairfield   LaKES
down Allambie Hts to Manly for coffee. Ret via     City cycleway. Optional extension to Fairfield        LiveBuG*; 27 km ; Moderate pace Easy /
Balgowlah cycle paths to start.                    city farm. We have Lunch at the Greenfield
                                                   park pub and return.                                  Some traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths
BrEaKFaSt WIth thE dENtISt                                                                               / contact: russell; Ph 9826 0802 or 0434
WW*; 22 km ; Moderate pace Some                    Saturday, May 30, 2009                                141 810 c2c
traffic / unsealed roads / contact: hugh           cIty BOOMEraNG                                        Starts: 09:00AM; Liverpool Railway Station An
or Sue; Ph 6842 1640                               BikeNorth*; 50 km ; Moderate pace Some                easy 27km ride using road & cycle paths to
Starts: 8:00AM; Coonabarabran Tourist Centre                                                             Chipping Norton, Lansdowne and Carramar.
                                                   traffic / uses Off-road cyclepaths / uses
Ride out to Timor Rock then back to Hugh                                                                 Suitable for children 12 years and over accom-
                                                   On-road cycleways / contact: alan ; Ph                panied by a cycling adult.
and Sue’s on Homeleigh Drive (short dirt ride
                                                   0414 538 977
from Timor Road to their place). Return to
                                                   Starts: 7:30AM; Epping Station - East Side
Coonabarabran after breakfast
                                                   A medium paced ride to the city from NW

Multi Day Tours
aPrIL 5 tO aPrIL 8, 2009
                                                                                                         Countdown to
WEStErN SydNEy tO caNBErra 4                                                                             Mudgee
day tOur                                             aPrIL 18 tO aPrIL 19, 2009
caMWESt*; 322 km ; Slow pace Some                    GaNMaIN GEtaWay                                        It’s less than 4 weeks until Bike
traffic / For experienced riders only /                                                                  Muster 2009 and the folks in Mudgee
                                                     BWW*; 180 km ; Moderate pace Some
contact: rob Kemp; Ph 9864 8797 c2c                                                                      are looking forward to helping you
Starts: 06:30AM; Rooty Hill - Call or email for      traffic / For experienced riders only /
                                                     contact: Geoff Marks; Ph 0269223814                 enjoy spending a few days out and
details. 4 day ride from Rooty Hill to Canberra,                                                         about on the bike in and around their
either starting on Sunday April 5th or Monday        c2c
April 6th. Route chosen with pub accommo-            Starts: 8.00AM; TBA A great annual ride with        beautiful town.
dation in mind, however camping is also an           a night staying at the Pub or camping out,a
option. Would anyone like to join me for all or      supported ride with lots of good old fashioned      Registration deadline for t-shirts
part of the ride? See http://www.sydneycyclist.      hospitality.                                        Due to the lead times in getting the
com/events/western-sydney-to-canberra-4 for                                                              souvenir t-shirts printed t-shirts can
more details. Email:              aPrIL 25 tO aPrIL 26, 2009                          only be guaranteed for registrations
aPrIL 10 tO aPrIL 12, 2009                           tOur dE WarruMBuNGLES WEEKENd                       received before Thursday 26th March
                                                     WW*; 80 km ; Moderate pace Some                     so if you are thinking about attending
                                                     traffic / Significant hills / contact: Milton       and have not got your registration in
BWW*; 56 km ; Moderate pace child                                                                        - get to it!
Friendly / Some traffic / For experienced            Judd; Ph 02 6843 4446 c2c
                                                     Starts: 9.00AM; Coonabarabran Tourist
riders only / Significant hills / contact:                                                               How to Register A full online
                                                     Information Centre 30 km social ride on
Lyn Wilson; Ph 0269214552 c2c                        Saturday around the Coonabarabran district.         registration system similar to that
Starts: 2.00PM; Wagga Beach A series of rides
over the Easter Weekend to suit all grades of        Dinner together Saturday night. Four differ-        used by Bicycle NSW is up and
riders, socill activities arranged, visitors most    ent concurrent rides on Sunday, ending in           running, so if you have registered at
welcome to this annual event.                        the Warrumbungle National Park (84 km, 50           one of their events then it should be
                                                     km, 43 km, 23 km, 12 km). Entry Fee $20,            familiar to you. Registration includes:
aPrIL 10 tO aPrIL 13, 2009                           proceeds go to local Emergency Services.             Souvenir Bike Muster T-Shirt
MudGEE BIKE MuStEr                                   Sausage Sizzle, Prize Draw. Entry forms and          Powered camp site for either tents,
PushOn; km ; Select... pace contact: ;               more detail will be available on www.coona-         caravans or campervans (3 nights)
Ph 02 6372 3899                             when we’ve got them             Lunch on Saturday & Sunday - see
Starts: ; Australian Rural Education Centre,         organised.                                          menu...
Cassilis Road, Mudgee A family friendly week-        May 9 tO May 10, 2009                                Breakfast on Saturday, Sunday &
end of cycling in and around the Mudgee                                                                  Monday
Region in the Central Ranges of NSW. There           yOuNG & SurrOuNdS                                    All on-site entertainment and kids
is on-site camping for large and small groups        BWW*; 70 km ; Moderate pace Some                    activities
and nightly entertainment to keep you relaxed        traffic / For experienced riders only /              All inclusive meal option.
after your day of exploring the region.FREE          Significant hills / contact: Kerrie; Ph
maps of the area will guide you along some                                                                  The all inclusive meal option
well known and some not-so-well known cir-
                                                     0269255337 c2c                                      covers evening meals on Friday,
cuits around the area ranging from a 60km            Starts: TBA; TBA Contact Kerrie for details of      Saturday & Sunday nights. Prepared
return loop to Gulgong to a 5km return loop          this annual ride, including a tour of the regions   by local favourites Deebs Kitchen,
into town and back, the choice will be yours!        only Castle.                                        this is sure to be a highlight of the                         JuNE 7 tO JuNE 8, 2009                              weekend, visit the Bike Muster
                                                                                                         website for full details of what’s on
aPrIL 10 tO aPrIL 13, 2009                           aNNuaL WOOdENBONG rIdE                              the menu...
tOur dE cOWra                                        MBMBc*; 205 km ; Moderate pace Some          
BikeNorth*; 100 km ; Moderate pace                   traffic / Significant hills / contact: colin
Some traffic / contact: Scott ; Ph 0434              Pursche; Ph 0439023381 c2c
870 087 c2c                                          Starts: 08:00AM; Keogh’s at Bentley (phone
Starts: 08:30AM; Cowra Starts at Cowra with          for details) Ride from Bentley to Kyogle
various rides from 45 km to 140km exploring          then along the Summerland Way to Grevillia
nearby towns and local points of interest dur-       and Woodenbong. Stay overnight at the
ing Easter. You’ll enjoy low traffic roads, riding   Woodenbong Hotel and return then next day.
at your own pace and socialising afterwards.         Accommodation and meal costs. Ring for
The rides are not supported but riders naturally     details.
tend to form groups.You must register before-
hand. See       JuLy 26 tO auGuSt 7, 2009
tdc2009/ Registration costs are $11 per person
or $16 for a family.
                                                     WINdMILL darE
                                                     ScBt; 950 km ; Moderate pace Some
aPrIL 18 tO aPrIL 21, 2009                           traf fic / uses On-road cycleways
tOur dE cENtraL taBLELaNdS                           / Significant hills / Mountain Bike
Muggaccinos*; 70 km ; Fast pace                      required / unsealed roads / contact:
Significant hills / contact: Phil Johnston;          June Files; Ph 040360121
Ph 0434715861                                        Starts: 08:00AM; Yunta South Australia cycle
Starts: 8:00AM; Tulmeralen Farm, Clarkes Rd,         through sheep stations- visit Morgan on the
Caloola - 10km NE of Blayney Daily rides from        Murray-Clare Valley-Wilpena Pound see parts
50km to 70km. Click on: “Tour de Tablelands”         of Australia’s history.Helping the Royal Flying
link at upper LHS of Home Page of www.               Doctor Service. Fully supported
                                                                                                              life’s better on a bike
                                                                                                                BUGS CONTACTS
The Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) listed here focus on cycling-related issues in              
                                                                                                     ■ MVTCC; Manning Valley Touring Cycle Club;
their area. Many have representatives on local council bicycle committees and                        Contact: Cass or Geoff Kinchin 6550 6189 E:
are an excellent source of information on local cycling issues. Most BUGs also              W:
conduct social rides as listed in the Rides Calendar. All BUG representatives are                    ■ NAMBUG; Nambucca BUG; Contact: Allan
volunteers and Bicycle NSW acknowledges their assistance and the vital role                          Duthie 6568 1433 E: W:
they play in our campaigns. BUGs marked * are affiliated with Bicycle NSW.                 
                                                                                                     ■ NarBUG*; Narrandera BUG*; Contact: Wade
■ ASHBUG*; Ashfield BUG*; Contact: Col           ■ DBUG*; Dubbo BUG*; Contact: Kathy Furney        Mitchell 0427 594 764 E: wadmitch@adven-
Jones 8293 4504 E: W:          6882 5533 E: W: W:                          N/A                                                ■ NBB*; Northern Beaches Bikers*; Contact:
■ AWPP*; Albury Wodonga Pedal Power*;            ■ DUB BUG*; Dorrigo-Urunga-Bellingen              Peter Benecke 9416 1062 E:
Contact: Tony McLeod-Nibbs 6025 8856 E:           BUG*; Contact: George Hudson 6655 5355 E:          W: W:           W: N/A                        ■ NBUG; Narooma BUG; Contact: Graham
■ BADBUG; Bathurst BUG; Contact: Michelle        ■ EuroBUG*; Eurobodalla BUG*; Contact: Guy        Andrews 4476 7807 E: graham.andrews@big-
Booth 02 6331 2981 E: W:       Brantingham 02 4473 8376 E: guybrantingham@ W:                 W:                            ■ NCM*; Newcastle Cycleways Movement*;
■ BARBUG; Bargo District BUG; Contact: Sally     ■ GayBUG*; GayBUG*; Contact: Michael              Contact: Don and Sue Owers 4944 7869 E:
Knyvett 46841444 E: W: http://   Johnson 9810 8107 E: president@sydneyspokes. W: http://www.users.                                com W:       
■ BayBUG*; Canada Bay BUG*; Contact: Rolf        ■ GLADBUG; Greater Lithgow & District Bicycle     ■ NEBUG*; New England BUG*; Contact:
Muller 8765 9719 E: W:      Advocacy Group; Contact: Bronwyn Laing 6355        Linda Foskey 6771 2651 E: nebug@optusnet.                          1195 E: W: N/A       W:
■ BBUG*; Ballina BUG*; Contact: Craig Gibson     ■ GLC; Goulburn Cyclists Group; Contact: Chris    ■ NRCCBUG; Northern Rivers Cycling Club
6686 6322 E: N/A W: http://www.ballina1bug.       Bushell 4822 6970 E: W:        BUG; Contact: Greg Wilson 6628 0356 E:                                       N/A                                       W: N/A
■ BIKEast*; Bike East*; Contact: Mark            ■ GreatBUG*; Greater Sydney Bicycle User          ■ NRP; Northern Rivers Pedallers; Contact:
Worthington 0412 013 262 E: mwortho@bigpond.      Group*; Contact: Jason Moxham 0419 412 542         Jenny Thompson 6628 3850 E: N/A W: N/A W:               E: W: www.great-          ■ NSBG*; North Shore Bicycle Group*; Contact:
■ BikeNorth*; Contact: Pam + Col Kendrick                                   Russ Webber 9906 7238 E: north_shore_bike@
9872 2583 E: W: http://     ■ GundaBUG*; Gundagai BUG*; Contact:     W: N/A                              Leon Patterson 6944 4035 E: lmpatterson@gund-      ■ OBUG; Oberon BUG; Contact: Glenn
■ BMBG; Blue Mountains Bicycle Group;   W: N/A                             Sherlock 6335 6249 E: N/A W: N/A
Contact: Terry McCann 0425 833 437 E: terence.    ■ GW; Gentlemen Wheelers; Contact: Tim            ■ OCTC; Orange Cycle & Triathlon Club; W: http://www.        Maguire N/A E: W: N/A        Contact: Chris Morgan E: W: http://www.octc.                     ■ HVBUG; Hawkesbury Valley BUG; Contact:
■ BNSW MAST*; Cycle Masters (Bicycle             Doug Bathersby 45773620 E: dbathers@bigpond.       ■ PP; Parkes Pedallers; Contact: Greg Godde
NSW)*; Contact: (02) 9218 5400 E: W: http:// W: N/A                                      6863 5500 E: W: N/A                             ■ IBUG*; Illawarra BUG*; Contact: Werner          ■ SBUG*; Shoalhaven BUG*; Contact: Jim
■ BS BUG*; Byron Shire BUG*; Contact:            Steyer 4256 5727 E:        Florence 4423 2943 E: laja.florence@bigpond.
Bernard Grinberg 0412 107 415 E: bgrinberg@       au W:    com W: N/A W:         rabug                                              ■ SCBT; Silver City Bush Treadlers; Contact:
■ BSSC; Bike South Senior Cyclists; Contact:     ■ KBUG*; Kiama BUG*; Contact: Janelle             June Files 08 8087 6881 E: N/A W: N/A
Brian Day 02 4654 5144 E:       Walker 4232 3050 E: N/A W: N/A                     ■ SCBUG; Sapphire Coast BUG; Contact: Rob
com W: N/A                                        ■ KRC; Kempsey Recreational Cyclists; Contact:    Robilliard 6494 1049 E:
■ BSW*; Bike South West*; Contact: Warren        John Klose 6562 2888 E: N/A W: N/A                 W: N/A
Artlett 9771 4606 E:   ■ LBUG*; Leichhardt BUG*; Contact: Bob            ■ SGB*; St George BUG*; Contact: Pat
au W:             Moore 9810 3706 E:         Copping 9529 6791 E:
■ Bsyd*; BikeSydney*; Contact: Andrew Dodds      W:            W:
0403 999 899 E: W:        ■ LeBUG; Leeton & Environs BUG; Contact:          ■ SharkBike*; Sutherland Shire BUG*;                         David Smith 6953 6181 E: david.and.barb@iinet.     Contact: Jenni Gormley 0404 065 376 E: shark-
■ BUGOFH; BUGOFH; Contact: Mark Robson  W: N/A                             W: http://www.sharkbike.
9827 0738 E: W: N/A    ■ LiveBUG*; Liverpool BUG*; Contact: Maree
■ BurstBUG*; Burwood Strathfield BUG*;           Stacy 9602 5293 E:        ■ SHBUG*; Southern Highlands BUG*; Contact:
Contact: Greg Krix 9747 5219 E: info@burstbug.    W: N/A                                             Greg Searle 4872 1002 E: W:              ■ MAC BUG; Macarthur BUG; Contact: Ken            W: N/A
■ BWW*; Bicycle Wagga Wagga*; Contact:           Hall 46282528 E: W:         ■ SIC BUG*; St Ives BUG*; Contact: Dennis
Graeme Buchan 02 6922 6806 E: president@      Torode 02 9482 2207 E: W:               ■ ManMos BUG*; Manly-Warringah/Mosman             ■ TDCC*; Toukley & District Cycle Club*;
■ CAG*; Great Lakes Cycle Action Group* –        BUG*; Contact: John Thixton 0419 432 626           Contact: Kevin Parsons 4390 0375 E: enquiry@
Forster; Contact: Max Smith 6554 5981 E: maxs-    E: W: W: http://www.toukleycy- W: N/A                        com/group/manmosbug                      
■ CAMWEST*; Cyclists Action Movement             ■ MASSBUG*; Marrickville-South Sydney             ■ WC; Windsor Cyclists; Contact: Sandra or
West*; Contact: John Holstein 9686 2391 E:        BUG*; Contact: voicemail 9294 5900 E: mass-        Alan 9679 1411 or 9651 2024 E: info@windsorcy- W: http://camwest.pps. W: http://www.massbug. W:                                                                               ■ WCM; Wollondilly Cycleways Movements;
■ CBUG; Cootamunda BUG; Contact: Debbie          ■ MBMBC*; Mongrel Bastards Mountain Bike          Contact: John Sutherland 4683 1511 E: john-
Barrett 02 6942 2843 E: debbiebarrett@bigpond.    Club Inc.*; Contact: Colin Pursche 6663 1488 W: N/A
com W:            E: W:         ■ WSCN*; Western Sydney Cycling Network*;
■ CCTCC*; Central Coast Touring Cycle Club       mongrelbastards                                    Contact: Bob Ward 0422 933 612 E: info@west-
Inc*; Contact: Ian Svenson 4324 2486 E: cctour-   ■ MUDBUG*; Mudgee BUG*; Contact: Chris   W: www.west- W:          Blake 02 6372 1338 E:
■ CHBUG*; Coffs Harbour BUG*; Contact:           au W: N/A                                          ■ WW*; Warrumbungle Wheelers*; Contact:
Ian Scott 6655 4898 E: W:      ■ Muggaccinos*; Contact: Phil Johnston            Milton Judd 6843 4446 E: W:                        9114.6689 E: W: http://
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